Saturday, September 30, 2006


First, we closed today on our old house which is great news because we are no longer carrying two of everything. Still, I went on Thursday to make sure the pool looked good and I was surprised to feel a bit blue. Bob took me back that night to see the changes the people have been making over the past month (the buyer is a cop so we weren't worried about letting them into the house to paint and stuff since we weren't living there). I got a little teary eyed but Bob felt that the house was tiny.

He said he would miss the living room because he could see the kitchen he built from his lazy boy and watch the fire in the fireplace. I said I would definitely miss our kitchen since it was only a few years old. We were eventually going to put granite counter tops in but we never got to it.

It's weird to leave a house that had everything the way you wanted it to come here to a house that has nothing like the way I want it. Even the pool makes me a bit blue. We had an above ground pool at the old house and it was 5' all across so no deep end. I used to go swimming at 3am and watch the stars and it was my own piece of paradise. Our new home has a pool with a deep end and Bob doesn't want me swimming by myself so this year I didn't get to watch the stars once and I missed that time horribly. Next year, Bob's going to have to learn to cope. I think I'll buy a swim jacket of some kind that I can promise to wear whenever I get in the pool when he isn't there cause I'm not ready to give up those precious moments that make life so wonderful. Yeah. I'm simple.

We have friends coming for a visit tomorrow around 6pm so I have to figure out if I am going to cook or not. Probably will if I find the time because I'm getting sick of the same old fast food. Yes. We eat that much of it.

Good news is that the stench in the house has been brought down by 80% and I can only hope that our friends have stuffy noses and can't smell anything. Get this, Bob had to organize his garage (we never had one at the old house) because he had been moving stuff from the old house over the past month. (Seriously, I hired movers and everything and we still had to go to the house today to pick up scaffolding from in behind the shed! I hired frickin' movers!!!). Anyways, he spent most of the night sorting through the crap and he must have found some Christmas potpourri or something because the laundry room (stink central) smells like cinnamin. Much better than how it smelled yesterday!

On the book front I'm at a loss. I took a book with me when Bob was moving scaffolding - I started by helping and repeatedly mentioned how I had hired movers and then the first splat of rain hit my forehead. I was all 'Hell NO!' and Bob graciously said to go sit in the truck. You better believe I sat in that truck. Moving shit in the rain, I don't think so!


I started Lindsay McKenna's Nocturne book and I thought maybe it would work but then, it made a turn I wasn't willing to take. My bad. Yeah, it happened only a few pages in but I already know it's not for me.

I also began Beyond the Pale by Savannah Russe and hit one of those things that I hate. Having fictional characters interact with people who are or were real. A vampire heroine (woohoo) who accidently sucked Lord Byron dry and thus she is the reason he died (fuck me). Then the next scene is how she gets caught by the 'government' and I kept thinking how stupid it was that she just happened to be the reason Lord Byron died and the book was thrown back into the TBR pile.

Hey, I loved that Forest Gump movie like every other person on the planet but it was funny. I didn't have to take it seriously and I'm thinking this book wants to be taken seriously. Ugh.

Oh and then there is the other vampire book that starts out like way too many books lately. 'The night I died' scenario. Yeah. Been there, seen that, don't care anymore. I get it, you're a vampire, next! Damn, where did I put that book. I need to find the title for ya. Ah, yes, I'm the Vampire, That's Why by Michele Bardsley. I'm not saying I have put the book down but strike one has happened and I'm not sure I care to find out if strike two makes an appearance.

I'm feeling like a heartless bitch just naming names here but maybe someone else has read these and will post a 'you must, must, must read that book!!'

You know, or not.

Also, I have screwed up my sleeping again. I know. What a frickin' surprise. It was rainy today and I obviously need the sun to keep me awake. Yeah, just thinking about that sentence doesn't make sense because if I needed the sun to be out then why am I a night person.

Wait! I got it!

If it is supposed to be sunny out and it's not then I get sleepy whereas when it is night time I can't see if it's overcast and gloomy so I don't get sleepy. Okay, in theory there are some serious holes cause on an overcast night you wouldn't see the stars but it's not like I'm out running around having to shop and stuff. It's night time so everything is shut down and it's me and my books and computer and TV and if it's gloomy, you can't tell because it's dark.

Phew, I knew there was a logical explaination for my sleep patterns.

Shut up.

It works and it has plausibility. Now, if you will excuse me, I'm going to go look that word up and make sure I'm using it correctly.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Cowardly Cindy

I still haven't picked up a book yet. Thus the title of this post. It's okay, I'm one with my wussiness.

Stupid things.

1. I woke up at 11am but since I have been napping in the afternoon I decided to just sit up for an hour and watch TV and then I went back to sleep. I got up a 2pm. Yes. I'm aware of where this is leading but I'm a glutton for my own punishment. I can do it again tomorrow but hopefully I will be too busy on the weekend to nap. *snort* The minute I hit 'uber-bitch' Bob will lock me in the bedroom and yell through the crack in the door 'GO TO SLEEP!!'

2. Okay, if I thought for one minute that Emma (long haired black and white cat) or Cody would be horribly embarrassed by what I'm about to post, well, screw 'em!

For the last week and a bit Cody has had wicked gas. I mean peel the paint off the walls kind of gas and yes, I know of which I speak. I know 'silent but deadly' came about because of it's ability to kill but OMG! Cody is slowly cranking the life out of Bob and I. What's weird is that his food intake is always the same. He gets no people food and eats the same amount of food everyday. I'm terrified to change his food to something else for fear he might actually cause an explosion.

Then tonight.

Bob and I come home and I start gagging up a storm. Emma, God bless her cute toes, has apparently used that litter box I used to talk about. The one that is now in the garage but for some reason has a draft that brings the 'killer stank' into the house. For an hour tonight Bob went around trying to find out if she had gone somewhere other than her litter. After that, I spent a good deal of time looking to see if she has done something outside her litter box. So far we haven't found anything out of the ordinary and yet, good God, we need an intervention. If I open the window in the laundry room it is better but Bob won't leave that window open because it's a break in point.

I fuckin' dare someone to break in! They'll die of 'Emma butt' long before they can do anything!

Seriously, I'm done with smells. I can't take it anymore. Emma's litter box is going to end up outside and I don't care if her urine freezes the minute it leaves her body. The smells in this house are horrifying and now I'm afraid one of our friends will do a drop in.

I think it's time to google animal stink and see if there is such a food that makes fecal matter scent free.

Yes. I'm hoping for a miracle.

Aren't you glad you dropped in today?

Just be grateful this isn't a scratch and sniff blog because I would soooo share the pain!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Tip Toeing

Don't know if you guys noticed or not but out of the last 4 books I've read 3 have been keepers.


Uh, yeah.

So, I'm feeling my way through the TBR pile. Paranormal? I don't think yet. I just finished a keeper historical so I'm just setting some poor author up for a fall if I try that. Contemporary? Meh. I'm thinking I might have to read Chick-lit or something with a little romance. I was thinking about picking up Twilight but I got scared and it's sitting up by the bed.

Before I forget I was trolling through Amazon trying to figure out when my keeper authors will have books out next and it says that Lisa Valdez's Patience has a publication date of May 1/07. Anyone heard about this? Her website says Nov/Dec.

There was something else I was supposed to remember but whoosh, gone.

Edited: Oh, yeah, two posts ago I sent you over to Dev's for the review of a vampire book. Me being the doof I am got my vampire books mixed up. Shut up. Anyways, I also have the one Dev reviewed on my TBR pile so it's still all good in the hood.

Other news, for the first time in three days I was able to become pain free with a simple dose of Tylenol. Should have thought of that sooner. (I've got the PMS cramps so I had to go through finding out that Midol wasn't going to touch the pain and then Pamprin etc)

The first thing my body did when the pain disappeared was ring the brain for a nap.

Brain: *answers weird buzzing thingie* Yeah. (Brain isn't a patient sort)

Body: We shutting 'er down!

Brain: We're still driving you morons.

Body: We suggest you hit the 'Home James' button because we're starting the shut down.

Brain: Fine. *hits button*

Upon entry of house.

Body: Off to bed!

Brain: There's a hungry dog that needs to be dealt with.

Body: Crap. Feed him and then bed!

Brain: Hey, who's the boss here!?

Tummy: *sends out a warning cramp*

Brain: Right then.

I had a brilliant 3 hour nap. Love the nap.

Now, it's 2:30am and the body is calling for another shut down so I'm about to head off. Brain still wants to play and visit blogs but really, who's the boss here.


Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Sebastian, Yummy St. Something or Other

Well, I'm not going to do a review of Devil in Winter because I'm pretty sure there are plenty around. I'd look but my back is wailing and I'm feeling lazy. So, you know, google it.

Edited - I'm so sweet *snort* AAR review is here. If I knew the first thing about how to search other people's blogs for reviews I would try and find another but again, my back is bitching and moaning.

Even still, I feel I owe a certain someone *cough* Kristie *cough* an explanation as to why Sebastian is my new boy toy - uh, that is, favourite hero.

1. I have a fondness for stories where the H/H get married early on because of circumstances beyond their control. For me, it means that there is no out. They have to figure all their crap out and when an author does it well, it just makes me all warm and gooey inside. Kleypas did it fantastic!

2. Sebastian and Evie did not go into the marriage with any expectations of love or fulfillment. Having a heroine go into a marriage already knowing and more importantly accepting the past of the hero was wonderful. I dislike books where the heroine believes she can 'fix' the hero. Evie does not have these delusions and I was grateful! Sebastian meanwhile, does not promise anything and even promotes the 'he is who he is and that's that' type of life. I appreciated his honesty about himself and what he was. Watching him try to figure out how to save himself from Evie was a treat.

3. I think hearing that Sebastian was almost as good as Derek kept my expectations from getting out of hand. I loved Derek but I disliked how many times he sent Sarah away. Sebastian tried to send Evie away but she just never left. Much easier on my nerves.

4. This one is odd. I don't normally like books where sex occurs near the beginning but I thought it was wonderfully done and I liked Evie's commitment to herself. Definitely gave Sebastian pause.

My only problem with Devil in Winter was that Evie's family situation became glossed over. I would have preferred that the family remain the villains instead of bringing in another character to create havoc.

I'm also glad I was warned about Cam not being Daisy's hero but I'm thinking it should have been fairly obvious in that he was always referred to as a boy. He's twenty five years old!! I don't know how old Daisy's hero is but I would guess he's older than twenty five. I guess certain readers will have to wait for Cam to age. I mean, really. A twenty five year old boy? Uh, no!

So that's my explanation.

On a side note I am one of the volunteers for AAR who does polling so I'll probably get slammed over the next few weeks with ballots. We'll see how my blogging gets affected. So far, I am responsible for doing the Top 10 Favourite Heroes and I have received 17 ballots with 118 different heroes named. I should ask Rosario how to do a screen capture of the spreadsheet I have running. Luckily, this is a category where I think many people have to sit and think so hopefully the ballots will come in steady and we won't get a day where forty ballots show up. (Happened to LinnieGayl and Lee in the first poll - I got to sit on the side lines and panic. Helpful, no?)

Anyways, I would stay and chat longer but my back is telling me to get the hell out of this chair and find that damn heating pad.

Lordy, when are these pain pills going to kick in!

Monday, September 25, 2006

More Books? You Betcha!!

I realize that I haven't shared the last few book purchases. How rude!

In reality I did buy just one book and was a bit embarrassed to admit it but hey, we were at Walmart and I bought a whole bunch of other stuff and I had just been at the pharmacy where I had bought two books and .... Fine!

I'm the Vampire, That's Why by Michele Bardsley. Totally bought it based on the cover and the title. I didn't even realize there were children in the book until I read Dev's review. The good news is that Dev liked the book and now I know to expect more chick-lit than romance.

This was the book I saw at the pharmacy and I had never seen it before so I figured I'd buy it but again, my two book rule.

Murphy's Law by Lori Foster. What can I say? I scoured that rack for another book and Bob was waiting in the car and sometimes this author can work for me so I took a chance. *shrug*

Then we had to go to Walmart and I sooo couldn't pass the book section and I even took my time and I only found one book. I decided since we were buying everything else from the store I was good. True Blood by Patricia Waddell. It is a futuristic with some sort of ESP thing and well, I'm addicted right now. I've never read a book by her and looking at her website I can see she would have quite a backlist if her voice works for me.

Today I dragged Bob to a small bookstore and found a few books to add on.

The Smoke Thief by Shana Abe. I know this has been well received by readers so I didn't even bother reading the backblurb. Here's hoping there are no hidden babies or anything!

I saw my first Nocturne by Silhouette and I saw a Lindsay McKenna called Unforgiven and since I remember liking one of her books (she reminded me of early Brockmann) and of course, paranormal.

Then to round out my current paranormal fixation I have decided to try Sherrilyn Kenyon.

Unleash the Night even though I find the cover model scary in a ugly way, I've heard good things so that was the first pick-up.

Dance With The Devil - okay, I have heard too many people compare Zsadist to Zarek and I think this book is Zareks' so I figured what the hell, let's try it!

That's the current round up.

Oh and Devil In Winter?



Oh, c'mon! I got ya for a minute, right? You already know it's a KEEPER and I love Sebastian even more than Derek Craven sooo, you were all right!!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Remember That Age Thing?

*adjusts heat pack to ease the pain in lower back*


First, I'm whipped and have no idea what I will write for this post except to say, holy Lord I didn't know that could hurt!!

Did the reno house thing and got the troops painting but I don't like bossing people around *snort* so I always feel a little ADD. I'm normally walking around with a roller or brush figuring where we all go next.

Anyways, I'm not there 20 minutes and I decide to pour paint from the 5 gallon pail to the tray. I should mention there were two men in the room who didn't think to stop me (luckily one of them wasn't Bob). At this point I feel a *twing* in my back and realize that I may have just pulled a muscle. Now, I've never pulled a muscle in my back so I told myself to quit being a pansy and move on.

Holy Hell.

I was trying not to show the others just how bad my back hurt but I couldn't bend over to pick up my paint brush! I went out and told Bob (he was working outside) and he freaked - 'That's what everyone else is here for - to lift the heavy stuff!!!'

I know it's one of my hangups about being a woman. I only like to ask for so much help and maybe I'm not the most patient person in the world so sometimes I end up doing things that others leave for the men. Yeah, that's why I know how to do light carpentry tasks, sauder copper pipe (learned just how well it conducts heat the hard way) and well, paint.

Anyways, Bob gave me a back rub tonight because he knows it's going to hurt worse tomorrow than today and I mumbled 'chivalry really is dead'.

Bob's all pissed that one of the guys didn't do it.

Course, it wouldn't occur to him to carry the 40 lb laundry baskets up and down the stairs for me but, whatever.

It's funny how I'm sitting here and thinking that although I knew chivalry was in the death throes I thought people who said it was dead were over reacting. Course, I've never met men who have been chivalrous but I always figured it's because I'm plain and that most other women experienced it all the time.

Now, I'm all upset because I feel like we're all just alone now.

Isn't that about the most lame thing you have ever heard?

On that wonderful note I will take my heat pack and go watch some shows I have saved on the DVR.

Wonderful invention that.

On A Roll?

For the third day in a row my alarm has gone off at 11am and although I did roll over for 20 more minutes this morning I was too aware of the fact that I should get up.

I know!

I'm ruined!

Today was basically catch up on the renovation house day.

I feel for Bob. He is one of those people who can always find something to do and he's friggin' skilled. Yep, I'm blessed but I meant like jack of all trades kind of skills.

Seriously, I have yet to see Bob get stumped by anything and even when he's unsure of something he can sleep on it and wake up with the solution. So, every once in a while his objections to things fall on deaf ears - okay that's a whole other story for next time but whenever I tell him what we're going to do at our house I get 'do you know how much work that is?'.

Yep. I do. And in exactly one year you will have torn out and rebuilt everything in this house two times over because if you don't remodel you get bored.

Anyways, that was a freebie.

Here's the show.

We took possession of the reno house on June 30th and next to nothing has been done since then. Not sure if I told you guys but we started with 3 partners and apparently the one guy was going to have the reno done by September. Bob and I were clear about the fact that we were not going to work during the summer because we had promised each other a 'reno free' season. Apparently this guy who was going to do all the work was fine with that and still believed he would have all the work done, on his own, by Sept.

Well, this guy has totally flaked out.

Not because of Bob and I as we haven't had a problem with him before but I guess him and partner number 1 have a history and now the present sucks mongo lemons.

So, what should have been a bunch of men working together to get this house back on the market has turned into one guy (who has been trying his damn-dest but has no skills so he's kinda tilting at windmills) keeping the lawn cut and the other guy never showing up.

Now, I'm a nice person. Oh all right, so I've ordered a hit on the flake but he has been making Bob and I promises and hasn't even tried to keep them. That's just shitty. I understand life things popping up but that's not what's going on. Anyways, super long story and I think I told part of it before so, onwards!

Bob's been supporting guy 2 saying how there's bad blood and stuff but now even Bob looks at me and says, yeah, we're not going to be asking this guy to help us ever again. Keep in mind, this guy is getting paid hourly so it's not like showing up is doing us a favour. The rest of us only get money if we make a profit. Just saying.

Thing is, I feel bad for Bob because he really can't do everything by himself so I have said I will spend time with him at the reno house and do all the painting (ow, ow, ow). I think once we get the paint on the walls the place will brighten up and it'll look like shit is getting done.

Right now the kitchen is on order because I told Bob to get it done and in so doing I spent probably a good 4 hours in depot on design plans and crap. I have picked out the ceramics for the bathroom and kitchen and seriously, if I could tile, I would be putting this stuff up myself. I figure by the end of the weekend I should have a vanity picked out and bought so again, we'll be getting stuff done.

Get this, it took us all day to get the siding picked up, order a new garage door and then pick up all the stuff I need just to step foot in a reno house (TP, hand soap, kleenex and bandaids - okay, emergency surgical equipment and a helmet). Then there was all the painting stuff I needed.

This took us all afternoon and Bob and I were both baked.

We get home and I think 'what the hell' and decide to have a nap. I also did this yesterday at the same time.

Guess what?

My nap mojo has left me!!! Even Cody is mocking me by lying on his cosy bed and snoring!

I've never had this problem before and it's freaking me out! I mean, I'm pretty sure I invented naps and I can't seem to fall asleep! It's like Father time not being able to set his watch or, or... Keith Richards not being able to get high!!

And breathe.

Mixed news. I am half way into Devil in Winter and I'm thinking Sebastian is my man. I love him and if it all keeps going like this he will be one of my new all time favourite heroes. On that note, his heroine rocks also.

I can't read anymore because I have to go to bed in 30 minutes (I have a freakin' bedtime people!) and tomorrow I have called upon 'the troops' to help me start off 'paint day' with a flourish.

Too bad my cousin and her beau know next to nothing about painting.

What I like about my husband (I mean, really, there isn't anything not to love - I can hear you groaning!) is that he'll pay my baby cousin to come and help me out for the day. I mean, they would soooo do it for free but I love that Bob insists that they take money. *sigh*

A man who loves my family too.

Yeah, Bob is truly my man.

Still, a little Sebastian on the side couldn't hurt.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Cute and Scary All In One!


Instructions for properly hugging a baby

1. First, spy a baby.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

2. Second, be sure that the object you spied was indeed a baby by employing classic sniffing techniques. If you smell baby powder and the wonderful aroma of wet diapers this is indeed a baby.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

3. Next you will need to flatten the baby before actually beginning the hugging process. **Note: The added slobber should help in future steps by making the "paw slide" easier.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

4. The "paw slide" - Simply slide paws around baby and prepare for possible close-up.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

5. Finally, if a camera is present, you will need to execute the difficult and patented "hug, smile, and lean" so as to achieve the best photo quality.
Dogs, if this is properly done, it will secure you a warm, dry, climate-controlled environment for the rest of your life. Good luck!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Okay, I absolutely love the last picture and think it's classic but is anyone else asking themselves who the hell took these pictures?

I mean, the minute the dog flattened the baby I would have dropped all recording devices and stepped in.

You know, 'kapowed' Cujo so to speak.

Still, that last picture has both of them looking pretty happy with themselves. Just too cute!

Bob and I were out all day and there were a few moments when Bob had to pick up something so I picked up Devil in Winter by Kleypas.

Two pages in and I had to put the book down. It'll suck me in HUGE if I don't keep my distance and with Bob on vacation I don't want to get distracted.

All the same, the book ain't leaving my side!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

All Better!!


Finally pulled out of that tail spin I was in and I've had my first day of feeling normal.


I beat the clock by staying up for 19 hrs yesterday - yeah, it hurt a little - but went to bed at 11pm and woke at 11am. Perfection. Now, I just have to train the body to remember this and I feel real good about it so I think I'm off to a good start. Yes, that torture chamber item called the alarm clock will be used to enforce the new regime. *grumbles* Stupid noise maker from hell...

The weather has been helpful in that although it's very chilly the sun is out so I'm happy to get up. Also, I am getting out of the house on my own and visiting my best friend. We've been so busy that we didn't see each other for most of the summer. We had a great visit yesterday and I went back today to see the painting she was doing in 'the boys' room so I think the panic that the 'flu terror' invoked has passed.

I also got my Josh fix (he's only 5 and yet I can't believe how fast he is growing!) because he was home. Apparently he loves school which is great because the older boy has so much trouble. The good news is that Sue is very pro-active now that I don't think the teachers are going to see her coming this year!

The good news just keeps on rolling in because Bob is taking a 4 day weekend and I will actually be up to enjoy my time with him! I'm tellin' ya, good stuff!

Since I don't want to focus on the bad stuff going around on the net right now - and trust me, I soooo have opinions (fat = morally corrupt? If I knew where that fucker lived I would go and kill him by sitting my fat ass on him - oooops, Bad Cindy - think good. Goooooood)

Okay, calm again.


Now, I don't read outside of romance and everyone who comes here knows I'm happy in my end of the reading pool. Still, I think it's wicked awesome for those who love fantasy and sci-fi to have a new place to visit. (Okay, I will be visiting the site because I love the voice of the posters and maybe, just maybe, they will get me to break out of my section of the pool. Although my end is all warm and cozy (I was going to say wet. HELLO!)) I know they do read books that have romance and sex so I'm hoping they will find a way to let those of us who prefer those kind of stories know that they are out there.

This blog is brought to you by Mailyn, Dance Chica, Nath and Kailana.

There is a great page where each contributor lists their favourite books and I see one of them likes J.R. Ward (let's see how much longer that lasts (ooops! There I go again! Seriously, if you ever become famous, remember you still have to do everything else us mere mortals have to do. Just saying.)

Also, I hope this gorgeous picture is allowed to be pinned up here even though I think I would have to put up a source so I'm going to link to this gallery where I think it may have come from.

Also, for those of you wanting to dip your toe into Anime, I understand there will be a sister blog (hey, this might be it but there was no announcement). Course, I'm terrified of Anime after I heard that the heroes and heroines of these stories usually die a noble death.


My father raised me on movies and stories where the hero died. I had plenty enough of that as a child. I should do a post on all the movies I had to watch as a kid where every character died. Pissed me off to no end.

I'll stick to my romance books!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Has Anybody Seen Sane Cindy?

I have no clue what has been going on for the past day and a half.

Things I know.

1. I went to have a nap at 4pm yesterday and woke up a 4am today. It's now 11am and I'm a little confused about what I should be doing. Hey, it's daylight and I'm not used to that shit! Makes me feel like I should be doing something important and I never do stuff that's important!

2. I slept without any sleeping aids which means the weird dreams showed up and I hate those puppies!

Normally they are so realistic that I wake up not knowing where I am. They are mostly to do with having gone back to school to do something only I'm old and everyone else is young and job worthy. Also my parents play a huge roll and keep me locked in my life before Bob - seriously, life before Bob blew.

Once I figure out that there should be a Bob I do everything I can to escape and get to him and am foiled in every attempt I make. I sometimes wake up believing that I am living in the weird past/present and it can take, probably just a few seconds but enough to stop my heart, to realize that the life I love is real.

Anyone seen Sane Cindy yet? No? Ho-kay then.

3. The book I am currently trying to read is boring me to tears and I don't know whether it's because I'm trying to read a paranormal after two paranormal keepers or if the book is just truly boring. The premise was great but then, meh. It's Dark Protector by Alexis Morgan. Anyone read this and think it's just me? I'm putting the book down but I've managed to scare myself out of trying something else.

That's it and that's all I know for sure.

I figure bigger things happened in the past 36 hours but I just haven't heard about them.

I found out earlier that it's Talk Like A Pirate Day but if it's okay with everyone, I'm just going to steal all the rum and hide in a corner. I will tell you to head over to Kristie's to find a treasure trove of pirate reads which I have added to my wishlist.

Oh, I also want to cook my comfort food again for like the tenth time in 3 weeks.

I'm telling you, Sane Cindy needs to get her ass back to this joint already!

On that note, I'm heading to the grocery store to buy some Top Sirloin so I can make my favourite dinner of late. I'm carrying Devil In Winter by Kleypas with me but I'm afraid to open the cover. Luckily, the day has been moving smoothly so I haven't had to crack open the book to kill some time.


Sunday, September 17, 2006

Slave To Sensation by Nalini Singh


Just as a side note, you look at the word keeper long enough and you're really not sure you are spelling it right.

Anyways, let's see if I can do this book any justice. For a real review go see Rosario and Jennie.

Dammit!! You'll do better to go to Rosario's and Jennie's.


Because I had a really long review all written up and proofed and everything and POOF it's all gone. First time that's every happened to me! Sucks huge lemons let me tell you. I don't have the patience to re-write and don't think I could if I tried.

So quickie, I loved the heroine and hero in this story. It was a beautiful new world that I can't wait to get back to. The bad guy was obvious but then, it's a romance book people.

I only had a problem with some logic at the end of the story and it only occurred to me much later. Course, I was tired so give me a break. Also, maybe it was just touched on lightly so that characters in later books can figure out 'the out'. Just saying.

I am going to re-write my new pet peeve. Reading the first book in a series and falling all in love with the author and her world that I want the rest of the books NOW!

So here is your mission if you choose to accept it. I need book recommendations on great hot paranormals that are past, oh I don't know, book four!!

Patience is so not part of my psyche.

Okay, I have to sign off because Blogger is acting like a huge jerk and I don't want to have to hunt down the people responsible for f-ing with my blogging!

Oh, C-Rex showed up today and then weepy Cindy came in right after that.

I'm just saying.

Then I had a panic moment on the way to a furniture shop that turned out to be just too far away and Bob had to turn the car around. I haven't had to deal with panic in a while but my fear of the flu is something that get's me completely off balance. Unlike my husband and most people I know I throw up and have the other for the 24 hours. If I just got the chills and some bottom stuff I wouldn't be so afraid but, the last two times I had the flu it took me down. Hard.

I got the flu shot last year but I don't know if it covers me until I get the next one. So yeah, I'm a little hard to live with right now. I'm also way too anxious to do anything for the next week or so which, lucky for me, no one was planning on visiting.

I'm still terrified to eat too much which then leads to my stomach hurting because it's probably hungry. This of course, causes me to worry that I might have the flu and voila, I'm crazy.

Crazy will be the host of this blog for the next little bit so hold on!!

Yep, I need to sit with a couple good books and just get out of my head for a bit!

Friday, September 15, 2006

JENNIE!!! Slave To Sensation


It's 4pm and I just finished reading Slave to Sensation by Nalini Singh.

I have no hope of being even remotely intelligent right now. That's enough! Ahem. Anyways, just thought I would breeze in and let Jennie know it's a KEEPER, KEEPER, KEEPER!!

More after some sleep.

Oh and I called Bob at work and he's feeling all flu like. I'm telling you, if I could convince him to sleep somewhere else until he is better I would soooo do it. Why? Because I get really sick when I get the flu. Vomitty sick. I hate vomitty sick.

No kisses for Bobby!

Bed time!

Psst, now I want a panther of my own.

The Crap in my Head

Should we call this post Crap in my Head Pt 3,478?

I was over at Kristie's who saw Great Big Sea again and if you haven't heard of them I would think they are universally loved. You can't help but clap and sing along to them. Mari-Mac is a great song! Anyways, then she was talking about being at the London fair which seriously - IT'S NOT FALL!! *covers ears, rocks and hums*

Where am I going with this?

Oh right. She is about to start Slave to Sensation which I have also been eye balling for the last week but I just haven't been able to sit on my tuckass and read already!

Why can't I seem to relax?

I'm sitting her thinking about the stupid 'once upon a great eon ago' white kitchen sink that is not enamel and thus is stained all the ratshit and needs an industrial stripper to probably get any of the grime out (it was like this when we moved in but she had a cleaning lady so I doubt she used paint stripper or anything). Then again when I do serious cleaning I always wear my 'ruined' clothing because I can't be worried about bleaching out or staining my clothes.

So change, you say?

Yeah, I just showered and yes it's 1:30am but again, I'm going around the clock and I'm one happy camper because by Saturday I will be able to be up all day - then I just have to stop my body from continuing around the clock - BRAKE!!!! Sometimes the body is all, 'but I like this staying up until our eyes bleed and then falling into a coma, let's keep playing'!

Anyways, I'm now in my loose fitting short set jammies and changing into my work clothes makes me itch. I know this because I put my work clothes on after I showered and promptly found them too stiff.

Also, my brain is working over the wardrobe I've finished staining and now need to start varathaning. Again, special clothes and quite frankly, a well ventilated area because I'm not looking for that bad taste in my mouth again. Not only that, I don't know where our steel wool is so I can't do my fantabulous job without being able to buff the coats in between.

Oh shit, I just had a mental flash as to where the steel wool is but I'm sooo not going to look!

Then, and this part makes me happy, it turns out this weekend is going to be glorious in the weather department and sounds like it will be a banner weekend to get the pool up to snuff and swim like the sea otter I am! (OMG! Look at this cute little guy, on his back and yawning while swimming - I wonder if I can do that!) This will entail vacuuming the pool, digging out those penii - uh- pine cones things that have fallen since the last friggin' time I cleaned them out, shocking it, heating it to a balmy 80. Okay, I won't think twice about bouncing into the pool at 68 degrees but since we do have a heater, let's friggin' use it!

Then I need to cut the grass again (okay, I do love riding on my tractor) and then scoop the yard - friggin' dogs without opposable thumbs. I think they know how to scoop their own crap but like to know they don't have to do it. Just saying. May yet teach Cody a new trick.

Oh and because Bob and I would hate the thought of hogging all the pool fun I know we will probably invite my family for a BBQ which means Cody's room (our den) will need to be completely de-dog-ified.

It smells like feet.

I washed the hardwood floors in here and it still smells funny so I decided Cody needs a spa day so he goes Saturday at 8 am for a killer bath and brush extravaganza.

And that my friends is only part of what is wheeling around in my head - I will soon have to start painting at the reno house but I volunteered so no bitching about that. I also want to start looking at tiles for the downstairs bath - it's so tiny I'm going super spla-dow on it. At least, I like to think I can go super elegant but then it won't fit the rest of the house!

I'm also thinking about the trim I want to buy to update the look of the kitchen cabinets but I just took a closer look at the cabinets and realized the oak pulls are protruding from the face of the cabinet so I may have to get the belt sander out and THAT would be very, very, very messy.

Wait. Off to take a picture of my scary ass kitchen.

Okay, forgot I was cooking in there so it's a bit too messy so here is a up close shot of what I mean. See how the oak handle overlaps the white part? If it were flush then I could trim the flat panels like pictures and update the kitchen but that little bump out will prove to be a challenge. I should mention that Bob really likes this kitchen. I explained that if this was going to 'our' dream home the I would have to love the kitchen also. I figure it could be five years before we're ready to gut and renovate so why not trim it up for a couple hundred dollars and paint? I'm just saying. It's cheaper than a 15 thousand dollar kitchen at this point!

Aren't the inner workings of my brain a blast!

Maybe now that I have you thinking about all this crap for me I can go and read!

See ya.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

You Caught Me

I LOVE these birds and they make me smile. I like to think of them as the blue birds of paradise seeing as how I've been crapped on by enough of them. Or have they flown up my nose. I can't remember now what people say.

The look on the first bird's face is how I look when I can't find the book I am looking for in the gigantica bookstore. 'You have a million and one books but you don't have _____? Who is in charge of orders around here!'.

Add a tear in one of the eyes and that's how I look when Bob says maybe we should stay in for dinner.

Make the lower beak quiver and that's me asking 'but, who will cook for us?'.

I was very tired of my old template even though I found it soothing and easy to read. I have been trying to create my own templates and well, they only got worse after the Cody one. Okay, I was getting a knack but I don't know enough about graphics to create a super duper page and well, I wanted something super duper.

And I wanted it now.

I didn't think I would ever find something fun and different and then I stumbled (literally because it was like 10:30am and I was still up and getting dopey) onto this guys site. (Edited: I found the English section and the design is by a woman named Christina so, not a guy)

What was surprising is that even though his designs are unique nothing was speaking to me and then I saw this template and about cried in relief. (Nicole, he has a cat one!) He even has a few that are night themes but since I really can't read blogs with a black background I decided they weren't for me.

I'm so very happy that there are people out there that do up templates for all us, uh, techno challenged wingnuts who want a unique looking blog. I just wish his site wasn't in French so I could learn a few things!

On that note, my brother sent me this super cool picture - I have a wolf thing - and it would totally rock as a template. He sent it to me for a screen saver.

I can't see ever getting a tattoo because my tastes change constantly but at one time I thought if a gun was to my head I would put a howling wolf on my shoulder blade - it would look just like this guy.

I also have a thing about light beams.

What the hell, I'll share that one now.

I need to find a picture of what I'm talking about first.

I have a picture on my wall called Spring Morning, Kelly's Ford, Virginia but I can't find it on the web. It has the rays of light with a mist coming up off the trees and I love it.

*runs off to search for rays of light*

Alright, I found this picture and it feels like the first time I saw the beams even though I remember there being more colour.

Finally, the story! Easy. You've been here before.

Thinking back on it I think my Grampa Ken had recently died and we were in the car traveling back from the Sault (8 hr car ride). I was looking out at the fields and saw the clouds separate funny and then all these beams of light came down and hit different spots on the earth that I couldn't see. Not really remembering how I came to this conclusion because, dude, I was like 5, I decided that the beams of light were a calling to the people who had died to guide their souls to Heaven.

Now, I do remember struggling with 'do the souls have to wait for the light?' because I was the ripe old age of 5 and it was the first time I had ever seen anything like this and I was worried that the souls had to wait in the ground. Still, that resilient thing they talk about with children, I just decided not to worry about it.

To this day I love seeing the rays of light and even though it was a childhood belief I still like to think of them as beacons for those who have passed.

The sad part is that my brain now pesters me about the time in between the rays of light. Normally I have to tell that part of my brain to just shut the hell up and enjoy the view.

There you have it. Birds that make me smile, my love of wolves and rays of light. Maybe if you are lucky, I will take a picture of my stuffed monkey collection.

Apparently, a stuffed monkey is the perfect gift for me.

Fuck Me

Yeah, it's crude but I'm sitting here at 7:20am and I'm not the least bit tired and I'm bored.

Never, ever, ever a good combination.

I've been known to play with matches during times like this.

So, it's day three of sleep renovation and I've obviously hit a bad patch. Yesterday I slept for 14 hours straight and the only reason why I got out of bed when I did was because my back was aching from sleeping so long.

Amber (kitty number 1) was determined to keep me horizontal by climbing up on my shoulder and purring into my ear. Bob was shocked to hear that she got that close because she doesn't usually climb on me - I'm a mover, even in my sleep.

Now, me? I was looking at her and wondering what she knows that I don't. Amber is the type of cat who leaves me be in bed because like I said, I move too much for her. However, when I'm sick she can't get close enough to me.

So far, so good because I'm not puking or anything *makes sign of the cross*. I'm thinking she's lonelier than normal because Cody is sucking up all the attention. Hell, half the time I forget I have another cat because she doesn't sit in any of the rooms that I do.

So, there's that and then there is my comfort food stage that I am going through. I have been cooking Swiss steak (actually top sirloin cut up, floured and browned on both sides and then put in the oven with water covering it at about 300 for 3 hrs - remind me to tell you about my mother and how she won't share with me any of the recipes from my childhood - I discovered how to make this when my mom's best friend dropped her secret on me one night.) and mashed potatoes (with the real beef gravy from the Swiss steak) about twice a week for the last three weeks. I haven't cooked this in years even though it was one of my favourites growing up because Bob is a pasta guy and well, you end up cooking to please and you don't get what you love.

Yep, it's all adding up to a funk so I'll have to keep my eye on it over the next few weeks.

Oh and Bob called on his way to work to tell me he just saw the first set of Christmas lights up and on! I said, you know people are using lights in trees as a cafe like thing and he said, 'I know, these were blue'.

Fuck Me.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Match Me If You Can by SEP

Holy read-a-thon Batman!!!

I sat down at 6am and started to read Match Me If You Can by Susan Elizabeth Phillips and didn't stop until I was finished at 1pm. So that's seven hours to read a 400 page book. Is that any good? Oh and I soooo skimmed description of interiors and shit because I just needed to know how they would get together.

Here a news flash.

I would rate this book as luke warm. I mean, I can't say kisses but then I'm feeling pretty ripped off so it wasn't warm. Sexually I mean.

It would be a keeper if the sex scenes had maybe been fleshed out a little more. So I'll give it a solid B+.

Cindy Summary - You have Heath Champion who is the like bestest sport agent eva and well, he has walled himself off from the love of a good woman. Yeah, there's a bunch of history but if you wanna know read the book. Heath has set a goal of being married by 35 and needs the most perfect wife, uh, ever. Again, he worked his way up and needs a stellar mate.

'kay, Annabelle is a flake and yet, she's really not because she's pretty much me on an unusually busy day (like I've ever been that busy). Just saying. I liked her and she was funny and never has a good hair day. Should probably mention that she is starting up a romance match business or whatever and lands Heath as her big fish. That's right, she's the one that has to find him a wife.

If you can't see where this is all heading, welcome to wonderful world of romance, here's your toaster. Please be sure to pick up a hundred more books from the romance section of your bookstore and get back to me. Nah, you don't need a list, just start grabbing. No, really. You'll thank me.

What makes this different from the rest of the same old, same old is the wicked banter between Heath and Annabelle. Also, there is a depth to the writing so that you really get to know these characters. These are two people who make mistakes and do stupid things but you never really feel like it's a plot contrivance. Just by allowing us into Heath's head we realize that even though *we* may not have done what Annabelle did, it was what had to happen.

I do have to mention that every freakin' character SEP has ever written about was also running around on stage. Yeah. Okay. I get it. Everyone married really, really well and are sooooo in love. Can you tell I don't read 'sport' romances? I couldn't really tell you which SEP's I have read but I do know that Heath and Annabelle are probably my favourite character of hers.

So, to sum up, this book may be a keeper for you if hot sex scenes are not needed to qualify in that category. Just so happens, I like a little fire in my stories. Z style.

Oh shit, did I say that out loud?

Hey, this was a great way to break out of the funk I was in over finishing Z's book. What? Yes I'm still talking about him! Okay, no more Z. Got it. Sheesh.

End review.

Lookit me all short, sweet and to the point.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Books and The Blahs

Good news is that I roped Bob into taking me to Chapters so I could see if they had this one book finally in stock.

Yeah, you know the rule.

Thing is, I have spent close to 4 hours at Home Depot with Bob making decisions on kitchen designs for the reno house. I'm never gonna live in the house but I gotta make sure these guys don't butch the job. I also get to put granite in the kitchen - mrrreow. My kitchen? Sucks. It's all good though, I'm going super crazy when we get to ours but I have patience. Cause I'm cheap and books come first.

So, in a nutshell, Bob owed me and he knew it so he drove up to Chapters and I jumped out of the car.

Slave to Sensation - you saw it here folks so you know I was going to drop coin on it and they only had one in stock. Sold!

Twilight by Stephanie Meyer - paper back finally came out and I'm going to try and be a trooper and read this one. Way too many good reviews to pass it up. Still, it's looking at me funny.

Tithe by Holly Black because I've heard it's good even though not as good as Twilight but you know my rule about buying books. You have to buy a few to make it worth while.

I guess I was feeling that wasn't enough because I headed over to the journal wall and bought a limegreen leather journal (yum) and a sketch journal that has blank pages (I don't like lined pages but it's hard to come by journals that are blank). I've mentioned my journal fetish, no?

So, I kinda spoiled myself but I was up and about and it was sunny out and I had had 10 hours of sleep and figured all was right with the world.

Then we get home and WHAM, I got hit with the sleepy stick. I'm telling you I don't know what I have done to deserve having Mr. Sandman stalk me all the time but I do figure it was because I tried to hard to get the sleep to move in one day.

This week, I'm stalking the Sandman. That's right beyotch!!! Run!!

Actually, I'm going to air out the system by not taking any sleeping pills. Yep, scary days are in the forecast. Normally three days of uber bitch and then all is good again. Let's hope it works.

Cause if not, it means I'm blue and blue is never a good place for me. Hey, I know people have to get depressed from time to time because life is like that and we need to feel and crap to survive but I tend to panic when I'm blue in SEPTEMBER!!!!! If I'm blue in February I get it - in September, not so much.

I think if I dig real deep I know what is setting off all my triggers.

I'm going to be vague only because I never want Bob to get fired because of something I say on this blog. I went back there a few months ago and took all references out to the product that Bob had invented even though when googled I was like 25 pages in. Hey, just to be safe and all.

Anyways, Bob is a 'the glass is half empty' kind of guy and for years he's been saying how his place of work will shut it's doors and then he won't have a job. Now, I'm not trying to brag or anything but you all know I don't work so Bobby boy is bringing in some serious coin. Not in the we're rich kind of way but in the 'we don't have too many worries' kinda way.

Still could use a lottery win.

Even though I should be used to this mentality I do get emotionally involved when I hear things are not going well at work and there has been notice from the higher ups that *something* is going to close. Since Bob sells the stuff from this *something* then I guess Bob would be out of work. Bob's all fine with it but then I don't think he remembers what it was like to go grocery shopping on a budget or go on a day trip and not be able to buy anything because all our money went to bills. I'm just saying. He'll be in for one hell of a surprise if this happens. I can't even tell you what he spent at depot in one afternoon. You'd be shocked. This boy can spend when he's feeling all free and unfettered. I've been threatening to cut the Depot card up because we have a mortgage again. So far, he's keeping it out of my reach.

Anyways, the close date is Oct 1 and even though there are a bunch of irons in the fire I'm not sure what is what. The good news is that Bob, being the kind of person he is has already been offered a spot somewhere if anything goes wrong. I'm very proud of my husband and his ethics and morals colour his job performance and many, many people are aware of it and appreciate it. Still, I want Bob to be happy so our lives might be in upheaval until he settles on something he wants to do.

And I suck during periods of change. I do. I'm aware of it and I try and work on it but there it is. I suck at change.

All the same, this company has shut down before and come back out of the ashes so we're all kind of in a holding pattern until the higher ups either fold or show their hand.

Okay, I'm more in a 'holy shit!!!' pattern but then I'm a drama queen.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

20 Things That Piss Me Off


I am in the right mood for this one. Let's just slap an R rating on this little rant so lock the kiddies up and if easily offended well, you've been here before so I'm thinking you can take it.

I'm at 10 and have been doing this for an hour so you're only getting 10. If you want anther 10 let me know and I can think more about it. If I don't hear back then I will assume I offended every person under the sun and will remove this post and pretend it never happened.
1. The fact that I don't know Jack about anything. I'm tellin' ya, if you happen to see the fucker, could you tell him I could use a little help over here!! I couldn't teach a monkey to eat a banana let alone figure out half the crap I need to do for routine day to day shit. News flash! Ignorance is never bliss. Okay wait, there should be a qualifier with that. Ignorance is bliss if you have a significant other that can and will do the laundry. Then, acting like you don't know the difference between the washing machine and a microwave is fine. That is until they figure out that you do know and then everything goes to crap. Just saying.

2. People who don't know how to drive but have a license anyways. How the hell does this happen? Are there payoffs in the driving bureau so those who can't drive can get their license? All I'm saying is pull your fucking car over and get the hell out of my way! Places to go, people to see, yada, yada. If you are old you are forgiven because I had a Gram who used to drive and I get it. If you are young take the bus!!

3. People who think they are better than you. I'm Mary freakin' Sunshine much of the time. Hey, even C-Rex doesn't get away with being uppity or rude. Talk down to me and you're about to get a hell of a surprise. Actually, I'm never really sure how I'm going to react to someone with a stick up their ass. Sometimes I do a comedy routine in the middle of the store where the person is the butt of the jokes. Yeah, we're laughing at you. I may even become sweeter with a sugary smile and a 'you have a nice day' that really means 'bite me'. Or, and here's where people start to cower, I get loud and obnoxious. After 11 years Bob normally knows just when to get me out of a place.

4. Malls with no air conditioning in the summer and the friggin' heat on in the winter. Hey, I'm all for conservation of energy but you could fry french fries in my pants people!! You want people to spend some money? Get the temperature of the mall right. As for Christmas shopping in the cold? Why oh why do the malls have the heat on? Tell the store employees to layer up because the heat ain't coming on. When I have to shop in shorts in November and you can still see steam coming off me? I'm pissed. It's minus 10 000 degrees outside but I can't wear my parka and shit into the mall because I'll die. Shut up. I will. And don't think I won't take a few motha tuckers out with me!!

5. Criticism that's not constructive. Hey, you think you can paint this wall better than I can then get off you ass and grab a brush. Until then, cap it.

6. Parents that don't discipline their kids. I'm sorry, I know I'm not a parent but holy shit. Even *I* know that if you tell a kid they are being a brat and if they don't stop then they won't get that toy then, when they don't stop - DON'T BUY THEM THE TOY!!! Simple logic. Action, consequence. And quit with the one, two, three bullshit. I have yet to hear a parent get to three. 'Two and a quarter, two and a half....really, do you not want the toy. Why are you acting like this? Can we talk this out?'

'THREE!!! say it!! *starts to sob* Three for the love of God please say three!! I'm beggin' you, three!' *heaving sobs*


Seriously, those of us without kids are laughing at you and yes, we're talking trash behind your back. And don't ask us if we think you are a good parent because we'll lie. I'm just saying. Don't ask.

7. The last two seasons of X-files. I still can't talk about it. Fuckin' Carter.

8. On that note, don't get me started on Aaron Sorkin, The West Wing, Deadwood (cancelled WTF?), the last year of Alias, Woody Allen, TV shows I can't get in Canada, late season premieres, that anything under 24 shows be considered an actual season and the price of TV series on DVD. Seriously. Don't ask.

9. Celebrities with more money than brains asking me to give money to support whatever cause they've decided will be their touchstone for civilization. Oprah is the worst offender for asking for money when she has more than enough to give. You know what? You've got millions and millions of dollars and you want my spare change? I need that change just to buy myself dinner so until I see you pony up with the goods quit bugging me.

10. Oprah's Favourite Things Show. I'm telling you the first year I saw it I was floored at all the stuff the people got in the audience. Since then the audiences know they are going to get everything and can't quit doing their happy dances. Meanwhile, I've noticed that I have a green eyed monster that starts to come alive and since I don't like that part of myself I try and not watch these types of shows. Scholarships and stuff are all well and good and I believe in that. Getting diamond earrings because - shit, I really don't know why a bunch of women with enough money to buy their own diamonds needed them but there you go.

Turns out I only got to ten but then I tend to ramble.

Friday, September 08, 2006

FUBAR? Not Quite Yet

I'm falling into one of my funks. See, September is never really a happy, joyous time of my life and well, having the GBB (great book blues) on top of everything is just making it worse.

Let's see.

It's been frickin' chilly here so I haven't been in our fancy smancy pool in about two weeks. Then there was the rain and crap. Now the pool is full of these horrid pine cones (which look like little green penises (peni?) and I know that makes me sound crazy but they're creeping me out!) I should run out and take a picture of the stupid pile of ones I worked my ass off getting off the solar blanket so that I could open the pool to shock it. Screw that. I know some sane person is going to say 'Cindy, they just look like pickles.' which of course, brings up another of my mental problems. Shut up. And seriously, white asparagus is another thing that looks wrong. Yes, in the penis sense.


I'm a freak. Bob wanted to order all new doors for our house so we're sitting there having to pick out the glass feature we want in the front door. I swear to God one looks like a penis. Okay I'm sure I can find a picture of it so just tell me if I have hit my head too frickin' hard! SEE!! Tell me there's not something very phallic about that picture.


I've got penis on the brain. Not. Good.

Phew! That's a load off my brain. Wait. I think that might be funny in a really bad way - see what I mean? Where am I getting this stuff?

This is the time of year where the only thing coming at me is Christmas. Yep. You read that right. Christmas. I love it and yet, it's my big white whale. The Mecca of Paniclandia and have I started our Christmas shopping yet? NO! Which causes my stupid dreams where it is the night before Christmas and I have no gifts for anybody and then great stress ensues. Stupid brain.

Don't get me started on shorter days. Oh hell no. That SAD light Bob bought me is about to make an appearance and it's not even the end of September!!!

Okay, it's clear I'm cracking up. Did I mention my sleep is all over the friggin' place. I think I'm going around the clock which means sleeping at all the wrong times which means I only get an hour with Bob because I just wake up and he's heading to bed and OMG!! Somebody stop this ride, I WANT OFF!

I guess I haven't mentioned that if I don't get Bobby time I get really screwed up. What's that? It's obvious from this post? I know!

I think I need to read a light comedy or a few short stories to get my reading mojo back.

Oh! Oh!

Bob, God bless the man, has been organizing and moving things around. Hey, it's all good, right?

Yeah, it's all good until he moves my books just one more time and then all bets are off!

The only good thing about all this is that I seem to be motivated to do stuff. Not cleaning or anything, I'm not running a fever but, I have picked out a wall colour for the next bedroom that needs to be done, started restaining a massive wardrobe that Bob built me when we first met (second coat of stain tonight and will start varathaning tomorrow night but, oy, the fumes are so bad I can taste them and I mean that literally - I've been trying to scrap my tongue to get the taste off, yetch), have actually bought the paint for said room, bought a faucet set off Ebay for our bathroom reno - (I actually wore Bob down on this one but he's happy with the results - also, 300 dollars savings ordering it from Ebay. Uh, hello!! Can we say mark up? Now let's hope the thing is made of actual metal and is not, in fact, a plastic replica of what I really want) AND, I cut the grass on the tractor and also had to use the hand one (the hand one is supposed to be Bob's job (*ba dum tish* seriously, is it just me?) but he is sooo pretending he doesn't know what the gas mower is) and then cleaned the pool. I did all this in the last 48 hours and y'all know I'm lazy.

Yep, I've taken a blow to the head. Only explanation!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Speechless? Who Me?

Okay, I will now attempt a review of Lover Awakened.

Edited: Okay not so much a review as just my thoughts on Z.

I know. I'm not sure I'm ready for this!

Let's start with this. I think you should read the first book (Dark Lover) in the series so you know just who the hell all these people are. And really that's my entire beef with these books.

It's Suzanne Brockmann all over again (and really, do we need to rehash my feelings on her latest books? Didn't think so. Guess who loves SB? Yep. Ward. Crap.) *sigh* Really, don't you wish you could read a series without falling all over yourself because you just have to read *cough* Butch's *cough* story now!?

So yeah, read the first book in the series and go from there. (Note to Kristie, you don't have to read Lover Eternal to read this book - just know that Bella, the heroine was abducted at the end of that story and this book starts 6 weeks later.)

Here's something else for ya. Besides the whole 'way too similar to Brockmann and way too many plots happening at one time' thing, this story was pure perfection. It is in my Top Ten Favourite Books of All Time, hands down. Dark Lover and Lover Eternal were really just the opening acts for this story. That's how much I loved everything about Zsadist and Bella.

Let's see if we can cut to some information without spoiling anything for those who are still on the fence.

Zsadist is one of the Brothers who are of the warrior class and are the guardians of vampire civilians. There is also a class system in vampire society (I mean, really, where isn't there a class structure) and the elite class is much like Regency England with all this structure, restrictions and rules. Bella, the heroine, is from this class.

Normally, no big deal for a warrior to be attracted to an upper class woman except Zsadist was kept as a blood slave upon his transition for a hundred years before his twin brother finally found and rescued him. Why blood slaves were ever invented or allowed beats me but now it's frowned upon.

To quote his own brother Phury, Zsadist isn't broken, he's ruined.

This is Zsadist's story and much of it is not pretty.

We find out about the sexual abuse suffered from both the woman who kept him shackled and the men that she liked to show him off to. Zsadist was so very innocent when he was taken as a slave and to see how he tries to assimilate what is being done to him is painful. One person in the entire time showed him compassion and the master had that person killed.

To survive Zsadist separated himself from his body and emotions. All except hatred.

It was phenomenal to see how J.R. Ward didn't flinch in telling a story about a man who had no connection to human emotion and how he came back to life. It was a breath of fresh air to see a real recovery versus a 'OMG I love you and now I'm all better' approach to real life issues. Sure, it was Bella that reached out to him and just refused to take no for an answer but sometimes no was the answer and Z is the only hero I know who meant it.

In all honesty, no review will do this book any justice.

Outside of Zsadist's story of course are the other people in the book and OMG, WTF was going on!? That's right. Another author who knows how to make a reader beg for more.

I'm considering boycotting the next one.


I said that with a straight face!

Here's the thing though, I finished this book and was satisfied. Sure there are more brothers who need their stories told but I'm okay with waiting now. I'm not sure anyone could top Z and that, my friends, is from an 'I heart Butch' fangirl.

Okay, I was a Butch fangirl but now I'm wondering about his metrosexual ways. Give me my men without vanity. Okay, they need to bathe and shit but designer duds? Please.

Yet, I do have to bring up once again the whole 'too many people and plots' thing. I'm sorry but I don't give a rat's ass about some kid named John right now because I want to know about Z and Bella. Period. When I re-read these kind of books I don't read the sub-plots. I read for romance. Still, when I'm first reading I don't like to skip over things in case I miss a plot point that will be important to the main couple. All the same, I did skim over the lessers (evil guys) shit.

All the same, this book was a KEEPER!!!!!!!

Just so you know Tara Marie was much more eloquent than I was so go read her opinion here. I just nodded the whole time I read her post. Dead on.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

This One Is Going To Be Political

This post is on a serious note and those that have been here before know I rarely get serious but this one is just pulling at my heart.

On Labour Day I learned that a Canadian soldier was killed while 30 others were injured in a friendly fire incident in Afghanistan. It is reported that two U.S. A-10 Thunderbirds opened fire with bullets the size of pop bottles on Canadian forces at 5:30am.

I am saddened whenever I hear of a friendly fire incident but I believe that soldiers are more aware of such a danger than most civilians. It is tragic and horrible that it happens but it does not strip those who died or were injured of their hero status. They went to fight for freedom and I wholeheartedly support those that fight in ways that terrify me.

I do not find fault with the pilots of those planes either. They were there to do their job and mistakes are bound to happen and I think it's horrible when it is these very men who are the ones held wholly responsible for the error.

My thoughts and prayers are with the families and friends of all those who were involved in this horrible and tragic moment.

Everything about this incident is heart breaking but it is the political side that is starting to create a chasm in my soul.

What I am about to admit may seem petty or small but I know I am not the only Canadian who has felt the burn of nonchalance that has come from the United States president.

It started with the fall of the twin towers.

Canadians watched in horror and grief the day the U.S. was attacked on it's own shores. I sat in front of the television every hour of that first week and prayed and cried like many around the world. I watched and wept when the U.S. Congress assembled to sing their national anthem and I felt the need for justice for those who had not trespassed against anyone but were slain without mercy.

When I knew that President Bush was going to address his nation I sat to watch this historic event. I thought he spoke eloquently and that he was aware of the needs of his people.

All the same, there was a time in his speech when he told the American people those countries that had extended their condolences. I waited as he went through the list of countries. I waited for President Bush to tell everyone that Canadians from shore to shore had felt the blow and were grieving with them.

It never came.

I decided that I was being petty and that it wasn't about those of us who needed to express our grief and support and I tried to stifle the feelings of bewilderment. Apparently, the Canadian press was not so silent and when asked why President Bush did not tell his people about Canada's support it was thrown out that no one felt it was necessary because 'it was a given'.

I can tell you that at that point, as a Canadian, I was shocked.

In that one moment I no longer looked to the political offices of the U.S. to ever acknowledge Canadian support and I don't think we have ever been looked upon as an ally since. Still, we sent soldiers to Afghanistan to fight the Taliban and I am proud of the men and women who chose to go overseas.

The silence from the American government has been deafening as one local paper called it today and I have ignored it the best I could.

This friendly fire incident though is the final straw that broke this woman's back.

President Bush has not said a word about it.

We were given condolences from the US Ambassador. I am grateful that these men were acknowledged by the Ambassador but I will now tell you that George Bush can't leave office fast enough for me. I am smart enough to know that he is not to be looked upon as the only voice of his people. I know in my heart that there are American families who were saddened by the loss of a man from another country who was fighting for freedom.

What is horrible is this feeling that I am starting to have because of the U.S. President and thus, the country.

I am starting to get a 'kiss my ass' kind of mentality when it comes to anything this man might ask my country for. While he splinters off to fight a war with Iraq to finish what I believe was his 'daddy's war' there are troops from around the world fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan. I think this guy has balls of steel for going into a country, destroying it and then looking around at the world and telling them to come and clean up the mess that was made.

Sure, hindsight is 20/20 but it was talked about openly around here how we felt that George Bush was just looking to finish the war his daddy started. To this day, I truly believe this is what happened. He only needed the most miniscule of reasons to run into Iraq and the American people are the ones who are paying for it.

I shouldn't even mention the response Canadians got when we offered to come and give aid to those who were affected by Katrina. A big, thanks but no thanks.


Even so, I did give to the Red Cross and participated in auctions to benefit Katrina victims because in the end, it's about the people who really do want and need the help. I try and ignore the governments who thinks they can handle it on their own.

It is wonderful that the US and Canada have elected offices. It means that eventually there will be a change in the office of President and I can only hope that the man who comes in next will remember who some of his old friends are while maintaining all their new alliances.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I Have A Confession To Make

I read Lover Awakened over the weekend.

Okay, settle down. I know I said all that stuff about how much I love Bob and it is all very much true.

I can explain!

It started on Saturday night with a power failure.

Nope. Not kidding.

Bob, bless him, woke me from a nap at 8:00pm to tell me that the power had just gone off. Uh, yeah, no power? Could you have just let me continue to sleep?

Apparently not. So I get up but since I lived in this area as a teen, I already know that the failure is going to be longer than most people's failures. Also, keep in mind we have been here almost 3 months and this is the second power failure. Blergh. Oh. We also heard the sirens which means something happened that wasn't expected.

Now, it's 8:30pm and candles have been lit and Bob who usually goes to bed around 10pm is starting to nod off because there is nothing to do and if Bob isn't moving and his brain ain't working everything shuts down.

9:30pm. I have been sitting in front of the gas fireplace watching the flames for an hour. I'm getting antsy and finally call my Dad who is 5 minutes from here and tada! he has power. Ugh. Then I decide to call my best friend to shoot the shit for a bit but hey, her kids need to get to bed and her MIL is in the hospital and I know how precious her sleep is so I let her off the line.

10:30pm. Little bit desperate so I decide to get out the handy dandy battery operated light thingie (it's actually huge and casts quite a light) and read from the book I started a couple of days ago. That won't suck in me in but will keep me occupied. I begin my search. Can't find it anywhere. I wake Bob up who is snoring on the couch and he can't remember seeing it. I search again.

Now I know I'm in trouble.

See, I'm not about to start another book. Just not going to happen. If I can't find the book I am currently reading there is only one other book I'm going to reach for.

Turns out can't find the book. (I think it might be in the van outside now but I still haven't found it)

That's when I broke.

I took Lover Awakened off the tippy top of the TBR pile and decided I could just read until the power came on.

Yeah. Most addicts say they can stop when they need to.

It was pure bliss (okay, I have some issues but I'll dish about that later). The power came on about an hour and a half later but it was exactly that many hours too late.

I had my family coming on Sunday for a game night because we knew the weather was going to suck so I had to be in bed at a decent time but it was 6am before I was able to leave the characters where they were.

I woke the next afternoon craving the book but I didn't go near it.

Family came and we had a great night and they left at about 1am and Bobby had already fallen asleep in his chair so I shuffled him up to bed, grabbed a drink and plunked down in the chair to finish reading my book.


This is now one of my all time favourite books and it is definitely my favourite Ward book. Yeah, it was mucky and emotional and horrifying and even embarrassing. There were some other weird male things going on also but hey, I'm all good with it. (V and Butch)

So, there you go. I didn't wait until tomorrow but I didn't lose any time with my Bobby or my family and really, it was a good fight for my willpower.

I mean c'mon! I lasted almost 2 hours with nothing to do. I mean nothing!! I was scoping the house for other things to keep my brain busy, I was trying to find the book I had already started I mean, my willpower rocks!

Oh, all right. I cracked.

Now, I have that junkie daze on my face and I don't care what anyone thinks!

Friday, September 01, 2006


(hoping that's not blasphemy)

Okay, not so much the holy grail but-


Yeah I did!

Boom-cha-ca-laca-laca-BOOM! Yeah baby!! *butt dance*

*chair dance*


You know!



Luckily my husband loves me huge and drove me to one of the farthest bookstores where they had 5 in stock. Note: It wasn't the big box stores that had them, hell no! It those little Coles stores in the malls. That's the ticket. For some reason the smaller stores get these books first and I couldn't be happier!! (Okay, should mention that Chapters owns all the bookstores in Canada as far as I know. Okay, there are indies but they don't stock romance, at least up here)

I haven't stopped talking a mile a minute since I bought the book.
But see, here's where Bob knows I love him!

I won't start this book until Tuesday because it'll suck me in and I won't come up for air until it is done. Since it is a long weekend and my hubby took today off to have a 4 day weekend with me, it wouldn't be fair if I decided to check out for a bit.

It's okay though. The important thing is that I have the book. I know it sounds crazy but just having one of those 'must have it now' books in my hands takes the pressure off. I know I have it and I know I will read it the first possible second I can. So all's good.


That's right, you know me too well and even poor Bob knew that when I told him I would be right back while he parked along the curb, he knew I wasn't coming back with only one book.

Note to Newbies - buying only one book is sacrilege. Must always buy two or more and when you buy six?


Okay, well there was this card, hang on!! I'm explaining!! *aside: Holy cow, try to get a word in edgewise around here.* Ahem. I had this mystery gift card that could be worth 5 to 1000 dollars when swiped. Thing is you have to spend 50 bucks to use it and then you don't know how much it will be but uh, it was only good for September AND I remembered to print off my TBB list last night and just happened to have it in my purse. I tell ya. I haven't had my TBB list for months but today I'm standing there with Z knowing that I must at least buy one more book when I suddenly remember the list is in my purse!!

Oh, all right!! Here is what else I bought. Sheesh!

Chick who can play with fire. Cool.

I can't remember where I first saw this one but I figured, what the hell, I'm in.

To the right, a book with an agoraphobic heroine. Since I've been there, done that and I'm still fighting the good fight daily, I thought it would be interesting to read. I believe it was Samantha who led me to this one.

I'm thinking it was Kristie's Top 25 that got Love is Blind put on the list but I can't quite remember and wow, I'm too lazy to run and figure it out (actually I did check and it's not on Kristie's list. Was it Tara Marie?). It was on the list, therefore it hit the pile.

Now, the Nora Robert's book is a funny thing. It was the store clerk who is romance friendly who recommended it because *gasp* Roberts is doing Vampires. Super cool!!

Great. Now this friggin' picture is going to mess the prettiness that is my blog. Hey! I heard that.

Anyways, what can I say. I've never really understood the appeal of SEP but I think I read an excerpt and now it's in paperback...

Oh, fine.

It was the cover. Lookit that cover!! I love that cover. It was all I could do not to buy the stupid thing in hardcover. And I won! So. I bought this for the cover.