Monday, October 19, 2009

Light Speed

I may have mentioned that this year Bob and I will be hosting Christmas.

It's the middle of October and I'm already figuring out how the house will be by then.

It'll be a mess.

See, I live with this man who today decided that our master bedroom/bathroom/closet need to be re-modeled.


Our house is plaster. The dust will be epic and OMG the mess will make me nutty. Bob has moved all his clothes to this tiny closet in the yellow room. He beat me to it. But then he has a job and needs to keep his clothes tidy. He has asked me to empty my closet. And where am I supposed to put my stuff (all closets except yellow room closet will be gone)? On the yellow room bed.

On the friggin' bed!

Now, I don't mind renovation stuff but creating a mess that will probably be there until Christmas Eve is enough to have C-Rex ready to bust out. Why this is happening now is beyond me. Bob's mentioned heat loss from the attic to outside so we need insulation but now he's going with the flat stuff instead of blowing it in. So, do we really need to build that wall and move all electrical if he still has access to the attic?


The whole reason he was going to go gangbusters was because once he had insulation blown in he didn't ever want to go in the attic again. Putting down the batting stuff? No problem - access is still available.

I think if I lay that one on him his head will explode and I'll be the one taking the brunt of it.

In between all this 'prep' I have drawn out how I want the master/bath/closet to turn out. Bob's immediate reaction was 'can't be done'. Uh, yeah it can so get your ass on board! He's telling me how our bathroom and closet will turn out and I'm thinking 'uh, no, can I have some input!?' Bob has done too many reno homes and now his brother's basement with no input from anyone and don't think he's not loving it.

The man's heading for a smack down. The other day I actually told him to just stop talking. We don't fight very much but I was ready to knock him upside the head.

Jack nut.

In fairness, I had no clue how this post was going to go.

Sorry. Should have put a warning at the top.

I need to read and get out of my head for a while!


Alaine - Queen of Happy Endings said...

LMAO, Cindy, I know exactly what you mean and sometimes you just need to vent and get it off your chest!

CindyS said...

Thanks Alaine! I had a plan and then a rant happened ;)

nath said...

Can't he do a different project? For example, finish the entryway flooring? :)

And LOL, I'm sure you're going to win on the master bathroom/closet :D Go Cindy! If not, you can always call upon C-Rex :D

sybil said...

Tell him to make the Attic your closet :) LOL does it run the whole house?

Is that enough room?