Saturday, January 19, 2008

To All The Blogs I've Loved Before

Just a little post to remember a few of us missing in action.

Maili - long gone but not forgotten. Her and her stories about hubby Will were hilarious and her horror at anything not 'authentic' Scots made her batshit crazy.

Mailyn - hilarious, brilliant and a woman with a huge heart. Her link no longer works and I miss her voice.

Jay - from Yapaway Jay. I'm thinking she's busy at law school and it would be her second year about now. I hope she is doing well and enjoying herself immensely.

Samantha - Book Minx - her last post was of a trip to the zoo and before that she had hit a slump. I'm hoping she found her way out and is too busy reading to hit the net.

Tara Marie from Romance Reading Mom - I know she got a new job and things got hectic. It's only been a few months but I miss stories about junior.

Kat o+ - It hasn't been a month since her last post but her last post has me worried. I'm hoping that she's just too busy catching rays and enjoying her summer to blog right now.

For some reason I couldn't get you guys off my mind so I thought if I wrote it down I might miss you less.

Who are you missing?


Kristie (J) said...

Great Post!!! We do miss our friends when they disappear don't we? Because they really are our friends! I really miss Maili. I loved her posts and she's the one who got many of us started! All the others you've named too I miss like crazy. I also miss Nikki, DC, Sandy (who I think is still around but under a different name now), and Cranky Reader. There are probably others too that I forget at the moment. Each of us has a unique and special voice and when they drop out - we miss them - and worry about them.

Dev said...

I think you've pretty much hit on all the ones who stand out the most to me. I'm worried about Mailyn though ~ she just disappeared.

nath said...

I miss them too! About Kat+ maybe she's busy with her babies. She did have twins just recently? and she was potty training her son, LOL :)

Mailyn is okay. I heard from her few weeks ago. She closed the blog, but re-opened Imaginary Origin. However, it was only because she need a website for her fanlistings. :(

It's too bad too that DC stopped blogging. Sigh.

Sandy is still around under another name, but she hasn't blogged for a while.

C2 said...

Oh, I'm glad to hear Mailyn's doing okay! I miss her being online, though. :o(

Samantha said...

Whoa, speak of the devil and he (or in this case she) will appear. I just did some major posting a little earlier today and decided that I'd go crusing around favorite blogs (i can't believe how many people have poofed!) from before the vanish to see who was still around. *hugs Cindy* Thanks for missing me hun. I'm going to try not disappearing this year and I gave myself a book goal to help with that.

Samantha said...

And where in the world did the girls from Sanctuary's Finest disappear to?

Angela James said...

Yes to all of those and yes to Cranky Reader. Right on, Cindy and Kristie.

CindyS said...

Kristie - Maili tossed me off her blog until I had a blog of my own - go Maili! Okay, I thought Nikki was MIA but then I thought she popped back up again so I didn't put her on the list. Silly Cindy.

Dev - yeah, knowing about Mailyn I couldn't help but be worried but it's good to hear she's out and about!

Nath - I thought about the babies also and hope that's what's keeping her occupied - just her last post was scary. Thanks for telling us about Mailyn - as long as I know she's still out there and doing what she loves then I'm happy.

C2 - me too!

Samantha - so glad you are back! I posted at your blog about the ladies at Book Binge so I'm pretty sure they are some of the same ladies.

Angela - I have to update my links and get some of the newer blogs up -course I'll probably find out you've been online longer than I have ;)


CindyS said...

Angela!! I so know you!! I saw your post about the new sites - have to put them up!


Suisan said...

Everyone so far.

But I especially keep clicking on my Maili link on my blog. Sorta hoping one day it will work.

And Crankyreader. I miss her too.

Kat said...

Hey, I'm still here! *waves* The thing I posted about in December threw my schedule (among other things) out of whack, so I made a promise not to blog until I have everything sorted. But I've been lurking at my favourite blogs. ;-) Will be back to blogging as soon as I finish this thing I've been working on that was due, like, last month.

Can I be any more vague?

Thanks for thinking of me. You guys are too sweet.

Nikki said...

Hi Everyone,

I am still here just working a lot and not having any "me" time. I have wanted to get back in the game and I just read a book that I want to write about. So, soon you will see an update from me and hopefully more regular posting.... Thanks everyone for caring!

Misty G said...

One thing about Maili that I remember from her days posting at AAR was that she would go away for a long time then come back. I think she did the same with her blog a time or two. I just keep the good hope that she'll be back again.

sybil said...

I soooooooooo miss maili and post about her every now and then. I think I even have a tag missing maili ;).

CW is fine just busy with life me think.

Not sure I know who Sandy is.

Jay just recently did a guest review at Dear Author. I use to spend hours chatting away the day with her and chatting away the night with CW and Maili... good times.

Hopefully Tara Marie won't be gone long. And Samantha I click on every so often and she just seems busy. Nice to see her and Kat post here ;)