Friday, December 28, 2007


Christmas is over and it should just be me and Bob and whatever we want to do, right?

Nope. Bob starts in on 'when you going to get up tomorrow?'

Now, when we are on holidays I will get up earlier if we are going to a movie or shopping or something but it's common knowledge that I'm going to need a nap later in the day.

Bob suggests we go visit our friends who live an hour away! Just pick up and drop in!

First, cranky Cindy will be around because there is no such thing as a drop in and really Bob just wants to put in an appearance so that we don't get flack but c'mon, it's not about just him!! We'd end up there for hours and I would get bitchy in the car on the way back and well, it is not something I want dropped on me without notice. Especially after the past few days.

Second, (and you thought it was only about me) he wasn't going to call or anything. Just drop in. Now. Bob and I love the drop in, feel free to drop in. Other people, (said friends) hate the drop in and have told Bob this but somehow he got it in his head that because his buddy said *he* likes drop ins that it's A-okay. Just so you know, it's not okay with his wife.

Third - and this is really where my mind starts to whirl, they might not be home!!! I figure best bud will probably be working and possibly even the wife but since the wife works from home Bob figures it's no problem.

What an extreme social misfit I married!!

I do know that secretly Bob just wants to be able to say, 'hey we were there, we tried but hey, why don't you come out our way.'

Yep, a nutbar married to a nutbar.

Hey, just call them and let them know we aren't up to any traveling right now. Be honest.

I tell ya, Bob is going to retire one day and wonder where all his friends went. (And it gets just a bit exhausting mentally and obviously emotionally (because of my anxiety) when I am constantly after Bob to call someone or to plan a visit)

You all know I love Bob but he doesn't want to visit anyone unless he can go in the morning and be back by dinner. I, on the other hand, would prefer to have a good nights sleep, get up and go in the afternoon and not worry when we get home. Going to his family's home is stressful for me because Bob wants to leave here by 10am which means there are days where I get less than 5 hours sleep only to have him land on their couch and fall asleep!

Relationships are all about compromise (and yeah, there is a bit more of that on Bob's side at times) but Bob can go visit people any hour of the day. Any hour! So I do resent him when he makes me get up because he wants to leave early so he can get back and re-wire something or whatever. Forget about trying to shop after only 5 hours of sleep. I told him the other day I was going to wake him at 2 in the morning and get him out and about and see how his system liked it.

So far only the grocery store is open at that time.

End rant.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

It's Over!!

lolcats funny cat pictures

Just wanted to pop in and let you all know I survived.

I underplayed just how bad things were but I got through it and now I feel just a little dizzy from the relief. Crazy how a day that brings a lot of joy and can give me so much pain. Last night I finally went to bed at 2:30am only to cry for a bit and worry that I was going to throw up. For a half hour I did my breathing and positive self-talk until my body relaxed and let me fall into sleep.

The morning came too quick and more crying and panicking ensued. I thought I was organized but it just seemed that everything snowballed. Thank God for Bob who loves me even when I burst into tears for no apparent reason.

The day itself was great and Bobby bought me a new digital camera with an instruction manual that I'm counting as a 'read'. The rest of the day was fine also even though there was no time for a nap and I had to take two of my anxiety pills - no problem with dinner after that.

I guess I just got myself worked up the day before and early in the morning. Silly Cindy.

Lots of loot and stuff but I am going to go veg in front of the TV for an hour before going to bed. I get to sleep in tomorrow and then we can go over for left overs which is never stressful (she says hoping so evil being isn't thinking 'oh yeah?').

I only got one Chapters gift card this year and Cody chewed it up. He got that one along with one of Bob's Home Depot GCs. Ooops. There are three numbers missing from the code on the back - I'll take a picture of it and post it next time - so I'm hoping customer service can help me out!

So, what did you guys get and are you surviving or imbibing?

Merry Christmas My Friends!

It's 2:05am Christmas morning and NORAD has just tracked Santa into Alberta Canada! I'm sure I'll hear some jolly laughter and hearty clip-clops on my roof if I just stay up a few more hours.

Nah. I know better. You have to be sleeping and since he's heading this way soon I'm settling in for a short winter's nap (trust me, it ain't no Cindy Slumber)

The stockings are filled and Secret Santa was a success - too successful as the one Bob got (a hot dog cooker) was another version of the one I bought him for Christmas. I just about passed out and I knew no one would steal it from him. Tonight when we got home I told him he had to open one gift from me. I took a picture of him as he unwrapped another hot dog cooker. Great minds and all that. From what I can tell, no one is owning up to who the 'secret Santa' was that came up with that winner. Probably because they know I'd have to smite them. Grrrr. I think they all enjoy my reactions when Bob gets yet another gift that makes me want to cry for the tackiness of it all. They will be really shocked tomorrow when they see the pictures of Bob with his second one!

So I need to get ready for bed. Wake up call is 9:30am and that's coming at me like a bolt of lightning.

I wish you all a wonderful Christmas full of love, laughter and fun!

Happy Holidays!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Postcards from the Wrapping Pile

We're still wrapping gifts.

Bob suggested the other day that wrapping presents was the best part of gift giving for me.

Yeah, what a card.

Dinner on Saturday turned out great and the Godkids enjoyed their gifts. The oldest had to call his best friends and tell them what he got - that's the best reaction yet. Meanwhile Josh was beyond happy when he opened his tangerine Furberry (yep, it's even scented). Since I do gifts in threes the first present they opened were the reindeer webkinz just before dinner. They tried to quietly ask their mother if there were any more gifts under the tree.

After dinner I made them open their jammies next and each had an oversized T-shirt with a saying that fit their personality. The eldest had 'If you aren't completely impressed you haven't been watching me' while the youngest had 'I'm not trying to be difficult, it just comes naturally' (that ain't no lie!) They both changed immediately. That's the fun thing with kids, they are even thrilled when they get clothes! They then got their fun gifts which were the furberry (ordered from the States but just recently spotted in Zellers up here) and skate board.

Happy times.

It was a really nice night and the kids weren't crazy silly (which can happen around this time of year).

Today we went to Bob's mom's for lunch and we had the best Swiss Chalet I've had in probably a year! Quarter white with fries - yummmm. We got a bunch of flack for never coming down on Christmas day and I floated the idea of the family coming out our way next year. Paul (the one who cooks the dinner and hosts for everyone) said he would love it but knew the minute we left everyone else would go bug eyed crazy and rant about how they weren't going no where on their Christmas. Hell, it started while we were there.

One brother said to Bob, 'it's not a long drive for you, just do it!' To which Bob replied 'Exactly, just do it.' (This brother has only ever been out to our house once - he's probably like me in the anxiety department). Then the other brother piped up (there are 7 boys) and said that next year the girls (his daughters) would have to go to their mom's after noon. I said, no problem, come for dinner!

Went over like a lead balloon.

I feel bad for Paul because it means he will never get a break from doing the dinner and such but it's good to know that we offered and that they really can't be giving us the gears if they don't want to travel either.

So my guilt is slightly lessened.

We started home because my best bud was coming and we got here just as she arrived thus, no nap for Cindy. I only bought a gift for 'the boy' and was shocked when there were gifts for Bob and I considering 'we' had agreed that the only gift would be for the kid. Colour me embarrassed!

She left at around 8pm and I was zonked. Actually I was tired all day. Then an hour ago I felt like I had finally woke up. Stupid brain.

So I'm just going to do some blog hopping and then try and unwind before hitting the sack.

Three more days and life can get back to semi-normal!

Feliz Navidad!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Hark Upon Yonder!

I read a review of *bloody hell, which book was it* Halfway to the Grave over at Kristie's and Katiebabs Ramblings on Romance and well, I went out and bought the book tonight!

Okay, I know, but the fact that I even showed any interest in buying a book means I might be coming back.

Merry Christmas to ME!

Also, I think buying my last gift (Bob is going to have to take up some of the slack - he's so it!) tonight took a huge weight off my shoulders. I don't know about you guys but after a while I just can't think straight and I'm completely off my game. We have something like 40 major gifts we have to buy and then there are all the little odds and sods - Bob likes to do stockings and we introduced that to my family last year which means even more little stuff for people! Not only do I get anxious about what gift to buy, I then get anxious about the 'Secret Santa' gift exchange we do where you try and steal gifts from each other (it's supposed to be fun but I stress over it!). For my family it's like a challenge to see who can buy the most sought after gift. Or maybe it's me. So I never really buy myself something I want (like you are supposed to), I end up searching hi and lo for something everyone would want.

Anyways, I found something and I'm over it. I'm just glad I found something a little different and if I end up with it then I'm a happy camper also.

So we're heading into Friday the 21st and today is more like a free day. I have cleaning and wrapping to do but I don't need to get out there and tussle so it's all good.

On Saturday we're having my best friend's family (Godkids and all) over for a 'friends' Christmas with turkey dinner. Yum. Sunday we go back to Bob's mom's house, Sunday afternoon my best bud comes up and then on Christmas Eve we do nothing until we have to go to my parents for dinner. Sah-wheat!!

Don't tell anyone about Christmas Eve.

I just know if someone finds out we're not hiking all over Kingdom Come we'll get called upon.

AND, this year, we're doing New Year's Eve all by ourselves!!

I'm such an anti-social twit but a nice dinner planned and Bob and I can stay in our jammies for two whole days!?


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

12 Days of Duidecimal

The Duckie Ladies are having a ball over at Sybil's with their 12 Days of Duodecimal!

In case you haven't been checking through the lists (some are hysterical while others are very helpful in growing the TBB list!) here is my little contribution.

Not that I'm a fangirl or anything.


I'm the real McCoy - a stalker rabid fangirl.

Off to see if I can find a Secret Santa gift for my family's White Elephant gift exchange we do on Christmas Eve. So far, I haven't seen a thing!

A Little Holiday Cheer

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A Few Things I Now Know

Yep, this should be a short post.

I'm in an epic reading slump.


I haven't been this bad in years and nothing except a brand new Anne Stuart will get me to pick up a book.

Oh sure, I have the token book I'm carrying around and when I end up trapped somewhere or in a line I pull the book out and try.

Try. Pathetic really but I haven't read one sentence that makes me want to drop every thing and hole up with my 'Don't even think about talking to me' sign posted.

If I think too hard on it I get sad so I'm skirting the issue. Maybe I'm over romance.

Wait, not true! I recently rented Pirates III and I was thoroughly annoyed by the ending. I won't spoil it for anyone but it didn't work for me which means I really do like my HEAs.

Moving on!

I look too much into the future and don't bask in the present.

I would posit (cool, eh? I think I even used it correctly) that most anxious people rarely live in the moment. We are constantly peaking into the future and mentally arranging things to make our lives more comfortable.

Then, to turn the world topsy-turvy, when we are in the middle of something extremely provoking, time seems to stand still and there is no escape.

I spend a good deal of my life getting people to NOT depend on me for anything. Bob can depend on me but anyone else? Forget it. I'm a let down on most days.

I realized this the other day when my friend was casually (*cough* bullshit *cough) mentioning how she needed someone to pick up her son. At first I was 'hey, I can do that' and then I remembered how not so good I am at stuff like that. So I back-pedaled. Since the boy in question is my Godson I pretty much suck.

It seems my back-pedaling didn't trump her need of me doing said task. Thus, I must get up and go pick up her son from school which is 20 minutes from where we live and get him home. I swear I will never open my mouth around her again.

I know what you are thinking. WTF? How hard is it to be there for your friend? Yep. I mentioned I suck right? What people don't understand is how something that should be simple becomes overwhelming for a person like me.

'What if I don't fall asleep in time to get enough sleep before picking up my boy?' 'What if I don't feel well?' 'What if I let someone down again?' 'Did I write that note reminding myself to not forget?' 'What if I sleep in?' Don't get me started on how my brain starts to organize stuff to get around the situation. Okay, afterwards you will have to visit with your friend (which is fun and yet it's before Christmas and stuff needs to get done), you need to check and see if your mom needs her drive plowed, pick up ice and water and stop at grocery store (which I hate and avoid when my brain even remotely gives me an out) and ....

Repeat until you are pacing. Then repeat some more.


The reason all this 'blurgh' came up was me thinking about how after the New Year I was going to finally focus on decorating our house. Nobody needing me for anything, or celebrations, or birthdays (okay, that's never true), or visiting. Nothing. Just me and time.

On that note I'm almost afraid to go back a few years and read what I wrote during this same time. I'm betting anxiety, time for myself and a view to things getting better were all there.

I need a new schtick.

Sunday, December 16, 2007


Hmm, I've fallen into a rut of not blogging. Who knew I could be susceptible?

In all honesty, my back has been giving me some problems and sitting in front of the computer is agonizing. I'm trying to sit properly in the computer chair (usually sit with my legs up on the desk) and since I'm not in bad shape right now I thought I would do a quick post.

So my back was fine and then I went for a massage. The pain crept back until I was in killer pain again on Wednesday night. Back to the heat pad and muscle relaxers. I was supposed to go to the docs on Friday morning but I was sick to my stomach all night Thursday so I didn't want to leave the house. Now I have more anxiety (which is not fun) but my mood is definitely better without adding anything. So I'm thinking of just upping the dose over the holidays and then weaning back down after the New Year. Then I will make a follow up with my doc.

I'm not sure why the anxiety came up (other than the drop in meds) as I have the tree up and decorated in what I consider a tacky navy blue - then again, everyone else loves it. What do I know? There are a few ornaments that Bob put up that are purple and green but he thinks they are blue and I didn't bother changing them. I went with navy because Bob wanted the tree to be blue and it's the one colour he likes at it's darkest.

You can see Emma under the tree. That is her new spot and she will even hold her ground against Cody. They usually wouldn't be seen in the same room but she has made an exception for the tree.

The dining room and the rest of the room in that picture is taken in look like a tornado hit so that's eating up brain space. I need to get some of the clutter out but getting the tree done and some of the other stuff up was enough moving around for one day.

The dining room table is covered in gifts needing to be wrapped but hopefully I'll put a huge dent in that tomorrow. Then again, you remember how Rocky and Cody used to eat my books? Well, Cody has moved on to eating anything in his path. He found a wrapped gift and tore it up while I was out. OUCH! So I will have to keep the gifts up from the mutt. Silly puppy.

On that note, the pup went for a spa day so he is squeaky clean and doesn't smell like butt anymore.

It's the little things in life, you know? Dog not smelling like ass? Priceless.

I have been toting around Wicked Deeds on a Winter's Night by Kresley Cole but finding the hero speaking in deep brogue is enough to have me wondering if this is the book to crack the slump. Since this ain't no ordinary slump, I'm not sure it is.

And finally, we're bracing for a winter storm. I love snow storms and the weather people are all in a tizzy about this one breaking records. Yeah. Heard that before. Bob and I are ready to bundle up and watch movies tomorrow and I have a nice roast I can put in the oven.

Sounds like a perfect kind of day.

Edited: Weight Watchers is now on hold until after the holidays. I have the system and will scout out and buy the stuff I need but right now, I can't see going to meetings about maintaining weight over the holidays. So, pfffffft.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

And Moving On

Sorry, I'm a silly monkey that must post twice today. I should copy and paste an e-mail I sent to one of my friends because it sums up the past week.

Huh, Lazy Cindy says run with it so :

PHEW! I'm telling you, between my back (which is almost completely better) and Bob's holidays I'm exhausted.

On Thursday I was up early and we went out for breakfast and then to St. Jacobs for much of the day. I was in pain and limped most of the day but I didn't want to stop - I was tired of the pain and just wanted to go out and have fun with Bob. When we got home I was ready for a nap and climbed into bed at 3:30pm. Two hours later I was near tears and got up to tell Bob I was exhausted and the pain was too much. Terrific Gift Alert!! Luckily we found my 'heat buddy' - a bean bag with a soft outer shell that you can microwave - and I tried to sleep again. The last thought I had was '@%$% this!!! I'm might as well get up'. Didn't get out of bed until 6am!

We interrupt this lazy blogging In an effort to make your holiday shopping just a little easier. Can I tell you that my 'heat buddy' is the best kept secret for everything from periods cramps to pain from a pinched nerve. Pictures you ask? Oh-kay!!

For the pet lover in your life - I guess there is a bean bag that you can remove and heat or freeze and then put back in the plushy. 30 dollars. (I don't want anything flashy or cute, I was pain relief in seconds so this one isn't for me)

The one on the right is like the one I have only mine is black with a cream soft cuddly side. I usually carry my stress in my shoulders so that was what I bought my buddy for. Well, the thing is constantly saving my life - I actually ball it up when I have cramps and lay stomach down on it. The pressure and the heat have me falling in my drug induced sleep pain free. LOVE IT! 40 Bucks.

But it is this one that I saw recently that took my breath away! I WANT! If I don't get one for Christmas then I'm totally going out and finding one immediately. No more silly stick on heat patches that actually numb my skin and the area but don't seem to actually help the muscle to loosen up.

Dangit! They show this on their promo page but I can only find a silk one to buy and I don't do silk. Anyways you are looking at 40 bucks.

And now back to our regularly schedule program:

So Friday I remembered that my cousin had the day off and had wanted to go out with me. (I didn't know Bob was going to be off) We spent the entire day with her and we shopped ALL day. I was in pain for most of it but by the end of the day I kept saying it was like I had walked the back pain into my butt. Super weird.

Again, went to bed with a muscle relaxer and the 'heat buddy' at about 11pm and didn't get up until noon on Saturday. It was a miracle. I was pain free!

Saturday was another shopping day and we rented movies and Bob wanted to watch Die Hard - when Bob is on holidays my daily routine flys right out the window. I haven't watch TV or been on the computer for days! Bob wanted to decorate the tree tonight and I just couldn't see straight. No naps or TV veggin periods or brain free computer time! I was zonked!

So I had a nap - finally!

End Lazy Cindy post.

Tomorrow I'm booked for a full body massage. Ahhh. A little something to finish off the last of the kinks.

Yep. Spoiled rotten.

Hope everyone had a bit more of a relaxing weekend.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Okay, I'm Weird

This post is my 666 post so I just want to post something silly and then move on.

Then again, it would probably surprise you that I have a thing for 'End of the World' movies. Thing is, they have to end with hope or I have to at least understand what the hell is going on!

Thus I give you: I AM LEGEND

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Christmas Meme from the Book Binge Ladies!

Holy great prize alert peeps!

The generous ladies at Book Binge have a great contest where their readers share their Christmas customs and could win an E-Book Reader.

Take a moment.

You with me now? I KNOW!!

I may not know what to do with one - but I WANT!

Thus, my Christmas 10:

1. What is your favorite Christmas romance to re-read each year?

If you don't know the answer to this you are new to this blog.


I'm not one for themed romances so a week of straight Anne Stuart re-reads would be a wonderful way to enjoy Christmas.

2. What is your favorite Christmas movie/show?

Huh. If I knew my crazy slip was going to be showing throughout this questionnaire I might have re-thought my decision.


It's not Christmas until a beaten up, bloody Bruce Willis lands on our TV screen.

The good news is I married a man who understands that's it's just not Christmas until Die Hard is in the DVD player. Yes. We watch it every year.

3. What is your favorite Christmas cookie?

Mine is actually a bar that I blogged about last Christmas. I call them Maid Marians which has my second mother laughing all the times. She calls them Maid of Honours while I met others who call them Millennium bars.

Recipe for them can be found in this post

4. When do you start Christmas shopping?

We shop all year for Christmas because we buy for many people - Bob's family alone is huge but we're getting to the point where gift certificates seem like the best answer.

I have been finished my shopping in November the past few years but this year we just didn't get our act together so we're still shopping.

5. Do you re-gift?

Ab-so-friggin-lutely!! I figure if my mother can return every gift I have ever bought her than I can take that candle I have a few too many of and pass it along to a home that might appreciate it. And chocolates. We've had the discussion about giving fat people chocolate, right? The damn things come into the house and I take them right back out.

6. What is your favorite Christmas song?

Megan, stop reading now.

The Little Drummer Boy. I've never heard I version I didn't love.

7. When do you get your Christmas tree?

Normally the first weekend in December unless it's raining instead of snowing. We have an artificial tree that has fake snow on it. When we host Christmas we put up a real tree but when we aren't we put of the snow tree. Right now the tree is up and has lights. The ornaments haven't quite found their way onto the tree.

8. Wrapping presents: Love it or hate it?

Hate it. My back aches and my shoulders cramp and it's like the pile that needs to be wrapped gets bigger and bigger!

9. Who is the hardest person to buy for?

I find it hard for most people nowadays. I normally figure out something unique and fun but this year it's been like pulling teeth. Slowly but surely I'm getting there. My mom is the one giving me fits this year. My aunt also because she doesn't have a 'thing'.

I have many 'things'. Basically I go nuts for monkeys so I get funny monkeys, cute monkeys, evil monkeys and talking monkeys. Last year the family asked if I was over monkeys. Uh, NO!! I love my monkeys.

Also, my hubby and I went to St. Jacobs up here and we found a store that sold everything Angel. I've never been much for angels but I found one in the store and fell in love - I love them all. Okay, I'll add a picture - gorgeous to my eyes and not too hard on the wallet. Perfect!

10. Christmas tree: Real or artificial?

Depends on the year and what mood we're in. I would have never bought an artificial tree and I was shocked when Bob decided he wanted one. He found one that looks like a blue spruce covered heavily in snow. I was tired of fighting him so he bought it and I have to say, the years that we don't have to put a real tree into a stand are extremely gentle on my poor ears. Bob is not easily frustrated or quick to anger but 5 minutes on his belly trying to get a real tree to stand proper and the air is frigid with the bah-hum-bug spirit.

Woohoo, done!!

Slap some technology on me baby!

Geez, Bob just yelled down from upstairs. Die Hard is on. Gotta run.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Ahhhhh, The Train!!

Bob's picture taking skills are horrid but we laughed ourselves silly over this one.

Ahhhhh, The Train!!

I look terrified.

The best picture turned out to be one of Bob and my mom but we're protecting the innocent.

My mom.

Bob gleefully got up on the step of the engine waving frantically. Great shot. I guess those around us thought that was great and suddenly those steps were covered so I couldn't get my picture taken there.

This is us hot footing it to the front of the train. (That's Bob facing the camera and my mother's back) It says Canadian Pacific Holiday and then another car says Train but let's face it, it was the engine we were driving for.

Remember I said something about it being lame. It was but in a fun sort of 'we've never done this before' kind of way and the crowd was really nothing.

We brought two bags of canned food for the food drive and dropped them off and then Bob bought two tiny things of hot chocolate for him and my mom and gave them 4 bucks. So we ended up helping people and getting to see a really old train. I would have liked to go in the train but the line-up was huge and as you can tell it was chilly. Brrrr.

Still it was fun to get out of the house, get some exercise and when I'm dressed properly I do well. The only problem I had (and I'm used to it) is that my thighs tend to freeze. I'm pretty sure they get close to frost bitten at times but last night they only burned for about a 1/2 hour afterwards so it was fine.

So if the train is heading through your town or city you should give it a go just for fun.

Tonight is D-night. I'm thinking I should crack a coke later today for one last hoorah. I cooked prime rib and made mashed potatoes during the night so that I had dinner at about 5am. Yum. I've also eaten about all the chocolate I can stomach for a bit so I guess I'm as good as ready.

On another note, Bob is taking the rest of the week off. YAY!!! We're both excited to actually spend some time together and to go fun shopping. He's only had a week off this year and the other week was a bereavement week when his father passed. So we're looking forward to hitting a few of our favourite places but then, some of those places have food.


I guess I'll be counting those points! I'm hoping you can still save points up for the weekends. And I better check to see that I have enough popcorn in the house. Not to mention some snacky vegetables.

I haven't read anything BUT, I did up our Christmas cards. I was lazy this year and decided if 12 people live in one house then they only get one card. Also, the nieces and nephews are old enough that getting mail isn't a big deal anymore. So the task was relatively painless. Except for those odd ones where you don't have the address and 411 is completely clueless. I have three cards that I need to track addresses down for. Hopefully I can finish them tonight and get it done.

First Christmas duty - Check!!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Seeing Santa

I went to the baking party and it was fun however, I feel a little sorry for the firemen getting some of the baked goods. I sampled some of the ones I brought home and they aren't worth the calories. I remember when baking was an art. Now the ladies who came just don't have the time and rush the recipes and some were silly. How about a ball of peanut butter with a few rice crispies. WTF!?

This will sound horribly conceited but the squares I did were the nicest - my best friend did squares and they weren't even a centimeter square!! I'm totally going to razz her on that one. My second batch cooked a touch too long but I didn't use as many of those.

We're off to see the Christmas train tonight. I told Bob that I had very low expectations and that I figured the whole thing would be lame. I personally think this is a good way to go into something. Things can only go up - right?

Sorry, I'm rushing because I was going to post earlier but my stupid laptop won't find the wireless signal which makes C-Rex stomp her feet and get growly. I'm on the PC but the chair isn't working wonders for my back.

After much icing then heating and tonight I bought some back pain medicine that's behind the pharmacist's desk, I'm starting to feel normal. I know better than to lift anything but at least the constant pain part may have passed. Squuuueeeeee!!

It would be better if I didn't have to sit at my PC since I have a fancy-schmancy laptop - right, I mentioned that.

So I'm soon off to bed without a book being read. (I'm channeling Dr. Suess but that's all I got)

Tomorrow night is D-night and I'm scared. I plan on gorging tonight. Mmmm, food.

And finally, for those of you interested there is an ATBF column where we divulge the secrets of the cadbur - wait! no, no, we divulge the extended list of romances from the Top 100. You can go here to read it and here to comment.

AND Goodnight!

Saturday, December 01, 2007

I Am Not A Liar!

Being the forgetful monkey I am, I was reminded of a baking party I was invited to on Monday.

The irony is pouring itself on a bit thick around here.

On Tuesday the Christmas train rolls into town and Bob wants to go and see it. I figured what the hell, maybe the Christmas Spirit will roll in with it and I won't have to hunt it down and shoot it like most years.

So Wednesday night is D-day for Weight Watchers.

With that in mind I have been watching what I eat. I have watched two cokes get poured, four cookies hit the hatch and some fries and gravy. Can't wait to see what Bob'll help me with when he gets up. I'm thinking breakfast of champions at our favourite restaurant. (When I did WW years ago I discovered very early on that our Saturday morning breakfasts used up all the days allotted points so unless I wanted to eat air for the rest of the day I had to stop. And we did. We go very rarely now but I'm thinking it's called for this weekend!)

The pop is going to kill me. Bob 'splits' things with me so even though I will pour two cokes, I'm not really drinking two. Still, I'm not sure what I am drinking but when Bob went to reach for the pop (I take lots of ice and drinks when we're shopping so when we get back to the car we can soothe the parched throats from shopping malls and their dry air to help force their patrons to buys drinks - ooooops, there's my conspiracy nut hanging) and it was empty - I turned to him and said, 'I'm not going to be counting those kind of points! You totally hooved (as in Hoover) that down.' To which I get 'It wasn't me Hoove!'

I'm just saying. Someone has to count those points!

I told Bob no chocolate or anything sweet for Christmas (I usually get sugar overload from people - seriously, quit buying the fat people on your list chocolates. We'll eat them but we'll be cursing you the whole time)

I would update you on my back but I'm dodging the Irony gods, the 'Ohnoyoudinit' gods and the Careful What You Wish for gods.

So on a completely different topic all together, those stick on heat pads are fantabulous! Except for the one that left a huge red mark on my skin. It did help me to place the new stick on though.

Enough jibber-jab, off to try and read. Oh look! It's 5am already? I'm thinking breakfast will be soon so maybe I should go and watch more bad TV.