Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Brain Wrecked

I got me some blues right now. I went to see the new baby and I think I have some baby blues happening. Ah well, they grow up and get all whiny and stuff so I keep telling myself I'm fine.

As to life in general - busier.

Last week we were out every night and that doesn't usually work for me. The good news is I'm careful about the anxiety pills now so I'm good stead on that front. Now I just need to get some exercise but lazy keeps winning the day.

Great news about being so busy is that Kresley Cole's latest book is at my local bookstore and I didn't find out until midnight tonight. Which is good and yet not because I can't get into the bookstore. Bad Bookstore.

And then I'm going to have another job. We'll see how long it lasts. I'm basically going to be Bob's company's Girl Friday. With lots of attitude. So I'll probably get fired just when it goes from volunteer to getting paid. Yeah, that's the way it goes sometimes.

So I'll be very busy doing up invoices, payroll and taxes and stuff. Bob's getting pushy already but they haven't even bought the program I would need to get started. Men.

There are so many things just juggling around for attention and I don't know where to steady my gaze so I'm guessing this will be me for a while.

All stunned and wishy-washy.


C2 said...

((((Cindy)))) Think about poopy diapers and diaper-changing fountains (boys are icky). LOL

Speaking of the Cole book, I reviewed it over at TGTBTU - very good but OMG the torture scenes. O_o Some were a bit disturbing, I must say. I await your thoughts.

nath said...

Did i miss something about Bob's company? You're going to work for his old company or he found a new company? ^_^;

I've decided to stop the Kresley Cole series. It just isn't really working for me...

Babies are fun for a few hours at a time, Cindy :)

CindyS said...

C2 I know what you mean - I think it's just the baby part of the equation - after that I wouldn't have a clue what to do with a kid under foot all the time. I get a little weepy when I think of how my Gorgeous Cousin held him and took care of him. So proud!

I'm going to wait until I read the book before I read your review - you know me, spoiler free! I'll definitely check it out when I'm done.

Nath - dang nabbit - I was going to ask if I could do a buddy review with you on the Kresley Cole. Hmmm, I need some motivation so let me see what I have somewhere that I want to read and that you may want to read and maybe we can do a buddy review (If I win the contest it's a given but even if I don't I would love to do a few buddy reviews with you or Ames or Monroe if you guys are open to it.


CindyS said...

Nath - sorry, he is still working (thank God!) but at night he is trying to create his own company with 2 partners. I have high hopes for them and since I believe in Bob so much, I just don't think failure would be an option. But I'm here for him no matter what. But then you already knew that ;)


nath said...

LOL, Cindy! You can do a buddy review with each of us, we'd be so happy!!

I'm reconsidering about the Kresley Cole because the reviews are pretty good... but I'm not sure...

Go Bob!!