Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Loving Hands

How do you handle your books?

Nath asked about the two ways I hold a book so yeah, I took some pics.

The first is the one handed hold. So it's the thumb and the pinkie holding the pages open with the index, second and third fingers supporting the back.

I read this way for years. I remember I would lay on my side in my double bed as a young adult with my arm stretched out on the bed and my wrist would be up holding the book open. My wrist would slowly drop after the 8 hour mark as I tried hard not to fall asleep.

Not only that but I was so adept that I could turn the page with my pinkie finger. Can't do that now. Now I'm too impatient and need my other hand to turn pages.

Oh, and the BF asked the other day if I read before going to bed.

Uh, NO!

I'm one of those people who will continue reading with a broken arm and bleeding eyes if I'm engaged in the story. I swear I became nocturnal from my earlier reading days. I would start a book thinking 'oh, I'll just read for an hour before I go to bed' only to never turn out my light and go to sleep.

I know better now but still fall into the trap when I want to read a book I've been dying for. I'm pretty sure the last Ice book from Anne Stuart kept me up 8 hours later than when I normally go to sleep.

And then this is the two handed way I hold a book. I think this is fairly normal and as I get older I need both hands to keep the book open so I can read closer to the interior margin. I swear the print is smaller but then I realize I'm probably showing my age. And now after about 6 hours of reading everything is a blur. I will continue to read through the blur if once again, I can't put the book down but I'm sure I look funny adjusting the book so I can see the text.

If I am reading with the one handed method I find my arm falls asleep much sooner than it did when I was younger. After 8 hours of reading you would expect your hand to fall asleep. Now, an hour in and my poor arm is crapping from holding my book.

So there you go.

Two delicate ways of holding a book.

Now I'm curious to know how others hold their books. My friend tried to show me but I cried out in fear when she reached for my book.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Grabbed the Bull

And managed not to get gored by the horns.

Yay, me!!

So first, Godson is back to school and on his way to living a bit of a different life. Diet needs to change, there will probably be changes in pets and hopefully the mom is serious about the smoking. It's all I can ask at this time.

BIL - haven't heard but when hubby went to visit him in the hospital on Saturday he looked great and had quite the set up going. TV, internet, games and they bring him food. As my Godson said when he was in the hospital - "I get free food!"

Sleep is kicking my arse but then, what's new.

All that said, I didn't cave!!

You, my book loving pals will be happy to know I stood my ground.

BF: I've been reading lots of books lately.

Me: Uh, huh.

BF: Seriously, I'm reading a lot.

Me: You get a library card?

BF: *snort* I guess that means you won't be giving me any books?

Me: *looks at ceiling*

BF: What!? You aren't going to lend me books!?


BF: What!?


BF: Oh, come on, I'm not that bad.

Me: Yes, you are!

*sees newest book bought in a bag near my feet and grabs it*

Me: Look, this is how I hold a book when I'm reading. *shows her the two handed method of holding a book*

BF: *goes to pull book out of my hand*

Me: *hugs book to chest* NO!! You'll kill it!!

BF: I won't kill it, give it! *holds book up delicate like and opens it like I did* You're telling me you can read like this.

Me: Uh, YEA!

*grabs book back and shows her the one hand method of holding a book*

BF: OMG!! Are you kidding me!? I've never seen that!

Me: You don't hold a book in one hand?

BF: No! I -

Me: I know what you do, you grab each cover and rip the book apart!!

BF: I do not!

Me: Yes, you do! Book murderer!

Yes, we laughed through it but she didn't leave with any books. She was all 'I feel like shit now' and I said 'don't feel like shit, just borrow someone else's books!'

Yep, I like to pass the buck.

Hell, I think the library might ban her from borrowing if they saw how she handled books.

Poor man-handled pages.

The books will never be the same.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Blind Sided

I may have got all the ugly out while whining to my best bud but Lord knows how my brain works so strapping in is always an option.

Things here are a bit mucky.

Ear infection is getting better - best day yet and the need to drive a pencil into my ear and twirl it madly has eased off. I understand the pain, why the damn itch!

Youngest Godson had a 'crisis' with his asthma.

Okay, wait, I need a moment.

In a nutshell, my BF decided that my Godson had outgrown asthma so she stopped giving him his daily meds. I had heard about this a month ago and wondered if she knew what she was doing. Stupid me stayed mum cause I don't have kids and have no stinking clue.

No kid. No get to lecture people with kids. Even though you know you are right and they need an intervention.

That's a whole other rant for another day.

Godson gets a cough on Friday and the sniffles on Saturday. By Sunday night he can't speak an entire sentence without losing his breath.

His mother thinks she has mad skills driving to the ER. (Yeah, okay, what about earlier in the day? *cough*)

Gets to the ER and told her son is very, very sick. Colour her shocked. I'm thinking she got a lecture but she's not the type of person that stuff works on. Common sense is very foreign to her.

1. She will never ever smoke in the house again.

Bob and I have already called bullshit. Bob actually said it would last maybe 2 days. I will tell you now that I see her even try and I'll freakin let loose like you've never seen. Hell, C-Rex would hide from the creature I'd release.

2. They have 3 cats and Josh is allergic. Allergies don't help with asthma. Suddenly I'm looking at being the possible recipient of a 6 year old cat who pees in his litter occasionally. Not happening. The other 2 cats are 16 and I told her she had to keep them. Jet I can see finding a home for but the other two should get to live out their life with the family. And Josh loves all creatures far and wide. It's hard for him to remember not to bury his face in their fur.

3. There is a three only I can't remember what it is. Just another thing that I heard and shrugged about because - no kids.

Great news (maybe) is he's back home now and on a 'plan'. I think the doctor must have written line by line what has to be done. Lord have mercy.

That's just one part of my BF's life that is not going well at all. The past few years it's been hard to be around her with her self destructive ways - there's more but I won't mention it in this post.

THEN, we get the call that Bob's eldest brother was found in a diabetic coma. He has complained of other things since getting to the hospital so they are doing CAT scans and such. Apparently he's been hallucinating lately. Scary stuff to say the least.

Good news is the other brothers say he sounds much better (I'm betting he'll be home tomorrow unless they find something huge) and he's been told that he has to make his own food and not wait for people to call him for meals. Yes. He didn't eat or take his pills on time because he didn't realize that the other two brothers who live with him are now on afternoon shifts and don't make his meals anymore.

Yes. You may now bang your head against the wall. I'm just glad he doesn't live with Bob and I *knocks on wood*.

So yeah, not much happening at the moment. Trying to get the kitties to play nice but then Pixie ruins it by grabbing Emma's tail and beating the crap out of it.

Good times.

So what books are out now. End of September hit fast! I bet there are books I want to buy out there somewhere!!

And OMG I love this silly video - it's long so don't feel like you have to watch it. Crazy cats and all that. Pixie decided that day that Emma was all she wanted in the world. They can sit nose to nose now but Emma still hisses but it's gently.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Uhm, Still Here!


I have to say it hasn't been the greatest of weeks health wise and I've been sadly dragging my butt around. I didn't even pay the bills on time at mid-month which is so not like me.

The highlight of course is a precious kitty and her need to be loved by the big black and white creature that lurks around the house. I have video but didn't want to become the scary cat woman so soon.

Basically, I'm mourning the summer and missing the pool life. Then I needed to catch up with my sleep which resulted in two days with 24 hours of awake time followed by 12 hours sleep and then 22 hours awake. Crazy week to say the least.

Now I have an ear infection in my left ear! (The last infection was in my right ear) Good news was I didn't wait a second to get in to the docs and called the on call doc yesterday morning instead of waiting until Monday morning.

Course now I'm all worried about my immune system. I had ear infections when I was a kid so Bob's trying to play down the worry but I know he doesn't like to hear me talk about the coming flu. Bought new vitamins and plan on a few additions to the diet like orange juice (easy but something I rarely if ever drink).

My plan is to read a given. Jayne Ann Krentz has a Castle book out that I think I'll start carrying with me. I haven't read a bad Castle yet and it'll be an easy read that will hopefully get me back in the reading saddle.

Until then, welcome to Cat Lady Palace!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

To The Victor Goes the ---- WTF!?

So the main root of us people reading the blog is that we are readers.

Romance readers.

We've taken the flack, the stupid looks, the rolled eyes and the friggin judgement.

I've walked miles in my shoes and damn they are cozy and all broken in and you can say whatever you want about my reading and I won't even flinch.

I just smile that smile that only real romance readers know is a 'fuck you' smile.

Cause they have no clue.

Well, my favourite peeps, I've discovered a few converts in the last number of days.

My best bud admitted just a few weeks ago that she will no longer read books that don't have a romantic thread.

Yeah!!! Take that, you literature, depression freaks!

Sure, she's been reading for years but she's finally come to the dark side. I even mocked her just a bit cause she's a big girl and can take it. After all, there were many guffaws over my book stacks.

Then another friend who isn't a reader asked to borrow a few books. So I went easy on her. Gave her books that are more epic in scope - those Robyn Carr books. Then she wanted more. Uh, okay. So I threw together a jumble of books that I won't re-read cause in reality she is tough on books. My poor books don't know what hit them! I told her tonight to get a library card cause I wasn't going to lend her my keepers. She was surprised.

What books did I lend her? I threw in Karen Rose (haven't read but thought she would like) a Lori Foster, Lisa Kleypas Blue-Eyed Devil, Sara Paretsky (have no clue but it's on my shelf) and a Susan Donovan.

Guess what?

Lori Foster.

Yep, she's all about the Lori Foster.


Cause her book was hot. *sigh*

So I gave her the rest of the Lori Fosters I could find in my TBR pile. I know I'm missing a few but can't remember where I would have put them.

She didn't read either the Rose or Paretsky.

Yeah, so how do ya like them apples.

I was trying to think if this was a victory. Should I be doing a victory lap?

And then I realize they are raiding MY books!

Nope. Not having it.

Get your own TBR pile!

Mine is 20 years old dammit.

Did I mention my friend cracks the spines in multiples? I mean, I'm no sissy when it comes to my books but they look like she ran them through a washing machine.

Please thank your sponsor for this post - Midol - if you can't take the pain, throw down a few of these. Bitchiness, weepiness, blatant militarism and stupidity can not be helped. Those take miracles and Midol is only a pill.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Oui, Oui? Oh HELL NO!

Somebody wee wee'd on my bed tonight.

Not. Happy.

Little kitten may have some learning to do yet the little monkey.

Then again, there is no proof it was her.

I said to Bob that maybe Emma did it (she once peed on a person staying at our house when we were gone - she was lying there and wham - peed on)

Bob doesn't think Emma can get up on the bed.

I'm thinking she could absolutely get up on the bed.

So no evidence except for the water mark. And the lack of odour. Which would reek of a new kitten with no ammonia in the urine.

Aren't you glad you came here today?

Where else would you get your wee wee fix?

Bob's gotta go away for a few days so I'll try not to get too deep or weepy over the next few days.

You're welcome.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Are We There Yet Again?

I guess all the younguns are back to school and life as we know it will soon go back to normal. Summer fun felt continuous this year and getting a good sleep seemed to come in last place and I'm normally feral when it comes to sleeping.

I'm hoping next week I'll get whatever monkey is playing with my sleep schedule to back off and let things be for a while. This means full stop on meds to help me sleep which can be scary and anxiety inducing but Bob won't be home for 4 days so he won't have to 'deal' with me and my strange ways while I re-boot the body.

Kitty Update - We are soooo in love with this kitty! She has made everything feel new again. The way she watches every move you make to see if you are about to play, the way she can't stop herself from investigating that spooky sound coming from the other room.. She's just hilarious. (Edited: I've actually played with her for hours at a time and tonight I wore her out and she's sleeping on the lazy boy while I play online - too cute!!)

And trust me, Emma is getting plenty of love also. She's not thrilled but tonight they got within a foot of each other for about 5 minutes without any hissing or growling. Silly kitten wants to be friends now and doesn't know why the 'giant' is giving her attitude.



I don't think I told you all what I got for my birthday! Among many things I got 120 in gift cards for books. YUM!! So I'm filling my basket at Chapters online very carefully. I keep remembering 'Oh!, this one' and will go back in and update.

Okay, I'm off for now - holy cow, Bob gets up in a half an hour! It's 5am! Where did the night go?

And because I'm a massive dork and we all know it, another video! It's not too loud in the beginning but my laugh near the end might blow your speakers so careful if at work!

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Meet Pixie!

Hhhhhhheres Pixie!

Isn't she just sweet!

We didn't wait long to get a new kitty in the house. In reality we would have gotten a new one long before now but because Amber was blind we didn't want to upset her with a new scent that she couldn't identify.

Emma however, is more than ready for a new friend.

Tonight, the house doesn't feel quite a lonely as it did this past week.

Pixie was adopted from a shelter run by volunteers. She only cost 150 dollars which includes all her shots and her 'fixing' when the time comes. That's crazy cheap as a vet visit alone is 70 bucks.

I have to see if I can get a few shots of her sleepy eyes. Bob fell for her instantly because she has these slumberous eyes. He said she reminded him of me.

For the next few days she will reside in our bedroom. We introduced Em to Pix and I was baffled by the fact that Emma didn't seem to 'see' her. She sniffed around and knew something was different but it was like Pixie was invisible to her. Pixie was tired so she didn't really move, just stared at Em.

The next visit I put Em much closer to Pixie. Emma was softly meowing as if to say hello but the kitten hissed and growled. This got Em's back up and she started growling too. I feel bad for Em because I think she just wants to be friends with the little creature she has found on her mom and dad's bed.

And yes, I'm dorky enough to have already shot video. Pix is obviously sleeping like she owns the joint already while Emma sits off further down the bed purring. I can't wait for the two of them to curl up around each other and sleep together for the first time.

I know.


I just want them both to be happy!