Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Here I Am!!

You all know I don't have much of a life so I can't quite figure out how I haven't had time to blog!

I got my sleep all rooked up but I'm on daywalker hours again and I just don't know what to do with myself! Bob was supposed to take this week off but he's getting his arse kicked at work so he's actually been working half days and then when he's supposed to be with me, he's on his crackberry/cell phone and now his work laptop. So we haven't really been doing anything remotely vacationy so I'm a bit bored.

C-Rex don't like being bored.

Actually I think we've been lucky in that C-Rex is overly sleepy and needs naps every few hours. They have been sucky naps though, the kind where I don't actually fall asleep. Ugh.

I'll blog tomorrow about plaster dust and all it's evil ways. Yeah. Tomorrow.

Just so you know I haven't abandoned you guys, I have been working the AAR Top 100 Polls.

Have you entered your ballot yet? Hmmmm?

Like I should talk, I still haven't started mine but really, who aspires to be me?

Are you mocking me?

Also, I have been trying to sound all review like in writing up a review for Ice Storm but I suck and it's really just a Cindy review without the funny. Bad Cindy. Where was the funny? I may have to ask Sybil if I can sauce it up a bit since I'm not a real reviewer.

I went out shopping with my best friend on Monday so that was how I spent that day and then yesterday, I cooked my second prime rib ever!

No drum roll?

I'm telling ya, I kicked some serious dinner ass last night. I guess I can do that when I haven't made a home cooked meal in weeks.

And finally (and I'm a little leery of saying anything but hey, you'll all get the grump Cindy if it falls through) we got an offer on the reno house and hopefully by Friday all the conditions will have been met! *trumpets blare*

Yeah, I'm tooting my own horn cause you guys didn't get the drum roll right!

So very happy Cindy is duking it out with grumpy Cindy because Bob has to go over there the next two nights and do some work before the inspection.

You know, two nights on a week I've conditioned myself to be on daylight hours? Two nights that I will have nothing to do because my better half has - well, better things to do!?

I'm so going shopping.

On that note, I just read the Nalini Singh short story and I'm blissfully happy. Yum. Now I'm lugging around Lover Unbound and trying hard not to glare at it. Over at Ames, she mentioned she was doing yet another challenge (my poor ego) and said how there was only 2.5 months left to the year.


I haven't started Christmas shopping which is it's own nightmare but I haven't started on book number two for my 20 challenge.

Bad Cindy


Dev said...

I bought my first Christmas present last week for Kiddo ~ one down, feels like a million to go.

LinnieGayl said...

Wow! Prime rib. That's something I'd never dare to attempt (but wish I would). Hmm...haven't even STARTED your top 100 ballot??? The clock's ticking. (and don't I get to enter yours????)

Kristie (J) said...

Fingers crossed on selling the Reno house. I've started my list for the poll and have about 30 books on it so far. I really should get it done.
I make a pretty mean prime rib - but I don't make it very often. The key for me is marinating it.

AAR Rachel said...

I did it! I finished ranking my Top 100. Yay!

I'm going to let it sit for a day or two in case I need to make changes, but it's done!

ReneeW said...

Wow, Rachel, that is so impressive. You rock! With covers and everything.

Cindy, prime rib sounds good. Plaster dust gets in everything. Hate that stuff. Poor Bob working so hard.

nath said...

I do hope you sell the reno house soon, Cindy! As for x-mas shopping, don't stress too much about it, you still have time :P

I'm so happy you enjoyed Beat of Temptation by Nalini Singh (I assume that's the one you read) :)