Thursday, October 04, 2007


Holy Cow!

If I can keep up this pace of life, next summer will be here before I blink. (Should that be a semi colon? I have no clue how to use those kind of things)

Anyways, things have been moving but hopefully by next week I'll be back to normal.

Something taking up my time is the wallpaper removal from one of the bedrooms upstairs. It's a vinyl wallpaper so it's clinging like me to a french fry. I have worked on one wall for about 4 hours now and there are still pieces that I haven't been able to get off. Not only that, they put up a border over the vinyl paper so there are two layers of stuff I need to get through.

Poor Bob bought a wallpaper scorer and removal stuff but I know that crap is really just useless. It's basically a ton of water and elbow grease. Maybe it's shoulder grease because that is the part of my body screaming in pain.

Today until Monday it's supposed to be hot. Yay for hot!

I've chemicalized the pool, covered the pool, heated the pool, now I just need to get into the pool. I almost jumped in tonight but I kept my promise to Bob not to swim by myself at night. Still I was covered in sweat after the hour and half of scrubbing and scratching paper off a wall.

I started my Anne Stuart book tonight (egads, long story about ruining dinner because Bob needed me to take his truck to the car wash where they wash the inside and traffic nightmare and me worrying Bob would eat the dinner I had made but I couldn't call him because I forgot my phone - ugh!) and now I want everything to stop for 6 hours so I can just sit and immerse myself into the glory that is.

Yes, it's like a heavenly experience for me.

Ain't life grand sometimes.

Ah, you're just jealous.


nath said...

Oh yeah, way jealous... LOL :) Looks like you've been busy and life has been hectic :D Way cool for you to still be able to enjoy the pool... in OCTOBER :P

Dev said...

Well, it's supposed to snow here. I like the cooler weather, but am not ready for snow yet :-)

Enjoy your hot weekend!

Bev (BB) said...

Heh, you know there's something wrong with the universe when a post from Cindy can make me feel like I should be more energetic and start a home improvement project . . . like her.

Reading about Bob's adventures always wears me out. :D

I hate wallpaper. Good luck.

Jenster said...

Not EVEN jealous about removing the wallpaper! Our last house had one wall in the office wallpapered and I wanted to paint. Todd told me just to kilz it and paint over it. But my friend, Rhonda, and I just wanted to see if the paper would come off easy.

The idiots who built the house didn't even size the wall before they put up the wallpaper so it was stuck directly to the wallboard. It was horrible.

Don't tell Todd I said this, but I shoulda listened to him.

C2 said...

According to those in the know (my dad and uncle...mostly my uncle), put Downy (no other fabric softener will do, apparently) and water in a spray bottle and soak the wallpaper with it. It releases the stuff (which I hate with a fiery passion) from the wall like nobody's business, they say. :o)

Ah, the trivia that lives in my brain...yay! Otherwise, reading about all your activity made me tired. LOL

CindyS said...

Nath - fingers crossed that the weather guys aren't wrong - I may have to take my huge robe out there but I'm getting in tonight if it kills me!

Dev - I'm ready for crisp weather but not cold. And I'm hoping to calm down enough to enjoy my weekend.

Bev - Hey! Wait. You're right - get a move on! Being in the same house as Bob can make me sleepy ;)

Jenster - For some reason I have this real block about being defeated by wallpaper. I just won't let it happen although if you had the drywall paper coming off I would have stopped cause that's just a mess. I have plaster walls thankfully and they are like concrete so I have been scoring and scratching at the paper.

And no man shall ever hear 'you were right' from our lips ;)

C2 - I have Downy!! I'm so going to try it but I'm betting it's going to be just keeping on with this stuff. I really do hate wallpaper. I'll let you know how I'm doing with it by the end of the month ;)


Rosie said...

Somethings just not right when I'm reading about someone in Canada having a warm weekend to go swimming and I'm in SoCal wondering if there will be thunder and lightening tomorrow which will cancel my lap swim. BTW, Happy Thanksgiving!