Monday, July 31, 2006

Warning - Post Written Just Before Bed - Strap In!!

I know what you're thinking.

When did this blog become about pets?

It's all good. I regret not having a thousand and one pictures of Rocky so I'm constantly taking pictures of Cody when I think he is being too cute for words. He was sleeping and that one ear is just cocked so it would be standing if he was upright. So yeah, things might get a little canine like around here but I'll try to keep it to a minimum.

Bob surprised me today by coming home at noon and taking me out with him on a business run.

It's hotter than hell but screw that, it's the friggin' humidity! (This sentence makes more sense later on in the post. On re-read I have no idea why I threw this in here but I can't figure out where to move it and since it's really very important it gets to stay!!)

So I'm a day walker at the moment and by moment I mean the last five days. When Bob is on vacation I try and be normal - not that he cares but hey, I want us to have plenty of time to shop and drop some coin. I hit the proverbial wall today at about 4pm and had to crash - I woke up at 7:30pm so I know I'll probably be up for another hour.

You know me, I try and do a quick post and I write an epic novel so I'm trying to keep this brief.
While at the warehouse Bob had to go to, I wasn't allowed in because I was wearing shorts (which I remembered when we got there and that I probably didn't meet safety regulations) but I got to stay in the airconditioned office outside the warehouse.

Since I was left alone I cracked open Hunting the Hunter by Shiloh Walker and I'm hooked. Too bad it's going to be in the 40s tomorrow and I'll have kids coming over for the day to use the pool. THEN. One of my best buds is coming the day after to lounge by the pool and possibly go out and shop. So reading will probably get put on the back burner.

Thing is, shopping in this kind of heat can really take it out of me.

Edited - holy shit, you're about to go on a bender and this is why I shouldn't post so close to bed time!!

I can't remember if I have mentioned this or not so forgive me if I'm repeating myself.

When I was 17, the family went to Florida and it rained and it was cold and it was not fun. So, the first nice day my mother and I hit the beach and I fall asleep in the sun. I was burned to a crisp and it was only 2pm. So then I meet another girl my age and we hang out all day by the pool - in the sun - in the heat. We go to a local mall to shop and the store whirls, I black out and then puke all over the store.


At the exact moment this is happening to me, my Dad, brother (12 at the time) and Mom had gone out to dinner. They had finished up and Mom was in the parking lot when everything went wrong. She told Billy to go and get her a bag and to this day we all start laughing whenever we talk about this.

So my dad is paying for the dinner and Billy comes in and says Mom needs a bag - they get around to it and Billy walks out. The door opens a minute later and Billy strolls back in. My dad gives him a questioning look and Billy says 'Too late.'

Yeah, two glamorous chicks on the town.

I was okay by the next morning - youth and all - but when my mom went to shower I guess the pain was so bad she barely made it out to the bed before her eyes rolled into the back of her head and she was out. I remember thinking she was dead and dad's yelling for a cloth which Billy brings but it's dry and Dad's yelling about getting a damp cloth and Billy is all 'what do you mean by a damp cloth?' and the minute Billy gave my dad the cloth I grabbed his arm and we ran out of the room.

My father still won't let us live that down but DUDE, we so don't do sick!!

Well, ever since then I can't take the sun or the heat. I'm figuring we had sun stroke as opposed to heat stroke but maybe we had both. Mom says she can't sit out like she did when she was younger either.

All the same, going from heat to air conditioning, back into the heat and then AC and then heat and then AC - well, my body gets wonky and it wants to lay down before it starts throwing up. Since I'm all about NOT puking, I listen when it starts thumping at me.

All this was to mention that I had started another book. Aren't you glad you come here?

Since we can't end the post on whether or not I will puke this week, here is another picture of Cody further out so you can see how his paws curl and look cute and shit.


Cutesy dog pic, blah, blah, blah about my day, oh I picked up a book followed by long ass story, a reference to puke and another cutesy dog pic.

I'm telling you, if I don't win some Award thingie for Blogging I'll be friggin' shocked!!

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Someone is Trying To Tell Me Something

Here we have what was once beautiful baby blue on brown leather journal that I recently started to use to keep track of books that I want to buy.

Now, before I decided to use one of my most favourite journals I had filled an 8x11 sheet of paper full of titles. That sheet has disappeared completely and there were many titles that I can't for the life of me remember.

So, yeah, I 'm bitter about it but I will now use a proper journal to keep track of the books I want to buy.

Well, tonight Bob and I went out and came home to find this cute little journal in Cody's jaws. Cody's been so very good but I think he gets anxious when we go out together and probably fears we won't come back. (Hey, it happened with Rocky) so I'm not even remotely mad at him although it was one of my favourite journals. Since I did love it, I bought at least one extra one so I can break a new one out.

All the same, I'm starting to wonder if maybe someone is trying to tell me that I shouldn't be buying books at this time.

Sorry it's such a short post but it is now 12:30am and I need to head to bed.

I know!! I'm totally into a normal sleep pattern.

We'll see how long that lasts.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Really, It's Just All About Me

I mentioned earlier that Bob took Thursday and Friday off to get a long weekend. Next weekend is a long weekend for uh, at least Ontario (according to Wiki) but my extended family decided that would be a great time to crash in our area. These are the same family members that blocked us from doing anything for the long weekend a month ago (Canada Day Weekend) by having us all up their way for a birthday bash.

Bob says that's rude.

I say shut it and cope.

I've never once said my family was thoughtful.

So, I'm on a sleep schedule that is sure to have someone in the general area of Southern Ontario end up in a headlock today. Hey, you rub the lamp you roll the dice - happy Cindy or C-Rex - since I think I'm heading into that time of the month it's more likely the bone crusher C-Rex will take someone out.

In trying to be up during Bob's vacation time I stayed up until 3pm yesterday (Thursday - that'd be 8 hrs after I normally hit the sack) and woke up at 1am ish.

The plan?

Stay up until at least 10 pm today.

Okay, the real plan is not to injure anyone and stay up until late in the night.

Stranger things have happened.

On the reading front, I have been lugging Sex, Lies and Online Dating by Rachel Gibson around but the opening scene has me backing off already.

Chick is driving a BMW, drinks lattes of some sort and wears Eddie Bauer. Huh. I have nothing in common with this person so I put the book back in the TBR pile (near the bottom of that scary closet) and pulled out Hunting the Hunter by Shiloh Walker.

I have much more in common with bloodsucking kickass monsters.

Shut up.

Gonna go into the book blind! Uh, I mean I won't bother with the backblurb, just dive right in.

All this to get to the story of my dog and my black and white cat Emma.

First I give you this picture.

Bob and I got home, I opened the front door, dropped all this stuff on the floor, took one look at Emma and knew I needed to get the camera.

I walk to the den, climb over the kiddie gate (you can see it there) walk past the slumbering Cody, pick up the camera, think 'what a cutie' snap two pics and head back out of the room.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is our terrifying guard dog. I know. He scares me.

The fact that our dog would sleep through people carrying out the flat screen TV and the computer with the digital camera is probably just a small way that nature pays us back.

For what you ask? Read on.

Here is a picture of our lovely Emma. Note Emma's beautiful black and white fur.

Oh, you too notice the canary yellow that is on her paws, neck and even though it doesn't show in this picture, her nose and mouth?

Ahhh, she has been playing with the yellow lillies that Bob bought for me when Rocky passed.

Okay, she's been eating them.

I'm waiting to see what kind of urinary tract infection will occur from this little excursion. *Oh please, don't let that happen*

Meanwhile, Emma is completely oblivious to the fact that her fur is dyed yellow and will happily pose for pictures sure that her beauty is legendary.

Like I said, we deserve to be robbed and have pictures e-mailed to us of our sleeping pooch while the action was happening.

This is why we would be very bad parents.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Blogger Hates Me? & Pimpage

Well, I suddenly realized that if I was the only one having problems with Blogger then it was possible that it wasn't Blogger and it was me.

I know! It's okay, go get a paper bag to breathe in, I'll wait.

We good? All right then.

What took me so long to get to this conclusion?

I'm never wrong.

Excuse me while I maneuver around my ego. *singing while driving around Mt. Ego* "She'll be coming round the mountain when she comes, she'll be coming round the mountain when she comes, she'll be ..."

There we go.

So I remembered this fancy techno thing that came with the computer which was like a way back time machine.

System Restore!!

Super cool. No really. My last computer was from something like 95 and I don't remember there being a system restore so I would end up nuking the C drive and starting from scratch. Blech.

So I restored my computer back to before we moved although it's only been about two weeks that Blogger has been kicking my ass.

That last blog I did with all the pictures took me hours because it would only let me upload three pictures. Then I couldn't upload the book covers so then I thought I would try uploading the covers to my test blog and voila - they arrived - except for one that didn't even show up in one of the programs I recently downloaded (Picasa). That's when my ego got a wallop and my brain shifted into a forward gear.

So, the system has been restored, I'm running a virus scan as we speak and soon I will know exactly how *ego steps up 'ahem'*. well, it rhymes with cupid - I am.

And now for something completely different.

Book Ring Pimpage!

Over on the left hand side of your screen down low - keep going - no past the links - yeah, past that Blogger button - AHA!! A Romance Reader Ring has been born!

No, I didn't create it. Remember? Lazy.

It is the brain child of Fiona and Dylan - woohoo!!! Brave readers they are.

Anyways, you can go to this link and look at the questions and decide if you would like to belong to the group. Basically if you love romance books and post about books (seriously, if I can get accepted with the amount of book posts I do - shut up, I do so post about books!) you're in. What I like is that every once in a while they will highlight one of your blog posts or ask if you want to post about something.

For instance - WTF with Anne Stuart? Yep, that little post will be by me and yeah, I'll have to sit with that one for a while because normally I'm all WTF!! You haven't read Anne Stuart?!

Kristie - they would probably love to have you do a Derek Craven post and in return you might just find more readers for your list ;)

Since I know that most of you blog more about books and romance more than I do, I thought you would appreciate a heads up.

Yeah, I'm cool like that.

Look it that - we've come full circle and ended up back at Mt Ego.

Now that's a trip!

Edited - interesting I still can't get a photo to upload. Maybe Mt. Ego is BACK!!!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Small Book Store Shopping

I went over to a local mall because I am looking for a grass green tailored bedskirt. Now, you would think this would be easy but so far, I have struck out. I am going to show you guys some design pictures when I get the second bedroom done. It's the first room I tackled because everyone loved the yellow on the walls and even though I found it too bright I figured I would work with it.

Ah, screw it, I don't have that impulse control thingie that most people have so I went up and took a picture of my half way mark. Here you will notice that I don't have a bedskirt on the bed. I started this room by finding these cute red tulip pillows on a white background. In the same store I picked up a table runner in the same read with many of the spring colours in it. Then in the same little town we found the yellow rug and picked that one up also. So I need a green bedskirt, we need to put up the painting and then I'm thinking the windows look bare. We also have a couple of nightstands that Bob built at the old house still and I'm thinking of painting them white on the outside and in the cubby part paint them green. So the good news is I have a plan! It's the only room I have a plan for!

Here's a closer picture of the bedding and the runner I used that looks like a fancy sheet has been folded over.

Having struck out on a bedskirt I did find two red sweater pillow covers and a beautiful kelly green cable knit throw for this room in the winter all on sale. I was worried about how I could cozy the room up for the winter but it appears I'm all over it!

So after spending 1/2 my Sears Club Points I headed out into the mall to the little bookstore. I didn't have my list with me but quite frankly that is an everyday occurrence nowadays.

I had a hard time picking out books to buy because most of my books are still in that horrible closet and out of sight, out of mind seems to be my call sign.

First book I found was The Ultimatum by Susan Kearney that Kristie read there a few weeks ago and really enjoyed. I haven't read a futuristic in a while and I usually really enjoy them so I knew I wanted to give this one a try. (Yowza, check out the commercials! I like the one for her next book and am floored by the special effects! I didn't find the guy in The Ultimatum attractive at all but I liked the tagline - talk about marketing!)

Then I remembered that everyone is clamoring for Scandal in Spring by Lisa Kleypas and it just so happens it was on the shelf so I figured why not. Funny part was when I got to the front of the store, desperate to find at least one more book to buy they had about 30 copies sitting in the new release section. I bought this one in the vain hope that I don't crack the cover of Devil in Winter. With so many people saying the hero in Devil in Winter is *this* close to Craven from well, damn, you know which book he's in, I'm having a hard time resisting the urge to just sit and inhale. My poor emergency book stash is dwindling!

Oh, look, a back alley and will wonders never cease, my brain is heading in that direction!

So, here's the thing, I have this awful feeling whenever I finish a great book. 'What if that's the last great book I ever read!?' I mean, there are only so many backlists and I've pretty much got my bases covered but I always have a fear that romance books will just disappear and I'll never have the joy of rediscovering a new love in a new time or place. I mean, that's just weird and I know it's weird but it's there on the edge of the brain, mocking me. I think this is a pseudo part of what Tara Marie is going through right now. Okay, maybe I'm reaching and Tara Marie would prefer not to be dragged into my back brain alley but hey, someone's getting pulled in!

A dumpster! Let's dive in shall we?

I was looking at the back blurbs on a few books and if one thing will get me to drop a book (besides a secret baby, sheik, virgin twins, or God forbid match making kiddies) are these immortal sex gods. I mean, what is sexy about a man who humped everything that showed a pulse for centuries, got cursed by whoever and is now released by some modern day woman who has to teach him not to pee on the furniture.

Okay, I've never read a book with a hero who peed on the furniture but then with all these werewolf books, could happen.

I don't care how good-looking a man is, if he is a slut I don't want him and I don't understand why anyone would. Hey, if he has a good enough reason I can deal with it but just because he could? Blergh.

Anyone feel the exact opposite of me? No worries, I'm not going to flame you or nothing, just wondering what the appeal is.

Okay, where in the hell are we? Are we in a freakin' dumpster!?

Oh yeah, books.

In a grand effort to have more than two books to buy I searched and searched the tiny romance section and could find nothing. I then went over to the computer section thinking I could find a manual on paintbrush but they only had photoshop books so I moved on.

Nora Roberts Blue Smoke in paperback. Huh. I think people really liked this one and I haven't read her in years. Sssss-old!

Crap!! I just found one of my lists. Calamity Jayne Rides Again is out there somewhere and I totally forgot again. Stupid brain.

Guess what?

Bob has decided to take this Thursday and Friday off so we will have a 4 day weekend just for us! Sure, we'll see how long it's just us but, it'll be nice to go out shopping and do some day trips. The best is that I always get a bookstore visit and lotsa money gets to be spent. Yummmmm. It's also supposed to be wicked hot which means the pool should rock the weekend.

*happy sigh*

Not only that, I'm going to buy a cordless keyboard. I know! The excitement in my life is never ending!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Date Me, Baby, One More Time


*cues music* I think I love you so what am I so afraid of
I'm afraid that I'm not sure of a love there is no cure for ...

Lots of love being sent Jay's way because she was the reason I bought Date Me, Baby, One More Time and well,


I can't even begin to tell you whay this book is about because there are so many things going on. But, here's my best shot.

Cindy Blurb: Derek LaValle believes that the male members of his family are cursed to die at a specific time - he has it down to the second. Why does he know this? He saw his father die from a butter knife that suddenly had a life of it's own. After that he began to search out information on a curse. Of course, his entire family thinks he needs some shock therapy and explains the 'coincidences' as the LaValle men being unlucky. What he knows is that he needs to find the Goblet of Youth and girl the guardian to survive the curse. He has to do all this in a week because his time is coming.

Justine Bennett is the Guardian of the Goblet and has been watching over it for a couple of centuries now. Upon meeting Derek she is intrigued and decides to see what it is he is after.

It took a while for Derek and Justine to meet but once they do, they are in pretty deep with each other. All the same, there are so many obstacles in their way that the idea either of them will get out alive is slim.

Really, I can't squeeee enough about this book. For other reviews you can go to Jay's and Dear Authors. They tell you much more and clearly, I am up way past my bedtime because I'm barely literate!

The other good news? Rowe does great sexual tension and this book is real sexy and I liked the dark humour.

So if you want to try a great paranormal book where there are no vampires, werewolves or time traveling, this is it!!

So get this, I have Stephanie Rowe as an auto-buy author, Kresley Cole and J.R Ward. I love adding to the auto-buy list because it has been years!!!

Saturday, July 22, 2006


So, just because I think it's hilarious and to keep you all up on the blog change you can go look at the mess I have created.

I think I need to find a simpler template and work from there. *snort* Yeah, that aughta do it.

Just thought I would let you all know I'm trying and I would like to thank those who suggested creating a test blog because I would be in tears by now if I had done this to my blog. Instead, I get to laugh my ass off every time I do something wonky.

Bitten & Smitten

I bought this book when I saw that Jay was reading it and I liked the blurb and I'm on a real vampire kick right now.

It didn't work for Jay but I was lucky.

I'm going to suggest a B- for a grade and I find that writing this review is hard because the book kinda sits in that so-so territory.

Cindy Blurb: Sarah's on a blind date and gets bit by a vampire, the vampire is slain by hunters in front of her and then they turn to kill her. She runs away sees a man on a bridge and begs him to help her although it's obvious he's contemplating suicide. The guy on the bridge just happens to be a vampire too.

Aside: You live 30 years without ever hearing about vamps and hunters and in the space of an hour meet 3 hunters and 2 vamps. *shrug* Let's roll with it.

Thierry (which really I have no clue how to pronounce so in my head it rhymed with fiery) decides to help this newly created vamp since her sire has been killed and what the hell, he can kill himself when he's done.

In short - Sarah doesn't believe, ow, ow, ow, I'm dying, Thierry says drink blood, ew!, she gets over it, gets in deep with vampire hunters because she's a walking disaster, Theirry says she has to leave her old life, screw you!, people are always trying to kill her and she keeps running to Thierry for help. There's also some other characters in the book, whatever.

First this isn't a romance. I went into it thinking it was chick lit which was a good thing for the author or this would be one hell of a rant. I checked the spine at the half way mark and some dumbass had put paranormal romance on the spine. Okay, there is an attraction and some fooling around but there was no sex. None. Now, I know there are books that don't have sex in them but you all know how I feel about romance books without sex. If you're new, here's a recap (hot damn, it's fun referring to my own posts. What?) So, no nookie, no keeper.

With that out of the way I really enjoyed this story for what it was. Just a wacky tale about a chick with a sense of humour going all vamp. Nothing ground breaking here but I can tell you this, I started this book on Friday when Rocky was sick and it kept me going through the day. Not only that but it had me laughing out loud and that's hard to do. I didn't finish the book until last night and I was amazed that when I went back to reading I remembered who everyone was and what had happened up to that point. Very rare because like, really, bad memory.

There were the situations that I shook my head at and wondered how someone could be so stupid but hey, she's not claiming to be a rocket scientist. Also there is another guy in the story set up as a possible love interest and yes I had to end peek so I knew which guy she would end up with. I think it's funny that authors will keep the 'real' hero off screen and mysterious while the other guy runs around with the heroine and holds her hand and helps her out. I would have liked the twist if she had ended up with the other guy but I'm not going to spoil who the guy is or anything.

What else?

Oh! The book is set in Toronto! I live one hour away from Toronto and I have been where it's set although I have no idea what an aqueduct or some such is. I liked reading a book set near where I live which may have also up the ante of me reading it.

So there you go. It's really up to you if you want to try this author.

Hmmm, I'm not really selling it am I? I guess that's just what a good book is, it's good and nothing more than that. Wow. Kinda the first time I've read a book that I enjoyed but am more than willing to part with. Cool.

On a completely different note. No really. Strap in.

You know how I'm on a break with Brockmann? Well, her new book is coming out in August and I have discovered the stirring of curiosity in myself.


I hate myself.

I was wondering if anyone else was going to be buying or borrowing her latest. Once I read the blurb I cooled off a bit because it looks like one of those stories where the H/H have sex in the first few chapters and *then* they have their conflict.


Friday, July 21, 2006

I'm IT!!!

1. When did you first start blogging and why? It's almost my one year blogiversary and it is all Maili's fault. If she were around you could send her hate mail but I figure she saw this meme and hit the deck. I was nervous thinking I would run out of blogging topics in about 3 posts but to my surprise, I just never shut up. *snort* I mean, I talk to myself so why would I think I would run out of things to say? Wait, did I just say that out loud?

2. What don't you talk about? Huh. Is there anything I won't talk about? *sits back and stares into space* *Comes up for air an hour later* Nope. I have seen other people say politics and religion and I'm pretty much the same but only because I find the first either boring or stroke inducing and the second - I know what I believe and I trust others to know what they believe and after that I figure it's all just showing mutual respect.

3) Are you and your blogging persona the same person? Yep. Although I can be more open in this forum about friends and family which keeps me from bartering for heat seeking missiles to - uh, forget I said that.

4) How do you use blogging to build friendships? Actually, I'm surprised at just how easy it is to find friends by blogging. I published my first post and thought maybe 1 person would know. Now there are people dropping in all the time and I try and make the rounds also. I love going to other blogs because it is fun to read about how other people are coping with 'the family', their work, their loves and then, we talk about books!! My friends don't read so I was never able to talk books with them. Thus, my reason for even jumping on the net some 10 years ago now.

5) How would you describe your writing style? Really? There's a style? Meh.

I have to tag people so -

Megan (I could swear you already did this meme but I can't find it - if too busy, ignore), Ames, Renee, Sybil, Suisan - I mean really, I'm always interested on why people started up their blogs. If they were like me and just fumbled their way in or if they were part of the pioneer set or if they knew it would be more about their lives than their books - (like mine although that was a fluke!)

Thursday, July 20, 2006

My Godson and Cody

Sorry, this is totally a post about my gorgeous Godson and my dog. I mean, c'mon! Look at him! He happily dons on a woman's hat, turns to the camera and puts on a huge smile.

Tell me he doesn't know he's all that. He is going to be soooo vain when he grows up. Tracy and I (his mom's friends) are always telling him that his cheeks are just so sweet that we want to eat him.

His response? "I know."

Next up we have the picture that had the kids killing themselves laughing. I think it's a pretty great picture also and it was totally a fluke. I went to take a picture of Cody and while waiting for the digital camera to catch up he moved in close and voila - our own masterpiece!

Joshua especially couldn't stop laughing and wanted me to take another one like this.

How do you explain that it just happened? Well, you don't, so you end up taking a butt load of pictures of the kids with their faces crammed in beside Cody's. Since the other kids weren't mine I won't post them but, good golly they are cute!

Now, my Godson Josh has no fear of animals. I remember when he was 2 and he met Rocky and Cody. They barreled at him and he just swatted them out of his way. We've never seen anything like it. Adults used to run in fear when confronted with our dogs. Josh? Never phased him.

Anyways, Cody has changed since Rocky passed and I think it's because he doesn't have a partner in crime. Now he only has the people around him and I guess we're not all that excitable. So the other day Josh walks right up to Cody, grabs him by the head and puts his face right on his nose and hums to him. He didn't know we were watching but OMG, I just melted. Her are a few pictures of him holding Cody's head so the camera can get his best angle.


Shhhhh, I'm having a moment.


The next picture is Cody in the pool area which we never thought would happen. Since we have a concrete pool we are safe to have him near the pool area. Sure enough, the first day we let him in he fell in.

Okay, not so much fell in as put his front legs in to see how deep the water was only to have his entire body disappear under the water. Bob and I hadn't even gotten in the pool yet. Bob freaks out because he kinda panics about stuff like that so we dragged him out immediately. If it had only been me I would have let him swim around to see if the fear left him.

I knew he would only ever get in once and so far, I'm right. Now he just watches from the sidelines. I mean really, doesn't this picture just make you laugh?

Just me? I mentioned I'm easily amused right?

C'mon! It's classic!!

Ah, forget it.


This next picture was taken because OMG Josh is such a goober!

He won't go into a pool over his head because (uh, very long story so settle in) his mother dunked Zachary (his older brother by 5 years) under the water when he was like two years old and Zachary became uncharacteristically afraid of the water. In an effort not to scar Josh she has refrained from doing anything that will upset him in a pool

It is so hilarious when he gets to our house. Apparently he tells everyone on the drive over how he will not be getting in the pool. He tells me when he gets to our house and I just nod.

Well, the minute I'm in the pool here's the conversation

Me: C'mere (loud because he's at the other end of the pool)

Josh: Why you want me? (Shut up, he's five and grammar isn't his strong suit)

Me: C'mere (louder)

Josh: *starts to walk towards me* I don't want to get in the pool.

Me: Take your top off.

Josh: *reluctantly starts to take his top off* I don't want to..

Me: Let's go!

Josh: Ooooookkkkkay. Just don't take me by that thing. (the skimmer hole)

Me: I know, just c'mon.

Josh: *reaches to me* Don't let me go.

Me: Have I ever let you go?

Josh: I'm scared.

Me: I'm plugging your nose and then I'm counting to three.

Josh: I don't -

Me: One

Josh: to go -

Me: Two

Josh: *huge gulp in*

Me: 3

Under/Up - I'm going to use literally here because I'm literally that fast. I could probably dunk him while he is still talking I'm so fast but hey, I believe in a fair warning system.

Me: Woohoo!!!

Crowd (yes there are other people there): starts celebrating and telling him how great he is.

Josh: *smiles because he knows he's all that* Okay, I want out now.

Me: Good, get out!

I know, I'm a tough bitch but hey, he listens to me and at least he has had his head under the water. And he's five!! He should be playing in the pool like a seal! You know what, his parents have never put water wings on him!! I wonder if they make water wings for kids over 50lbs?

All this to tell you that I'm not *that* big of a bitch and wanted Josh to have fun at our house so we bought a small plastic pool he could play around in. Well, not only does he play around, he orders the kids to get him the lounger (floating thing) from the big pool (the children are used to his Emperor ways and do as he asks) and he puts it in his small pool and lays down to *float*.

I mean really.

This kid should have soooo been mine!!

Did I mention I love him to his itty bitty toes?

Just checking.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


It wasn't until just this moment that I thought to be curious as to why my husband decided I needed a trip to the bookstore. Hmmmm, wonder what I'm going to be painting, prying, carrying or demolishing next.

Right now, I don't care because I have some new beauties - 3 of which I didn't know I would buy until I laid eyes on them!

I went in knowing I would buy Date Me, Baby, One More Time because Jay really enjoyed it and well, I needed some fresh blood in the TBR pile. Also, I think this may have been the first book I have ever seen her squee over. Ooooooo, awwww, look at her website intro. Yes, I'm easily amused.


Angel With Attitude by Michelle Rowen was like two books away from DMBOMT and since I am reading and enjoying Bitten and Smitten I thought I would pick this one up also. Not sure about it and Jay did say she couldn't get into it but again, maybe my low expectations will carry the book.

At least I'm honest!

I'm sure it's been done to death but where the hell did Warner Forever come from? I guess I should have asked before I bought 3 books from this publisher. Maybe the have a 'no sex' policy.

Crap. Maybe I should have kept the receipt.

Ah well.

Now this one blew me away because I had no clue she was in paperback.

Hunting The Hunter by Shiloh Walker!!! I didn't even read the back cover because I don't care, I just want to read a book by this author. I'm not sure why. Maybe it's because I have her confused with a romantica author or something and it'll turn out the book is young adult which will have me searching for the highest cliff to throw myself off of.

Uhhh, oops. Didn't know I wouldn't touch young adult books with a ten foot pole?

Okay, seriously, you need to breath. Deep breath in. And out. There, feel better? It's okay, just remember it's my loss.

Oh look, she wrote for Ellora so she is the author I was thinking of. Phew. All that drama could have been avoided if I had only looked first.

You okay?

Breathing normally yet? You had to go get a paper bag to breath into didn't you? It's all good, I do the same thing when someone says they haven't read Anne Stuart. We keep oxygen on hand for emergencies.

Moving on!

Oh man!! I can't get any more pictures - F#%king Blogger!!! I wanted this post to be all pretty and stuff. Crud!

Dark Sky by Carla Neggers. I bought this because a few people mentioned how The Widow was a great book and was reminiscent of Linda Howard when she could bring it. Since The Widow is in hardcover and I have yet to buy an author I haven't read before in hardcover I thought I would pick one of her other titles. Edited: Okay, colour me confused. The Widow hasn't even been released yet! There are too many bloggers getting ARCs ... I'm a blogger - why aren't I getting any ARCs!!??

Yep. It's that simple. Wouldn't fork out the money for the book recommended. Hell, no. Had to pick a title at random off the shelf. Hope it works out.

I remembered to look for Kate Lyon's book but seeing as how it was Chapters - maybe was can start calling it Crapters - they didn't have the book in stock. I guess I should be feeling lucky that they had 4 other options for me to pick up.

Yeah, that's how I'm feeling towards that bookstore.


Now, imagine my crappy attitude if I had left that store without any books.


Before anyones head blows off, it was an inpromptu visit and thus, 1. I could not check availability of titles and 2. I did not have my TBB list with me which was truly the real crime.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Woohoo!!! It's Fixed and It Wasn't Me!!!

There she be!! I finally got a picture posted (and it just happened without me doing anything so I'm going out on a limb and saying it wasn't me - this time)!

I won this award from Kate Rothwell. The idea was to pretend snark about a book you didn't like. Something just a few sentences long. Now, there was a little something you could do to get bonus points and it was to use Lemur in your snark. You can go and see what I wrote to win such a wonderful piece of art.

Did you go and read? Yep, won by over using the word Lemur. Hey sometimes you have to stack the deck ;)

Since I will never win a Smart Bitch title I will happily display my snarkiness for all to see.

Now, this is where I must apologize - I'll put it in big font in case you're all just browsing and think, 'I don't care about Lemurs' and go to move on.

I'm Sorry For Being Such An Ass!

Yep, there I go, thinking I'm all that! Can you believe that I thought creating a blog template would be, if not easy, something I could do without my brain trying to jump ship? I'm one of those people who rarely, if ever, reads a manual and I thought that just futzing around with the jpeg files would change my blog.

Uh, no.

I'm not going to drop the idea although I do suggest you get used to the scenery here.

For those of you who have created your own blog templates or have managed to even tweak one, I bow before you, humbled by your ability.

Now, if only I could inject myself with the information I need to create a template. Like in The Matrix. Seriously. Living in a computer generated world would rock if you could just download what you need to know. My mouth waters at the idea of knowing how to cook something besides the same old, same old.

Actually, screw that, I want that thing on Star Trek that creates what you want in like a millisecond.

Damn. I'm hungry.

Might Be A Good Time

Well, I have watched many take the leap into sprucing up their blogs and I'm thinking maybe it's time I took the plunge. Since I seem to be in stasis right now - I think I was depressed today because it was hard to even feed myself - maybe now would be a good time to play around instead of depressing everyone.

Also, being the owner of a pool is exhausting. I love having company but Bob and I haven't had this much company ... ever!! There hasn't been a weekend where we were free to do what we wanted. It never fails that the BBQ gets fired up and then there are drinks and chip bowls and towels and crap every where!

We were supposed to do the 'Bob and Cindy' weekend but the temperatures here were 31 and 32 degrees Celcius and we just couldn't keep the pool to ourselves. I do think it's funny that not too many people bothered with us when we had the above ground 12 x 24 pool. Now that we have this huge lake in our back yard (18x20 inground concrete pool) we seem to have more people interested. Bob said we should invite the neighbours over. Uh, yeah. Could I have a break for a few days?

The good news is that the people behind us have a pool and our neighbours seem to be over there every weekend because there kids are best friends. Hey, that's all good. I think I just had a rough time today because I was kinda comatose and Bob kept saying things like, 'where's Cody, can you get so and so a drink, could you feed Cody, where's Josh ... '

Also, Bob got a funny gene when it comes to socialization. Bob thinks nothing of doing other things while we have people over. Bob will invite people and then I'm the one entertaining them while he goes and waters the plants, remembers something he wanted to do with the wiring and whatever else will pop into his brain. I tell you, it's a good thing his friends and family love him!

On the flip side, I know that if I'm having a real bad day I can say to him that he can't leave me with everyone. That man can stick like glue when he knows I need him ;)

Okay, can anyone tell me how this post went from a 'sprucing up' post to a 'we're socially inept' post.


The usual.

Tomorrow I will post the award I won by beating a dead horse! Hey, sometimes I take instruction a little too well ;)

Edited: Okay, I'm gonna need a clue. I can't post pictures. It goes through all the motions and even has the part where it says 'done'. I click that and nothing happens. It did this to me before but others were having problems also but now, is it just me? Fi and Marg - don't answer that!!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Soggy & A Book

Thanks for all the well wishes. I can't tell you how nice it is to know that there are people who understand what the loss of a pet can do to them.

I'm pretty sure Cody doesn't know which way is up. Bob hasn't left his side until tonight when he went to bed and he's been with me most of the night. I put him down about an hour ago and he lasted a half hour before he started to howl. He hasn't howled since he was a puppy. I think he was really missing Rocky and I let him howl (I love the sound he makes) for about 10 minutes. Then I couldn't take it and went to get him so he's with me now, sound asleep.

I know that Cody has to grieve but I can't imagine just letting him be by himself. Bob was talking to a friend who had seen a wolf documentary and how the wolves basically, slept, woke up and groomed, played, hunted, played and then went to sleep. One of the pack members died and for 6 weeks, instead of playing they would go to the place where their pack mate had died and circle it while howling for hours. Then one day, they stopped and went back to their old routine.

I'm guessing that Cody is going to grieve much the same way although hearing his mournful howl tonight and knowing it was due to grief was too much. Cody is an Australian Sheep Dog (not a shepherd or a cattle dog) and I don't know if others know this but when he is sad or hurt he can make the most haunting sounds. He used to do it as a puppy but I think growing up with dogs that didn't howl, he changed his ways. I guess he is going back to what he knows.

Okay, before I get too weepy - *too late* - I'll tell you about the book I am reading.

Bitten & Smitten by Michelle Rowan.

I think I'm lucky in that I went into the book with low expectations. I'm not done the book yet but I am having a great time. I actually laughed out loud at some of the situations!

So far, I am considering it a Chick Lit book even though I checked the spine at the 3/4 mark and it says Paranormal Romance. Let's just say, there has been no lovin' and you all know how I feel about that! I did have to peek at the end because a love triangle started to emerge but now that I am further into the book, I see there isn't really a triangle.


Can't stand the love triangle. I'm left wondering who I should be rooting for and then, well, I want a threesome.

Bad Cindy.

It's the only way to make sure no one loses! The only threesome I have read is the LKH series and they were okay until Micah showed up. *blergh*

How's that for TMI ;)

Cody woke up and I put him down again to see if he can cope. So far, nothing. I'm thinking he will start the mournful wail again in a little bit but this time I will be heading to bed so I will have to listen to his grief.

Poor Guy. I know we are going to change the routine of his life drastically now that we have only one dog (I will tell you what happened today in that backyard in another post) but I don't want to do a 180 on him and have him wondering what the hell happened!

Oh! Anyone know about how to transfer a video recording onto a disc? Like, do you know the names of companies that might do this? We have a great homemade video called the Dog Days of Summer starring Rocky, Cody and Bullwinkle. I would love to put it on DVD and maybe even upload some of it so you guys can see the funniest dog crash I've ever seen. I tell you, we only watch it every once in a while but every time we do, we laugh so hard we can barely breath!

Edited: Okay, blogger has two more days to get their picture input thingie working again or I may have to learn a whole new set of rules for blogging. I know many changed to Word Press so I may have to look into it. Whadya think? Is Blogger trembling in fear over my threat? Yeah, that's what I thought too.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Spirit In The Sky

Our 13 year old Black Lab Rocky was called back to the puppy park in the sky today. We were very blessed to have had such a wonderful friend in our lives. He had 13 1/2 great years and one bad day.

Last night he couldn't get outside and by 3pm today he couldn't raise his head. Turns out he had a large tumor in his stomach and he went into liver and kidney failure. He had been acting like a puppy for the last few days so I was hoping he had just pulled a muscle. Hearing that we couldn't do anything for him and seeing him deteriorate so fast helped to make the decision easy.

Still, I can't stop thinking about him.

We went swimming tonight and I all I could think of was Rocky swimming in a pond. It's funny because the two times he ended up in water over his head he made a beeline for the shore.

It's weird how the day keeps re-playing in my head and at 9am this morning I saw Rocky the puppy one last time. He hadn't moved for most of the night and I had called a vet by 8am. I thought I would leave him to rest and when I cracked the door open an hour later he actually raised his head, perked his ears and wagged his tail about 5 times. Bob came home from work at 10am and I was so sure Rocky was on the mend. Having Rocky not respond at all to Bob told him it was over. I was still waiting for a steroid shot that would perk him back up.

We are comforting ourselves imaging him galloping through a never ending park with a refreshing stream he can splash through and endless baseballs to chase.

I needed to write this out so I could deal with some of the thoughts crashing through my head. I keep remembering him at all ages and all the funny things he did. He wasn't the brightest dog in the world which made him even funnier.

The cutest thing that happened in the last few weeks was when Rocky caught a glimpse of himself in the bay window here at the new house. He had lived in a bungalow all his life and Bob and I never realized that our dogs had never seen themselves before. Rocky saw his reflection and stopped dead. At that moment I realized that Rocky would have been one vain puppy if he had had a mirror. I swear he was thinking 'Day-am, who is that handsome Sonofabitch. Is that me? I am hot! *cue the music* I'm too sexy for my fur, too sexy for my fur ...'

In the past few weeks many new people met him and were shocked when we told them how old he was. Even the vet said he looked so very healthy for a dog his age. He had a graying spot on his left flank and a few dapper grays sprinkling his muzzle.

Yep, he could have easily graced the cover of GQ Puppy Edition. Thing is, he could never stand still long enough to snap a picture. We have numerous pictures of the tip of his tail as he scampered out of the camera's range.

He was too busy enjoying the sights, sounds and smells of life and in the end, that is the gift he left with Bob and I.

Edited: Again with no pictures on Blogger. It's all right though. I can't find one that has his puppy look right now. There is a background in Windows XP of a black lab and it is on Bob's computer section. Every time I see that picture I think it is the splitting image of all that was Rocky. I would try and post it but there might be copyright issues and well, Blogger won't let me.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Briefing Shortly? or Shortly Briefing?

I have no clue why that is this posts title but it just jumped into my head.

Yes, you should heed that as a warning.

1. Cat Litter - *covers ears and hums* I'm in denial.

2. Rocky is very unwell and I'm hoping he didn't hurt himself by forgetting he's an old guy and not a young pup. He went from really perky to 'if I don't move it won't hurt'. I'm trying not to over think what's going on. (The vet put Rocky on aspirin because his back legs were starting to hurt him. I just didn't expect him to go from walking like he was on ice to leaping like a frog!)

3. 3rd partner finally told us what he is doing. He's out. This means that Bob is the only labour on this job and he promised me a summer. Of course, loving this man, I can't sit by and watch nothing happen at this property. The good news is that Bob knows not to push it. I can invite people to our house and we can go to other people's homes for visits. I don't have to hear Bob grumble because someone dared to have a birthday on a weekend. In return I go to the jobsite. I'm not sure why Bob likes me on jobsites because my mouth just never stops. Hey, if I'm miserable, everybody is miserable!

Let's face it. I'm going to be painting like a sonofabitch. Not only that but the exterior of the house is painted brick so that's just a whole lot of painting. We're going to price out a crew to come and do the exterior because NO ONE wants to hear the bitching I would be doing on scaffolding. I'm not afraid of heights as much as I'm afraid of falling. Since I'm a clutz, scaffolding is really just a huge death trap.

On that note, I have to decide on exterior colours because right now the house is white and ugly. Real ugly. We need curb appeal pronto. Anyone good at this? I'm going to go to a bunch of paint websites now and see if they have those 'traditional' colour groups that are always classic and appealing.

4. I'm going to go lay down beside Rocky for a while now. The exterior paint colours can wait another day.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

4:30 AM

It's late and I still haven't visited all the blogs I wanted to but, I thought I better update cause I know you're waiting all breathless and shit.

The cat litter is still where it was yesterday. Shut up.

Cody is no longer Sir Poops Alot but, I'm not rushing to any conclusions because he can revert in almost an instant. I think he has 5 more days of meds. Bless him for taking his horse pill without acting out though. Rocky can eat a treat or suck the cheese off of a pill and spit the bloody thing out at your feet.

It'll still have the stomach guard coating on it! (I've been giving the 13 year old Rocky aspirin daily and now he's dragging me down the street on walks. Bob can't believe the change and now makes sure that I give him his pill. Yeah, okay. I was the one who started him on the aspirin so I think *I'll* remember to give it to him. Sheesh. Although I have considered how wonderful it was to walk a dog that heals. *sigh*)

Cody, however, has been known to eat soap so a little pill is nothing.

AND there is a fox den around here. There are five of them now and the neighbours are all in a tizzy. Me, I think they're cute but I think I'm going to get out voted. The other night one ran across the road while I was walking Rocky and Cody. It was at that moment that I wished I had worn a full body suit because I was skiing! Nothing like having your feet ripped out from under you and being pulled face first up pavement.

Seriously, do you think Bob would know if I stopped giving Rocky the aspirin?

No dead critters today - Thank You Jesus! but it rained all day so no swimming. Yeah, boo hoo.

And last, I am addicted to animal crackers. I'm telling you there is a reason 'crack' is in the name. I believe I have bought close to 15 bags since my Godson was up and he wasn't interested in them.

I've had them as my dinner.

Oh, and I pulled a mini-smack down on partner number 1 tonight. I mean, no one called 911 or anything but I didn't pull too many of my punches. I even got a few jabs in on Bob - good thing he loves me!

We find out today if partner number 2 is in for real or if he's going to bail. I can't believe he even has a choice but the 'men' are dealing with that topic this morning.

This little partner is now off to bed.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Silly Crap

I tell you, I can't tell if I had a bad day or if I'm just in a bad mood.

1. Cody is now on his second round of antibiotics and they are having a wonderfully aromatic and sloppy side effect. *gag* Cody did his biz in the backyard and I thought I was safe to take them for a walk even though I always bring a bag. Egads! That dog dropped a mound of runny, stinky-ass poop at the half way point. So I'm grossed out and the smell is making me gag but it's not his fault and we all valiantly make it home where I scrubbed my hands because I have an obsessive-compulsive streak about cleanliness.

2. I'm about to get in for a swim after walking the dogs and getting super hot but I am skimming the water first. I wonder why the skimmer isn't working and I get that bad gut feeling that things are about to go from bad to worse. I open the skimmer and give a sigh of relief until I get the fish net we bought to get the pine needles out and pull up a dead chipmunk. Gee-rosssss. I'm horrified for the chipmunk but I'm also freaked out about a dead body being in my pool. So I'm definitely skeeved out and my gag reflex is working over time.

3. We think one of our neighbours has a compost heap that is now smelling like donkey ass. Makes me furious that this smell in emanating into my backyard. Dude, move your gross shit up towards your house so I don't have to smell that while trying to go for a swim. Gag reflex still getting a workout.

4. Okay, this is good news in that I did get into the pool but I didn't swim for long because as I mentioned before, wee bit skeeved out.

5. I cannot go into my kitchen without smelling the cat's litter because my husband insisted that he would have a hole broken into the garage first thing. It's now been a month since we moved in and I swear I am starting to lose weight because I refuse to go into the kitchen at night. I tell you, our cats are pretty but they can smell up the entire house. I'm considering buying a huge industrial fan and setting them up downstairs. Anything to be able to eat again without the smell of poop.

I mean, this can't be my life now can it?

Am I to be surrounded by animal turds, smells and corpses?

I realize now that I'm going to have to get proactive in this and the first thing to change is going to be that cat litter. It's going to happen pronto! Cody will be better after the meds are done *fingers crossed* and those of you who have had pools or have them, did you ever find a way to make sure that critters did not drown?

Oh and you wouldn't believe the infestation of caterpillars here. It's the first year they have hit and they eat and kill all trees over 3 - 4 years. So guess who will be spraying pesticides next year and we're so not pesticide people!!


I'm sorry I was hoping I would have read something interesting by now or have done something with the house but there are too many things bothering me that I have been waiting for Bob to deal with.

Looks like I'm about to take over.

Oh yeah.

Bob's not gonna like some of the results.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


We had a storm roll through last night and just before logging on to the computer the power went out. I actually heard the transformer blow - hey, not a lot of noise at 4 in the morning.

Not being the least bit sleepy I grabbed my New York Times Crossword book, a flashlight and pencil and sat in the living room for about 30 minutes. After decimating any belief in my intelligence with not one, but many puzzles - I flip through answering the questions I think I know and then have to cheat and look at the answers in the back only to discover that I have either A) over thought the damn thing or B) simplified when I needed to complicate - I crawled into bed and wrangled with my sleep demon.

Actually it must be my anxiety demon because it's a restless mind and body that keep me awake. Going over and over things from the past or crap you know is coming at you in the future. It's all futile work and knowing what my brain is doing doesn't help the situation because now I'm just aware of what is keeping me awake. Well, maybe that helps rather than thinking I just can't sleep.

I've picked up the book Bitten and Smitten and am trying it out. I was all set to give it a good go but things are unraveling in Bobby's world which means that things don't sit so well for me.

First, there are some changes at Bob's work which he is taking very optimistically and that is sooo not like him so I'm edgy. Even so, he is on a new project which I think is wonderful in that he loves a challenge and he definitely has one now!

Then there is the reno house.

The shit is starting to hit the fan and I'm spoiling to get in the middle and straighten everyone out. Thing is, I shouldn't be getting worked up about the house. I don't even have to set foot in the house. At least, that was what I was told but I can see that C-Rex may have to step in and knock some heads around.

Short story - *snort* - flipping houses - this is the third time for Bob and I. The first flip was 50/50 with my parents - all equal risk but Dad carried the house for nine months. Second flip we brought in a third partner to be a finance person in case people wanted to do this full-time - good time to get the ducks in a row. Therefore, 3 way split of profits and Bob and I carried everything. The *buy in* is 1/3 the down payment then the finance guy takes on the rest of the burden.

Or so we thought.

This is the first project that the 'finance guy' is supposed to be carrying and Bob and I are learning the hard way that people are big talkers and not so much on the doing. All we've heard for months is how this guy has money sitting in the wings for the next house. So we buy the next house and all of a sudden this guy doesn't have the money. Everyone ponied up their 1/3 but now he is talking about splitting the monthly costs!

Uh, no.

We didn't ask anyone to give us more money when we were covering the last house. I have a bad feeling that we are about to get a front row seat to a 'sink or swim' lesson.

Let's just say the bastard better start stroking because he's not going to want to deal with me.

Damn, this guy is messing up my karma.

Edited: Crap - again with no pictures! Blogger is failing miserably!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Quirkie? Why Didn't I Think of That!!

This story I found on Yahoo news just goes to show that anything is possible. Maybe even my quest to make money one day. You know. And still be lazy.

I just wanted to gush a bit about my day.

I invited my family over for a BBQ and swim because we knew the weather was going to be hot and nice. My 'family' means my Mom, Dad, Aunt Nora (dad's sister), cousin Sabrina and her boyfriend Chris. My brother & family are always welcome but they live an hour away so they aren't normally in the equation.

This invite however, had to be turned down by my parents because they had other plans. Suddenly I am worried that my Aunt Nora might be bored or feel like a fifth wheel - which she isn't but I know how people can feel. That's right, I don't think we've ever had the family without everyone so I was nervous and my anxiety flared up and I'm taking a new pill for the tummy which has side effects that include feeling pukey.


I get up this afternoon and Bob tells me the pool is 71 degrees. Uh, yeah, I'm the only idiot that gets in at that temp so I'm freaking but, you know, inside.

Lo and behold Bob decides to turn on our pool heater (insulation inside the metal box has fallen off and it's in our basement and we think it could be a fire hazard) for the first time and I'm thrilled to death because, holy cow, the pool is now 73 degrees! We keep an eye on the heater and the basement feels like a sauna but by the time we're ready to get in the pool it's 76!!

Not only did Bob and I get in but Sabrina got in and then her boyfriend who doesn't swim got in and then tada!! Aunt Nora got in which is rare because anything under 80 degrees doesn't happen.

We had a ball in the pool and everyone was in and I was a happy camper.

I BBQ'd and felt sick after dinner (figure it was the meds) but God Bless Bob because he thinks nothing of clearing and cleaning up after dinner. Thank God because I felt like if I moved it would be game over. So yeah, I was a bit stressed but we sat out talking and taking the air for an hour.

THEN - oh, I know, the excitement! - I ask if anyone wants to play Trivial Pursuit 20th Anniversary (supposed to be about the last 20 years) and they said YES!! I've had the game for two years and no one would play with me but we finally cracked the box.

I should mention we cheat and hint and play it all wrong but that's what part of the fun is! I think Sabrina's boyfriend was disgusted with us because we aren't serious about the rules but he didn't get up in a huff so everything worked out.

They didn't leave here until close to midnight and I even jumped back into the pool at 11pm - my first night swim this year!! because Bob kept the heater on just for me. It was only 78 but as long as you just jump in and then start swimming for all you're worth, you warm up pretty fast.

So yeah. I had a great day today. It was scary and anxiety producing but I got through it and it ranks as one of my best days ever.

I love it when that happens!

Beautiful Day - Live 8

Now, if only I could decide on a book to read. Them 'great book blues' can be a real bitch but I'm going blog hopping - thank goodness for all the readers and writers out there that share their reading and parts of their lives with me.

If it wasn't for that I would be climbing the walls!

Friday, July 07, 2006

Dreaming of You by Lisa Kleypas


Derek Craven *swoon*

I'm telling you I just want to hug him and squeeze him and maybe even bite him. Just a little.

There must be a hundred and one reviews of this book out there on the inter-webby thing and if you are really wondering if you should read this, go ask Kristie. No really. I dare you.

Cindy Summary: Sara Fielding is a writer who does real research which means hitting the mean streets of London. Derek Craven is an extremely wealthy gambling hall owner (just so you know, whenever people talked about his gambling hall I would be thinking of the ones in the HBO series Deadwood but from reading the book, it's more like the glitz and shine of Las Vegas).

Craven was not nurtured or brought up by anyone so emotions are not his strong point. He has no real clue how to deal with them so Sara Fielding is freaking him out so he leaves her. Many times. And then finally he doesn't. The end.


I mean, I can't really tell you all that happens because everything has to happen as you read.

Oh and you know how I don't like epilogues?

This one was perfect and mrrrreow.

Things that didn't sit well - the separation but then, I do tend to hate those kind of things. I would have liked to see Craven crack just a little sooner. I was pissed at Sara for trying with her so called fiance but then you can't blame someone who is told 'to forget', but blame her I did. If you don't like books where everyone adores the heroine this book isn't for you but then, I liked Sara.

The things I loved far outweight the rest although when I re-read it, I'll skip the separation part ;)

I am now about to embark on the 'great book blues' mystery tour which usually has me moping around the house sighing and eating way too much chocolate.

Kristie, it's time to ante up. I read it, now you have to fill the empty spot!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Derek Craven


I'm 2/3 of the way into the book - they are still not together!! and I have to go to bed because I have a Dr. appointment tomorrow and then my cousin is coming and

HOLY CRAP! I need to finish reading this book!!

Right now I'm pissed at Derek and Sara for their separation but you can only be pissed about something you are so in love with. I could just crack their heads together and I was forced to flip ahead to find out how friggin' long the separation was going to be because, man, long enough already!!!

I wasn't going to admit that I was reading this book because I wasn't sure about how I would find time to read it but you better believe that by bed time tomorrow I will have this book finished!

Derek Craven *sigh*

I just ...


I ...


Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Twelve Sharp

Woohoo!! I actually gave myself permission to read a book and OMG it was such a wonderful and relaxing experience.

I'm not sure if it was the length of time it's been since I read a book without worrying about 40 things at once or if Twelve Sharp was just that good.

I read somewhere (Bad Cindy for not tracking it down) that nothing was resolved at the end of this story. That the characters are all still the same.

I would argue that there was some moments of relationship growth going on and my interpretation of certain events has me believing that Stephanie Plum got the message loud and clear from the men in her life.

Also, for the first time in a few books this one gave me belly laughs a couple of times. It was slow to start but then it got funny.

I don't like to do summaries of these kinds of books because I figure if you've followed the Plum series this far then you like going in knowing next to nothing. At least, I do. That way, I have no weird expectations.

There were plot points that I found super obvious although I had the bad guy figured out all wrong and hey, that's good stuff - for me. Hate to think I'm all that.

Since I found her last book very boring I am happy to say that this one had more pep and some truly funny moments. Oh and some yummmm moments too. So, a solid B-.

Whoops, I'm about to go off topic but it's not really.

You know how J.K. Rowling and LKH say that they know how many books are in their series? (Okay, LKH claims to know there are 7 books in Merry Gentry's series - I figure if they are still flying off the shelves, she'll find a reason to continue on). Rowling being the billionaire (?) can just sit back and relax now but I wonder if her series hadn't been such a money maker but made her a decent living if there would be more books forth coming.

Anyways, I'm wondering if Evanovich has any plans to end this series or if it is never ending. I mean, if Sue Grafton can have a series as long as the alphabet then I guess anything goes.

I have picked up another book and it's sucked me in big time. Hopefully I will give myself permission to just sit and read.

The 'other' house is now listed *trumpets blare* but, I think I could spend 7 days straight in our new kitchen just scrubbing everything with bleach.

I won't even bring up the dogs room. *gag*

Or will I?

Cody, the poor bugger, had his urinary tract infection come roaring back but at least we were keeping an eye on it and got him back on antibiotics. It's just that now the basement has a bad fishy odor which means I need to get out the serious chems and get the Little Green Machine out. That alone will take some power scrubbing but it needs to be done. Luckily it's this really cheap carpet that has no pile to it and we don't care it I bleach out the colour or anything. So I do want to get that accomplished now that I have actually found the LGM.

Wow, didn't I just say I wasn't going to bring it up?

I'm such a liar.

Monday, July 03, 2006


Okay, you all need to go to Kate's and get your snark on. It's for fun and it only takes a few minutes and you get a cool button to put on your blog if you win.

Here's the thing, I'm soooo going to win but I need some competition so I don't win by default. Oh, no. I need to know I trumped some serious ass. Suisan has already entered a sweet one but then I threw the 'Lemur' word around so I think I have her on bonus points alone.

Go to both links because even though you won't win the Lemur title you could win $250 dollars for books by following a few links at Kate's.

For me though, it's all about the Lemur.

Edited: I screwed up the second link to Kate's but it's fixed now. Yep, I'm a shoe in for this prize. Someone needs to run a 'Dumbass' Contest - I could snag that title in a heartbeat!