Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Boo-alloween!!

Just needed to pop in and let you all know I'm working on the AAR Top 100 Poll and it ends tonight. So I figure lots of last minute ballots will come in and then there is the write up to do so I may be a touch strapped for time.

I did go out and buy No Rest for The Wicked by Kresley Cole because I'm a fan (note I didn't say fangirl - that honor belongs to only one!). I'm thinking that McCarthy book I mentioned earlier will be what I read next.

That's in between write ups and pool maintenance / closing.

Yeah. Our 30 year old concrete pool is losing water and I can't close the pool until we find the leak. We have the Canadian Leak Company coming today and they may have to do a 'dive' which would be FRIDGID!!!

I figure you'll hear this song adnauseum today but too bad!

Happy Boo-alloween

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Lover Unbound

There Be Spoilers Here!!!

You've been warned.

So, let's get into Lover Unbound shall we? Let's start with the general outline of the story - you know -

Cindy Blurb: Vishious is one of the Brotherhood (seriously, read the first book if you are lost already) and is in some serious pain since his love Butch found his own one and only. Being the pain ridden kind of hero Ward writes about he heads off to do some damage to the evil do-ers and gets his ass shot. Since he is playing Lone Ranger without his boy Tonto he gets picked up by an ambulance and ends up at a local hospital.

Here we meet Jane, a top notch surgeon, who saves V's life with her awesome surgical skills and is hella happy to discover a 6 chambered heart in her patient which means her name will be in lights.

The 'boys' finally figure out that V got picked up and show up at the hospital to bring his butt home only V opens his eyes and recognizes his mate Jane immediately and demands she be brought with him.

Some other crap is going on too so I'll try and sum up. V is the Scribe Virgin's son (yeah, poor bastard) and there is so much going on in that one thing that I could write an essay on how much the Scribe Virgin resembles a spoiled princess. Blergh. V was brought up by a guy channeling Caligula and suffered some serious harm, thus, he is a dom sexually. Also, V has a glowing hand that can torch anything and he used to be able to see the future but the future thing has dried up and left and the torch hand is a pain in his ass.

V and Jane fall in lust which is equal to love in Ward's world and they work towards their HEA.

There's a whole bunch of Phury crap and stuff about the 'pretrans' guys (seriously, every time I saw that word I thought of transsexual which is probably not the image Ward is going for) and some character named Cam-something that I pretty much just skimmed. I think Cam-something will be a main character in the next book but I'll read about that then. I don't care now.

Oh! Jane dies. Yeah. Dead, dead. The Scribe Virgin makes a sacrifice (bitch please) and returns Jane to V as a ghost that only he can touch.


There we go. How we all doing? Confused? Meh. It's not that hard and if you skip the parts with the 'pretrans' and the Cam person you'll be fine. Hell, I wanted to skip the Phury stuff to but decided to read along.

So let's start with one thing.

Butch and V belong together.

Never thought I would be one who would prefer to read about a male/male relationship but I telling you these guys are hot for each other. And it's hot to read about. I really feel like the women were forced into Butch and V's stories. Weird thing. Anyways, there is a point where V tells Butch he wanted to have sex with him and Butch said that he knew that but also, that he kinda felt the same way but he's not gay. I was screaming at the book by this time 'get a room!!!' Seriously. The idea of Butch and V together gives me hot flashes.

Yeah, that was TMI.


I liked Jane and V together (except for you know) but it was more about 'you are my mate' than reading a love story. V definitely gets 'better' for lack of a better word in that he can now become submissive to Jane and it really is because he trusts her implicitly.

There was some crap about how a Brother can be with a human but it wasn't drawn out to be a huge deal. V, for some reason, sends Jane back to her life by wiping her memory of him but she can't seem to forget that someone loves her. Meanwhile V is horrid but I guess he feels he needs to become the Primale (male stud to the female chosen where the Scribe Virgin lives) because he gave him mom his word. Lame. Anyways, Phury throws himself under that bus and V is now free to love Jane.

Reunion followed by Jane getting shot and dying.

V goes apeshit crazy but Butch finds him and brings him home.

I think it's three days later the Scribe Virgin shows up and gives Jane (a see through Jane) back to her son and it's because of his 'cursed hand' that he can touch her.


I knew Jane was going to die because of spoilers I accidentally came across while blog hopping. Knowing this definitely kept me from freaking out and I already knew she'd come back as a ghost. Yetch.

General Thoughts:

I already mentioned Butch and V forever, right?

Okay, I'll move on.

1. The Scribe Virgin is horribly stupid. I mean, I have no clue who this chick is or why she even exists but wow, this chick is fucked up. She decides she wants to know what it feels like to give birth so she assumes a body and ends up picking that Caligula like guy. Then she needs to bargain with him and strikes a deal that is well, stupid. What is worse is that her child is tortured by the father for years and she never stepped in and stopped it. Why? She gave her word. I don't say crass things too often but what a dumb slut!

2. Quinn, Blay and John. Am I supposed to be taking these guys even remotely seriously? It's like reading about pre-pubescent boys who suddenly have hard-ons. I have heard that these guys will get their own stories but I'm hoping this isn't true. Basically I'm not sure I can get past the sense that these guys are just like horny 19 year olds. Not heroic material for me.

3. The chosen and the Scribe Virgin. WTF!? Doesn't even begin to make sense considering there is a glimera (ton).

4. The so called 'cost' of bringing Jane back from the dead. The Scribe Virgin gave up her songbirds. She gave up her SONG BIRDS!! Weird sort of currency for bringing someone back from the dead. Maybe that's why she's a ghost.

5. Just something weird that tapped at my brain. Jane died and went on. We actually see her move on from her life. We don't know where she goes and when she gets back she doesn't know where she was. Yet, there is a reference to God in this book and He is even thought about by the Scribe Virgin. So, if there is God, there could be Heaven and if there is Heaven, would Jane really leave it behind even for V? Yeah. That's where my brain went. And well, any more talking about that and we'll be into a discussion on religion so I leave that alone. For now.

So, hey. Not bad. Not great.


Saturday, October 27, 2007


First things, my guest review of Ice Storm by Anne Stuart is up at The Good, The Bad and the Unread so hope on over there if you are fence sitting on buying this one. Humungous Thank You to Sybil for sending me the ARC.

Okay, next post I'm going to spill how I feel about Lover Unbound - like I said, it worked for me but I wasn't invested in any of the characters and I knew V wasn't going somewhere I would have maybe liked to see. I'm happy for the most part and 'get' it but there are just too many weird laws or rules and it all needs to be pushed at. I'm still working things out in my mind so hopefully I can come up with something coherent.

I sent in my AAR Top *mumble* ballot. I way over thought the whole thing. Basically, if I hadn't read the book in the last 10 years I didn't put it on my list except if I actually remember more than one scene. Thus, A Rose In Winter by Woodiwiss made it on the list because I swear I remember almost all of it.

Let's just list them up:

Lord of Danger Anne Stuart This is the ultimate Stuart for me. I love every teeny tiny bit of this book. The hero has a bit of beta in him which in an Anne Stuart hero is rare. If you have never tried Stuart and have been thinking you would like to I would highly, highly recommend this title. Yes, it's a historical (which I really don't read much of anymore) but it's just Mmmmwah!!

Dream Man Linda Howard Favourite hands down. This book was released when paranormals were as hard to find as my keys on any given day of the week. I can't remember the name of the psychic thing but it was so well done and I loved how the heroine fought the hero every step of the way. Dane was pure alpha and wasn't above being a complete asswipe. Still when he found her after a vision and realized just how much they took out of her physically, he took care of her. *sigh* Loved it! With such a well written paranormal out in the market so early, is it any wonder that those of us who love them don't just love *all* of them. They have to be excellent!

Dream Fever Katherine Sutcliffe If you have never read Sutcliffe and would like a gritty New Zealand historical to read then find this book as soon as possible. Not for those who have problems with the heroine being hurt after meeting her love.

Lover Awakened J.R. Ward (1st) As you can see I had to mark certain titles within an author group because the titles confuse me. I know this is Zsadists book and I remember saying when I finished that the book had to be in my top 10 favorite books. And it is.

Moonrise Anne Stuart This was one of her books that was printed under general fiction and it blew me away. I still pick this book up and thumb through the pages when I'm not finding anything to read.

Ride The Fire Pamela Clare I blogged about this one and it's just one of the best western/frontier type of romance I have ever read. There was even a baby in the story but it didn't make a peep and the love that grew between the H/H was hot.

Caressed by Ice Nalini Singh Paranormal with a hero so yummy and wonderful. Judd just made the love story sing and he was well matched with a female who just couldn't let him go, even though the were in her didn't recognize him as her mate. Brilliant!

Mr. Impossible Loretta Chase Don't panic, Lord of Scoundrels in on my list but Mr. Impossible has a hero who was so charming and funny and who fell in love with a woman with a brain. Yep, he loved the way she thought. I adored him.

For My Lady's Heart Laura Kinsale This story was hard to put on the list because the beginning dragged but when the H/H are finally together again it's just a wonderful love story. A truly noble knight falls in love with a woman of power and she isn't above using it to get what she wants.

Now You See Him Anne Stuart I love so many Stuart books but this is one that I will pull off the shelf for one scene alone. After the H/H fall in love they are separated and the hero believes it is for her own good. He drinks too much one night though and calls her - the scene is full of longing and I loved it. Once I finish the scene, I can't stop reading so I end up reading the rest of the book.

Time Enough for Love Suzanne Brockmann Best Time Travel romance ever written. I have a 'no bullshit' zone when it comes to TT so it's very hard to impress me. This one worked perfectly and I have no real need to read TT because I read one that made logical sense. I find most TTs don't take consequences of TT into consideration.

Okay, so that is how I feel about my top 10 books. The rest might be self explanatory:

All Through The Night Connie Brockway
Slave to Sensation Nalini Singh
Gone Too Far Suzanne Brockmann
Lord of Scoundrels Loretta Chase
Anyone But You Jennifer Crusie
Lover Eternal J.R. Ward
The Secret Julie Garwood
Devil in Winter Lisa Kleypas
Worth Any Price Lisa Kleypas
Glass Houses Anne Stuart Sorry, just thought I would mention that this book is a departure for Stuart in that I remember there being humour.
Night Watch Suzanne Brockmann Was the perfect romance between two people who knew how to communicate. One of her best.
Duncan's Bride Linda Howard
Bet Me Jennifer Crusie
Fairest of Them All Teresa Medeiros I loved the brutality of the second half of the story. Some definite drama and I do like my drama!
Cry No More Linda Howard
A Pocketful of Paradise Kathleen Kane Again, a paranormal written before they were even considered a genre. There were three of her books that were just excellent and I wish she would write in this genre again.
Perfect Judith McNaught
Public Secrets Nora Roberts
Night in Eden Candice Proctor
Ice Blue Anne Stuart
No Rest for the Wicked Kresley Cole
Texas Glory Lorraine Heath
A Rose in Winter Kathleen Woodiwiss I mentioned above that I remembered most of the scenes so I felt safe in listing it. It was either this or Shanna but I could only remember one scene in Shanna so I let that one go.
Morning Glory Lavyrle Spencer This is one story that I think will stand the test of time. There was something gentle and giving in this story of two social misfits finding love and then becoming part of their small town community.
Honor's Splendor Julie Garwood

Phew! So I think there are 34 titles here. I had up to 40 something but again if I couldn't remember the story then I didn't put it on the list.

So, for the most part I'm very happy with this list although I know I could have put at least another 10 titles in by Stuart but I decided to put in titles that showed different aspects of her writing.

I don't know about you but this just drives home the point that I need new auto buy authors pronto!!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Lover Unbound by J.R. Ward

I'm not even going to front with you and try and pretend like I'm going to do a review.

I just ashed the book so I'm still thinking.

Okay, I'll stop the smack talk.


I think it was a good thing I had fallen over some spoilers because in the end I would give this one a B or B+. Not so much as a romance but as a story.

Don't get me wrong, there is a HEA of a sort and there is supposed to be people falling in love but for me it's more like 'you my mate. you mine' kind of thing happening.

I figure I'll be combing through the back blogs on your site and reading your thoughts and then commenting. Cause other than that, I'm not sure I can sum up the story. I can pull out the things that bothered me but that doesn't seem fair in that I obviously liked this and at least V got a good story unlike my poor Butch.

That's right. I'm holding a grudge.

I think I'll head over to Ward's site and read the interview she did with Jane and V but I didn't have a problem with how things ended in the book. Then again, I knew something was coming so I wasn't flattened by it.

And thus, I learn that spoilers can be my friends.

If you guys want me to write up a Cindy Review let me know and I'll figure out a way of working it out without spoilers. Unless you've all read the book and the spoilers then, let me know so I can spill my guts without worrying.

If you are keeping score that would be 2 1/3 books read of my 20 that I need to read before the end of the year.

The 1/3? I'm counting that short story by Singh.

Hey. My rules and it's not like I didn't read the story. I just don't have any intense need to read the rest of the anthology.

So chill.

I'm hoping my *cough* review *cough* for Ice Storm will be up at Sybil's place soon so I can direct you to my wondrous insights.

Yeah. I just took my sleepy pills which explains my ginormous ego right now.

I used ginormous long before I ever read Ward's books so that word is so MINE.

I'm not sure what book I'll pick next but I'm curious about Sarah McCarty and since I have Promises Linger, I may just pick that one.

You'll be the second to know.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

A Sitch Post


AAR AID ENDS by Noon Today

So if you were waiting till the last minute consider this your wake up call!
There is a link to the right, that flashing AAR cube will take you where you need to go.

If you noticed the title on this one you will see the word that Ward uses that grinds through my brain like broken glass.

Anyways, I'm obviously reading Lover Unbound and I"m on page three hundred and something so only like a million and a half pages to go. I'll finish before Christmas. So far nothing about the story has bothered me but I know from spoilers that something big is coming. Maybe having next to no expectations helps.

I'll tell you this much, Ward can weave one hell of a tale. I started the book feeling 'meh' and a chapter in and I was hooked. Hopefully I'll finish the book tonight and then I'm going to go through and read every ones take on it.

Renee, dear reading twin, have you read this one? I would like to read your thoughts if so or were you waiting for mine?

On a completely different front I have a question. Any of you have reading glasses?

I went about a year ago and had my eyes tested and the doc said the peepers were perfect (peepers, tell me I'm not being influenced, true?). Being a prospecting kind of doc he put up these lenses to show me the difference if I got reading glasses. Ohhhh, ahhhhhh, I can see the pretties even better! I asked my obvious question which was, 'would the glasses weaken my eyesight?' He told me no, they would just be like a power boost for my eyes.

The good news is I only need the glasses when I'm reading Ward (the small print is beyond tiny) but I can only read for about two hours and then my eyes start to blur. Right now, I can barely see the computer screen so yeah, I'll apologize now for any wacko things that are in this post.

Hey! I'm partially blinded not deaf and I totally heard that.

If I had to stay up for the next few hours and try to be normal (watch TV, drive) I wouldn't be able to because everything is blurred and almost double.

So if you have reading glasses, does this happen to you? Bobby has worn glasses since he was very young so he doesn't know what it's like to not wear them. I swear my eyes can't breath which I know is stupid but, it's the only way to explain it.

Oh and another wonderful moment? I went to the doc for that rash that popped up on my throat that was like the one on my tummy and was told that the cream I was using had too many steroids for use above the neck. Side effect? Acne.

Oh. My. God.

I'm a pimple person.

The damn rash is gone but the acne is brutal. Here's hoping it passes soon because it's ugly.

And docs know nothing about rashes. Yep. My doc said that even dermatologists don't know rash from rash so I got the 'can't cure it but we can tame it speech'. Of course, other symptoms would mean something but a rash, is just a rash is just a rash.

Wonder what blurred vision would net me. Khidding!

If you haven't been to Ames, she's getting a new puppy! Squeeeeee!!! You have to go check out the teeny tiny little pumpkin of love. She's looking for help with names. So far Esmeralda and Natasha are hitting my brain. Must be in a traditional frame of mind. I wonder if she would like Pumpkin?

All right, that's me for the day. I'll either post my pitiful Top *mumble* list for all to laugh at or I'll have finished Lover Unbound and feel the need to rant or just say 'hey, it worked for me'.

Shout out to the Southern California bloggers - you are all in my thoughts and prayers.

And where the fuck is Mailyn!!!????

Has anyone heard from her?

I just want to know she's still with us. I know she gets into creative surges but I haven't seen anything posted on the blog but maybe she is working on her other sites.

If you hear from her tell her Cindy is thinking of her.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

What's That?

S E B A S T i a N


N E e D



Although Kristie is putting up quite a fight! I have too many books to read before the end of the year to afford a re-read!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Massive Head Explosion

That noise you heard around midnight Sunday was my head exploding.

Now, you would think that something big was happening. Maybe Cody ate just one too many books, or Bob knocked yet another wall down, or Heaven forbid, a formal dinner was called for at my parents with no notice.


Two words.

The. List.

Long story short, I decided to sit and relax while sorting my list of 30 something titles for my AAR ballot.

Relax would be the word I'm looking for in that last sentence.

I have a killer headache now and I've deleted some of the titles that were originally on there as 'not worthy'. I then start looking at other titles and wonder if they are 'worthy' or 'perfect' and well, none of them are! So then I think I should only pick my favourite title from an author. Then I think, 'what about the first book I read by them? That obviously started the glom!'.

Don't get me started on my memory.

Then I decided that any book I haven't read in 10 years just needs to be at the bottom.

Except for Morning Glory because really, it's close to perfect.

I then need to fight the urge to copy and paste Anne Stuart's entire backlist onto the ballot. I can easily pick my favourite and even my second favourite but then after that each of her books has a scene or feeling that I think needs to be represented.

And then what about the books that are still new? Those ones that haven't really passed the test of time? I know Caressed by Ice and Slave to Sensation will always work for me but what about Kresley Cole's books? Then Ward's books? I loved the earlier books but the series is starting to spin wrong. Is that affecting my decision? What about the authors who moved on or stopped writing? Justine Dare's futuristics OH!! Jayne Castle's futuristics!!


My head is starting on the warning shots again but really, if my head already blew up, shouldn't the aching be over!?

Friday, October 19, 2007

You Better Bring It!

There's a blog 'War of the World's' going down and it's getting bloody.

My twin ReneeW has betrayed me and gone to the dark side while I delivered a sucker punch to Kristie.

Apparently I was sneaky in my revelation to the world that my new boy toy was Sebastian St. Vincent.

Oh, wait.

Turns out I love Derek also but Sebastian - well, if I have to choose sides ... AND I DO!!


How About Top 30 ish?

Good news is I have now started my Top 100 list. Bad news is my memory isn't making it easy. I need to find the readers journal I kept before I started blogging. I'm telling myself I know where it is so uh, hopefully.

I have 38 titles so far and some have been pulled off already. Also, I'm wondering about books I haven't re-read in years. Or heck, those that I can't remember the plots to! I read every McNaught book but the only one I really remember is P - crap. It's one word. OH!! I think I loved the one with the hero almost getting killed by the heroine's family. I'll be looking that up as soon as I'm done here.

So I'm fumbling because I keep thinking, if the story was that great, if I loved it so much, shouldn't I remember it? I was telling Kristie the last time she visited that in my book journal I only kept brief notes. I had marked a book as a keeper and it had been read 3 months before. I couldn't tell you the first thing about it. Seriously.

Which in turn has me wondering about long term memory verses short term memory. They talk about the memory going when you get older so are the books I read years ago really the best of the best because I remember them or is it just because I was younger and thus had more time to crank it into long term memory? My short term memory blows nowadays so how does any book have a chance to make it into long term memory? I guess it would be pretty damn special.

Ride the Fire by Pamela Clare is on my list and I read it in the past two years so obviously my short term isn't fried. I know this because I have not re-read the book but I still remember so much about it. Then again, I don't remember scenes per se as the feel of the story and the setting and that it was my kind of romance.

I'm wondering about Shanna by Woodiwiss. I really don't remember much about this story and I think it made me mad at points but it's been years since I read it and I have no wish to drag it out right now.

That said, I'm putting A Rose In Winter by Woodiwiss on the list because I remember many of the scenes. Not word for word, but I remember the poignant parts.

Then - I know I loved Darkling, I Listen by Katherine Sutcliffe but again, no clue. I think she is a reporter and he is a fallen movie star. Other than that, I got nothing. So I'm thinking it shouldn't be on the list.

So there is just some of the method to my madness on how I'm approaching the poll.

Another thing. I have many books that are category stories that I would want to put on the list but I have noticed (at least in my section) that people aren't really doing this. Doesn't matter though. It's my Top *mumble* list so there will probably be the odd category.

And finally, (I heard that sigh of relief) I know that many of my choices don't fall on others ballots. I'm really only looking at a third of them and have glanced at others but I have more than a few titles that I haven't seen anywhere else.

And just for my own edification (I didn't know I would ever be able to pull that word out and use it) can someone tell me how The Thorn Birds ends? I rented the DVD about a year ago and wanted to throw things at the TV. As it's getting close to the end, the DVD cracks up - scratches or something so I never saw how it ended. I got to the part where the son dies and the priest guy finds out but uh, I don't see how this story could end happily.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Here I Am!!

You all know I don't have much of a life so I can't quite figure out how I haven't had time to blog!

I got my sleep all rooked up but I'm on daywalker hours again and I just don't know what to do with myself! Bob was supposed to take this week off but he's getting his arse kicked at work so he's actually been working half days and then when he's supposed to be with me, he's on his crackberry/cell phone and now his work laptop. So we haven't really been doing anything remotely vacationy so I'm a bit bored.

C-Rex don't like being bored.

Actually I think we've been lucky in that C-Rex is overly sleepy and needs naps every few hours. They have been sucky naps though, the kind where I don't actually fall asleep. Ugh.

I'll blog tomorrow about plaster dust and all it's evil ways. Yeah. Tomorrow.

Just so you know I haven't abandoned you guys, I have been working the AAR Top 100 Polls.

Have you entered your ballot yet? Hmmmm?

Like I should talk, I still haven't started mine but really, who aspires to be me?

Are you mocking me?

Also, I have been trying to sound all review like in writing up a review for Ice Storm but I suck and it's really just a Cindy review without the funny. Bad Cindy. Where was the funny? I may have to ask Sybil if I can sauce it up a bit since I'm not a real reviewer.

I went out shopping with my best friend on Monday so that was how I spent that day and then yesterday, I cooked my second prime rib ever!

No drum roll?

I'm telling ya, I kicked some serious dinner ass last night. I guess I can do that when I haven't made a home cooked meal in weeks.

And finally (and I'm a little leery of saying anything but hey, you'll all get the grump Cindy if it falls through) we got an offer on the reno house and hopefully by Friday all the conditions will have been met! *trumpets blare*

Yeah, I'm tooting my own horn cause you guys didn't get the drum roll right!

So very happy Cindy is duking it out with grumpy Cindy because Bob has to go over there the next two nights and do some work before the inspection.

You know, two nights on a week I've conditioned myself to be on daylight hours? Two nights that I will have nothing to do because my better half has - well, better things to do!?

I'm so going shopping.

On that note, I just read the Nalini Singh short story and I'm blissfully happy. Yum. Now I'm lugging around Lover Unbound and trying hard not to glare at it. Over at Ames, she mentioned she was doing yet another challenge (my poor ego) and said how there was only 2.5 months left to the year.


I haven't started Christmas shopping which is it's own nightmare but I haven't started on book number two for my 20 challenge.

Bad Cindy

Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Fantastic Book Blues

I finally made the time to read my book!

Ice Storm by Anne Stuart has now been read, hugged and lovingly placed on a shelf.

I can't tell you much cause I'm going to be doing a guest review over at Sybil's - I'll let you all know when it goes up.

I *just* finished reading and it's 12:30pm so obviously I stayed up way past my bedtime and I know I can't write anything coherent right now. I'll see if I can come up with a Cindy review tonight for Sybil.

Bob is up (of course) and has been doing more demo and such and he kept telling me I didn't have to finish the book in one sitting. Does he know me at all? So yeah, I finished and came in hugging the book. Bob understood it was a book not yet out and said, 'what are you going to do when the book finally hits the shelves? You won't be excited because you have already read it.' To which I replied 'I'm still going to buy a copy'. Bob being a good guy smiled and said 'you should, maybe it'll be different.'

What a sweetie. I can't imagine anything will be different unless Stuart does an epilogue but it's rare for her to end a book with too much gush.

So I'll be all gushy for her.


Okay, off to try and wind down although really, I'm just too happy and spazzy.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

I BE IT !!!!

Dev tagged me (thanks Dev!!) for the Free Viewer thingie *shrug*. All I know is what's in the directions and since I love this background my brother put up on my laptop this weekend I was happy to share. My PC has a rotating background from Paperquote but I'm getting tired of the same ol, same ol popping up. Same saying and same pictures. Funny how it changes daily but I start to pick up on things being the same.

I went through the list of those who have put up their screens I thought I would die when I saw the doggie with the Pepsi. Way too cute! The other one that rocked my socks was 'Be Original'. Simple and yet, oh so uh, not.

Here's how you play:

A. Upon receiving this tag, immediately perform a screen capture of your desktop. It is best that no icons be deleted before the screen capture so as to add to the element of fun. You can do a screen capture by going to your desktop and pressing the Print Scrn key (located on the right
side of the F12 key). Open a graphics program (like Picture Manager, Paint, or Photoshop) and do a Paste (CTRL + V).If you wish, you can “edit” the image, before saving it.

B. Post the picture in your blog. You can also give a short explanation on the look of your desktop just below it if you want. You can explain why you preferred such look or why is it full of icons. Things like that.

C. Tag five of your friends and ask them to give you a Free View of their desktop as well.

D. Add your name to this list of Free Viewers with a link pointing directly to your Desktop Free View post to promote it to succeeding participants.

I am going to tag:

C2 (although I think she is on vacation)
Kat O+

The list of Free Viewers so far is:

iRonnie - I Set No Corner
Thess - Thesserie
Rebecca - Skippy Heart
Knoizki - A Dialogue With K
Beng - Kauderwelch
Tina- My Good Finds
Rachel - Heart of Rachel
Alice - Hello, My Name Is Alice
Julia - Julia's Books Corner!
Darla - Nichtszusagen
Marg - Reading Adventures
Holly - What Were you Expecting?
ames - Thrifty Reader
Dev - Good Reads
CindyS - Nocturnal Wonderings

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


First, I'm feeling yucky but it's probably because I haven't eaten since late last night. I think I better get something down or I won't sleep well and it's all about the quality of sleep lately.

It sucks.

Get this, at the beginning of September I got some sort of a rash on my stomach - started out the size of a quarter and in 7 days was the size of a T-bone steak. Went to a clinic (you probably remember my panic with google) and got some cream but no answers other than it wasn't contagious or a fungus.

I woke up with a quarter sized rash on my friggin neck on Monday.

I should mention that during the last BBQ I didn't plan well and we were out at dusk. I didn't know mosquitoes were still around but egads, I was eaten alive. So I thought maybe it was a mosquito bite. Not so much now because I have scratched all my bites raw to bleeding while this thing just kinda blobs there on my neck. I started to put cream on it immediately and now it fades in and out - dark red, pale pink. You can still see where I once had a rash on my tummy but only faintly now.

I'm going to head to the docs today and see if I can get in sometime in the next few weeks. (I called all morning and couldn't get through) I'll go in person so I can get an appointment and see if we can't figure this thing out.

I have to write this so I won't forget, my skin all over my body feel super sensitive and if I run my fingernails over my arm or leg lightly it feels like it's just on the edge of tearing it. I'm not used to that sensation so I have to keep that in my brain so I can tell the doc. It was the same way the first time.

Holy Hannah, the crap you have to get through to see pictures!

Let's see what I have in this computer.

Here is a wall at the top of my stairs to the second floor. That is a bedroom, the door on the right is to my bookroom/guest room, and that door on the left is to a bathroom. Ain't that just a lovely shade of green? Blergh.

This picture is taken from inside the room - very small with a huge window looking out front and a door to the rooftop over the garage - eventually will be a rooftop deck and a possible addition.

And here it is without the wall! That is the door to the rooftop deck you see there. I had a vision of this being like a loft area in the upstairs with a TV etc. Bob didn't get my vision completely but now knows I want the wall out all the way to the ceiling. I want the hallway/loft area to be seen as one unit.

And here is the view from inside the room with the wall gone. That's our bedroom door on the left and another guest room at the end of the hall. I mean, really, there are only two of us. Who needs four bedrooms?

Side Trip! Bob took the wall down in an entire piece (I was sleeping) and I guess it scared Cody and he peed himself. Poor guy. The trauma we put our pets through!

Mmmm, peach carpet. Luscious ain't it?

Oh, look, Amber is at the top of the stairs with her back to the camera. Oh yeah, that's her 'I'm soooo pissed' look.

I have a picture of Amber sitting where the dining room wall used to be. Classic. I'd put it up but I hear Cody barking at Bob to get up so I better get a piece of toast and start the wind down ritual.

Bed time!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

On Tap For The Week

Alrighty then, I managed to survive Thanksgiving with a bit of tummy rumbling but hopefully that part is now past me. Can't really say what causes that kind of upset but Lord ha'mercy, I wish I knew so I could bloody well avoid it. Ugh.

Today was officially the last day of the pool. Bob and I got in and it was very warm out. Problem was, the aforementioned tummy was bothering me and I wasn't quite awake enough to bask in the glory. More like I just wanted to get in and get it over with already. That's how I tend to get after a long weekend.

I just need some me time.

Selfish bitch that I am.

The great news (which is not at all like me because I hate rain) it's supposed to piss rain for the next week. I'm telling ya, the stars have finally aligned! Can you really feel all that guilty about not being outside when it's miserable? Hell no! Thus, reading is a perfectly logical activity to those who would like to assail me with other plans.

I'm very excited.

I'm wondering if I could read more than two books this week. I mean, Anne Stuart will be done by tomorrow night cause I'm ripping into that one tomorrow at the crack of my eyelashes. Yeah baby!

Then Lover Unbound which is HUGE and will take me much longer than normal people to read. So maybe I'll get that one done by Friday. I'm a little worried by those who didn't really think of this book as a romance.


Okay, I want to read a ton of romances. All wonderful and angsty and sensually sexy. You know, not too much pressure.

I'm tempted to just go and read all the spoilers and then count it as read. Bad Cindy. No cheating with that 20 books to read goal.

I'm glad I made that list of books there a few weeks ago because I'm blanking on what else to read.

OH! Singh's latest is out in an Anthology so I should see if it's at my local bookstore yet.


Another thing I need to do is maybe buy one of those flash drives. Bob has now taken down a second wall in the house. Super cool let me tell you. I would post pics but I'm on the laptop and the pictures are on my PC and I'm thinking there has to be an easier way.

So be prepared for some 'before' and 'OMGBobwhathaveyoudone!' pics. Nah, it's all good but there isn't a room in the house that is safe from Bob. Since Bob is an Aries I see a melt down in his sorta near future.

He claims he's fine but Bob is not one for visual clutter and seeing as how he can't stand my painting supplies being out for more than a few hours without saying 'when are you gonna be done?' I'm figuring it's only a matter of time before he looks around and freaks out.

I'll try to get it on video.

Hey, I'm sympathetic but I didn't tear all the walls down. Thus, fun blog fodder should soon commence.

Poor guy.

Totally oblivious to what about to come.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Sunday Morning Check

'Freezer clean out' BBQ - check! (I still have a box of chicken in there but the burgers are now gone! I'm not big on the store bought kind and prefer to eat homemade ones so it was nice to get the last of the SB kind out of the freezer)

Swim in 83 degree pool - check!

My best friend asks Bob and I to be Zach's real God parents (He's 11 and hasn't seen either set of her Godparents pretty much since he was born). Bless her heart. I told her I've always considered him my Godson (we are the boys legal guardians) and that when I refer to her boys I call them my Godchildren. She seemed to want to change it in the church also but doesn't think it can be done. I turned to Bob to make sure he was also on side with this and asked him if he wanted to be Zach's Godparent and he was all 'I thought he was our Godson'. So yeah - check!

Two homemade apple pies cooling on the stove - double check! (I'm waiting for them to cool enough to test one. You know. To make sure the apples are right)

Go to bed in the next hour so I can get up and have TURKEY DINNER!! - Almost a check!

Friday, October 05, 2007

My Brain

Something is definitely going on in the dark recesses of my mind but I'm managing to keep it from prickling through the barriers.

Problem is it's now attacking me with nausea and sleepiness and some blues.

I don't know how you guys can have Thanksgiving in November - that's just way too much family at one time but I'm starting to think maybe it would be better for me. October starts with Thanksgiving and then we get slaughtered by family birthdays. I mean painful.

I want to start changing my diet around but that always creates stress of the 'holy crap my tummy hurts horrible' and I want to crawl into bed and die. So of course I haven't changed it yet and I keep coming up with another thing I have to do before I can start. I bought this cereal that gives you 56% of your daily intake of fiber. Since I get pretty much zero right now, I know better than to start with full servings. Still, adding the stuff at 10% a week is still going to send my tummy into rebellion but I'm going to start on Monday.

Hell hath no furry like my tummy so I'm guessing the next couple of weeks may be rough.


Just thinking about it makes me loopy so we'll think on something else.

I'm feeling all jittery which makes me wonder if I'm anxious about anything. I know the shorter days are already affecting the way I get things done and I'm feeling a bit frazzled but I need to get a grip already cause I'm in no mood for a rough winter. Nope. Ain't happening.

Did I tell you that I'll be baking pies this weekend.

Yep. No lazy for me.

Gotta go, Cody is making Chewbacca noises cause he senses Bob is up and about which means breakfast.

Thursday, October 04, 2007


Holy Cow!

If I can keep up this pace of life, next summer will be here before I blink. (Should that be a semi colon? I have no clue how to use those kind of things)

Anyways, things have been moving but hopefully by next week I'll be back to normal.

Something taking up my time is the wallpaper removal from one of the bedrooms upstairs. It's a vinyl wallpaper so it's clinging like me to a french fry. I have worked on one wall for about 4 hours now and there are still pieces that I haven't been able to get off. Not only that, they put up a border over the vinyl paper so there are two layers of stuff I need to get through.

Poor Bob bought a wallpaper scorer and removal stuff but I know that crap is really just useless. It's basically a ton of water and elbow grease. Maybe it's shoulder grease because that is the part of my body screaming in pain.

Today until Monday it's supposed to be hot. Yay for hot!

I've chemicalized the pool, covered the pool, heated the pool, now I just need to get into the pool. I almost jumped in tonight but I kept my promise to Bob not to swim by myself at night. Still I was covered in sweat after the hour and half of scrubbing and scratching paper off a wall.

I started my Anne Stuart book tonight (egads, long story about ruining dinner because Bob needed me to take his truck to the car wash where they wash the inside and traffic nightmare and me worrying Bob would eat the dinner I had made but I couldn't call him because I forgot my phone - ugh!) and now I want everything to stop for 6 hours so I can just sit and immerse myself into the glory that is.

Yes, it's like a heavenly experience for me.

Ain't life grand sometimes.

Ah, you're just jealous.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Bad Cindy

Sorry, the last few days have flown by.

No books read.

Lots of new TV shows that I've been watching when I'm up and about.

I think I finally found my sleep mojo yesterday. The fall weather is here and it seems to agree with me. That said, the next week is fairly mild - mid 20s so we're getting the pool ready just in case.

For the Canadians, can you believe that Thanksgiving is next weekend!! I'm not sure the apples are ready for me to make pie with but I'll at least try to make one for dessert.

Tomorrow is the first day of the Top 100 Romances poll at AAR
and I have to admit I'm a little afraid.

As an aside, I have told you guys before about how I watch real life murder mysteries. I'm a person who is easily upset by violence and some of these shows have been horrifying in showing me the darkest side of humanity. I'm currently watching a 48 Hour Mystery about a wife who is on trial for killing and dismembering her husband. What is drawing me is the wife has done video diaries while on trial and I'm pulled by the fact that I know I'm watching not only a liar but a murderer. Watching this person try to force tears is painfully ridiculous and I'm sometimes surprised by the sheer audacity of those who have committed murder. It's like they really believe that the rest of us are stupid. The evidence is so overwhelming but this woman seals her fate just by her act. They show video of her wedding and I'm watching it and thinking 'what a complete actress'.

I recently saw another show where a man was up on murder who took the stand. It was so obvious this guy thought he could charm everyone it was shocking. This guy truly believes that others can't see the very real person he is. Scary.


House is cleaner as I'm taking it in smaller chunks. I keep this up and I may just have the entire house clean by the end of the week.

Bob did all the laundry so now I just have to get it all put away but that's for tomorrow.

I'm looking forward to sleeping today as the last few days I've had to set the alarm and get up. Tomorrow it's all good.

I probably shouldn't have said that. Whenever I think I'm free to be me, something pops up and I'm up at some horrible hour that's painful. Ugh.

Hope you are all reading something fabulous. I'm still adding books to that list of books to be read before the end of the year.

Now I just have to READ!!