Saturday, October 31, 2009

Just a few Videos for the Weekend

You should take note of the water level in the bowl.

Can you see the water level in this one?

Poor Put Upon Emma - but look at her fur!!

Friday, October 30, 2009

I'm Around

I wish I was getting around!

I swear my body has decided on early Hibernation. Except for the upset tummy part. Can a person's body be a masochist. I'm saying yes. Nothing like the brain being ruled by the non-brain stomach.

It's been a bit of a week here at Smith Central.

Bob had to let go of a long term employee today and I swear I had the rot gut for them both. Bob came home and the first words he said were 'I'm glad you love me cause everyone else hates me'. I feel so bad for him but like I said - anyone gripping can give up their jobs to have this guy come back. That made Bob smile. 'Nope, no one offered to do that'. My heart bleeds for the man who was let go because there is no cause - just a cutback. I also know he will find a job once the shock of this has worn off. He's a fixture in the industry and I know he'll land on his feet.

Just a tough day all around for Bob and those he's responsible for.

Some tough breaks are heading our way also but we've made it this far through the mess, other cuts could come but right now, blessed we are.

Pixie is off snuggled up with Bob - she makes him laugh. Makes me laugh too but I know he needed that tonight.

Phew - let's let go of that for now!

Blaze of Memory by Nalini Singh is going to be out Nov 3rd!! On that note I need to check the inventories of my locals and see if they already have it. Sometimes being distracted makes it more exciting when you look and see an author you love whose book is literally a few days out. If I had known the whole month of October I would have stalked the locals and made a few enemies. Bad Cindy.

Just in case, I have no uh, damn, don't know the word - basically it's no skin off my nose if you buy Singh's book or not. I'm buying!

I am a touch worried because I think one of the H/H are human and the last human book gave me a head ache and I put it down. Singh is an author who writes a KEEPER, KEEPER, KEEPER or a wall-banger for me. How that's possible I don't know but I love it when I get another KEEPER!!

Okay, what are you guys looking for this month?

Monday, October 26, 2009

What's Your Book Buying Type?

Wendy of Super Librarian fame has asked her fellow book lovers what their book buying habits are. Go here to see other people's methods of getting their hot little hands on a book they just have to have.

Back in the day (and yes, I think I may actually be at the age that I 'experienced' a day) I was fairly broad in my book 'getting' ways. I had less money and more free time which meant I was reading at a pace I certainly could not afford to uphold. So the library was the go-to-spot. As were used bookstores.

That was then - Let's talk about the here and now:

New Books - I'm at basically 100 % new books. As Wendy calls them 'dead tree' books. I love to read obviously but I also love books. I love the way they look, their covers, they way they sit on a shelf. I get a little thrill in my tummy whenever I go into a bookstore. Especially the big box ones. I have said many times that when I win the lottery there won't be a book I don't own. Yes, it'll be the mega millions or something like that.

Just last night hubby and I were uh, hammering things out and I commented that we just have way too much crap. For me it's easy, my books and my cats. After that, let's just start biffing. Bob thought that was funny but in reality everything else is just gravy. The books and my critters (along with Bob) are my necessities.

Oh, right. A great bed covered in sumptuous down pillows and soft linens.

Wait, where were we?

Right! Buying habits continued!

I will try and find the best price for hardcover books (usually buy online with free shipping) but I don't worry if I really want the book and I have to pay full price.

I have to admit though that trade-sized paperbacks stick in my craw. I rarely buy them unless it's a book I have to have. Annie don't publish in trade-size so for the most part it's good. I'm not sure why I have that mental block but I do. I guess I've always thought of trade-size books as a money grab by publishers and getting past that hasn't really happened for me. I have bought a few books in TS but they fill one bookshelf and I usually don't get them read before they are re-published in the cheaper paperback.

Library Books - not now because I don't need to and I have a real problem remembering to return things. Just ask Blockbuster. I think I'm probably on a do not lend sheet somewhere. Also, we live in a town so our library is teeny tiny and romance books are not all that important to them.

That said, anything happens that I am in need of books and without the coinage to buy them you better believe I'll re-discover my local library.

Used Books: Rare, rare, rare. A few years ago I discovered my latest quirk. I don't like reading books that have already been read by someone other than me. I figured this out when my best bud started to borrow books from my TBR pile. It just never dawned on me that I would get the books back and miss their glossy newness. I'm sure there are meds somewhere for this new disorder but for now, I'm okay with buying my books new. When I need to, I'll deal with the quirk but since it's not really a problem today I don't worry about it. I also don't lend my books out to many people anymore.

Confession! I have been known to go out and re-buy a book that was brand new until I loaned it to someone cause I sometimes have a hard time saying no to people. And really, my best bud isn't hard on books it's just my hang up that has me doing things that would make normal people smack me in the back of the head and tell me to get a grip.

ARCs/Freebies: I have won a few contests thrown by both authors and blogger buddies but I don't solicit ARCs (I have enough anxiety about my TBR pile). Contests are just fun and I will enter!

E-books: Sadly no. Like I said, I love 'dead tree' books. Love them. And I know there are plenty of people out there who love e-books and who have all the ways it's really easy to learn all the techno stuff but my first experience with a reader was a nightmare and an 8 hour ordeal because I can't let technology beat me. It seriously slapped me around and 16 bucks later I learned a painful lesson.

I bought air.

No really.

I found my credit card down 16 bucks and nothing but a file that I couldn't open or transfer sitting on my computer.

Now that the Kindle is out I've toyed with the idea but once again, I would need to have the paper copy of a book that I loved. Cause no matter what they say, that little digital thingie in that little device can disappear into thin air. Drop the thing and it's broke. Hit the wrong button and the file gets smoked. Either way, I'm purchasing something that has no mass and I'm not sure I get it.

And yes, saying that makes me feel like an old fuddy duddy.

But I'm not an organized person so if there is something I need to keep to prove I actually purchased something the odds are it'll vanish in one of my rare cleaning spurts.

I don't even know if I have a copy of mine and Bob's marriage certificate which I bloody well need to get a passport. That's some serious paper work and I have no clue where it is.

The receipt for an e-book? Not even on my radar!

Audiobooks - expensive and abbreviated. Colour me shocked years ago when I put in a romance book and was a touch worried about how I would react to a sex scene being read to me. My senses need not have been bothered and I learned that abbreviated meant no sex. And then the other book I had on tape (yes, tape) wouldn't flip to side B so I never learned how the story ended. It wasn't a romance but it was an intriguing story - just not intriguing enough for me to pick up the book.

Good thing I brought this to my blog as I would have crashed Wendy's place!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Books? If Only!!

I haven't been chatty lately. Not sure why. Think it has to do with the kitten. If she decides to lay down on my legs when I'm watching TV I'll stay there until she decides to get up - and she sleeps like I do!

And then she kind of hogs the monitor as you can see here. Can you see the pointer thing? Dead center of her nose. She tries to catch it. I know!! How cute can she be!!


Then, things are getting interesting around the house. By this I mean it's only a matter of time before something pops in my brain and I burn the damn thing down. Kidding.

Bob took a wall out last night and further more tonight.

Bob did not drape plastic or in any way prep the area so that the horrid speck that is plaster dust didn't end up in every nook and cranny of our home. Nope. It was like sleeping on sandpaper today and I admit, I can feel anything on a mattress and yes I'm sure others could have slept just fine in the bed with the layer of dust - but uh, not me!

Then tonight, he opened another section.

It smells like Kermit the Frog died in our bedroom now.


There is a swamp smell that is in no way conducive to me sleeping in there tomorrow during the day.

Bob can't smell it.


Did I mention the additional dust that is now on my pillows!

To top it all off, Bob and I aren't exactly on the same page when it comes to how we're going to do this renovation. Tonight there was a debate on where the 'new' wall would be. Bob actually said something so out of bounds that I asked him if he was ready. Yep. C-Rex came out and told him how it was. Good thing C-Rex was laughing and Bob realized he was WRONG while laughing. The stuff guys will tell their wives so they don't have to do what the woman wants.

All I can really say is that my house is a renovation in progress. I've never seen a house is so much disarray. In the last house we could only do a room at a time but then Bob loved the rooms as they were and didn't really want me to change things. But I'm persistent.

This house?

Bob likes the windows.

So I have a kitchen partially done but I have to admit that we are bargain hunters and I only splurge on certain parts like the back splash tile that goes up the whole wall and my fancy stainless steel stove hood. Everything else was bought as we could afford it. So my kitchen has been changing over the past two years. We're closing in on a finish but the most expensive parts are up next. Counters (I'll be doing a stone of some sort) and floors (hardwood but it'll go through the entire first floor so uh, not yet).

My entry way has been plywood for so long I actually don't know how I'll get used to a real floor. I ordered the tiles (gorgeous stone) because it is a small area and we finally found a stone we agreed on and hey, don't pay for a year. They arrived 2 weeks ago and Bob has yet to pick them up. See, he doesn't have a place for them yet.

But the upper floor of my home?


And when I bring up the small hallway I want tiled Bob just smiles and moves along.


So I'm locking myself in the book room tomorrow (course it's bogged down with a bunch of stuff) and sleeping in there.

Hold the fort! I have a battle on the home front to deal with for now.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Light Speed

I may have mentioned that this year Bob and I will be hosting Christmas.

It's the middle of October and I'm already figuring out how the house will be by then.

It'll be a mess.

See, I live with this man who today decided that our master bedroom/bathroom/closet need to be re-modeled.


Our house is plaster. The dust will be epic and OMG the mess will make me nutty. Bob has moved all his clothes to this tiny closet in the yellow room. He beat me to it. But then he has a job and needs to keep his clothes tidy. He has asked me to empty my closet. And where am I supposed to put my stuff (all closets except yellow room closet will be gone)? On the yellow room bed.

On the friggin' bed!

Now, I don't mind renovation stuff but creating a mess that will probably be there until Christmas Eve is enough to have C-Rex ready to bust out. Why this is happening now is beyond me. Bob's mentioned heat loss from the attic to outside so we need insulation but now he's going with the flat stuff instead of blowing it in. So, do we really need to build that wall and move all electrical if he still has access to the attic?


The whole reason he was going to go gangbusters was because once he had insulation blown in he didn't ever want to go in the attic again. Putting down the batting stuff? No problem - access is still available.

I think if I lay that one on him his head will explode and I'll be the one taking the brunt of it.

In between all this 'prep' I have drawn out how I want the master/bath/closet to turn out. Bob's immediate reaction was 'can't be done'. Uh, yeah it can so get your ass on board! He's telling me how our bathroom and closet will turn out and I'm thinking 'uh, no, can I have some input!?' Bob has done too many reno homes and now his brother's basement with no input from anyone and don't think he's not loving it.

The man's heading for a smack down. The other day I actually told him to just stop talking. We don't fight very much but I was ready to knock him upside the head.

Jack nut.

In fairness, I had no clue how this post was going to go.

Sorry. Should have put a warning at the top.

I need to read and get out of my head for a while!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pixie - Yep, Even More

I'm sure you're unaware so I'll just spell it out.

Bob and I are smitten with our kitten.

Now, if only we could get Em to be smitten but instead she's still spittin'

Books? Yay Baby!!

Drama is finding me something awful but screw it, I bought books tonight and want to share.

Oops, just remembered what one of them was and I'm thinking a huge 'BOOOOO' from the crowd might happen.

Also, is the new Kleypas sexy? I need something dreamy and lovely and sexy and I'm going to go with Tempt Me At Twilight. At least, I'm going to try but I'm hoping it has some heat. Course, she normally brings it so why am I worrying?


I remember who it was exactly who finally got me to put this book on my TBB list.


She loved the way the series was going and I do love a great series so I decided to buy the first book. I'm excited and antsy as I'm not overly knowledgeable about succubus creatures but hey, I'm IN!

The next book also has a person attached to it.

My Book Twin ReneeW!

Even while trudging through homework (ugh, how you guys do it is beyond me) she was able to hop online and recommend a book she really enjoyed. Since it's rare we disagree, this book was put on the TBB list because I knew there would be no way I would actually remember the title or author's name on my own.

And I'm not normally one of those women who gets all gooey about men on covers but I really enjoy this one. It looks like an action shot but the more I look I see tiger stripes. Still, I'm ready, willing and wanting!

We got a THREE-FER!!

For those of you wondering about blogger word of mouth, it's alive and well and if you haven't heard of this book then you haven't met Kristie(J)!

I haven't read the first book yet but I own it and know I'll get to it and then flog myself for waiting so long to pick it up.

But I'm wondering if I should run a bit of a test. Read this before I read the first one. What do you think? Will I then prefer the second book to the first? You know how we as readers never know if it's the 'first book read love' that holds us to a single hero or title of a new author or if the book really is just 'the one'?

Kristie(J) loved Highland Rebel almost as much as Broken Wing and we do so love similar books. Course, she knows it's all about Sebastian for me and her love is all about Derek. (Kleypas heroes) Another little rivalry perhaps?

Huh, this book was also recommended to me and I wouldn't have picked it up without the nod. Laurie Gold recommended this book on her Facebook account referring to MaryJanice Davidson and a few other authors I enjoy. So Soulless was put on the TBB list.

Since the cover creeps me out I wouldn't have been drawn to this book. Also, I'm not sure what genre it's from so that would definitely work against it also.

So there's another book bought because of word of mouth.

What else?

Okay, from here on out, these are books I would have bought if I was in the bookstore and saw them.

I had no clue that Ward was working on another series. Not one whiff of an idea.

I know now because AAR reviewed this book and I was all 'What? Another Brother book I didn't know of?'. Clicked on the review and nope, this isn't a Brother book. Although it probably could be.

That said, I'm hoping to find some magic here so I got weaseled in and hey, it's a paperback at a paperback price. I'll buy!

Stop boo-ing. It happened, I'm not proud, but I'm a book ho!

And yet another book I didn't know was coming out! Or my memory is dancing around playing games again but seriously, I don't remember knowing about this book.

I'm a little bummed that it's - well, would this be a novella? Maybe it is a full length story. I'll just have to wait and see but I am excited to try Gena Showalter. I think I have a book by her in my TBR stack but I'm also convinced I don't have a book by her.

See how my mind messes with me?

Anyways, a shout out to for 'recommending' books to me. I would have also bought the Elizabeth Hoyt book it recommended except it's not out until November and I want my books now and shipped free. So I'll have to wait till later for that one.

Wait, did I mention the cover on the Cole/Showalter? I really, really like it. Wonder if that means I'm ready for the snow.


So for those of you fuddling or muddling through your book reviews thinking no one really cares, well, guess what, they do. I do! And I'm not as abnormal as people think. At least, not as a reader. As a person, yeah, way off normal but as a reader, I'm thinking I run with the pack.

Okay, maybe I run on the outer edges but I'm part of the pack. And us readers do love to visit and pick your brain on your latest 'best eva' book and your 'OMG, a tree died for THIS!?' book.

We love them all so keep 'em coming!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

From Now Till -

We had Thanksgiving Weekend this past weekend so yes, Turkey was consumed and it was yummy. The rest of the time things were tense for me.

Anxiety? Nope. Not even a flinch. Guess I had too many other things on my brain and I was kind of exhausted.

My dad was home from Malaysia so from Wednesday night to Monday night Bob and I were go, go, go and all my time spent with just my Mom and Dad was great. The small amount of time I got to spend with just Bob, the best. The rest? Ow.

So you know about my gorgeous cousin and her cheating boyfriend. If not, you can catch up below but short version is on Thursday night Bob and I picked up my GC and broke the news to her that her long time boyfriend was a cheating piece of dog meat. My GC decided to not deal with it right away because of my Dad being home and it was, after all, Thanksgiving.

Now, I don't know how my GC could look him in the eye and not want to do many evil things to him. Hell, I don't know how she didn't burst into tears the minute she laid eyes on him. That said, Bob and I had to lay eyes on him on Sunday night and I have to say I just didn't want to deal with him at all. I didn't want to talk to him, see him, anything but I did it for my cousin. Once again though, I think my GC might need some tough love and Bob and I will have to talk to her about losing this guy already. Ugh, yuck, drama!

To heap on that - I got a call Saturday night before heading to my parents for a family visit with my brother and his crew. His crew being his long time live with girlfriend (seriously, after 8 years is that the term?) and her two kids. LTG will be the short form for the rest of the story.

Guess who is on the phone? LTG.

LTG lives over an hour away and should already be at my parent's house.

LTG is sobbing on the phone.

LTG tells me about my brother and how he's a ginormous asshole.

I'm talking out of the ballpark with assholery.

Whenever I would go to say something the response was 'He's YOUR brother'. Uh, yeah, I know who we are talking about but it's not my fault. Like she said, he's my brother and I learned eons ago that beating my head against a wall till I blacked out all bloody and raw was easier and less painful than actually having a conversation with him.

I love my brother and want him to have a great life but I'm not so sure that's happening. LTG told me how he's paying for nothing (brother lost his job a year ago and is now in school for the next year) and is a huge mean ass. She thinks he will leave her in a year. So me, being me replied 'then kick his ass out. If you really think he'll leave you in a year then what have you got to lose now?'

I mean really, what did she want me to say? She tells me I can't tell my brother she has called and I'm sooo not getting into a conversation with my brother about his relationship right now. I would imagine things are tough and maybe she just needed to vent and tell me how my brother told her he didn't want her and the kids to come to my parents. But OMG!!! Don't hand me a grenade and then tell me I can't throw it!

I was on the phone for an hour trying to get LTG to calm down and stop sobbing. Then I can't even do anything about it.

Yes, I left it alone and didn't bring it up to my brother or my parents - maybe she wanted me to say something but when someone says I can't then I can't!

Sunday night was dinner and I lasted maybe 3 hours. I was exhausted and I felt horrible that I had to finally just get away from everyone and get in my jammas with my hubby and be alone with him. Bob totally understood but I'm sure my Dad wondered why we left so soon after dinner. We're usually there until midnight - I was gone by 8:30pm.

We made it up to my Dad by going the following day for an afternoon visit and a few games.

Well, the weekend is over and I'm recovering bit by bit. My brain is still trying to flay me alive and my tummy is still sending warning shots but it's much better. The tummy meltdown Saturday night was killer but it's settling down.

And this year Bob and I are hosting Christmas.

Do you think that means someone else will get the phone calls and the bad news?

I'm evil enough to say 'God, I hope so!!'

Drama Free Christmas.

That's the plan.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Worse Thing I've Ever Had To Do

I'm sitting here wondering if I've ever had to do something as bad as I had to today and really I can't remember anything this terrible.

My Gorgeous Cousin was blind sided by the news and it was just all that was horrid. I broke my baby girl's heart and in reality it is bigger than that. I realized after wards that I had really changed the way her life is heading.

God, she was happy and thought that her boyfriend had been really sweet to her recently. They hadn't been fighting as much and things were getting better for them.

A part of me broke tonight. Hearing her cry and knowing I could do nothing but hold onto her and cry with her. The worst was how she listened to what I said. I held her hand, told her how much we loved her but that we had bad news. She listened and then murmured that she was sorry when she started crying. She apologized for crying! My brave, wonderful cousin didn't want to have to cry in front of us.

I reached out for her and she collapsed - we were in the backseat of our car with Bob driving. It was when she said 'I just love him so much' that I broke down and cried with her. It tore me apart. I'm getting teary eyed just thinking about it.

She wanted to see what had been written we drove to our house and we logged on here. I rubbed her back as she read what her boyfriend had written to another girl. And we left her to have some privacy while it all sank in.

She doesn't know what she's going to do. That was hard. Bob and I have definite ideas of what she should do but we let her know that any decision she made would be supported by us.

As of now, she doesn't plan on confronting him because it's the long weekend up here and she doesn't want to ruin her Thanksgiving. And here I am, wishing that I had waited until after Thanksgiving now. Bob said it would have just been harder if I had waited to say anything. I don't know. I broke down after we left her alone for a bit in the den - we went into the living room and I started to sob. I asked Bob if there was a special place in hell for what I had just done. Bob, loving me the way he does, got mad and told me to never say anything like that again. But I wonder.

I changed the course of my Gorgeous Cousins life tonight armed with only love and hugs. I don't know that that was enough.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

This One's Personal

I have to write this out as I'm getting worked up the more I sit with it.

This is personal crap so pull the rip cord if you aren't ready. Truly, I'll understand.

I have a Gorgeous Cousin. I call her 'My Baby Girl' and I'm sure I've confused a few people with that reference over the years but I can't seem to stop calling her that even though she is now 23 years old. The good news is she loves her 'crazy' cousin Cindy.

She has truly grown into a remarkable woman. I don't want to say too much about her just in case. I know many people say how wonderful a certain person is but seriously, this young woman is all that is great.

She met a guy when she was young. I'm going to say she was around 17. This young guy was 2-3 years older than her and I have to say he is quirky to say the least. Hey, first love and all that. Only, first love has lasted through the years.

A year ago he broke up with my Gorgeous Cousin and Bob and I were ready to break limbs. Basically GC caught him texting another girl etc. GC was hurt but instead of dealing with stuff the guy dumped her. There were many other things that were going on and the trust issues were enormous.

I'll be honest and say, that although I was broken-hearted for my GC I knew it was going to be a good thing. Within weeks my GC was coming out of her shell, she was more active, going out more and everything. Then she met a hunky guy. Hunky guy chewed her up and spit her out. I tried to tell her not to worry, he was just a rebound and it was going to be okay.

Then the old boyfriend showed back up saying how he made a mistake and saying all the things GC needed to hear. She was nervous to tell us they were back together but once again, we love her and we'll support her so back in our lives he came.

It's now one year later.

I'm praying that something has happened that my GC just didn't want to tell Bob and I about. I'm on my knees people!

The thing about my family members is they play their cards close to their chests. Where I will blurt out anything that happens to me moment afterwards, the rest of my family seems to keep major life changes to themselves. Bob has said on more than one occasion, 'call your mother and make sure your Dad landed safely. Lord knows he be dead and buried before she thought to call us'. Yes, it's dark but it's very close to the mark.

So I'm hoping my GC showed her boyfriend the door. Cause if she hasn't I'm going to have to break her heart. And I'm sick about it.

Facebook can be all that is good but boy, you better know what you are doing. I'm going to call the boyfriend 'asshat' for the rest of this post.

Asshat plays a game I play called Yoville. There is a whole other level of things in Yoville with gifts and messages being left in your apartment (it's like a mini world where you work, shop, decorate (this is where the game snagged me). There is also the other aspect of the game having to do with 'rares' and trading. I have been sucked into the buy/sell parts of the game and have ended up with some stuff that other players just haven't seen before because they are no longer available in the game.

So Asshat comments about 'where do find such neat stuff!?' and I explain only he's family so I was looking out for a few things that were different and cheap.

Tonight I found something and with happiness I zapped into his apartment (people don't have to be online, your avatar stays active in the game) and gifted it to him. Then I wanted to leave a little message about it so I opened his message board and saw a message that was not in the least platonic.


So I clicked on this girl's name and went to her apartment in Yoville and clicked on her message board and YOWZA!!

By this time I can barely breathe. Bob's not home from his business meeting yet and I call him immediately. I start all flustered and upset and Bob suggests this 'girl' is just another name for GC. Uh, no. I know it's not but I decide, sure I'll follow that logic. So I dig a little further and it's not good. It's really not good.

I think it started in May/June and this girl (I'm using the word girl for a reason) is not exactly a woman. So I'm also freaking out about that but she is legal as far as I can tell. (Thank God for small favours!)

In a nut shell, I have to talk to my GC. Once again, I'm on my knees begging that she gave him the boot and just hasn't wanted to tell us. We were with her 2 weekends ago and he wasn't there and I probed a bit but he's lost his job and money is tight and he lives in another city. So, it was logical that he wouldn't be there.


My Dad just got home for a 10 day visit, it's Canada's Thanksgiving this weekend and I have to find time to break my baby girl's heart. I asked Bob if we should wait until after the weekend and Bob asked me what I would do if she showed up with Asshat.


I know Bob would try and hold me back but then he'd also be trying not to beat the crap out of him. We're not violent people so know it's just what we want to do and not what we would do. We're just so mad.

That said, my GC doesn't deserve this. She really is beautiful (she got a bit of Liv Tyler in her and last month Bob opened US Weekly and saw a picture of Kate (the woman Prince William is engaged to) and it was as if it was a picture of my GC). Add to that, what she does for living, the love she has for the people in her life, the time she takes to make gifts for all of us and yes, that fun humour that my family has that others don't always appreciate.

She deserves a man. A grown man who has ambition and priorities.

I once told her she just hadn't found her 'Bob' and that I knew he was out there for her, she just had to find him.

So I guess that answers one of those questions people sometimes ask.

If you know someone is cheating on someone you love, do you tell them.

Yeah, I do. Even though it's going to suck and be horrible.

But maybe, just maybe, we aren't in the loop and things will turn out just fine.

Bob and I will be going out to see her on Thursday night. How I hope and I pray.

Thanks for reading this. I was hoping I would be able to calm down through writing this but I haven't and I can't.

If I'm lucky, I can take the 'Asshat' name back but uh, yeah, he was still dating my GC when he was messaging this girl.


Sunday, October 04, 2009

My Bad!


I keep meaning to post and then think 'I'm not reading anything so maybe I shouldn't'.

Too bad. I'm here to post now!

1. I'm not reading. I'm currently head long into a gaming addiction that I really thought I had cracked. Now I'm in deep again although I do spend less time on the game than I have in the past.

2. Kitten is too cute not to play, cuddle or sleep with.

3. Kitten had her second set of shots and got a clean bill of health on Thursday. Emma was not well and since she is diabetic they wanted to see her right away.

4. Friday I took Emma to the vet worried sick. Turns out her diabetes is in remission (that can happen with cats) and every thing else came back normal. I think she had either a tummy flu so she didn't eat for 4 days straight or maybe she got in the kitten food and that made her ill. The good news is - no more needles for Em!!

5. Em's still not super happy and hides in basement where the kitten can't pounce on her tail.

6. My Dad came home on Friday night from Malaysia but got ill Saturday morning. Poor guy. He only gets to stay home until after Thanksgiving (this coming weekend up here in Canada) 10 days in total. He is on the mend which is great news but my 'germ squirm' side it kicking up a fuss and may make my anxiety come roaring out. Stupid anxiety.

7. Bob's got a business trip so he'll be gone only one over night but I still got myself a case of the blues this afternoon that I'm having a hard time shaking. Few things but major one is we're not really getting a Fall. I think I may drag out my SAD light. Then I remember the kitten makes me laugh and go 'awwwww'. So does Emma but again, she's in deep hide mode.

Oh wait!! I did buy Kathy Griffin's new book - can't remember the title but she's the comedian from the D-list. I think she's hilarious and I've read the first few pages while waiting at the vets.

Still, I seem blase about TV, can't even think about hiding in a book and am a touch miserable about the weather.

And Bob may have had too much fun over the summer with his Rona/Lowes/Depot cards which means I, as the bill payer, have to actually see the amounts we owe while Bob goes on his merry way.

Okay, he did just say yesterday I had scared him so we won't be putting in 10 grand worth of hardwood floors before Christmas (we're hosting this year). There's the 'phew' reaction I'm having mixed with the 'awwww, darn' feeling. I know, I'm a complex woman.

Anyways, I'll just have to keep him in check in all the other 'little' projects he thinks cost just a few bucks here and there.

Bob's definition of a 'few bucks' is a lot like his sense of time. A project that he says is 'pfft, easy, maybe a few weekends' translates into 3 months of full time work. The fence took him all summer and cost as much to put in as it would have to have it professional put it. Still, Bob is an Aries and demands perfection and I'm betting the fence people wouldn't have done the kind of quality of work that Bob does.

We discovered this when my Mom had a new porcelain floor put in her kitchen. Knowing what I know now (my Gorgeous Cousin will listen to Bob and I talk for a few minutes and then lean over and say 'I didn't understand one word of that conversation'. What's funny, is before Bob I wouldn't have had a clue either.), I can see where the 'professional' tiler cut corners and didn't put in the floor like I would have at least tried and that I know Bob would have done without question.

Live and learn.

Ooops. This post got long!!

As a reward - kitten!