Thursday, October 25, 2007

A Sitch Post


AAR AID ENDS by Noon Today

So if you were waiting till the last minute consider this your wake up call!
There is a link to the right, that flashing AAR cube will take you where you need to go.

If you noticed the title on this one you will see the word that Ward uses that grinds through my brain like broken glass.

Anyways, I'm obviously reading Lover Unbound and I"m on page three hundred and something so only like a million and a half pages to go. I'll finish before Christmas. So far nothing about the story has bothered me but I know from spoilers that something big is coming. Maybe having next to no expectations helps.

I'll tell you this much, Ward can weave one hell of a tale. I started the book feeling 'meh' and a chapter in and I was hooked. Hopefully I'll finish the book tonight and then I'm going to go through and read every ones take on it.

Renee, dear reading twin, have you read this one? I would like to read your thoughts if so or were you waiting for mine?

On a completely different front I have a question. Any of you have reading glasses?

I went about a year ago and had my eyes tested and the doc said the peepers were perfect (peepers, tell me I'm not being influenced, true?). Being a prospecting kind of doc he put up these lenses to show me the difference if I got reading glasses. Ohhhh, ahhhhhh, I can see the pretties even better! I asked my obvious question which was, 'would the glasses weaken my eyesight?' He told me no, they would just be like a power boost for my eyes.

The good news is I only need the glasses when I'm reading Ward (the small print is beyond tiny) but I can only read for about two hours and then my eyes start to blur. Right now, I can barely see the computer screen so yeah, I'll apologize now for any wacko things that are in this post.

Hey! I'm partially blinded not deaf and I totally heard that.

If I had to stay up for the next few hours and try to be normal (watch TV, drive) I wouldn't be able to because everything is blurred and almost double.

So if you have reading glasses, does this happen to you? Bobby has worn glasses since he was very young so he doesn't know what it's like to not wear them. I swear my eyes can't breath which I know is stupid but, it's the only way to explain it.

Oh and another wonderful moment? I went to the doc for that rash that popped up on my throat that was like the one on my tummy and was told that the cream I was using had too many steroids for use above the neck. Side effect? Acne.

Oh. My. God.

I'm a pimple person.

The damn rash is gone but the acne is brutal. Here's hoping it passes soon because it's ugly.

And docs know nothing about rashes. Yep. My doc said that even dermatologists don't know rash from rash so I got the 'can't cure it but we can tame it speech'. Of course, other symptoms would mean something but a rash, is just a rash is just a rash.

Wonder what blurred vision would net me. Khidding!

If you haven't been to Ames, she's getting a new puppy! Squeeeeee!!! You have to go check out the teeny tiny little pumpkin of love. She's looking for help with names. So far Esmeralda and Natasha are hitting my brain. Must be in a traditional frame of mind. I wonder if she would like Pumpkin?

All right, that's me for the day. I'll either post my pitiful Top *mumble* list for all to laugh at or I'll have finished Lover Unbound and feel the need to rant or just say 'hey, it worked for me'.

Shout out to the Southern California bloggers - you are all in my thoughts and prayers.

And where the fuck is Mailyn!!!????

Has anyone heard from her?

I just want to know she's still with us. I know she gets into creative surges but I haven't seen anything posted on the blog but maybe she is working on her other sites.

If you hear from her tell her Cindy is thinking of her.


Dev said...

I wear glasses anyway, so can't chime in on the reading glasses issue. Tiny print gives me headaches, though. Which is why I keep putting off reading Demon Angel. I know it's a good book, but my head hurts just thinking about reading that tiny print.

Marg said...

I wear reading glasses. I am beginning to think that it is probably time for my eyes to be tested again because I am starting to get headaches and blurry! Maybe time to visit the eye doctor again?