Friday, October 30, 2009

I'm Around

I wish I was getting around!

I swear my body has decided on early Hibernation. Except for the upset tummy part. Can a person's body be a masochist. I'm saying yes. Nothing like the brain being ruled by the non-brain stomach.

It's been a bit of a week here at Smith Central.

Bob had to let go of a long term employee today and I swear I had the rot gut for them both. Bob came home and the first words he said were 'I'm glad you love me cause everyone else hates me'. I feel so bad for him but like I said - anyone gripping can give up their jobs to have this guy come back. That made Bob smile. 'Nope, no one offered to do that'. My heart bleeds for the man who was let go because there is no cause - just a cutback. I also know he will find a job once the shock of this has worn off. He's a fixture in the industry and I know he'll land on his feet.

Just a tough day all around for Bob and those he's responsible for.

Some tough breaks are heading our way also but we've made it this far through the mess, other cuts could come but right now, blessed we are.

Pixie is off snuggled up with Bob - she makes him laugh. Makes me laugh too but I know he needed that tonight.

Phew - let's let go of that for now!

Blaze of Memory by Nalini Singh is going to be out Nov 3rd!! On that note I need to check the inventories of my locals and see if they already have it. Sometimes being distracted makes it more exciting when you look and see an author you love whose book is literally a few days out. If I had known the whole month of October I would have stalked the locals and made a few enemies. Bad Cindy.

Just in case, I have no uh, damn, don't know the word - basically it's no skin off my nose if you buy Singh's book or not. I'm buying!

I am a touch worried because I think one of the H/H are human and the last human book gave me a head ache and I put it down. Singh is an author who writes a KEEPER, KEEPER, KEEPER or a wall-banger for me. How that's possible I don't know but I love it when I get another KEEPER!!

Okay, what are you guys looking for this month?


nath said...

Hey Cindy, I'm sorry for Bob. Must be hard and it sucks... but that's life :(

Blaze of Memory - the hero is a Forgotten if I'm not wrong. Meaning he's human, but with Psy ancestry, so he probably has some kind of gift. Heroine is Psy. My Coles got the book yesterday, so keep checking :D

Tara Marie said...

I feel bad for Bob, and I hope your tummy feels better soon.

I've lost track of the Singh books, but if Nath is right, I'll probably pick the series back up with this one, curious to see how a Forgotten hero fits into the mix.

I'm looking for the new Elizabeth Hoyt, it came out Tuesday but hasn't reached any of my "local" stores yet. I should have pre-ordered it from Amazon--live and learn :)

Mollie said...

hugs for (((((((((((bob)))))))))

I'm still 2 books behind on the Psy series...... so I won't be buying this right away. I gotta get caught up first!!!!

C2 said...

Aww, poor Bob. :o( And poor tummy - feel better soon!

I'm looking forward to the Singh book too. And Robin Owens' Heart Change. Love that series!

CindyS said...

Nath - yep, hard knocks and all - ohhhh, a Forgotten - I'll have to see if Bob will take me to Burlington (where we went to the UBS) cause they have it and a few other books in stock!

Tara Marie - Thanks! Thanks for reminding me of Hoyt - her book is at the same store at Singh's - yay me!

Mollie - thanks hun! It's always good to not be too caught up on a series but I'm usually stalking the bookstores for the newest releases.

C2 - thanks! I have that series thanks to YOU!! In mount TBR ;)


LinnieGayl said...

Hugs to both of you, Cindy. That is so hard to do.

I have the latest Nora Roberts (the wedding planners series) and am going to be reading it this weekend. But I'm also excited about the new Anne Gracie that takes place in Egypt!!!

Oh, and of course I'm on countdown for April 2010 when the next Amelia Peabody mystery is out.