Tuesday, October 09, 2007

On Tap For The Week

Alrighty then, I managed to survive Thanksgiving with a bit of tummy rumbling but hopefully that part is now past me. Can't really say what causes that kind of upset but Lord ha'mercy, I wish I knew so I could bloody well avoid it. Ugh.

Today was officially the last day of the pool. Bob and I got in and it was very warm out. Problem was, the aforementioned tummy was bothering me and I wasn't quite awake enough to bask in the glory. More like I just wanted to get in and get it over with already. That's how I tend to get after a long weekend.

I just need some me time.

Selfish bitch that I am.

The great news (which is not at all like me because I hate rain) it's supposed to piss rain for the next week. I'm telling ya, the stars have finally aligned! Can you really feel all that guilty about not being outside when it's miserable? Hell no! Thus, reading is a perfectly logical activity to those who would like to assail me with other plans.

I'm very excited.

I'm wondering if I could read more than two books this week. I mean, Anne Stuart will be done by tomorrow night cause I'm ripping into that one tomorrow at the crack of my eyelashes. Yeah baby!

Then Lover Unbound which is HUGE and will take me much longer than normal people to read. So maybe I'll get that one done by Friday. I'm a little worried by those who didn't really think of this book as a romance.


Okay, I want to read a ton of romances. All wonderful and angsty and sensually sexy. You know, not too much pressure.

I'm tempted to just go and read all the spoilers and then count it as read. Bad Cindy. No cheating with that 20 books to read goal.

I'm glad I made that list of books there a few weeks ago because I'm blanking on what else to read.

OH! Singh's latest is out in an Anthology so I should see if it's at my local bookstore yet.


Another thing I need to do is maybe buy one of those flash drives. Bob has now taken down a second wall in the house. Super cool let me tell you. I would post pics but I'm on the laptop and the pictures are on my PC and I'm thinking there has to be an easier way.

So be prepared for some 'before' and 'OMGBobwhathaveyoudone!' pics. Nah, it's all good but there isn't a room in the house that is safe from Bob. Since Bob is an Aries I see a melt down in his sorta near future.

He claims he's fine but Bob is not one for visual clutter and seeing as how he can't stand my painting supplies being out for more than a few hours without saying 'when are you gonna be done?' I'm figuring it's only a matter of time before he looks around and freaks out.

I'll try to get it on video.

Hey, I'm sympathetic but I didn't tear all the walls down. Thus, fun blog fodder should soon commence.

Poor guy.

Totally oblivious to what about to come.


Kat O+ said...

Haha, definitely get it on video! :-D

nath said...

LOL, neat-freaks have it rough, I tell you :P

Dev said...

Still haven't read any Nalini Singh yet. I have StS, but I'm just not sure when I can get to it.

I can't believe you haven't devoured the Anne Stuart yet!

Devon said...

I hear you on the rain. I'm so pleased to have an excuse to stay in. I feel like I've been going for the past two week non stop. Hope you (and me) get some reading done.