Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What a Difference a Decade Makes

Short post about age.

When I turned 30 I remember waiting for something to happen. I didn't know what but I figured something life changing would happen.


Now, almost 10 years later and it's a whole new ball game.

Basically 40 gives and takes.

Here's your extra 40 pounds and in exchange I'll take your eyesight.


Life is going to be about 'where the hell are my glasses' and dieting.

40's the new 30, my ass.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hi Ya!

Hey guys!!

Hope you are staying cool in this awful suppressing heat. I'm loving it because it's pool time all the time and I bought these drops that help prevent swimmer's ear (I got SE in both ears last year and it cut into my swimming time like nothing else) so yeah, I'm all in!

Updated - famous last words. I got Swimmer's Ear the next night and the weekend was so brutal it was all I could do not to puke. So now I have stronger drops for my ears but I will definitely be wearing ear plugs from now on. Not wanting to do anything for 5 days including swim in the pool sucks giant spider donuts.

Good news - I bought books and I'm talking books I'm very excited to start reading.

I should note the movements of people for the last few weeks has crimped my reading and that is why I'm still clutching my Anne Stuart ARC to my chest. I'm half way through and loving it but I'm doing up a review for Sybil at that crazy Duck place so I'll post when I get it finished and when Sybil puts it up.

Update 2 - I finished the Stuart and have written the first draft of the review - I haven't written a book review *cough* in so long that it's like extracting teeth.


I'll start with the fact that Chapters had their buy 3 get the 4th free sale and damn, I'm a slut for a book sale although I did only buy 4 at one time. Not realizing we were in July I was shocked I had missed a few great titles but I quickly fixed that oopsie.

I have three auto-buy authors - Anne Stuart (*gasp* I know, I'm so quiet about my love!), Kresley Cole (her next book comes out August 24th, the day before my birthday - how sweet that she thought to get me a gift!) and Nalini Singh (Bad Cindy hasn't read the 2nd Archangel book cause I'm not sure I'm sold on the premise. I do own the book though).

Now for those authors out there *crickets*...

Like silence is going to stop me.

For those who get author newsletters and think 'meh', I have to say that Kresley Cole's last one managed to get under me 'meh' feeling and got me to buy some books by an author I have yet to read.


She recommended them.

I know, right!

I'm not usually so susceptible to suggestion. *cough, wheeze*

See, I started to read the newsletter because I needed to know when her next book was coming out. (Aug 24th, just in case you haven't heard) and I got swept up in my glee and kept on reading. Hey, while I wait for that book I'll climb over customer service to get to (yes, there is a story there), why don't I try Gena Showalter's Underwater series.

What's that now? Something to get me through in-between auto-buy books?

I'm in!

I mentioned the sale, right?


I bought all three (dang, wonder if it's a trilogy or if there will be more - I'll check that later - Great Scot!! It's bigger than a trilogy and one of the books is a combo of the other two I bought - crap!) of Showalters Underworld series books. The Darkest Pleasure, The Darkest Night and Into the Dark.


Cause Kresley Cole told me too.

The awesome power of the newsletter.

Jennifer Ashley's Lady Isabella's Scandalous Marriage came out under my radar but then, I get this author mixed up with Amanda Ashley (who's on my 'no buy' list for stupid reasons like vampires wanting to be cured - it was years ago but for some reason that ending stuck with me. Sorry, I have no clue which book it was). This is the author who wrote the Madness of Lord Ian and since I really enjoyed that one I thought I might try this book. Although if I remember rightly I didn't really like any of his brothers. We'll see.

Oh, and there happened to be a paranormal on the shelf by Jennifer Ashley called Pride Mates which promptly dropped into my hot little hands.

And then out of no where, I decided to buy a Tessa Dare book - it's called Twice Tempted by a Rogue. *shrug* I've heard mostly good things but I'm not sure she's for me. Guess my subconscious decided I needed to actually read one of her books before the final verdict.

Finally - Nalini Singh's Bonds of Justice cause like I said above, auto - buy author.

And a book I read in 8 hours over one day (I haven't sat and read a book in a day in years) Lisa Kleypas' Love in the Afternoon. It was a great book and well worth spending time with.

Okay, that's it for now. I'm a touch grouchy and tired so I'll sign off.

H0pe summer is being kind to ya!