Friday, March 28, 2008


I decided to post a pic of Sunny. The too cute puppy that Cody went to play with. (I think I hear Ames squeeeing)

Also, I forgot to mention that Bob only had an extra long weekend as something came up at work. Right now we are hoping the week of April 7th will be a great time to take a break. We did go to Niagara on the Lake (where we got engaged) and saw most of the shops. It was Easter Monday so some of the stores were closed but we were just glad to be out and about together.

The new job is kicking my butt. Since I want to make a good impression I am gluing my butt to the computer chair and working until my eyes cross. Since there is a lot of repetition and it is a bit monotonous I tend to notice when my legs have fallen asleep after not moving for 2 solid hours. Ooops. Now I'm taking a break at the mid point and walking on the treadmill to keep my legs from seizing up on me. I know it's just because it's all new but I want to help my body adapt as soon as possible.

The thing is I am creating database so accuracy is the main concern. You know how you have been doing a task for so long that you can't really remember how to do it without overthinking it and then making keypunch errors?

Just me again?

I swear tonight my fingers were working independently of my brain. Bob calls me fast fingers cause no only can I type fairly well, I can do numbers like a sonofabitch. I'm just saying. I kick some serious ass if I have a numerical keypad. My fingers just naturally pick out the numbers without my brain haveing to over tax itself. Well. Until I start overthinking things and then my fingers get slower so my brain can catch up.

Hey! I heard that!

Okay, I need to wind down so I can sleep better today. Yesterday was a sleepy monkey's worst nightmare. Yes. I'm the sleepy monkey. Lots of drama but I'll save that for another post. I swear though, if the phone rings today I'm ignoring it!!

And finally, some cute pics of a wonderfully well behaved puppy named Sunny. (My Godkids new puppy and the great news is Josh isn't even remotely afraid of dogs - still will kiss them right on the mouth. Hmmm, wonder if I can find that picture for ya)

Yep, this is Joshua kissing his puppy square on the mouth. The breeder laughed and said, 'I think you found your puppy.' That's my other guy Zachary in the background (he's eleven and his voice is changing and I've noticed he is losing his baby fat - makes me want to cry to see my first baby growing up!)

Awww, I helped create a rule that if the puppy was on his bed the kids couldn't touch him. That way he would know it's a safe place. Lookit Sunny keeping an eagle eye on his new playmate. I almost wanted to say, 'okay, go ahead and play with him' but apparently it's a rule they have kept up with and now the puppy will take everything you give him to his bed. I saw him drag a blanket off the couch and onto his bed.

Okay, I really have to go but I have to post this on video. It's the song that plays in my head every time I think of the puppy.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Just Letting Go

I'm letting my anxiety go over not reading. I have about 12 books out and about in the house but my life at this time isn't even remotely conducive to reading. I miss it but I have to stop with the guilt or fear or anxiety. It will come back. I've lost it before but I thought I wouldn't have to go through that again. Ah, well.

Screw it! Let's celebrate the stuff that worked out in the past few weeks.


Yeah, I did! I get to work from home during the night! Hello!

Basically I always ask Bob about projects that happen at his work. A few weeks ago he was telling me about how he couldn't get any accurate numbers for - well, anything. His boss made an off handed comment about hiring temporary help and I pounced on it. I think Bob was surprised that I wanted a job that didn't even exist. I wrote a letter to Bob's boss (I've met him a few times and is a great person) explaining why I was asking for the job and what I could do for the company.

Two weeks later Bob mentioned that his boss was worried about how 'others' would take him hiring someone to do a job that basically, should already be being done. So I decided that was a no and let it go.

A week later the boss is scrambling for data and none of it's accurate so I was hired and I started this past Tuesday night. Once I'm caught up it will probably be only a few hours a week but I'm dedicated to doing a great job and it sounds like there is a lot of opportunity to do reports for many different people if I do well.

So, yeah for me!!

Then - Cody is out of quarantine and my Godson's wounds look like they are healing properly. I went on hiatus after my Cody bear bit my Godson in the face - thank God for friends who know it was an accident and who supported us. We're thinking Josh may have accidentally covered his snout while kissing and hugging him (I wasn't paying attention which just kills me) and Cody bit out to breathe.

I went to the ER with Josh and Sue and we waited for hours but we were told stitches would be needed. So just under his eye he got 5 stitches and I forced myself to stand by him and watch each one go into his tender skin. He then needed 2 more under his chin. Once Josh was through with the stitches he was all ready to show off to all his friends. I was ready to curl into a ball and sob for a few hours.

Everyone who was there told me to stop apologizing and that it was an accident. I'm truly blessed by wonderful friends.

I figured Cody would have to be investigated and sure enough Public Health showed up the next day. Poor Sue tried to tell them she wasn't worried and that Cody was a good dog and that it was an accident. Even still, they have to follow up. So Cody was in quarantine for 10 days - basically had to stay in the house and be on a leash when outside.

(Ah yes, should mention I had taken Cody to Sue's after a vet visit because they have a new puppy and Cody loves puppies. Cody has been to another person's house maybe 10 times in his life. I had an eagle eye on him the whole time but after an hour I got distracted and BAM, it happened. So, that didn't help with not feeling horribly responsible as I don't take Cody places usually)

Anyways, Cody is out of quarantine, Joshua's cuts are healing nicely and hopefully the scars will be barely noticeable. *please God, please God, please God*

As for other stuff, I've been painting, hanging out with the family (my mom before my dad got home and then Easter weekend) and watching the odd TV show.

Oh, turns out I have to get the cats rabbi shots in the next few weeks. I keep joking with Bob that Cody managed to stick it to the cats yet again.

I hope all is well with you guys. I think the next few weeks will be too busy to get around but hopefully I'll find the time soon. Bob was supposed to be off this week but like usually things get swished around. Right now we're looking at the second week of April as a week off.

One can hope.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Hoppy Easter!!

We're having a castle full tomorrow so I thought I would jump in here and wish you all a Happy Easter.

I also decided to add some cuteness.

I love this little bunny. I made him into a background for a while so I'm surprised I can't get the picture bigger.

Ah well.

Reading mojo has left the building and didn't leave a forwarding address.

Chocolate should help.

Sunday, March 16, 2008


It's time for my first hiatus.

I haven't been near the computer for a while as I'm painting and moving furniture and my sleep is all over the place. Then this Thursday Bob will be on a week and a half vacation so I doubt I'll get on the computer much.

And I haven't read a book in forever.

Just not myself but I'm all good, no worries. Just didn't want to drop off and have you guys worry.

(The last time I decided I needed a break I started blogging up a storm so who knows what will happen next)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

At Least I'm Doing Something!

I've been painting but I just ran out of the paint I need for the den/office. I remember when a gallon of paint would have been way too much for a room this big. Now the stuff sucks into the walls on the first coat!

So I need another gallon for the second coat on two walls. Ugh.

Also, I have pulled a Nora Roberts book from my collection. It's going to be my TBR Challenge book and I really feel I can read it and get it done. At this point it's all baby steps when it comes to reading. I have way too much on my brain which when you think about my life is ridiculous but I guess it can happen.

Cody's laceration (yep, I'm getting technical) is a disaster and no matter how many times I try and clean it it continues to bleed. If it was just a bloody smell then I know I could get him a neck collar and keep him from digging at it but OMG it smells of badness. I called the vet today and my vet is off for the March break. YIKES!! I know another doctor could advise and possible clean the wound but I don't think they would get everything that is going on. The past few days the bump grew again which had me freaking out until Cody decided to scratch it. It's back down but the blood is everywhere. I took Suisan's advice and have been cleaning it with Betadine but whenever I start with it he digs at it. Now, if he sees me with a facecloth he heads in the other direction.

So we're concerned that this will be something that will become part of his life. We think there is something bleeding and when the wound seals it starts to puff up until Cody breaks it and get's it back down. Vet is definitely on the list of things to get done. Hard to sleep when you are worried about the guy.

Poor Puppy.

So, that's on my mind.

Bob won't go and see his Godchildren's new puppy which has my best friend in a snotty mood. Bob isn't over them putting their dog down and thought it was inappropriate for them to get a dog again so soon. I have to be honest and say 'me too' but I don't have kids. Also, I keep forgetting the dog's name and I know I'm going to call him Gracie.

So, that's on my mind.

I love the snow. I really, really love the snow. So for the most part it's been a great winter for me except for the fact that I don't play in the snow. I'm a couch potato. Actually I'm probably a fungus-ie potato with long straggly eyes. Yeah, that's about it.

I've also been on the phone a lot with my 'western' best bud. I miss her like crazy but it sounds like things are starting to fall into place out there. Phew! There have been nights where we are on the phone for hours talking through stuff. She got a job offer today and wanted to run it by me. Where she is, I think she could easily get another job if the one that has been offered isn't 'the one'.

So that's on my mind.

OH! My favourite. Bob's put us on a spending freeze.

Of course I laughed my ass off and asked for his Home Depot card and almost cried when he gave it to me.

Uh, oh. Somebody has some serious in him.

I don't actually spend a lot of money on my own but put me with Bob and it's over. That man can shop! We bought a dining room hutch which is dee-lish for a killer price BUT, we still have to pay for it, right? And then we bought a fantab loveseat (apparently it's a chair and a half but we both fit in it) that had people circling waiting for us to leave it but uh, uh, we snapped that puppy up! We have a matching ottoman on order and when it comes in and I have the upstairs loft almost done I'll take a picture for you all. Again, though, that little tag on the item means they want some cold hard cash. Oooops.

So, that's on my mind.

And finally, we're having Easter which makes me happy except for the fact that Cody might look like he's gone through the windshield of a car. Right now he's happily watching me while looking like Carrie from that movie of the same title. On that note, I'm going to go clean him up and see if I can get him to leave the wound alone for at least a few hours.

Poor thing is going to end up with a head set and I'm not sure his ego can take it!

So, that's on my mind.

Wonder what is on Cody's mind?

Besides biscuits.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Yep, I'm This Boring

My very happy news is that the tumour on Cody's nose that was almost 3" tall on his nose - turned out most of it was a huge infection. So he looks almost normal again but he stinks of sickness. We have been wiping his snout down but I've stopped only because we were making the skin raw. I'm about to Google how to clean an open wound for pets. I think our vet thought it was just a small boil when we called about it but after 4 days of oozing and cleaning I want to get the rest of the poison out. If I can't get it to stop oozing or heal over I'll take him to see his vet on Monday.

Still, that coppery sick smell has been making me crazy but I don't want to soap it up in case it stings. I will get his one leg cleaned up as he's been using it to scratch and rub his nose. Poor pooch.

Smells are exaggerated right now and my gag reflex is on hyper aware so I can't seem to look at the wound. Then there is the thought that it must hurt like a sonofabitch.

After that, I've just been a huge bore.

I'm feeling horribly lazy so I've decided to indulge it.

Oh, I did write a letter and asked for a job which as you know is waaaaaay out of my comfort zone but Bob was talking about some data problems they were having at work and I was all - Uh, I can fix that!! I wrote a letter to Bob's boss asking for the job of data entry so I can work from home. Also, the reports that I would have to work off come in around midnight so I can work at night. I'm not getting my hopes up but the fact that I went for it makes me very happy with myself.

I've noticed that when AAR isn't polling I have extra time on my hands (yes, I could read) and I miss the feeling of accomplishment. So if you have some spare 'luck' thoughts hanging about I wouldn't mind if you sent them my way. I'll find out next week if the company is interested.

And finally, the umpteenth snow storm of the year is heading our way over the weekend.

Makes Bob and I curl up and hibernate.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

When You Realize

I was over at Jenster's where she let us in on an embarrassing tale of doing something she shouldn't have and paying the consequences. It reminded me of a time when I listened to all my senses and thankfully did the right thing.

I should find a picture of myself when I was a 12 year old. I had reached my full height of 5'6", weighed maybe 100 lbs and was all legs. I was that young girl that looked like a newborn colt, all limbs and small body.

We lived in a small town and I walked to school with my best friend and usually had younger kids with us that we 'escorted'.

Now you all know I'm a nervous kind of person anyways. I have those infamous panic attacks and such and I'll go out on a limb and say I'm an extra cautious person and many of my friends would mock me by calling me 'mom'.

Also, we lived on the edge of town - we were in a newer subdivision and just outside the subdivision if you turned left you would end up on one of those rural highways. Since it was a new subdivision, I would often run through the open fields to get to my best friend's house which wasn't far away at all.

So it's lunch hour, spring or fall, I can't remember and I've left my house and am making my way to my friend's house where we may be getting a ride to school. Rides were awesome and we rarely turned them down. I once took a ride with a parent who told me she was picking up my best friend but she then drove by her house. I panicked but the mother told me there was no time to pick her up. My friend was furious with me cause she waited for me and was late for school. She told me I should have asked to be dropped off.

Uh, hi! Kid. Most parents wouldn't listen to a kid anyways. I think this happened before the story and maybe knowing my best friend would be mad also helped me to make the right decision.

So there I am, on the street in front of my house, I'm starting to run because I did so love to when was young and this car pulls up right in front of me and the passenger window is down.

I screech to a halt and stand there.

A man's voice comes out and asks if I'm heading to the high school.

Me: No, I'm heading to Elgin (name of the grade school that went to grade 8)

Man: Get in, I'll give you a ride.

Me: No thanks.

Man: I'm the principal at the high school and since I'm driving right past your school I'll drop you off.

I think I took a step back at this point. I didn't recognize the man or the car and I had the real sense that he was mad at me for making him explain himself.

Me: No thanks, my friend is waiting.

The best thing I ever did.

The man mumbled something and then drove off in a rush. My heart was racing because I had made an adult mad but I continued on to my friends' house. I never mentioned this to my mom or dad because I thought I would get in trouble for making 'my elder' mad. It was only as the years passed that I looked at the whole thing with new eyes.

I knew when he told me he was the principal of the high school that it wasn't true. I just didn't believe it and I think when I did finally meet the high school principal on a tour my brain protected itself even though it acknowledged that I had never met the man before.

It wasn't until years later that I told my mother the story and I know she was shocked (it occurs to me now that my mother would have known if the principal of the high school lived near us - they knew who everyone was). It is only in the past few years that the reality of what might have happened has really hit me. I think I've known for years that if I had got in that car I would never have been seen again but it wasn't as profound in my brain as it becomes as I get older.

After all, it was just a moment in time. Just a few minutes if even that many.

Who knows, maybe he really was the principal of the high school and was just offering a young girl a ride to school but I have to say I'm thankful for not getting in the car to find out.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Looking For The Passion

So you know I'm in a rut (I've decided to not call it a slump today) but I seem to get my 'romance' fix from TV lately. That said, there aren't too many shows with crazy sexual tension (X-Files) or enough romance. Heck, even LOST has 'lost' some of the romance.

Anyways, I've been watching Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

I loved the Terminator movie except for the gory parts where I hid behind my hand - hey, I was young at the time. Even though it was an action movie, for me it was a great romance and no, it doesn't end HEA (just in case you've never seen it and you're thinking 'cool! Gotta See!!'). There is a scene in the movie that was so beautiful and then, kapow, some seriously hot kissing followed by really hot sex.

Since, for me, Terminator started with a love story (and with the show, it is clear that years later Sarah still loves the father of her son) I decided I should go on YouTube and see if I can find the scene that has always stayed with me in my mind.

Now, I should say, the ones I found have edited out an important moment in the film where Reese is packing up his gear and avoiding Sarah's eyes after admitting that he didn't travel through time to save the human race, he traveled through time for her. I'm telling you, heart pounding, sigh inducing it was.

Even though I can't find a clean cut of the scene I thought I would post some that I thought were good. Oh, and in case you don't know, the movie was done in the late 80's so that's what's up with the hair.

Of course, the only full version of the scene I can find is in French. Grrr. At about 2:48 start to watch and you can see what I mean about him getting up and walking away. Wish I could find the full English version!

I'm thinking I can thank Kristie for my new Youtube obsession.

It's All Good

Made it through the weekend but then who was worried.

Cody seems much better now that he is on more powerful pain meds. We doped him up yesterday only to worry we had given him a stroke. He was all droopy eyed and dragging his butt around. He perked up again in the afternoon so we figured that the pain meds were making him tired. Today we gave him 1/2 dose at night and then we'll do 1/2 dose in morning and night. Tonight he wasn't as affected but he wasn't in pain either.


Then my best bud out west was having a hell of a day so we ended up on the phone about once an hour - today was much, much better for her. Phew!

My mom came over for dinner tonight which meant we had to clean. Bless Bob cause he was on his hands and knees washing the floors - this with a back that's not quite right. We managed to get the house as de-furred as possible (and got most of the blood from Cody up off the hardwood).

Now I'm trying to relax and I am getting tired which is great but I figured I'd come and bore you all.

Gah. My face is making me crazy! The doc gave me this cream and I use next to none of the stuff on my chin and on my nose. Well. My chin is a friggin mess. I can't tell if I've burned the skin or if I have a billion pimples that are trying to break through to the surface. I told myself I would give it a full month but I worry. Needlessly probably, but when it looks like you have water blisters under your skin, well, I get antsy. I'm hoping it's just pulling a bunch of crap from below and dragging it out.

Fun, eh?

And quickly, I've watched 3 movies this weekend.

Margot Goes To The Wedding - a more worthless piece of crap I have yet to see. If this was a 'day in the life' thing or whatever then I don't get it. Pick a better day.

Eastern Promises - meh. I was expecting more and instead it was all predicable and boring.

Feast of Love - Yeah, check please. I'm done. Another movie that was just 'blah'

Where's the passion? Where's the drama? Where's the cohesive plot with plausible twists and an ending that is surprising? I'm not asking for much.

And that's what's brewing around this side of the park.

How's it in your area?

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Strap In, It's a Doozy

The past couple of days have been stressful and I'm thinking I missed some meds - bad combo.

Higher stress, bad headaches and my brain never shuts off.

Our friends had a 3 year old beagle mix that could barely walk. Finally got X-rays to discover the knee was blown, arthritis had set in and the ligaments were all torn. Operation would have been 3500 and of course, no guarantees that the next leg wouldn't have the same problem some point in the future. Then there was the hip dysplasia and the knowledge that the dog would live a life of chronic pain. The decision was made and as much as her people struggled over it I did too. I kept thinking the dog was too young and in reality my brain is still playing it over and over even though he passed yesterday.

Then there was the new puppy for the kids. The cutest little golden retriever puppy that is a heart breaker if ever I saw one. The logic was that the kids couldn't be without a dog - lots of crying when the news broke and thus, a puppy was found immediately. Another thing that runs through my brain.

Anyways, yesterday was much more painful in that the tumor over Cody's nose has gone over his eye. His eyelid was a half mast all day Thursday and he looked so sad. He was in pain as he would duck your hand when you went to pet him and his back leg is now tripping him up.

So Friday morning I wake up and Cody is breathing so fast I can't keep track. I watch him sleep for a bit and decide to call the vet. I knew Bob was coming home for half a days holiday and that it might be time for Cody to go to the puppy park in the sky.

Now I'm never allowed to be the crying one. It's Bob who gets to be all upset and teary eyed on the way to the vet. I'm like a rock cause really, I think you should be. Bob seems to think Cody knows (what, he can read minds?) what's about to happen. I have no such delusions.

So we get there and I have a wonderful vet who has been treating Cody for the past year and a half. We show her all the new issues and yes, there are some neurological signs that things are progressing. She also notes the tumor has grown since the last visit a month and a half ago. So after all the testing and looking I look at her and say 'it's what you tell us' and she says 'I think he has more life to go'. That's when I started crying. Poor vet got a bear hug from me. She started to laugh and said she was now tearing up (which she was). Bob was quietly happy while I had my moment. She then took Cody back to show an intern the tumor and how it was progressing.

I was so happy when we left with some stronger pain meds for him. I get in the car and Bob's saying to Cody, 'Mom was going to send you away today'. He's lucky I didn't punch him! He said he was just joking but I didn't find it funny.

I just believe as a protector of my pets it is my job to make sure they don't suffer one second. Cody is in some pain but the vet said he is clearly a happy dog. And yes, he is definitely one happy puppy. She said the hope is he will pass in his sleep at home. Here's hoping.

So that has been my past few days of drama. Too many things running through my brain and the relief yesterday was so great that when I went to lay down for a nap I couldn't sleep. I got up an hour later completely wrecked and tired only to go back an hour later. I think I fell asleep at 6pm and woke up this morning at 5am.

Some nap, eh?

The current pictures I have of Cody are on the laptop and I'm on the PC. What a pain in the arse. But if you have ever watched Star Trek then you know what a Klingon looks like.

That's our Cody bear and his mama thinks he's handsome still.