Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Good Gnus and Meh Gnus

I go to the doctor's today which is good news. Got a laundry list of crap but I started backing off my anxiety pill because I figure we'll change it - I'm thinking it is the right decision because the dose I'm on now used to be fine but now I'm jittery.

I'll probably mention the sleeping pills not really working.

I had a bad knee there about 3 years ago where it was determined I had water on the knee. Much more painful than it sounds. About 4 months ago the pain in my knee started and it has been getting progressively worse. Now I can't kneel on it but I can't remember what I did the last time this happened. So I'll double check with the doc.

Other good news?

I'm reading!! Not only that, I picked up the book I had such a problem with and told myself it was time to power through. Three pages later and I'm loving it! Bob even noticed I was reading and was happy to see it.

Bob is supposedly working on a meme that Zeek tagged me with although he's suspicious of the motives.


And Bob is back to work so I can just sleep whenever and not feel guilty - Yay!!

Meh news?

The neighbour in behind us has informed Bob that he is going to call the city and see if they will make us take the shed down.

Yeah. What a pip.

Bob told him before we started building what was going to happen and it was all 'it's your property and we keep all our crap over there' (for real, they store all this crap in behind *their* shrubs but where we can see if from our side - did we say anything? NO!) to 'holy crap, you have no idea what that looks like from our side'.

We told them we could put up trees to hide the shed or they could buy windows and a door for their side (they wouldn't be operational but it would decorate their view) etc.

No. He wants us to take it down.

Uh, no.

Okay, really I want to say 'Fuckoff' in a drunken slur like way but apparently I have to be nice.

I'm thinking lollipop pink siding with lime green accents for their side of the shed.

What's funny is Bob says I have to be nice but Bob's all 'you know, we don't even have to put siding on his side, yeah, let him look at a huge wall of waferboard'.

I know, we're just sounding off. Bob and I try so hard to keep to ourselves and not inflict our crap onto others so having someone come and tell us they want to 'burn our playhouse down' can be really surprising.

I checked the by-laws etc, and they can't do anything which we feel bad about but at the same time we were open about solutions. Nope. It's their way or no way.

I'm hoping once they see the siding we picked and the decorative features they'll be all sheepish and tell us everything is okay.

Meh. We'll see.

And my tummy is in full 'tank' mode. I'm thinking it's the oppressive heat we are having right now - my body doesn't adjust to extreme temperature changes very well. Stupid tummy.

As to the title of this post gnus is supposed to be pronounced 'news' whereas every time I see the word I think 'gah-news' and for some reason saying 'good gah-news' makes me smile.

OH!! And Bob and I are going to go and see Live Free or Die Harder either tomorrow or Wednesday night. With the heat feeling like 40 degrees and all humid like, it's nice to just sit in an A/C theater and eat popcorn.



AAR Rachel said...

It has been hot!! I'm so tired of it. Fortunately, it's supposed to storm today and then cool off for awhile. Then I'll be able to get out again and work in the yard. I always find it ironic to be huddled in the house keeping out of the extreme weather - in the summer!

Hope your doctor visit goes well. I've dealt with anxiety all my life, and it's just no picnic. I hope you can find something different to control it.

Dance Chica said...

That sucks about your neighbors. People always have something to complain about, don't they?

Well, hope all goes well at the doctor's. :-)

ReneeW said...

I'm glad you are going to the doctor (tell doctor about tummy too). And glad you are reading! Should be good to see what Bob says on that meme :) It's supposed to be hot here too today and Wed. breaking previous records. Up into the mid 90's (about 35 celcius) which is very unusual for us. We get cool breezes off the ocean so normally don't get the horribly hot weather the rest of the country is suffering. A nice cool movie theatre sounds good write now.

Aren't some neighbors a pain in the a**? We have a problem neighbor behind us. Sounds like you are trying to bend over backwards for them. There is no pleasing some people.

Mailyn said...

OMG what asswipes! I hate people like that. Everyone should mind their own business! Good to hear that you are will be talking to the doc. Hope all goes well. Oh and I do hope you like DH!!!!

C2 said...

But...but...the shed is so cute! What happened to people being neighborly?? Rude.

Positive vibes headed your way for the doctor visit.


Rosie said...

All you can do is try to work things out with your cranky neighbors and if they don't want to then they just have to get over it. Sounds like you've done your part. Still sucks though.

Hope all goes well with the doctor. Keep us posted. The movie and popcorn sound great. It's a good flick. Did you see Holly's review?