Wednesday, October 10, 2007


First, I'm feeling yucky but it's probably because I haven't eaten since late last night. I think I better get something down or I won't sleep well and it's all about the quality of sleep lately.

It sucks.

Get this, at the beginning of September I got some sort of a rash on my stomach - started out the size of a quarter and in 7 days was the size of a T-bone steak. Went to a clinic (you probably remember my panic with google) and got some cream but no answers other than it wasn't contagious or a fungus.

I woke up with a quarter sized rash on my friggin neck on Monday.

I should mention that during the last BBQ I didn't plan well and we were out at dusk. I didn't know mosquitoes were still around but egads, I was eaten alive. So I thought maybe it was a mosquito bite. Not so much now because I have scratched all my bites raw to bleeding while this thing just kinda blobs there on my neck. I started to put cream on it immediately and now it fades in and out - dark red, pale pink. You can still see where I once had a rash on my tummy but only faintly now.

I'm going to head to the docs today and see if I can get in sometime in the next few weeks. (I called all morning and couldn't get through) I'll go in person so I can get an appointment and see if we can't figure this thing out.

I have to write this so I won't forget, my skin all over my body feel super sensitive and if I run my fingernails over my arm or leg lightly it feels like it's just on the edge of tearing it. I'm not used to that sensation so I have to keep that in my brain so I can tell the doc. It was the same way the first time.

Holy Hannah, the crap you have to get through to see pictures!

Let's see what I have in this computer.

Here is a wall at the top of my stairs to the second floor. That is a bedroom, the door on the right is to my bookroom/guest room, and that door on the left is to a bathroom. Ain't that just a lovely shade of green? Blergh.

This picture is taken from inside the room - very small with a huge window looking out front and a door to the rooftop over the garage - eventually will be a rooftop deck and a possible addition.

And here it is without the wall! That is the door to the rooftop deck you see there. I had a vision of this being like a loft area in the upstairs with a TV etc. Bob didn't get my vision completely but now knows I want the wall out all the way to the ceiling. I want the hallway/loft area to be seen as one unit.

And here is the view from inside the room with the wall gone. That's our bedroom door on the left and another guest room at the end of the hall. I mean, really, there are only two of us. Who needs four bedrooms?

Side Trip! Bob took the wall down in an entire piece (I was sleeping) and I guess it scared Cody and he peed himself. Poor guy. The trauma we put our pets through!

Mmmm, peach carpet. Luscious ain't it?

Oh, look, Amber is at the top of the stairs with her back to the camera. Oh yeah, that's her 'I'm soooo pissed' look.

I have a picture of Amber sitting where the dining room wall used to be. Classic. I'd put it up but I hear Cody barking at Bob to get up so I better get a piece of toast and start the wind down ritual.

Bed time!


LinnieGayl said...

Cindy: Have you tried getting in to an allergist? It's possible some of the skin itching/rash stuff is from allergies. Good luck! The sky-loft thing sounds like it'll be great! (and aren't cats just loads of fun to try and photograph??)

Dev said...

Cindy ~ Has the doctor checked for shingles? Is the rash painful?

The rooftop deck sounds awesome. I'm so jealous with all the remodeling you and Bob do. Not the work part, of course ~ but the before and after stuff is great.

Kat O+ said...

Yeah, I was thinking allergy, too, or a virus. I'm so in awe of any stories about knocking down walls. I don't think I could even paint a room, I'm that useless.

ReneeW said...

I agree with the others, sounds like allergies. I get those itchy rashes all my life and have an ongoing prescription for triamcinolone... great stuff. Wow, you guys are brave knocking out walls, looks great though and opens it up beautifully. That blue isn't too bad but there's just too much of it. I've really been into green lately. One wall in the living room is "Green Tea Leaves" .. lovely color. I have to confess that peach was my favorite decorating color about 15 years ago. I'm glad I got over it though. :)

CindyS said...

LinnieGayl - I'm thinking I'll ask my doc to set me up with one - I think I also may have food allergies so hopefully I can get that looked into. I love my cats' personalities - with just a look they convey so much.

Dev - I've heard that shingles is very painful and I just don't think these are painful enough - they can get horribly itchy and the first one did hurt but I thought it was more of a nerve thing so the pain is intense. Since I have a very low pain tolerance I'm thinking not ;)

I can thank Bob for knowing about construction - I know there aren't too many people who are comfortable knocking walls down - and they shouldn't be! Load bearing walls hold the house up ;)

Kat o+ - uh, three kids under three - so not useless. I would be useless in that situation but hand me a roller and a brush and I can hold my own ;)

ReneeW - I have had small rashes with hives but these things look like patches of raw meat - yum.

Bob knows load bearing from non load bearing walls and trust me, he hears me complain and talk about steel beams all the time. He just rolls his eyes and says it can't be done. It's really funny when I show him on a TV show that it can be - then he's all 'do you have any idea how much that would cost?' and I reply 'do you know how much your shed cost us!!!'

I'm lucky in that peach never tickled me but unlucky in that Bob's first house had peach trim (four coats of white paint to cover that mess up) and peach carpets. I finally got that out of the house then we buy this house and it has peach carpets and a peach bathroom - the friggin' tiles are peach. My mother cackled in glee at that one. Mean.


Jenster said...

Ooooo! Home improvement posts!! My favorite!! Thanks for the pics. Can't wait to see it when it's done.

I'm so sorry you're still dealing with the rash. You know I know how miserable that is!