Tuesday, December 11, 2007

And Moving On

Sorry, I'm a silly monkey that must post twice today. I should copy and paste an e-mail I sent to one of my friends because it sums up the past week.

Huh, Lazy Cindy says run with it so :

PHEW! I'm telling you, between my back (which is almost completely better) and Bob's holidays I'm exhausted.

On Thursday I was up early and we went out for breakfast and then to St. Jacobs for much of the day. I was in pain and limped most of the day but I didn't want to stop - I was tired of the pain and just wanted to go out and have fun with Bob. When we got home I was ready for a nap and climbed into bed at 3:30pm. Two hours later I was near tears and got up to tell Bob I was exhausted and the pain was too much. Terrific Gift Alert!! Luckily we found my 'heat buddy' - a bean bag with a soft outer shell that you can microwave - and I tried to sleep again. The last thought I had was '@%$% this!!! I'm might as well get up'. Didn't get out of bed until 6am!

We interrupt this lazy blogging In an effort to make your holiday shopping just a little easier. Can I tell you that my 'heat buddy' is the best kept secret for everything from periods cramps to pain from a pinched nerve. Pictures you ask? Oh-kay!!

For the pet lover in your life - I guess there is a bean bag that you can remove and heat or freeze and then put back in the plushy. 30 dollars. (I don't want anything flashy or cute, I was pain relief in seconds so this one isn't for me)

The one on the right is like the one I have only mine is black with a cream soft cuddly side. I usually carry my stress in my shoulders so that was what I bought my buddy for. Well, the thing is constantly saving my life - I actually ball it up when I have cramps and lay stomach down on it. The pressure and the heat have me falling in my drug induced sleep pain free. LOVE IT! 40 Bucks.

But it is this one that I saw recently that took my breath away! I WANT! If I don't get one for Christmas then I'm totally going out and finding one immediately. No more silly stick on heat patches that actually numb my skin and the area but don't seem to actually help the muscle to loosen up.

Dangit! They show this on their promo page but I can only find a silk one to buy and I don't do silk. Anyways you are looking at 40 bucks.

And now back to our regularly schedule program:

So Friday I remembered that my cousin had the day off and had wanted to go out with me. (I didn't know Bob was going to be off) We spent the entire day with her and we shopped ALL day. I was in pain for most of it but by the end of the day I kept saying it was like I had walked the back pain into my butt. Super weird.

Again, went to bed with a muscle relaxer and the 'heat buddy' at about 11pm and didn't get up until noon on Saturday. It was a miracle. I was pain free!

Saturday was another shopping day and we rented movies and Bob wanted to watch Die Hard - when Bob is on holidays my daily routine flys right out the window. I haven't watch TV or been on the computer for days! Bob wanted to decorate the tree tonight and I just couldn't see straight. No naps or TV veggin periods or brain free computer time! I was zonked!

So I had a nap - finally!

End Lazy Cindy post.

Tomorrow I'm booked for a full body massage. Ahhh. A little something to finish off the last of the kinks.

Yep. Spoiled rotten.

Hope everyone had a bit more of a relaxing weekend.


nath said...

LOL, it looked like there was an infomercial in the middle of your post LOL :) so is your shopping done for Christmas? Cos that sure is a lot of shopping you've been doing :D

Dev said...

Oh ~ I'm jealous of the massage! I haven't had a full body massage in forever.

C2 said...

Excellent news about the back pain!

I've experience the "walking the back pain down into your butt" thing, actually. Weird.

Enjoy the massage!

Jenster said...

I'm so sorry about all your pain, Cindy. Those heating pads look divine, though! And I'm glad you woke up with no pain. Hope it stays that way for a LOOOOOONG time!

Jenster said...

I forgot to tell you - I love the new look of your blog! Very nice. :o)