Friday, February 18, 2011

Kindle? Nook? iPad?

I was sure I was going to be the last one to ever buy an e-reader and from what I've seen of blog reviews lately I truly am.

Once I heard about the Kindle upgrades and that it was wireless I was intrigued. But the price was too much and hey, Canadian so not great.

Then all hell broke loose and lots of readers kept coming and things just kept getting better and better. Including availability and pricing.

I was just getting ready to take the leap when Nook came out in color.

Like, wow. That is snazzy and I'm thinking the Kindle will have to respond at some time but tonight I got all itchy and went looking at the pros and cons from their ads.

Basically the Kindle is light, holds battery life longer than any other gadget I have in the house and that matte looking screen looks like it's perfect for reading.

The Nook colour meanwhile has some of the same stuff but the battery life is only 8 hours (and that's how long it can take me to read a book I've been all agog for for months and I couldn't imagine my wrath if the battery died 30 pages before the end of the book)

BUT, I love the option of sharing books with friends. Now that's the best feature I've seen yet. It doesn't go into how that works (cause I imagine there's some catch) but for an extra 100 bucks, if I can share books with Nath and Ames and Kristie and Amy and everyone else well, wouldn't we all save some serious cash?

And I think you can go online with it. Which is nuts cause that feels even bigger than just a reader.

As to the iPad - until tablets come way down to earth in price I'm not buying. I've heard there are some great upgrades coming so I'm waiting. An electronic that you can only read on seems like a bit of a waste if you can get something that you can read, surf the net and do your taxes on.

All that to say I'm still in the bushes. Waiting for the right time but boy, all those reviews of romances I can't buy because they are e-pubbed? Yeah, yeah, I can read on my computer.

No. Thanks.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Brain Wrecked

I got me some blues right now. I went to see the new baby and I think I have some baby blues happening. Ah well, they grow up and get all whiny and stuff so I keep telling myself I'm fine.

As to life in general - busier.

Last week we were out every night and that doesn't usually work for me. The good news is I'm careful about the anxiety pills now so I'm good stead on that front. Now I just need to get some exercise but lazy keeps winning the day.

Great news about being so busy is that Kresley Cole's latest book is at my local bookstore and I didn't find out until midnight tonight. Which is good and yet not because I can't get into the bookstore. Bad Bookstore.

And then I'm going to have another job. We'll see how long it lasts. I'm basically going to be Bob's company's Girl Friday. With lots of attitude. So I'll probably get fired just when it goes from volunteer to getting paid. Yeah, that's the way it goes sometimes.

So I'll be very busy doing up invoices, payroll and taxes and stuff. Bob's getting pushy already but they haven't even bought the program I would need to get started. Men.

There are so many things just juggling around for attention and I don't know where to steady my gaze so I'm guessing this will be me for a while.

All stunned and wishy-washy.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

He's Here!

Gorgeous Cousin gave birth to a Baby Boy Benjamin at about 11:30pm on Feb 8th, 2011!

My plan is to go tomorrow around 5 or 6pm to see the little guy. Of course, we haven't heard the weight or anything but Aunt Nora said he was a big boy. I'm thinking close to 8 pounds.

Mom and baby are doing very well last we heard which means all the sugars are okay. Phew!

Other than that I'm sitting here trying to see if I can find the last few minutes of Glee from the Superbowl but nothing is online for us Canadians. Sucks! Apparently there was a kiss and I'm not sure how it all ended because it was a few minutes behind in taping.

Now Bob is up and sitting in his chair eating shredded wheat. I was only going to be on the computer for a few minutes before heading back up to watch TV. Ah well. Guess I'll cruise around the net for a while.

Monday, February 07, 2011

Just a Quickie

Hey, it's early Monday morning and I just finished ballots for the AAR poll *phew* and am about to start my wind down phase of the evening.

I've declared tomorrow Cindy Day which means next to nothing nowadays except - DO NOT WAKE ME!!

Then we'll see where the day takes me after that.

But this is a quick check in because this is the week!!

My Gorgeous Cousin is due on Tuesday so with much love, luck and prayer there will be a new addition to our oddly not nuclear family (My Aunt and Cousin are an extension of the 4 in my family - GC is just as much a baby sister as a cousin and I've told my Aunt she's the mother I didn't have (and yes, she laughed because she totally 'got it'). I'm very excited while having a few pangs of jealousy.

I mean, I chose not to do extreme measures to get pregnant and Bob and I went to an adoption meeting in the city that scared the beejeesus out of us! And really, I'm living the life.

No really, my mom is right when she says I live a charmed life. But there will always be a part of me that will miss or mourn the notion that I didn't have children. I grieved very hard from about year 3 to 5 of our marriage.

That said, I made a choice to be happy and I do believe happiness is a choice. This is not true if you suffer from depression - that is something completely different and I've been there. But making a choice to look at your life as full instead of complaining about all that you don't have.

I think what adds to my sadness is that my brother also did not have children biologically (he is with a wonderful woman who has 2 kids but the kids don't think of us as family and you have to respect that - no Aunt Cindy from those two and no Gram or Gramps for my parents)

So basically this little baby is coming to a bunch of adults that are so ready to see a newbie in the family.

And I'm thinking we'll be fighting over him for months to come!

I'll try and check in later in the week. Have fun reading!

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

February Is Now

I'm busy entering ballots for the 2010 AAR Annual Reader's Poll so I've been a touch busier on the computer than usual. It ends this Sunday at midnight so head on over if you feel like entering a ballot.

Then it will be a bit busy as we do up the results. This will be mixed in with the arrival of a baby for Gorgeous Cousin! My brain hasn't even processed it yet but I am very excited.

As to other things in life, Bob is now working from home so we're kind of in each others grill at all times. I remember this from years ago when Bob switched to working from home. There is an adjustment period but I feel like we're much more ready for it than the last time. So at the moment, he is still working for the company that has let him go on contract. The contract goes from week to week and I'm thinking this Friday might be his last day but we'll just have to wait and see.

After that, Bob has some irons in the fire. He has so many ideas I just have to wait and see where his Aries brain lands. My Virgo will just have to deal.

One thing though is Bob gets house bound much like I do. The problem is he wants to leave the house right when I get up. I remember this from the last time also. I get up, showered, dressed and out the door in about 1/2 hour. I think it'll be better for me as for the past few months I've been having a hard time getting out of bed. We were ready to get out tonight but my stomach was giving me the gears. Not sure if it's anxiety or just a bug like thingie. Who knows. I just knew going out tonight was not on my game plan.

The other night I did make him spend some quality time at Chapters.

I bought 2 books which was more than I thought I would pick up.

And they are from authors I have not read before. It was nice to browse and read the blurbs without feeling like I had to get out of the store.

Nightshade by Michelle Rowen - I think I was just picking up books and opened the book to read the scene that is normally written in the front of the book. Basically, some biting and fighting between what I'm guessing are the H/H and I was in. I'm hoping dark and dreamy the way I like 'em.

And Ms. Rowen has quite a backlist. Here's hoping this one is a hit!

Kiss At Your Own Risk by Stephanie Rowe - this one I picked up because I'm sure I have read one of her books and really enjoyed it. A pissed off hero and a woman who has accidentally killed a few people she loved and yeah, I'm there.

Brilliantly it was the copyright dates that got me to buy these two books.


Awesome. I can start me some early reading!

Also, I canceled those pre-orders from Amazon and can now put them under the one with gift certificate. As long as I don't make the same mistake!