Monday, December 24, 2007

Postcards from the Wrapping Pile

We're still wrapping gifts.

Bob suggested the other day that wrapping presents was the best part of gift giving for me.

Yeah, what a card.

Dinner on Saturday turned out great and the Godkids enjoyed their gifts. The oldest had to call his best friends and tell them what he got - that's the best reaction yet. Meanwhile Josh was beyond happy when he opened his tangerine Furberry (yep, it's even scented). Since I do gifts in threes the first present they opened were the reindeer webkinz just before dinner. They tried to quietly ask their mother if there were any more gifts under the tree.

After dinner I made them open their jammies next and each had an oversized T-shirt with a saying that fit their personality. The eldest had 'If you aren't completely impressed you haven't been watching me' while the youngest had 'I'm not trying to be difficult, it just comes naturally' (that ain't no lie!) They both changed immediately. That's the fun thing with kids, they are even thrilled when they get clothes! They then got their fun gifts which were the furberry (ordered from the States but just recently spotted in Zellers up here) and skate board.

Happy times.

It was a really nice night and the kids weren't crazy silly (which can happen around this time of year).

Today we went to Bob's mom's for lunch and we had the best Swiss Chalet I've had in probably a year! Quarter white with fries - yummmm. We got a bunch of flack for never coming down on Christmas day and I floated the idea of the family coming out our way next year. Paul (the one who cooks the dinner and hosts for everyone) said he would love it but knew the minute we left everyone else would go bug eyed crazy and rant about how they weren't going no where on their Christmas. Hell, it started while we were there.

One brother said to Bob, 'it's not a long drive for you, just do it!' To which Bob replied 'Exactly, just do it.' (This brother has only ever been out to our house once - he's probably like me in the anxiety department). Then the other brother piped up (there are 7 boys) and said that next year the girls (his daughters) would have to go to their mom's after noon. I said, no problem, come for dinner!

Went over like a lead balloon.

I feel bad for Paul because it means he will never get a break from doing the dinner and such but it's good to know that we offered and that they really can't be giving us the gears if they don't want to travel either.

So my guilt is slightly lessened.

We started home because my best bud was coming and we got here just as she arrived thus, no nap for Cindy. I only bought a gift for 'the boy' and was shocked when there were gifts for Bob and I considering 'we' had agreed that the only gift would be for the kid. Colour me embarrassed!

She left at around 8pm and I was zonked. Actually I was tired all day. Then an hour ago I felt like I had finally woke up. Stupid brain.

So I'm just going to do some blog hopping and then try and unwind before hitting the sack.

Three more days and life can get back to semi-normal!

Feliz Navidad!


ReneeW said...

That sounds so nice, Cindy. So fun to watch kids opening presents. I wish I could have had a nap today and didn't get it, but I plan on it tomorrow. It's great that you offered to host Christmas next year. That's the best you can do so no need to feel guilty. Some people just can't get out of their routine and that's OK. I can hardly wait till Wednesday so I can relax. Have a good one!

Dev said...

It sounds like you had so much fun with the kids! I'm glad they liked their presents.

Dinner sounds fabulous. It was nice of you to offer to have dinner at you're house next year ~ too bad the family is stuck in a routine.