Monday, October 31, 2005

Not Fun

For those of you keeping up ::cough::, tonight was the last night for the reno house. I should be doing some sort of wacky dance of joy except, I can barely move.

Tonight was a blast from my past and not in a good way.

My father. I love him and everyone who knows me knows I love him. My father comes off as a great guy and he is. However, sharing a house with him as an overly sensitive child was hellish, add to that a mother who was physically and emotionally cold and things were horrid.

I was spoiled as a child. No ifs, ands or buts. If I had been remotely normal in my emotional state I would have been completely fine with the parents I had. Billy (brother) turned out all right. Okay, anger management courses have been suggested by me and he is not exactly a good sell. In other words, he is not charming nor does he exude an air of self confidence. This was due mainly to not having the proper support for his educational needs. He once told me that he could study and know the stuff but put him down in front of a test and he knew nothing. The nightly battles over why Billy didn't understand what was before him were grueling to my nerves.

It is only with the perception of an adult do you start to see your parents as people.

My dad can act like an over grown child. If he doesn't get his way he pouts. Hello, people pleaser gene anyone? I have one in spades. Explains why I always want to fix things. My dad sighs dramatically when you do something wrong and makes a remark that you can hear but, is meant as an aside. I call these cheap shots and my dad takes them. As a child these stung and made you feel like you were letting him down. Today, I feel like telling him to grow up. Hey, so the shelves are wrong, not the end of the world.

Bob has been dealing with a moody father in law for the past 3 months. Like I said before, if my dad is in a good mood, all are happy. When he is acting out, things become rotten.

A silent partner asked Bob how things were going. Bob said, all things were going great. We'd just celebrated my father's 10th birthday.

Amazing the clarity that comes with age.

I'm blessed to still have both my parents and I am even more blessed now to not have to see my father daily or even weekly for that matter. I have a feeling he is feeling the same way ;)

We just got out of the house by the skin of our teeth. A professional cleaning lady is supposed to show tomorrow at 9:30am. With my cold, the idea of cleaning the world's dustiest hardwood floors was not appealing. So I have to go to the house at 1:30pm tomorrow and pay the lady and help my dad load in the last of the stuff still there. Knowing my father, a 1/2 hour job will turn into a 4 hour ordeal.

As Bob says, just one more day.

Guess what, my father's birthday is on Wednesday for real. I haven't been thinking past closing the house so I don't have a clue what to get him.

Too bad they don't sell mute buttons for parents. Course, I'd never hear their voices again. Just hug them at the door when they come in and hug 'em on the way out.

I love my parents. Honestly. It's that Commandment that's going to fry me. Honor thy mother and father. I hope it means as long as you are a child because that's just plain hilarious if you still have to do so as a reasonable adult.

I'm going to hell.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Diana Gabaldon

Tonight I took my friend to the local bookstore to see Diana Gabaldon. The line wound through the store like a snake. My friend looked in from the car and said, well, it's just to the door. No. It just kept winding and winding and...well you get the point.

I felt so very bad because I forgot my camera and wanted to take a picture of Michelle with Gabaldon. This woman is gorgeous and I doubt she would ever take a bad picture. She is not talkative however. I bought the latest book although I have not read the rest. Michelle wants me to read the books and I will. No really. I promised so I will sit down mid month Nov to read the first book. Anyways, Michelle didn't say a word to her. Not a word! I figure she was gushing on the inside ;) Gabaldon herself was busy and only looked up periodically. I believe she looked at me, said my name to make sure she was signing the right book and then signed. Shoved the book towards me and looked behind me. I was a wee bit surprised. However, the signing had started at 7pm and I think we got to her by 8:30ish. I guess after an hour and a half your hand would start to cramp! Not only that, it kept the line moving so that everyone got to see her. Yeah, so that's my take on a superstar signing.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Bad Cindy

I was on my nightly blogging rounds (seriously, I'm losing my daylight hours due to illness) and went to Jay's.

Jay has a contest to win a copy of Megan Frampton's book A Singular Lady.

Go and win! Oh, I should mention there is trivia and it is not for the weak at heart. Don't copy any of my answers because A) my first list was me trying to be funny and B) the real list is probably horribly wrong and since I did buy a copy of the book I would prefer that you actually get a shot at winning.

I know I won't win because I messed up on the very first question. I said that Megan also wrote for Romancing the Blog and I was positive of this. I'm wrong. Megan is listed in the Author links. Bad Cindy. I'm sorry.

Also, *damn, I'm such an ass* I have been linking to Megan's website on my sidebar. For some reason, I got it in my head that Megan didn't have a blog and yet, there it is, all pretty and stuff.

Bad Cindy.

So, the link to your left will now bring you to Megan Frampton's blog which is fantastic. I love all the descriptors she uses for her family. Especially her mother. I also love the way she mixes her text sizes, fonts and colours. I would commence copying her but, I think we've all seen Bad Cindy enough for now.

Now, go and read the month of August to discover what The Muffin Top is. My dearest cousin has started to put on weight (now mind you I am not small either) but she is still wearing clothes for a normal sized 19 year old. Problem? The Muffin. I love my cousin way too much to ever say anything derogatory about her weight (unlike my mother who loves to watch every morsel I put in my mouth and to tell me I shouldn't be eating that. I should mention she says that about anything I eat. Whoof! Another story for another time. (Okay, I can't resist. I have two friends that will stare in astonishment and yell OMG whenever I tell a mother story. It's all true - no embellishments needed.))

Damn, where was I.

Oh yeah, git!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Weird Rant

Okay, so my cold has decided to do a roundhouse kick to my head and I'm all whiny and crappy again. You've been warned.

Also, moved the pool guys back to next week when hopefully I will be the picture of health. One can hope.

As to the topic of this blog - connected books.

I've never been one to get on a bandwagon. I remember there were pins (now I never saw them but I heard about them and isn't that as good as factual information?) made up that said Waiting for Rothgar.

I didn't get it.

Well at the time I had never read Jo Beverly so this obsession for a particular character was new to me. Guess what book I read first when I decided to read Beverly? That's right, Rothgars'. Why, because I could. I hadn't waited through years of torture for this character but, everyone else thought that this guy's story was the be all and end all. I read the book and again, I didn't get it.

Ah, as a side point, and c'mon you knew this road was going to be scenic when you signed on, I'm not huge on Jo Beverly. Great writer, great stories, an author who probably stays so close in character it can be detrimental to the story (Rothgar was too cold for me, no passion but I understood from others that that was who he was. No hero for me. Give me some heat and give me a man with flaws. Perfection bores.). Where was I, oh, right. Beverly has me in her story up to the point where every character ends up before the King and Queen and is somehow forgiven for their supposed sins. In fairness, every story I have read has ended like this and again, I'm not keen on it. Anyways, let's see if I can get back on point.

Could happen.

Before the mid 90's I would go so far as to say I didn't wait for any particular character's book and I don't think most reader's of romance did either. Afterall, the story was about two people falling in love and the other characters were supporting cast. Now, I should mention that characters from previous books would sometimes get a walk on but, since I don't know most character's names by the time I end a book it would go over my head. Julie Garwood used to do this and I had no clue and trust me when I tell you I believed I was her number one fan. I just knew that suddenly an extremely happy couple would show up with a perfect bouncing baby and well, perfection. I would wonder why it was important for this couple to be there. Turns out, other fans knew. Me? Clueless. Yeah, I know, shocking!

I'm not sure when I started reading Suzanne Brockmann but, I believe it was with her second silhouette book. I loved this author and was excited whenever I saw a new book out by her. I considered myself quite a fan but apparently there are people who can outfan me. People were intrigued by glimpses of other men lurking about while I would be wrapped up in the main couple's story. I knew the books were connected but, who was Joe Cat vs .... crap, I don't remember names but, it wasn't something I worried about. I was just happy to have another book by the author.

Then Brockmann moved to single titles. Don't be getting ahead of me now! Just because you can see the station doesn't mean you can get off while we're still in motion ;)

The beginning of the never ending story. That's right, never ending! I got wrapped up in Sam and Alyssa's story because Sam was just such an ass and who do I love more? Asses. That's right, I like the flawed man.

Does it stop with them?


Max and Gina. My Achilles' heel.

Their story was released after 4 years of waiting. Four years. For a romance. No, I'm not talking about those Sci-fi books because I have never read them and yes, I know some of you have waited as many as 10 years for a book (please, I would have forgotten the story line 5 years out and probably decided the author had died before they wrote the book) but, c'mon! This was new to me. Guess what? Four years is a long time to wait for a story. Way too long. Especially for someone like me. Like I said before, I'm not one to notice the background characters so while others squealed with glee over other character's stories, I was pissed. Who the hell are these people? Where are Max and Gina?

Max and Gina showed up finally and to say I was happy with the result would be overstating the situation. Yes, the author gets to tell the story but, four years builds quite the expectation and in my opinion Max and Gina's story was not sufficient. At. All.

I'm not sure about others but, I have decided to take a break from Brockmann. ( Okay, weird aside, but apparently she's decided she needs a break. Well, let me tell you! I decided to take a break before she decided to take a break. That's right! I win!) I need to let her get ahead of me so that when I read about a character, I can go and get their book when I want to and not when the author and publisher decide I get to. (Okay, this last part sounds quite childish but remember I'm sniffing cold meds here and I'm feeling my inner child *snort*)

No more waiting for me!!

I'm free from the tethers that bound me to an author's will! I am able to read any book I want when I want! You want to dangle a character as bait? You won't get me!

Two words.

Dark Lover.

How do you love a book and hate the process that binds you to the author's will? I am so very pissed that I have been led on by another author only to discover that it will be ages before the book I want gets published. Ages. We're talking continental shifts will happen before I get my hands on this book.

So, where does that leave me?


That's right. Now I'm reading reviews looking for that little clue. You know the one. Words like brothers, clan, coven, secret society (two words, big deal), siblings. Shit, I'm thinking a street address in a book may become suspect! 'And there they all lived HEA 10 years from now, on Montgomery Lane'. No, uh-uh. Not doin' it. How, guarded am I? The last Pandora's Box at AAR mentioned the dreaded secret society and I was done.

Go ahead and write your connected books. You're not going to get me! I can wait years before I buy an author. Heck, it's been years since I bought a Nora Roberts' book because I couldn't remember where I had left off. And you know that's hurting her pocket book!!


Monday, October 24, 2005

Good News / Bad News and Then Some

Okay, the NyQuil didn't work. Apparently I'm now immune ;)

The good news is that my cold (I liked the description of a cold, don't use herbals) is heading into my chest which is much better for me. Head colds make me super cranky (and whiney in the sobbing sort of way - Bob loves that stage!) but once they go into my chest and I just hack up phlegm, it's all good again. Sure, racing up stairs is out but at least I can breathe and function as a person!

The other good news? Bob came home on a half days holiday and ripped out 90% of the mold in the basement. I'm telling you, he's my hero! It was pouring rain and miserable today and he had to take load after load out to the truck. I think the fact that I got sick freaked him out and he wanted to get the mold out NOW. I should have hacked up a lung earlier ;)

I spent the day in my PJs and slept this afternoon. At first Bob was pulling the 'sweetie, could you....?' until I told him I was going to lay down. It's amazing that Bob can tear a house down and rebuild it without me in sight but, if I am anywhere near the construction zone I get pulled into it. Hey, I'm sick. Not going to do any labour or even move from the couch!!

Our pool isn't closed yet and we have the 'closers' coming on Thursday but the pool needs to be balanced (which can take 36 hours) and it needs to be vacuumed. Bob said I wasn't to go outside in this weather but I have no choice. I have to go out and get this done. I considered calling and getting them to back off until November (I've closed it myself in drizzling rain) but I don't want to give myself an out. The only reason we are having someone else close the pool is because we put in the heat pump this year (which was worth every penny!) and we want to make sure all the lines are drained so nothing bursts during the winter. I know I could do it myself (and for the most part, I really am because I am the one who balances, vacuums and gets all the supplies out for the guys) but Bob wanted to try our pool people this year. We'll see.

It is really too early for me to be hitting the winter blues but, wow, I am just not ready for this weather!! Okay, the great book blues are probably playing with me and I need to move on and read another book.

Did I mention that Diana Gabaldon will be at a local Chapters this Friday for a book signing. I'm taking my friend as she will need someone to prop her up and wipe the drool. Thing is, I've never read Gabaldon so I don't know what I'm going to do if there is no line and we are forced to chat. 'Uh, yeah, I find the size of your books intimidating so, uh, I haven't actually read your books....' Pretty sure that Gabaldon will not be impressed and neither will my friend. Look, I just haven't found the time. I should really get that book out and read over the next few days to be prepared but then it will feel like a book project and I'm sure the author would be able to pick out those people who have only ever read one of her books. Yes, I am the one who has made procrastination an art form.

So, anyone ever go to a booksigning for Gabaldon? I'm wondering if others think it will be busy. I should call the store and see if she is staying until closing or until she figures she's done. My friend wants to go shopping that night also but I don't know if there will be a line or what. Watch, it'll be like the opening night of Star Wars Episode III where Bob and I just stood in wonderment. Realizing that the wookies, imperial storm troopers and leias were my peeps was a real shock but then, it explains a lot ;) I wonder if there will be people wearing costumes or if the people will be more literary in form and look down their noses at me for daring to scope out the romance isle.

How did I get here? Ah well, I need to take my train of thought off to bed soon where it can rumble through pool closing rituals, grocery list and the number of ways I can close down an insurance agency. Damn those insurance people! The bigwig hasn't called so I imagine I'm going to get the brush off. They have no clue just how tenacious I can be! I will be their worst nightmare! I will be that niggle in their brain that tells them something is wrong! They will rue the..! *ahem*

Yep, even I start to feel sorry for Bob and then I realize he picked me! I warned him I was a loon and still he married me. My parents send him a thank you card every year on our anniversary ;)

I Really Shouldn't

I shouldn't post right now but, what the hell.


This blows on levels I can't even explain. Bob and I were so sick last year that I swore I was going to do everything I could to stay healthy this year. Not even Halloween and I have a cold. This soooo better not be the way my winter is going to go.

I will be taking some NyQuil tonight and to quote (okay, I don't know it word for word) one of my favourite comedians. ' What's with the makers of NyQuil? Capital N, little y, Big Fucking Q. It should just say on the box, kiss your wife and kids good-bye because you are going on a little trip. ' He's the reason I take NyQuil - lame I know. Anyways, it dopes me out the first night I take it and sometimes it can knock a cold right out of me. I'm hoping here! If it doesn't I don't take anymore because it either gets it the first dose or I'm sick.

I know there is never a good time to be sick but we are one week from closing on the reno house (little chair dance but don't want to get ahead of myself) and there is *still* painting to be done. I'm sick to death of paint. Sick of it I tell you!

I told Bob tonight that Nov 1st I'm battening down the hatches and I'm not leaving this house until the spring. Can't really happen because I have about 6 birthdays (the family kind with gifts) before Christmas so Nov/Dec are very, very busy around here.

The good news is that my family is very open about not wanting to get sick. If you are sick, stay the *^^&% home!! I was the first to create this mantra and I guess being rude to everyone makes them realize that sometimes you are right.

Bob and I went to my friends one night and she opened the door and said that my Godson had just gotten sick. 180. I was outta there!!

Also, I have the great book blues. I hate when they set in because nothing you pick up looks interesting. I am going to try and dive into Lynn Viehl's book because I think there is a vampire and I am so in the mood. If it doesn't get me I may crack the second book in the Kim Harrison series.

Good Lord, I think it may be depressing to drop by here lately! I would link to some fun jokes but I need to go and drug myself up - sooooo, go look at the kitties ;)

Ah, screw it I found the quote for NyQuil from Denis Leary - if you are easily offended, move on. If you could use a good laugh and don't mind bad language read on!!

I don't do illegal drugs anymore. Now I just do the legal drugs. Tonight I'm on NyQuil and Sudafed. Let me tell you something, folks. Forget about cocaine and heroine. All you need is NyQuil and Sudafed. I'm telling you right now, I took the NyQuil five years ago. I just came out of the coma tonight before the fucking show! Claus Vanbulo was standing over my bed going, "Denis, get up! There's something the matter with Sunny! Hurry up!" I love NyQuil. Man, I love it! I love it. I love it. I love it. It's the best thing shit ever invented. Isn't it, huh? I love the name alone. NyQuil - Capitol N, small Y, big fucking Q! I love that fucking Q, don't you!? What a great advertising idea! Put a huge fucking Q on the box. They'll get high and stare at it. "The Q is talking to me! The Q is talking to me!"

I love NyQuil, man. Because NyQuil has never changed, man. It's never changed. All the other medicines are doing that inner-child thing. "we know that there's a small child inside of you, so now we have grape and cherry and orange flavor." Not NyQuil! They still have the original green death fucking flavor! You know why!? Because it doesn't matter what it tastes like! It's so strong you go, "*wheeze* Hey this stuff really tastes like.." Bang! Yer in the coma already! "What happened?" "He said tastes like and he went right into the coma, it was unbelievable!" We have reached the point where the over the counter drugs are actually stronger than anything you can buy on the street. It says on the back of the NyQuil box, on the back of the box it says, "May cause drowsiness." It should say, "Don't make any fucking plans! Kiss your family and friends goodbye. Say hello to Klaus!" NyQuil, NyQuil, NyQuil, we love you! You giant fucking Q!

Ah, I feel better and now I can't stop laughing. Laughter is the best medicine? I'll let you know. I really need to buy Leary's DVDs because even when you know you're going to hell for laughing...well, you're laughing!! I loved the Darth Vadar stuff with his kids - classic. I should also mention that I think he is sexy. Wouldn't want to kiss him because he is always smoking like a chimney but he definitely does it for me. There TMI. Everytime someone brings up 'guys you think are sexy that no one else does' I draw a blank so maybe I'll just toss them out there as they come to me.

I know what you are thinking. She already took the NyQuil.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

I was Tagged - woohoo!!

I have just received my first tag from Tara Marie!! I'm it!! Yeah, I know you are laughing because you're thinking it gets old but...I got tagged!!

Ah basically you have to search your blog for the word joy used in the context of happiness. Since I did not find joy or happiness in my blog I got to choose a few from this list given

joy — amusement, bliss, cheer, comfort, delectation, delight, ecstasy, elation, exaltation, exultation, exulting, felicity, gaiety, gladness, glee, good humor, gratification, happiness, hilarity, humor, jubilance, liveliness, merriment, mirth, pleasure, rapture, regalement, rejoicing, revelry, satisfaction, wonder

Holy Crap, none of these words are in my blog!! Can't be true!

To put it plainly I must find something that gives me joy in this very minute.

Well, Emma my kitty is sleeping on the desk in front of me and when I touch her every so often she starts purring like a loud motor.

I got to spend the day with my two dear friends at the Pumpkinfest and even though it rained and we didn't get out of the house we still had a good time!

My ability to get out of my house is something that I always consider a great blessing because I know what it is like when I can't.

Hmmm, see, I usually will sit with Bob and tell him the things that I feel blessed with and then we talk about all the things that bring us joy.

Hopefully this blog brings you guys some joy because it does bring me joy. Writing about books, renos, cats, dogs, friends, books etc, that's fun so I won't stop doing it ;)

I tag Suisan, Kristie J and Nicole

Saturday, October 22, 2005

For Nicole

Not one of mine but way too cute!

Now these two are mine. Amber in the box, Emma on the lid. Emma is a long hair who gets mattes now that she is older. So I shaved her with a razor because I was worried her skin would get sores. This is an after shot of kitty mohawk - where her side is lighter in colour.

To the left, Amber in a decorative basket that I got for Christmas. I have actually seen her work her way into a Kleenex box.

Emma sleeping with all fours in the air. Only thing is she decided to yawn while I took the picture. Look at that pink belly - too cute!

Not mine but SQUEEEEEEE!

Uber Mess about to Commence

Finally, finally treated myself to a reading night and I finished Dark Lover which is a keeper. No question. I believe there are many reviews and if it wasn't so late I would direct you to them although I know if you follow The Good, The Bad and The Unread link on the left to Sybil's she has a link to her review at AAR.

Yeah, the names of the Brothers are all weird but as you read you realize they are the keeper of their name. Something weird has happened to each of them and I can't remember if it was explained in the book or not. Zsadist, well, he doesn't have much of his soul left, was a slave and tortured for centuries. So yeah, he is into pain and is scary. I really hope that Ward remains true to his character. He isn't nearly as bad as he plays but I can't imagine that he is a pussy cat either. So if you have been reading about how these guys have weird names don't worry about it. At least in this book, I can see the reason.

I like darkness in my books and the Brothers were definitely that. Butch, a human homicide cop was also very dark. Very, very dark in the I may want to eat my gun kind of way. I fell hard for him and have been antsy and anxious about him for a few days. (Okay, life stuff may have been the underlying cause but whenever I began to think that Butch might not get a HEA I would get tense) So, of course, this part was excellent.

Where the book started to pull at the seams was when Wrath and Beth found each other. This cold, heartless man finds Beth and becomes this soft puppy dog. Okay, not really a soft puppy dog but there is a shift noticeable. Wrath is the King of the Vampires so I guess the rituals that happened surrounding Beth are to be expected. It was just a little cutesy. I wanted these fanged monsters to remain monsterish. Yeah, we will die for you but don't piss us off because we are capable of some seriously crazy shit. Especially when their 'curse' takes over. You only get to see one of the Brother's curse and hear of another's.

Anyways, I am way intrigued by these characters and I don't want to stay up too late tonight so I won't start my rant on connected books. Hey, it may not be fresh but I am a newbie at series books and it's starting to grate.

More on that next time.

Friday, October 21, 2005

OT: Super Bitch Rant

You know that whole basement saga I have going on. Well it finally dawned on me that I have home owners insurance so I called and they sent someone out. The someone said that we definitely have a claim because the pipe that sprayed water was a burst pipe. Not a slow dripping pipe. Keep this in mind. Not a slow dripping pipe.

Now, I have mentioned that my husband invented this product called Dxxxxxx and well, we have the prototype in our basement - dxxxxxx allows water to move under your flooring because it has a plastic back and there are dipples that keep the floor elevated. No mold or dampness. Voila. We've had the floor down for 8 years and not one problem.

Problem. Suddenly our floors are slushing and baseboards have split and OMG what happened to the top of Bob's ceramic counter top. Bob, very busy thinks water must be coming in where the pool guys installed the heat pump this year. Also, maybe air conditioner water because of the overly hot humid summmer.

No, not until Thanksgiving do we discover where the problem is. Guess what? The insurance company considers this a 'slow' leak and therefore we aren't covered. The loss had to be sudden. WTF am I paying insurance for? Yeah, we failed (and maybe that's what is really bothering me is that my husband and I didn't take the time to look for all possible problems because we are too damn busy making another house beautiful to take care of our own ::cough:: yeah, we may have hit the nail on the head) but, what, when was I supposed to call these people?

Gah, I'm so pissed and I wouldn't be if they had just said, you know, we don't cover water damage from inside the home. Oh, okay. No, they won't cover *my* water damage because they decided without seeing the pipe that there was a slow leak. Afterall, mold had time to grow.

Okay, that's enough from me. I'm going to my friend's house to bitch, complain and whine. Aren't you glad you're not going to be there?

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Trouble Brewing

It's like watching a freight train coming at me!

I am only half way through Dark Lover and even though I am involved in the main characters there is a character named Butch that I have completely fallen for. I am beginning to hate reading books that are connected. Like I said in a previous post, I know that Butch gets a story but as it stands right now, there are at least 2 others before him and those books are not out until my bloody pool is opened next spring.

OH SHIT! I just went to J. R. Ward's website and there is no mention of Butch!

I'll be back, I need to go find a paper bag to breath in!

Monday, October 17, 2005

A Blogging We Will Go!

OMG! I don't know where to begin. Everyone out there is coming up with some incredibly deep, insightful or just plain funny stuff!

Let's start with Bam since it's her birthday. No review of the book in question but some birthday love may help the hangover.

Keishon has my head spinning and I so don't enjoy that. You'll have to go see. No, no, not the sports thing keep looking! Summing up. What would you do for you pet and when is it too much? Then in the comments we decided to bring up human euthanasia - yeah, that was me. Don't hurt me now! Check out the previous day's blogging for inspiration for your own blog.

Tara Marie's husband decided that telling their 4 yr old the story of the headless horseman before bed would be a good idea. Go offer support and find out what happened - nightmares or superman?

Nicole is my new heroine! Like I said in the comments, I can't read more than one book as even with one, I can forget what happened a page ago when I have left the book for too long.

Jay has decided it is time to read some historical fiction. My prayers are with her. I also *love* the little guy reading a book on the side of her blog. Love him!

LLB - well, good Lord, when doesn't this thinking woman not come up with compelling topics for discussion. I have not been to AAR's ATBF yet but I am hoping that by the time I get there, there will still be time for me to be honest in my opinion.

Suisan is just trying to keep her head above water so go give her a holler so she knows you care ;)

ReneeW in the Used Bookstore. Go share your stories of salesclerk stalking. I was once in a makeup store where the woman just stood beside me. I couldn't figure out what was going on but then realized that she thought my friend and I were going to steal something (I was 19 at the time) . I was so bloody offended I turned on my heal, called out to my friend it was time to go and left the area. She didn't stay in business long.

If you haven't been to Rosario's in a while go check out her new look. I love her new format. I haven't read the last few reviews because I didn't want to come across any spoilers. Still I managed to see 'did not feel the love' before I zapped myself out of there and yeah, I know what book she was talking about. Not feeling the love sucks and now I am glaring at the book in the TBR pile - I'll just move it down a few slots.

Meljean's new book is coming out very, very soon and for the cover alone, I am buying this book. Forget that her ideas intrigue me and her thoughts on what makes a hero ring true. Nah, it's the cover ;)

Hop over to Kristie's and tell all of us how you decide what to read next. In all honesty, those who list upcoming reads truly inspire me. I wouldn't know what book I was going to read next if you put a gun to my head. Oh, alright, I would say the first title to pop into my mind but, dude, there's a gun! As to regular life, it depends on what I am jonesin (?) for and even then, I am normally wrong.

This, entry by Mrs. Giggles is good fun and no, I have not had time to read what she has to say about LOST. Tomorrow, I'll get there tomorrow.

I bought Megan Frampton's new book because I heard that even though it is a regency set romance, there is sex in it. Now, I haven't read it yet so I cannot confirm this but hey, I'm going to give it a go as soon as I can find the time! (more on that in a minute)

Sybil had the best news of all for me and yes, I saved my favourite information for last. JR Ward. I have not finished this book but I am in love with some guy named Butch and on Sybil's blog she gives the good news that he gets his own story - Sweet!!

On the other front. Painting will be the death of me. Tomorrow I have to go and paint. Then I hope to come home and tear out all the moldy walls in my basement but one of my friends hasn't seen me in a week and may demand my presence. I'm pretty sure I can hold her off long enough to get the freakin' mold out of my house. Please, Lord let me get this poison out! Then maybe, if I'm a really, really, good girl I can read *that* book on Tuesday (yeah, I know, you are sick of hearing about it). I'm shooting for the stars here people!

I'm wondering if I should take pictures of my mold so you all know I'm not just being a paranoid freak. Truth is, it could be horribly embarrassing in the 'how could you not know you had mold?' kind of way. I knew something went funky but I thought I wasn't cleaning up to par - what with the other house and stuff. Turns out, I just don't know what mold smells like. I do now.

Thursday, October 13, 2005


I'm still on vacation time with Bob but I swear we would need two weeks to get all our commitments to people in and still find time to have on our own fun!

I'm still clawing at Dark Lover but won't let myself open it again or I'm afraid we'll lose a whole day to me sitting in a chair reading feverishly and ignoring the husband's whine to get out of the house.

So to keep my mind occupied we are finally going to see the movie Serenity tomorrow afternoon!! I can't wait!!
Other things. We are going to go see a house tomorrow before the movie. I'm pretty sure I don't care about it but, I guess I told them I would keep an open mind. Don't know if I mentioned it or not but we found our dream house an hour from where we live about 100 000 dollars more than we were comfortable spending. The house was brand new and gorgeous. Okay, I couldn't resist sharing some of the pictures I took of this house because I had a feeling I wasn't going to see it again. I'm not sure how long it will take to get over the 'dream house' but so far, everything else has paled in comparison. If only I could win the lottery. Did I mention it had a 2 car garage attached to the house and then a seperate shop with a two car garage attached? It was literally my husband's dream shop and except for a few country touches, the house was my dream. French doors off the master bedroom to a deck. It was in a small town and was on 1/2 an acre. Not only that it was on city water and natural gas. Cisterns, wells and oil heat are the norm in the country. It sounds standard but when you have seen as many houses as I have over the last 10 years you know a house like this only comes up about .... once every 10 years :(

There was only one other time that I was ready to buy a house and I hadn't even seen the inside of it. It was on 5 acres, was a cute little house that was going to need years of work and there was a shop. It was on a corner of two roads so there were only two neighbours and the feeling of being in the open. It was also priced way below what was selling in the area. We called our agent (who has been with us for probably 7 years now) and told him to make an offer at the asking price. He was so excited and said he would get the details and call right back. The listing was 4 days old by this time. He called back and told us the house had been sold in a bidding war the night before. I cried all the way home and told Bob I was done looking for our dream house.

I don't take to change very well and the last few years have been hectic with change. They say one of the most stressful times is when a couple is selling a house. (Hmm, I went to find this statistic and I swear the top 10 stressors have changed. All the same, I can't argue with any of them and since marriage and change of job are in there then I guess I am in some sort of boat. Course, all you are in the same boat so grab a paddle!!) Well, we've now sold two in a year. We may not have lived in them but the selling process is the same. I didn't just have Bob getting all antsy, but my Dad also. Then there was the other partner who asked us to drop our price when Katrina hit because he was worried the real estate market would crash with soaring gas prices. Who was the voice of reason during all this. Me. I'm one tough bitch when I have to be and I told all of them I wasn't budging on price because it took 9 months of my life and I wanted what was fair. Lucky me, we got an excellent offer. My husband likes to be the sound of doom and gloom and tells me we were just lucky. Hey, we've done this twice now. Once is luck. Twice is good workmanship and patience. The average sell through on a house is 48 days (Bloody hell, I have to start noting where I am getting my statistics from - this is for the Ontario, Canada market - I'm going to see if Remax had it up - sorry can't find it but you trust me, right?). Our house sold in 43. Our first house sold in 10 (which is why the men were all freaking - not many people can just step up and purchase a house - you have to wait for a buyer).

Ooops, there I go again. Sometimes I just need to vent.

Have I mentioned that our house has mold in it. I'm freaking out. I'm trying to remain calm but at the same time, my inner voice is set to scream. I can't wait for Bob to go back to work so I can get down there and demo the room. It needs to be done but I don't want Bob to have to worry about it during our holiday. It's better when I work alone anyways. That way, I can take as many breaks as I need and Bob is always happy by my work when he gets surprised. Hey, after 10 years of marriage, I've learned a few tricks ;)

And what the hell, here's a picture of part of the ensuite bathroom.

That my friends, is a free standing modern claw foot tub like tub, only no claws! Loved it!
::Sigh:: I should really have a good cry over this house but it hasn't sold yet and I'm one of those people who's hope is a hard thing to quash. I keep thinking we could offer them 100 000k under their asking price firm no conditions and that maybe they would take it. Yeah, I live in my own little world ;)

Wow, it's 1am already and all I want to do is go read.

Must. Stay. Away. From. Dark. Lover.

Ah, screw it, what's an hour?

Edited : Good news, it took me a half an hour to find the links, can't possibly justify reading for only a 1/2 an hour!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Dude, Where's My Book?

Is it just me or do others have those times where everything is great and then everything is rotten and then everything is great again. Yes, yes, I know that most people do but is it like, weekly with you guys? I tell ya, it's like I'm getting punched every other day and good Lord, why am I complaining after what has happened in the world!

Our news the other night had a segment on donor fatigue. I didn't watch it because I understood what they were going to say. All the same, I know I have to do something. Thankfully, the governments are accepting aid as soon as it is offered this time. It's not the giving of money as much as it is the feeling of being overwhelmed. It started last year on Boxing Day and it feels like mother nature just won't let up. Again, by the grace of God. What angers me most is that there isn't the hourly news coverage for what has happened in Pakistan and India. Maybe the news crews just aren't there. I know the police beating in New Orleans is horrible and has to be dealt with but is it really as important as a 30 000 death toll? I didn't start this to bitch, sorry it went that way.

I was going to tell you about my weekend and that we had a great time. Then, Monday 4am Bob woke me to tell me he couldn't catch his breath. Now, I don't believe I have mentioned my husband's frequent visits to the ER. I really should be able to set my watch by it. It happens at least every 6 months. Normally it is chest pains and I used to be very concerned about it. Afterall, his family history combined with high cholesterol do not make a good combination. His father, however, just celebrated his 86th and his mother her 82nd birthdays. I think longevity is in the blood. Nevertheless, the chest pains were something that I would worry about.

This past year, vague feelings of being out of it. Yeah, a 12 hour ER visit because my hubby was dizzy. They found nothing and I was not feeling all that sympathetic. I get dizzy spells everyday!! So I told him the next time he thought about going to the ER for a light headed feeling to get a grip and suck it up. Apparently he has had a light headed episode since then and he told me 'he sucked it up'. I was proud.

So to say I wasn't happy to be woken up to go to the hospital is putting it mildly. I figure my husband is going to outlive us all and although the idea that he could take a deep breath should have been upsetting it wasn't like he couldn't breath. Also, he brought up the lightheaded thing and that his legs felt wobbly. Again, I walk too fast and I get this stuff ;). Good news, it was acid reflux. Apparently is can cause the trachea to spasm which was why he couldn't catch his breath for a half an hour. Second part of good news, we were in and out in 3 hours. People think it's funny that I am happy about this but c'mon, I don't remember a time in my life that I haven't had to wait in an ER. In Ontario, all the hospitals are saying they are understaffed (and I really think they are) and are saying that that is the reason for the lengthy wait times in the ER. Uh, no. The ER has always been slow - for as long as I have been alive. Ah well, I am a veteran of hospitals between Bob, my two godchildren and one of my bestfriends. I go well prepared. I grab a book, some water and money for parking and we're gone. The nurse that night saw me reading and said, 'at least you come prepared'. That's right.

On that note, on the way out the door I knew I would need a good book to keep me company so I brought JR Ward's Dark Lover. I don't even think I am on page 40 and I am loving this book. So, yeah, I dumped Crazy Hot and am now reading Dark Lover. My husband being on holidays does not work for reading so I am not getting to sit and read but next week, I'm all over this book.

Oh, and we found massive amounts of mold in our basement. I knew something was wrong downstairs but I thought maybe I wasn't cleaning thoroughly enough and with the other house, I just didn't have time. The other night I went to put away some of our extra kitchen stuff in my husband's 50's diner downstairs and smelled something horrible when I opened the cabinet. I immediately closed it and told hubby we had a problem. I didn't realize how bad until Bob came up shaking his head. The pipe under the sink had a leak and has been misting water all behind the cabinets probably for about 2 months (we have dxxxxx in our basement which allows water to flow underneath our existing flooring which is why things aren't worse but, we have the prototype which is not as good as the actual product). We had a drain backup downstairs but we thought it was from the airconditioner. Needless to say, I'm creeped out. Bob has already been down preparing the area for demo and we haven't closed on the other house yet. The next few months are going to be a whirlwind of demo and re-build - in our house this time!!

Yeah, so that's all the bad news and again, complaining feels like a horrible thing to be doing right now but, I needed to get it out.

Good news? I'm going to redo the downstairs the way I want it to be - no 50's diner! (Bob said it was okay, he's over it - Thank God!)

Friday, October 07, 2005

This Weekend

I figure most of us will be busy this weekend. This is the Canadian Thanksgiving which means family and friend weekend.

Bob and I are going to the Norfolk County Fair on Saturday. I used to live in Simcoe, Ontario and we were told in school that people would come from all over the country to see our fair (course it was the same for the Christmas lights and again, they are something). It wasn't until I moved and went to fairs for other towns that I discovered just how massive the Simcoe one is. Now, I don't know about you, but I can only look at quilts, monster vegetables, paintings by kids and home crafts before I start to get bored. Oh yeah, there is a baked good section that also has preserves. Then there is the livestock section. After all this there is a mainway that is bigger than any I have ever been to but, I haven't been there in about 8 years so I am going to see how my memory of the fair holds up. Also, I remember we would get the Tuesday off of school so we could all go to the fair opening day. It is probably one of the longest in duration. It goes from a Tues to the following Monday closing with the demolition derby. The fair for my town? 2 days. Not only that it is more money and this year I noticed attendance had dropped off substantially.

Seeing as how I don't do rides now that I am an adult - hey, I didn't want to do them as a kid but I didn't have a choice - and looking at arts and crafts can cross my eyes, I figure we'll be going for the food ;) Maybe I'll see if they have a baby animal section.

Sunday is Turkey day and it's my go. I actually prefer to have the dinner at my house because of my anxiety. I feel like I have control of the situation so I am not supposed to worry as much. What I always forget to factor in is the week of cleaning that never really seems to get done to spec. Also, I just baked a peach blueberry crumble pie which I have never made before. My best friend was telling me the last time she was down how much she loves this kind of pie but she can't bake. I thought as a gift I would bake her one - because ya know I'm all Betty Crocker - NOT. To make a long story short the pie looks like crap. Now, most of my home made pies look like crap but I am always willing to try them. Thing is, I don't think I like peaches so I won't be able to tell how the pie tastes. Ah well, it's the thought that counts so I am going to take it with me and explain that it can absolutely be rim shot into the nearest garbage can if it is horrible.

Monday is the start of Bobby week. Bob has this week off which means day trips! Can't wait until midnight Sunday after turkey because then life becomes all about me again ;)

On that note, I went to a spa and had a full body massage, pedicure and manicure. It was a gift certificate that my husband got for me *last* Christmas. I finally got to go - good health, house almost done and what the hell, when is it the perfect time to relax. Well, let me tell you! The woman who did my massage is a goddess. She really knew her stuff and I can't wait to go again. There was a point where she hit a spot in my back that was extremely painful - When I am really down or tired I get a spot dead centre of my shoulder blades that hurts like hell. When I am desperate, I ask my husband to put his hand in the center of my back and then take his other arm and pull my shoulders back. I actually have asked him to step on my back which he firmly said no to. Anyways, the spot hasn't been painful but sure enough she hits it. I'm beginning to think I'm going to have to ask her to stop when she says, 'ah, here is a problem', Now whether my back was tensing when she went over the spot or if she could actually feel it, I don't know but good Lord, she worked that spot until it was a limp noodle. Knowing that it is a muscle (pressure point actually) and not a bone in my spine is a relief. Now I know where to tell Bob to rub ;)

As for the rest, I have wanted to get a pedicure for a few years because I was sure my feet were a mess. The lady insisted it was nothing and went to cleaning me up in no time. I have the faintest of bronze on my figures which is weird because I never wear nail polish so when I see my hands I'm all, what's that? My toes, however, gorgeous!! I wish I could remember what colour it is - a brown purple - but it goes with my skin beautifully and I am all fascinated. Amazing how shallow I can become! Still, I'm loving it!

Okay, book news. Not good. I started Crazy Hot by Tara Janzen and it's not that the book isn't good, it's just meh. I may have reached my SEAL, FBI, CIA, superspy limit. This from a Suzanne Brockmann fan but then, I think I am falling away from her also. I'm probably only a quarter of the way through Crazy Hot but, I guess I want to read something different. I'm thinking I should force myself to finish so I don't go into a slump by being afraid to pick up a book. The problem is those Kim Harrison books I bought are calling to me from the TBR pile and I'm thinking it's because it's October and it's the time for witches and fairies and things that go bump in the night!

Doubting Thomas

Can you believe that I ever doubted the writers of LOST?

Okay, in my defense, have you seen Alias lately? That should be proof that sometimes our shows hit the point where everything implodes. Last year I was sure I was missing massive amounts of information and possibly a whole bunch of shows. Also, the heat between the lead actors fizzled which is why I don't really want to know about actor's private lives. How can you believe the actor is really who you are watching when the only thing I can think is, 'it isn't Vaughn's baby, it's Ben Affleck's baby'. Yeah, not good.

Sorry, went the wrong way at the last sign.

Anyways, I thought I was going to crawl out of my skin during LOST this week! Jack and Desmond, Locke and Locke - c'mon, what the hell happened to this guy! Hurley and pantry, Sayid and no questions, Flight 815, NOT the others!!

The night got away from me so that's it for now. Just a quicky ;)

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Truth Time

I wanted to keep to a book theme but not having time to read I cannot do a review. So I figure we can all dish about those books that everyone loves but we just don't get, books that we have in the TBR pile that we haven't picked up yet and authors we haven't tried but if given a free year, we'll get around to ;)

Diana Gabaldon - Truthfully, I can no longer say I haven't tried her books. I started Outlander and made it to the marriage. Then they started fishing and staring into rivers. Bored. I put the book down and never picked it back up. One of my best friends borrowed my copy and ended up reading the rest of the series in about a week. She is so in love with these books. She was upset when I told her where I stopped. 'But, you're just getting to the best part!' and trust me, it was a perfect wail mixed with a bit of a whine ;) It turns out the Gabaldon will be at the Chapters store near me in October and I have sent an e-mail to my friend to see if she wants to come down. I may get to meet the author before I ever fully appreciate the author. I'm thinking of asking her if her books are romance ;)

Mary Balogh - It turns out that I may have read a book by her years ago but I didn't keep records back then and my memory stinks. What I remember is that the H/H get married and the heroine lies under her husband while he does 'the deed'. The husband doesn't mind because he has a mistress. Meanwhile, the wife thinks that she is doing exactly what her husband wants and loves him. Why I remember the book is that the hero starts to think about his sex life and admits to preferring his wife and her lack of movement in bed. I remember being somewhat horrified by this book. I was heartbroken for the wife (who I think figures out about the mistress and causes great grief for the husband) and wondered if the hero had a fetish that I don't find at all romantic ;) Anyways, I just purchased a two in one book by Balogh but again, it sits in the pile.

JD Robb's Eve series is one I just don't get. I know many people love this series and to each his own but for me, Roarke was so over the top rich and over the top everything that he didn't come across as real. Eve was like a robot. I forced myself to finish Naked in Death and tried the next but realized life was too short ;)

Christine Feehan - I read the first 1/3 of one of her first books and I didn't feel the love which is really funny because the best friend who loves Gabaldon also likes Feehan. Maybe this is a pattern I should watch.

As for books that are waiting in the TBR pile, I think many would weep over the titles that I have yet to read.

Lisa Kleypas' books all pre Lady Sophia's Lover ( a keeper) which means I still have Derek Craven to look forward to.
Penelope Williamson - I think I have two of her books but I can't remember which ones. I rented a movie called The Outsider which I enjoyed except for some stilted acting and discovered it was based on her book.
Ruth Wind - haven't read any of her books and have In The Midnight Rain in the TBR pile. Ooops I always forget that she is also Barbara Samuels - I have read one of her books and it felt more like women's fiction - great book but hey, I'm a romance junkie for a reason ;)
Tami Hoag - haven't read and have Lucky's Lady in TBR pile
Nora Roberts - I haven't read any of her books since Honest Illusions. I have the Born In series and I think the first book in the Sea series.
Gaelyn Foley - I could have sworn I read one of her books but I'm beginning to think I have her confused with someone else. I have The Duke and something with a Princess in the title in the TBR pile. I also have the latest One Night of Sin in the TBR pile. I think red covers may be my weakness because I just couldn't pass this book up and I am normally more controlled about buying too many books of an author I have not read.
Liz Carlyle - haven't read yet and I get confused by the titles so I am not even sure which book I have of hers - just in, I won three historicals by her at AAR aid auction so I know I will have some great reading ahead - I wonder who won the Devil series? Ohh, her website home page is breathtaking!
Judith Ivory/Cuevas - never read and very, very afraid ;)
Patricia Gaffney - I read her first fiction book there a few years back but haven't read any of her romances. I am looking forward to reading To Have and To Hold. I understand she has moved on to women's fiction - meh.
Mary Jo Putney - have books in the pile but have yet to read.
Catherine Coulter - I am pretty sure I read one of her books and wondered what all the fuss was about ;) Ah, according to her website she now writes suspense - I'm so over suspense and yes, I was the Queen of suspense at one time...your welcome.
Megan Chance - I did read Night in Eden this year and immediately bought all of hers I could find - still need to read though.

Oh, and I haven't read Pride and Prejudice, Wuthering Heights (although I saw the movie on TV a while back and am glad I didn't waste my time), Emma, Persuasion (or anything by Jane Austen) or Jane Eyre. And I reallyreallyreallydon'twantto. Phew.

Uh, also Laura London, Roberta Gellis (oh my gosh she and her puppy are gorgeous!!) and Georgette Heyer (wow, the photo of her is beautiful).

See how I saved the most damning for last ;)

Side Note: I have been on the 'net' now for about 8 years and I remember back when I was surfing I would rarely find a website for a romance author. Now, they are all over and I for one am very glad. I love being able to visit an author's site and read excerpts or blurbs for their books. It is indeed very handy - hard for a link crazy post but, very handy ;) Also, after this post I now want to read a few of their biographies - oh, why not, it's not like I have time to read a book right now!

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Do Over by Dorien Kelly

I finished this book last night and for the most part I enjoyed it. I would grade it a B.

Cara Adams has been working at the same law firm for 6 years and is considered a grinder. A grinder is someone who will work all hours of a day to get the job done and yes, this includes weekends. These types, however, do not have connections to help bring in new clients. It's okay though, Cara has aligned herself with one of the partners who does bring in the clients. She figures after 6 long years she is 6 months away from partnership and has put down money for a very expensive condo.

To say the shit hits the fan when Mark Morgan shows up is putting it mildly. Cara and Mark attended the same law school and for some reason, Cara didn't try to outshine Mark in some sort of interview and Mark got the job. Apparently the person who gets this job in the school suddenly has every opportunity to have a fabulous career. I'm never really clear about the relationship that Mark and Cara had in school so I don't know if Cara is projecting her 'unhappiness with her career' onto an event that happened years ago or if it is really like that.

Anyways, Mark chooses to walk away from his unbelievably successful law career in New York when his mother has a stroke and his father decides to play possum so he ends up in Detroit in Cara's law firm. It's a no brainer for all players that Mark is a hot commodity and that he will definitely make partner next up. Not only that, the lawyer Cara was working with jumped ship and left her behind without even a backward wave. Cara is blindsided by all these changes and thus begins a very painful tailspin.

I'm really not sure why Mark fell for Cara. To say she is an overachiever and not exactly a great friend is understating the situation. Cara makes every mistake in the book. On top of all this, the associates in the firm are starting to circle having smelled fresh blood. Cara takes all this very personally and decides she will fight to get her partnership. Now, I'm no business wiz, but even I knew she wasn't going to do it and I'm not sure how she could have been in denial for so long. So Mark and Cara end up in a situation that only a woman can understand. Mark knows she isn't going to get the partnership, Mark shouldn't have to apologize for having a different career or for that matter, enjoying his career.

That said, I think seeing this from the woman's perspective is painful. I've been in the position of watching the 'old boys club' go out together and discuss business while being left out and I don't think most men *get* what it is like to be on the outside. (Yeah, this is why I don't work for anyone else now - just me ;)) The reader can empathize with Cara but I guess I got lost after a certain point.

The relationship side was not exactly front and centre but that may have been because business was where the author focused her attention. Even though I was eager to read about these characters I didn't feel the emotional pull that should have been there. Near the end there is a scene that I just don't understand and Cara pulls something I thought she had developed past. Also, the ending was fast. Very fast.

So in the long run, I am glad that I finally read Dorien Kelly because I have another book of hers in the TBR pile.

I have been extremely lucky in trying new authors this year! I'll have to do up a list of new to me authors for the blog.

I should also mention that I really like the cover of this book. If you are going to do cartoon, then this is the way it should be!

Next up? I've decided to try and read a book that no one is blogging about. Hey, I was going to read Dark Lover (which apparently rocks!) but thought others would appreciate a look at another book. Right, so I picked up Crazy Hot by Tara Janzen and have read the first chapter. I'm happy. Now, I just have to read and blog my thoughts about it before anyone else does. Hmmm, I'm thinking it may be Friday before I get the book finished because A - it's huge! and B - paint.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

What's Up

I've been at the Reno house painting for the last three days so I haven't had a lot of time to read. I put on my jimmies tonight and I held them up to my nose and all I can smell is paint. So at the moment I can only smell and taste paint. I'm not a happy camper.

The good news is that I have a pack of Sweettarts - my absolutely favourite candy beside Lik-M-Ade and Sour Kids - and am making my way through the pack. I think I am slowly eradicating the taste of paint from my mouth ;)

I used CIL Smart ceiling paint yesterday and today and let me tell you, this stuff is great. I painted with normal paint on the main floor and there were rooms that took 5 coats of paint on the ceilings!! (We renovate older homes and this one had water marks and such all over the place so we had to use special primer before the paint) I hate painting ceilings, because it is hard to see and it is usually just white on white - boring. Anyways, we have completely finished the basement and every surface is new drywall and needs to be painted. I wanted to get the ceilings done first because they hurt me (and anyone who helps). I decided to try the paint that starts out as a cooler. This one starts out pink. Holy crap! I am very pleased. I had to prime with drywall primer and then with only 2 coats of the CIL paint the ceilings look fabulous. I don't own any paint company just in case you're wondering. Apparently all I talked about today was how great this paint was ;)

As for reading I am still on Do-Over by Dorian Kelly and even though I wasn't sure at the beginning, it has turned out to be a great read. I believe it was mentioned back when it came out that the author got the 'office politics' right and they are definitely prevalent in this book. I can't wait to see how it turns out. I just have to keep my eyes open over the next few hours.

I have so many great books to read and I am hoping that we will have the Reno house done by the 15th of Oct. We close on the 30th of Oct so we will definitely be done by then! I need to clean my library room and set up my new books so I know what I need to read next. I noticed that the last 4 books I bought have received excellent reviews. Makes me very happy.

I'm not sure that this is the way things are done but at the moment I am bidding on three items for the AAR Aid auction. I won 2 autographed books by Lori Handeland - Blue Moon and A Soldier's Quest from the first set. I absolutely love the cover to your left. I have never read Handeland and I thought this would be a great opportunity to try her. The same goes for the three auctions I am trying for this go. I have heard of the authors but have never read any of their books. I hope I win at least one of the sets ;)

The auctions end on Monday and I just know there are some of you who are way too auction savvy and are waiting to pounce in the last minute. If only I could stay near the computer at the end.

I believe I will still be painting.

Aside: I did something stupid with the spell check and now I think words have been changed. I'm just too tired to figure out the errors. Bad Cindy - okay, lazy Cindy. Also, Bob wants in here so I better move.

Suisan - no vamps and no LOST? That's two strikes babe! ;)