Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Five Things I Know To Be True

Huh. This one is going to be a stumper and maybe just a wee bit to revealing in the 'OMG' did I just admit that out loud!?

1. I'm fat. I'm not sure what the underlying reason is because I have been watching those Oprah shows and stuff and they say you have to confront the reasons behind your addictive behaviour and yeah, I do have an addictive personality and food is always better than alcohol or drugs, right? Still the first time I lost weight I did it on Weight Watchers but there were these deserts and diet pop and stuff and 6 months in my panic attacks flared like a son of a bitch. Lesson? I can't drink diet pop because of the fake sugar without ratcheting up my anxiety. 2. WW no longer sells their foods in Canada sooooo, the reasons why I lost the weight the first time are no longer available to me and now I have the fear I'll join and not lose any weight and realize I will be forever fat. Yetch. I like to live in denial.

Side Note: Anyone ever done Jenny Craig? It looks like it could be good because all the food is there but what happens after you lose the weight? Do you eat like that forever? *sigh* I should just eat carrots and be done with it!

2. I will forever miss my one time best friend. I have decided that women without sisters form different types of female attachments than those with sisters. Sisters will always have women in their lives they can turn to. Women like me are always just outside of this circle. Probably not having a close relationship with my mother makes it that much harder for someone like me to feel connected. My personality probably also doesn't help with the feeling of being apart from other women. See, I've come to the conclusion that I obviously loved my best friend more than she could have ever loved me. She was my sister and I didn't take into account that she already had one. Since the fall-out of that friendship I have a wall now that keeps me from getting too close to other people because I figure I'm always looking for the sister I never had.

Okay, that was way too deep.

3. For all the worries about life and self-improvement and money, I am truly very blessed. Even though I know that I was blessed as a child to have plenty of food to eat, an education and two parent who loved me, it still wasn't easy. If I hadn't had panic attacks I would have had the perfect childhood, no question. Having Bob accept all of me, including the damaged parts (which my family denies exists) is a blessing that keeps on giving. I have become a more giving, open and loving person because of Bob and I know that they has made me a better person all around.

4. In a pet's life you can do no wrong. I love my cats and dog (used to be two) but on the days where you are throwing up or groaning in pain from yet another tummy ailment, they think nothing of laying beside you as close as they can to lend you their support. You can do something horrible and yell about the day you've had but there they are, in the wings, waiting for your arms to stop flapping so they can get in your lap and tell you about their day. I now know I will never be able to live without a pet. I need to have happy critters in my home who don't care if you have a panic attack during Christmas dinner. They're just happy to have you back home, curled up on the couch with a book, just like it's supposed to be.

5. If there is something to worry about, I'll be the one worrying about it. Hell, when there is nothing that the naked eye can see to worry about, my brain will find the sliver of scary and work it's self up over it. I work hard now with the 'self talk' (Renee, you deserve those books - you work hard!!) to keep myself from worrying over things I can't change. It is starting to work - my brother lost his job recently and even though I am worried I keep reminding myself that I cannot like my brother's life. Only he can make the decisions needed to make him happy and hell, how many people want someone to swoop in and fix all their problems? Okay, how many besides me.

6. Because I needed one more. Napping will always be a part of my life and on that note, I'm off to bask in the glory of one now!

Monday, October 30, 2006

Contest Alert!!

Meljean Brooks is holding a contest to win a copy of HOTSPELL in celebration of it's paperback release.

So head on over and leave a comment about your favorite horror novel or movie to be entered to win. I won the tradesized copy back in January but uh, I had already bought it because I forgot that I had entered the contest.

Shut up.

So even though I'm not entering I can tell you that Meljean's story, Falling For Anthony was one of the best short stories I have read in years. Let's see if I can find my pathetic review - Here it is!

As you can see, Emma Holly, Lora Leigh and Shiloh Walker are also in the anthology so, win, win, win, win!!

On an entirely different note, I would like to send a special little piece of my mind to the person who introduced me to this.

There is a special place in hell for you!!

I've been up since 2:30am and have been staining the new piece of furniture Bob bought and then trying to get the bullfrogs out of the pool (okay, not that bad but I think I'm in big trouble - I bent the go-go gadget pole with the first net full of leaves that I brought up from the bottom of the pool. I also found two more dead mice - since taking the cover off they are running in again *gag*).

Every once in a while I'll look at Cody and sing 'Llama, llama, DUCK!'.

I'm glad that there is no one around to hear me as I'm making myself crazy with that damn song!!!

Did you click on that link?

Yeah. Tell me that's not going to be with you for the rest of the day.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

What A High!

Sometime last night I punted Lazy Cindy out the front door.

You know those soccer goalies and how high they come off the ground when they kick. Yep, Lazy Cindy got it square in the fanny. I'm worried she might make her way to Kristie's but I'm hopeful she'll punt her west (Don't let her in, she'll coax out a Lazy friend). So if you see her, just push her west!

I figure she could use a world trip - see, I'm good to her.

It started with the weather report. Rain on Saturday (boo-hiss), snow on Sunday.

Uh, snow?

I haven't closed the pool!!!

Okay, I'm getting ahead of myself.

Bob's reaction was, 'cut the friggin' grass'!!! Okay, so I haven't been on the grass cutting ball for the last 6 weeks but I can honestly say that I think our one neighbour loves it. He won't cut his grass until he sees that I've cut mine.

I found somebody lazier than me!!! Nah. I just think he hates cutting his grass because he does his by hand mower. Ugh.

So the wheat field needs to be cropped before the snow flies because we don't want to be the riff raff on the street. At our old home I was the riff raff but I didn't really care and I wore Bob down. Here, Bob seems to have developed that 'don't get us ousted from our house' thing but then I'd like to see them try. Oops. C-Rex just got up and stretched.


So out I go to the garage to start the grass eating beast only to hear 'a-whir-whir-----whir-----wh-----'. Okay, shake it off, it's only a little cold, back off the throttle and try again. 'A-wh-----' silence.

*snort* Silence. Yeah right. I kicked up a verbal barrage that the poor workmen up the street could hear.

Once the blue air cleared out of the garage I had to phone Bob to find out where our handy dandy battery charger was. Bob can know right down to the inch where he has put something so it is always easier to call.

Turns out it's on the tippy-top shelf and there is some cursing followed by a tote falling and cracking open because it was holding about 700 lbs of crap. It grazed my finger but I kept on moving.

See? Lazy Cindy would have needed urgent medical care and a nap.

So I follow all the extension cords in the garage to find one I can unhook to plug in this battery charger. Now, years ago my Dad taught me how to jump a battery and well, you're not supposed to connect the negative clamp to the negative post on the battery because things can explode.

Note I said 'supposed'.

My Dad would ground the negative but our cars never jumped so we would inevitably put the negative clamp on the negative post and do some praying.

Well, at thirty six I don't even bother with the prayers, I just hook the puppy up and watch all the pretty sparks. I leave for about 15 minutes, come back and Va-room!! It starts. Woohoo!

I unclamp the clamps and forget that they aren't supposed to touch each other and end up with sparking arcs flying around the garage. Yep, I'm a meathead. I run for the plug, which isn't easy because there is shit everywhere (it's all very well organized because Bob is never a slob but he never allows space to get past things), a few high jumps and a hurtle later I have removed the plug. Phew.

So now I'm riding the grass eating beast and we're doing okay. Is that rain? C-Rex rolls around and yawns. Never mind, onwards!

It stalls at one point because well, as I mentioned the grass is about the height of a wheat field and the poor beast is old and cranky. So I hear it starting to die and don't brake fast enough. Dead. I turn the starter and get nothing.

Uh-oh. C-Rex starts to pace.

I'm so far out in the backyard I wouldn't be able to hook up the battery charger so I do send up a little prayer and crank the starter again. Damn thing back-fired while starting up. I'm sure my neighbours were wondering where that little scream came from but I'm nothing if not a trooper. I did look around because I could have sworn I saw a flash of flames from my left side. I looked down at the motor, saw no smoke or fire and decided it was all good.

Yep. Lazy Cindy would have bailed.

C-Rex decided to curl back up but kept one eye open.

So I finish with the easy ride on part and realize that if I don't get the push mower out to cut the parts that can't be reached on the ride on, it won't get done.

Again, there I am trying to drag out the mower - Bob stored the bikes in front of it! So I get it out, prime the damn thing and pull that friggin string thing that is the bane of my existence. I pull and get nothing. I pull three more times and the motor is barely moving. Great. A whisper of defeat started at me but I ignored it, primed the motor again (note, the instructions will tell you to prime it only 5 times. I always prime 10 and pull. When nothing happens I prime it ten times again) and put-put-put *pause - I start to curse* put-put-put and it's alive!! I basically jogged that puppy around the yard to the point where my chest hurt when I took a breath.

Oh well, the yard is cut and that's a triumph.

I look around at the mulched up leaves and remember we have a leaf blower. Still, my chest hurts and I'm thinking a TV break is in order. I keep an eye out for that leaf blower and decide that I don't really remember ever seeing a leaf blower so I figure we probably don't own one. Looks like I'll have to wait until the snow melts to rake the leaves.

While looking for the leaf blower I spot the one thing that can turn my blood to ice in my veins.

The weed wacker.

Huh. It's a new one. I wonder if I can get that mother started. So I struggle to get it out of it's holder on the wall and faintly remember Bob showing me how to start it.

Now, with the old wacker (old wacker, ha - ahem) I would have the uh, wacker in one hand and pull that string thing with the other. Now imagine a person throwing their arms up like a flapping bird over and over again to the sound of 'wing-ding-ding-ding, a-wing-ding-ding-ding, a-wing-ding-ding-ding-ding' over and over again until all you can hear is a litany of swearing that makes even hard assed men run for the hills. I've never been able to start one.

So here I am with the brand new one and damn it's heavy. I go to pull and I don't even get a 'wing' I get a 'w'. I try again thinking I just need to put more back into it. 'W'. C-Rex starts to flex her claws but I tell her to calm down, we tried and we put the fucker, uh wacker back on it's rack.

I head in and watch some TV and really, I was done.

Then the pool started calling to me.


The problem is that the solar cover has been on it for uh, two months and there is debris all over it. Cody, blessed creature, has been curled up inside the house on his bed snoring up a storm but I figure he would love some fresh air so we both go out, unreel all the hose (I hate hose reels) and attach this thing to the end that might give the water some pressure.

I then start reeling in the solar blanket about 6" at a time. Literally. I can only move it six inches because I need to wash all the leaves and needles and ook off the cover. It's a 40' long pool. It took me an hour. C-Rex was dying to get out of her cage.

I looked ahead at the forecast and saw that next Thursday is supposed to be about 14 degrees. I figure I will unroll the cover on our driveway after I move all the vehicles and wash the driveway down and clean the thing with algaecide because as much as I cleaned it off, there is some organic stuff that was too stubborn to come off. Let's hope Lazy Cindy isn't back from her world tour by then.

Remember Cody? He's there with me and I swear if he could talk he would have been swearing at me and telling me how much he hated me. He sat there with his ears back the entire time. He was so pissed to be outside and I felt horrible but I figured 'uh dog' would love fresh air. Apparently Lazy Cody didn't leave with Lazy Cindy.

After that I can honestly say I was baked. I was soaked but luckily I didn't feel cold which is a blessing because I have closed a pool later in the year and needed some hypothermia treatment. So this wasn't nearly as horrible.

It's 4am and I went outside in the rain - Cody decided to come although he still has his 'hate you' face on - and dumped a bunch of chemicals in. I have to balance the pool, get all the leaves off the bottom, vacuum it (which is horrible because the damn pole is metal and it gets wet and friggin' cold) and then start the winterizing chemicals.


I guess this post would have been much shorter if I had just said that I cut the grass and started closing the pool eh?


OH!! And we do own a leaf blower but it's in the back of Bob's blue pickup.

You know, it sooo would have been the second place I looked.

Friday, October 27, 2006

What A Friend I Have In Bobby!

Thank you all again for your support!!

Reading the 'you go girl' comments helped to keep me from running away from home ;)

I have to tell you, I was going, no matter what. It was going to happen and yeah, there were some tummy rumbles so Pepto Bismol was called up on deck. Then the anxiety started to blossom and even trying to breathe it out was causing me more stress so I took one of the anxiety pills.

This was at about 2am and I do think the pill was starting to take affect.

Well, Bob had mentioned a few times that he wanted to go with us to see my Dad off. Now, I knew that even though that was partially true, he really wanted to be there for me. I told him not to worry about me, that I was going to be fine. Even still I did go up at 2am and told him the time. He mumbled that he was getting up. I kissed him on his temple and said that that wasn't necessary and that I would see him later.

I was downstairs for about 20 minutes when I heard Bob yelling my name. I got to the top of the stairs and asked if he was okay. He said, 'okay, you haven't left yet, I'm up'. I went in and told him in my firm wifey voice to get his ass back into bed. He didn't.

Can I tell you how much I love this man?

He gets up and dressed and we wait for my parents to arrive. They show up and my dad says to Bob you didn't have to come! and then of course, my mom is all, well, I didn't want Bob to have to come and lose sleep. I told them that I had told him that but that he insisted on coming. I'm pretty sure my parents think I asked him to come with me. They rarely if ever see me without Bob. It just doesn't happen. Bob is my safe person for a reason. Even so, I don't care what they thought of it and I do think my Dad was happy that Bob would get up to see him off to the airport.

He is such a blessing to me. I would never have asked this of him. I was more than prepared to do this and damn the consequences. I would have made it. After all, it wasn't like I was going to get on an 18 hour flight!

So, I'm back and grateful to all of you guys for putting up with my pansy ass ways. I promise to be a bastion of strength, like that mighty oak tree.

Okay, I'm going to need some hand holding over the three days of Christmas but I think we all think of our friends and what they are doing when we aren't with them.

I can tell you that I think of everyone who comes here and comments. Like when is Kyahgirl going to get a blog? How come I'm just finding Rosie's blog now (I love your template!) !? What took me so long!! Like many of you I use your names in my conversations with others and am sometimes surprised when someone asks who Mailyn or Kristie is. (Okay, now everyone knows about Kristie because they know that we met!) Bob knows all of you but don't worry he doesn't read my blog let alone yours but he knows the funny stories and some of the sad ones.

So thank you again, for thinking of me while I went through these last few weeks. I'm feeling super strong now, like I could climb a mountain or something. Let's hope the feeling lasts!

I have my Anne Stuart book on deck but I'm thinking Bob is going to get a little extra attention this weekend because I'm up during the mornings at the very least. I also have the shopping bug. I only get it about 4 times a year and it's messing with me big time!! So shopping may actually out weigh reading for the weekend.


Oh and I have to close my friggin' pool.

That's right, who's the Queen of Procrastination?

I AM!!

Bow before me!!!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Ah, The Joke Is On Me

So remember my triumph over Toronto?

Well, that's going to seem like a mini coup after tomorrow night.


My dad is working again although he is retired but hey, if you work while pulling a retirement income then woohoo more money. Anways, the project my father was working on got sacked and it was a 4 year deal and there was going to be some flying half way around the world near the end of the project.

So, he got his notice but the man who hired him went out and got them another gig. This gig is in Africa and they need my dad over there NOW!! (you know I'm being vague for any number of reason, right? Yeah, no need to have my family discover this blog and rip me a new one. I have enough problems with the one I got!)

And breathe.


My dad has to fly out Friday morning. I just got a call tonight asking if I would drive with him and mom to the airport IN TORONTO. Okay, Toronto I can probably handle but MOM & DAD & TORONTO!!

God's laughing at me.

I couldn't say no. They know I am up at 2am and since I am normally up it would probably be safer to have someone like me drive. It's just MY PARENTS and me in a car.

I'm not sure I have enough anxiety pills for this.


So, thoughts and prayers will be needed between 2am and 8am Friday Oct. 27. That's Mtn. time I think (shit, it could be central). So if you happen to be up or if you can't sleep - sending me some good vibes would be greatly appreciated.

I'm not sure how I'm going to do this without Bob!!

Screw it. It has to be done.

Fuck me.

A Singular Lady by Megan Frampton

Okay, let'’s get a few things straight.

1. I don'’t read Traditional Regencies.

2. I. Don'’t. Read. Traditional. Regencies.

3. Dude, really? You need a third set of criteria? I just used ‘'dude'’ in a sentence like it'’s a real word!

(In case someone comes along and wonders why I did read this book well, I bought it because of Megan's blog and when she found I had it she said I had to read it. I promised!)

Cindy Blurb -– We meet the heroine as she is leaving her lawyer'’s office where she has discovered that her father left all his money to 'a‘nother woman'’ thus leaving her and her brother in financial ruin. Her only recourse is to land a rich husband. (Let's just throw a Hail Mary up for not having the will say 'you must marry to have the money'. I was terrified at first and was pleased that Ms. Frampton didn't fall into that scary place)

On her way out of the office she literally bumps into Edwin the hero who has just returned from America a rich man. He is keeping this a secret since 5 years ago a woman tried to marry him for his money thus, he no longer trusts a woman to love him without his money.

Conflict? You got it.

I liked Titania in the beginning. She was definitely a 'no holds bar'’ kind of heroine. Sit and whine? No thanks, I need to get some stuff done. I liked this about her. I also liked the hero who had a '‘hail fellow fairly met'’ kind of personality.

The beginning of the story was a wee bit slow because Titania had to set up house and get herself situated within society so that she could get invitations to the right places. I'’m figuring this is probably common to most regencies. My problem with this section is that Titania didn'’t like anybody she met (except for the hero and those in her employ) and well, I guess it had to be firmly established that no one was going to help her and her brother.

Also, Titania seemed to be removed from many of the situations. The man who makes her heart beat all sloppy, kisses her and puts his hand on her breast and she doesn'’t gasp or jerk or even really think. In fact, I don'’t think she reflected on what happened until a few scenes later. I was all, '‘uh, he put his hand on your breast in the middle of a park in Regency England!!'’. I appreciated that she wasn'’t a ninny but seeing as how she had probably never had anyone stroke her breast before I'’m thinking her knees giving out or something would be appropriate.

I was glad that Titania came to a certain conclusion (you know, this would be spoiler stuff) before all her troubles were solved. The solution to one problem though? Highly unlikely even with the most gracious of people. Hey, I'’d like to think I could be that high minded but even I would be thinking about returns and dividends and such. And I'’m considered the Bank of Cindy!!

So, what'’s great about this book?

The writing and the banter between the characters was top notch. I was actually able to understand all the double entendres which was a nice change of pace for me. Neither the hero or heroine were perfect and they each made their share of mistakes. Also, there wasn'’t a sense that they saved each other from anything overly sinister. These are two people who could have existed and made a mash out of their courtship. At least they were able to find their way towards each other in the end!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Awwww, Emmy

Okay, so you have all met my Emmy before but lookit that face. Now that we have a two story home Emma thinks it's quite the thing to look over her balconey at her peasant people. Uh, that would be me.

Tell me she doesn't know she's all that. Okay a few more where you will see my finger because she wanted to play and got all fiesty trying to pretend my fingers were a mouse. I just couldn't get the stupid camera to take a picture in time so mostly, you'll see Emmy paws ;)

I think she was a beautiful woman in a former life, or a gorgeous man who knew how to put his best side forward. Emma loves nothing better than to hear how pretty she is. It's tough to convince her sometimes. With her long hair, matting and uh, ride alongs (read poo) are hard to deal with. We just bought a new razor because we can't find the old one since the move. I'm going to have to shave her from about the middle of her to her backside. She'll be devastated but her matts are bad and I think her skin is getting even more delicate as she ages. She used to let us sit and work on the matts for about 20 mintues before she flipped us the bird. Now she sees the brush and she runs. I know it can't be good for her skin and when you force your fingers through her matts she just about expires from satisfaction at having that part of her scratched. I have been avoiding this task and I'm a bad mommy but I know how stressed it makes her and then I get stressed. Bob, bless him, is useless around animals. The minute they make a fuss Bob freaks and starts yelling, stop, stop!! I know I can't stop so I usually calm them and then continue. Trust me, you know when the animal has truly had enough. They tend to start to bite for real.

Well, there. Now that I've blogged my shame maybe I will hunt her down and get to business. Although I want her to feel pretty just a little while longer.

That's right baby. You just keep looking down on all us peasants.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Little Help From My Friends

AAR Mini Poll For Top Ten Sexy Mainstream Titles, Erotic Romance and E-books

As one of the pollsters for AAR I can tell you that we haven't received nearly enough ballots with E-book recommendations. I know that many of us have read and loved e-books and I was hoping that we could get the word out that about the poll. Please go and vote for your favourites in only a few categories or in them all. Mucho appreciation!!

Just Silly Stuff

The first time I ever heard this song I only caught the chorus and I was left wondering why the man wanted this person to hate him.

The next time I heard the song I listened closely to the lyrics and I'm telling you this song is about that dark tortured hero who doesn't believe he can be loved and sends the heroine away. That's right, this is like an Anne Stuart romance put to music only, without a happy ending. Still I wanted to share it with others and see if you get the same thing I did.

Now, keep in mind that the video goes in a direction that to me does not make sense so why don't you just click play and close your eyes and listen. Then you can play it again watching the video and tell me which one seems more likely.

What's weird is that I have a song from about 7 years ago that was subtley about a vampire but I can't remember any of the lyrics so I can't look the song up (okay, I tried looking up 'vampire song' and discovered a whole new group of singers - not the one I'm looking for. Actually, the vampire was never used in the song). I thought with all us paranormal chicks running around you would get a kick out of the song. I'm thinking of going through my CD collection and seeing if I can find it.

Are there any friends out there that have Neil Diamond's Hot August Nights? I was talking over at Rosario's and Jennie's about how music needs to be heard to be truly appreciated. This will sound funny from someone who believes in God but I think Holly Holy and Brother Love's Salvation show are two of the most beautiful and spiritual songs ever sung. It has to be the live versions because Diamond just lets his voice go gritty and gravelly and no one will ever hear that music played that way again. Phenomenal. Sure, Amazing Grace should make someone feel spiritual but when you hear Neil use his gift with the lyrics from those songs, well, how can't you believe ;)

Okay, I have my period and slept most of yesterday. I'm about to head back to bed and get a great days sleep. I sent Bob off to work this morning which I know was hard for him but I really need to get back to the way I always do things. Yesterday I had one of my weepy, whiney breakdowns. Poor Bob woke me when I asked that he not do so. He thought I would be hungry and brought me McD's so you would think that would be okay. I ate McDs. Took a shower and lasted an hour before I begged Bob to let me go back to bed because I was miserable and bored. I was really just too tired from my period and definitely from a week of being woken up willy-nilly.

I'm looking forward to waking up naturally later today.

I know, it's the little things in life that make me happy.

Question, if I buy Hot August Nights and have the CD, then how do I download the music onto my computer so I can share it with you guys. No really. I'd love to know!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Fessing Up

I did a little search through a few local Chapters inventory for a certain book because I heard some rumblings that others had found it.

Not only were there multiple stores with copies but one store reported having 8 in stock!!!

Bob, bless him, was forced to drive me to the Burlington Indigo bookstore so that I could pick up Cold As Ice by Anne Stuart (OMG, I love her new website design!!). *sigh*

I'm not allowed to read it yet because there is another book that must be read first. Yes, I'm deliberately not saying which book this is.

I'm always just happier when I have the book I want in my house. After that, I'll get to it when I can. Since books I ache for are few and far between it's always nice to keep from reading a book you know your going to love.

Yes. I pre-ordered this book online. Yes, the book will eventually show up and have to be returned. Okay, returning a Stuart? Not sure it can be done but, I soooo don't care.

Nothing else is up because I am trying to get my blog rounds up to speed. I missed so much (Suisan!! and Nicole!!) but I am catching up on everything I missed so hopefully I will be caught up by Monday night.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Toronto ROCKS!!

Actually, all my internet friends are the ones who really rock! Thanks so much for the support and pumping me up with courage. At one point, I turned to Bob and said, 'I blogged about going to Toronto so we have no choice now!'

Not only did we get to Toronto, we went on an overcast, lousy day! That's how the 'killer' trip was only with more snow ;)

I was more anxious before we left town and I have funny pics for you guys. I took a picture of Bob as we went through the Tim Horton's drive-thru. He turns and says 'you're kidding, we haven't left Ancaster (the red star on the map) yet.' I say 'I know, but I need proof that we are where we say we are!'

The fun part about life with Bob is the goofing around. There were a few times during the trip where I would point the camera at myself and go 'Cindy's third panic attack in Toronto!' and we'd laugh. (I didn't have any panic attacks just so you know!) I'd do this when things weren't exactly going our way and there were a few bumps in the road but I may never shop any where else but in Toronto for the rest of my life!!

Here's a highway shot to show you the traffic and the miserableness of the day. Ohhhh, ahhhhh. We even drove by the Airport but I didn't understand what Bob said until it was too late - 'take pictures of the planes!'. Ooops. Stupid digital camera needs a minute to turn on and well, we were on the highway so it was over.

I knew where we were going in Toronto which was the west side and with the overcast day I wasn't going to get a picture of the CN Tower so I kept trying to pick out landmarks. At one point I see the sign for the Woodbine Racetrack and I grab the camera but it was too late once again.

So, you will have to take my word for it. I was there!

Here is the first place we went to, the Castlefield Design Centre (this is where we hit some roadblocks because the retailers don't have their stores connected and it was raining and we went one way which was wrong but the people in the building are office workers and don't wish to help the two people dressed in shorts and T-shirts - C-Rex was seen in the building).

Now, let's talk about sticker shock, shall we? I didn't know people had that kind of money!

We walk in and there are knick knacks at the front of the store. You know. Stuff you would see at a Homesense for 20 bucks is easily 300 dollars. That's when I knew we really were in Toronto.

The first thing that catches my eye are these great canopies over wonderful little day beds and OMG, they are for the outdoors! So I'm all over these thinking how cool they would be out by the pool. I flip the tag and stare really hard. Does that say $7000.00? I suddenly worried I was in a museum and I was going to be asked to leave for daring to touch the exhibit. After that I decided to just look and not look at the prices. Hey, sometimes I'm very handy. Okay, rarely. But! I'm cheap so I would soooo make this and laugh...but, I'm not going to make it cause I'm busy, you know, with stuff.

Here's the book lovers part though. We came across these bookcases (below) and I didn't think they were badly priced for three grand but I wasn't sure it included everything I was looking at. Still, I have Bob so I asked if he could build me these in my library. He said, 'No problem.' *sigh* I love this guy! I think you can click on the picture to blow up the details. I sighed already right?

Okay, now just random shots of the other places we were in because I'm sure I am going on and on and on and really, there are other blogs to visit!

I said I wasn't going to talk anymore but when have I ever shut up. This picture below is so gorgeous and I just wanted to move into the showroom!

The picture on the left - Is that not a wet dream kitchen!? Whadya think Kristie? I think you and Lisa could build this in a couple of Saturdays ;) I cried a little.

This was the next store that blew our minds. It's called Gingers/Summerhill and on the right you can see the taps that we not only purchased, but were able to take with us because some stores in Toronto actually carry stock!

Bob peed a little at that news.

Final picture because, WOW, this is long!

These tiles are the idea I am trying to emulate in our downstairs bathroom.

I could wax poetic about the tile stores in Toronto. We went to two. In the second one Bob had a little hissy. We're walking around the showroom which is huge and there are tiles every where and Bob turns and says 'I don't understand, I thought we already had the concept for the tiling! Why are we here? We should be at to the Home Depot!'

My response?

'Awwww, is poor Bobby getting overwhelmed by all the selection?' (Seriously sitting at Home Depot looking at plumbing parts doesn't rock my boat but I'm sure I don't complain *snort*)

Bob: Uh, I think that was the hunger talking.

We left our house at 8am with the pit stop at Timmies for a donut. At that point it was 12:30 and all we had to eat were a few animal crackers. Somebody gets cranky when they are hungry - usually it's me!

So all in all we went to one, two, carry the .... EIGHT different stores!! Holy cow! I thought we only did four.

Get this we went to this place called The Door Store (which honestly, smelled like urine) but I didn't carry the camera in because we had been to three stores and I figured I had plenty of shots. The Door Store is actually just that. It is a store full of reclaimed doors and there are some true beauties - I told Bob not to take me there because he ordered our front door from Home Depot (remember huge phallus?) when I was so gunho to find a great door. Well, here were great doors. Bob turns and says 'where's the camera?' 'Uh, out in the car.' 'WHAT!? This is the kind of store you take pictures in!'

Men are so cute.

Toronto!! Really?

Just to bring you all up to speed, I was 28 when my panic attacks got so far out of control that I started my descent into agoraphobia.

I have had panic attacks since I was 10 years old and yeah, they're a bitch. Anyways, I had been married to Bob for 3 years and hadn't really had an attack outside or my 'trigger zone' (eating with people / eating in restaurants/ eating with family / eating with my family IN a restaurant (shoot me now!!)). In all honestly, I didn't know that things could get worse and mama, they got worse.

I went to The One Of A Kind Show with my best friend and her sister and little baby. I was fine for the most part and was having a good time. Okay, the heat in the building and the speed with which my friends had to gaze over each piece - let me tell you, we only did 1/4 of one building ( and I think there are three buildings) in the two hours we were there started to be a bit much. While we were there the sister started to get an upset stomach. Well, I get those all the time so I gave her one of my peppermint pills but I didn't realize it was my last one. All of a sudden I started to worry about what would happen if I started to get an upset stomach! (Yep, that's the crazy) I calmed myself down by telling myself we were in a huge building with tons of washrooms so really, it was fine.

Until my best friend turned to me at 5pm (this will mean something in a moment) and said we had to leave so that she could get back for her show rehearsal. I looked at her like she was nuts. We are in a major city in North America, we live an hour away on a good day and she wants to leave in RUSH HOUR TRAFFIC!!!

I should also mention that the only person who knew I even had panic attacks was Bob because I told him before we even dated. I decided to get all my crap on the table in the beginning ;) So we start for the car and well, my friend's car was tiny and we don't even get out of the driveway of this place and we are in stop and go traffic. Each time I saw red brake lights my panic would roll over me. It was like bigger and bigger waves crashing into me. I considered telling my friend to pull over and just leave me behind (I knew I could call Bob and he would come find me) but how did I even start to tell her what was going on. And it was late November/early December and it was freezing and I doubt anyone would leave someone out on the side of a highway in the dark and drizzle no matter how much they begged.

It was an hour and a half of pure hell. I think I must have had rolling panic attacks all the way home all though the last half of the trip is something I barely remember. I got home and crashed into Bobby's arms completely spent and that was the day my world turned over.

Ever since then Toronto is like my own Mt. Everest. There is no one except Bob that I would head into that city with for fear of ruining someone else's plans. I have been around Toronto and have traveled farther than Toronto over the years (was in Illinois with Bob on business and had a panic attack at the border but I kept moving forward). Still, Toronto feels like a city I *can't* get out of if I need to. Last year Bob drove me down the main street of Toronto but we didn't stop or try and shop so I know we can drive on through it.

Tomorrow (today) we're going shopping.

I'm excited and scared all in one but I know I can do it with Bob.

With all the decorating that I love to do Bob wants me to see the things Toronto has to offer and I have to say I want to see them too!

So, I'm staying up. I had a nap from 10pm to 2am and will stay up for the morning and into the afternoon so that we can hit the stores early and without traffic concerns.

Hopefully tomorrow night I will have a list of stores we hit and a story about how Toronto is no longer that scary.

Okay, maybe I pushing it with the last part of that sentence but one can always hope!

Geez, I'm sitting her editing the post and thinking about how nice it is to be so open about my life and that I have a bunch of people all over the world who come here and visit me even when I'm rambling on about my boring life.

I'm telling ya, I've got tears in my eyes!

Maybe it's PMS ... right! That's what it is!

No really.


Wednesday, October 18, 2006

More TV - Sorry Mailyn

It's 5am but I'm still awake even though I took the sleeping pill. Stupid pill.

So this might get loopy but more in a slovenly drunk way instead of in a spastic way, you know, like last post.

Heroes is on NBC and in a nutshell is about a bunch of people slowly becoming aware that there is something different about themselves. How are they different? A man running for election to something because I don't do politics I didn't pay attention but he can fly. He denies it to his brother who for some reason can only fly in his presence.

Then there is the teenage cheerleader who has discovered that she basically can't die. (they call it regeneration) Another one just started to be able to hear other people's thoughts while one of my favourite characters is playing around with his ability to stop time and (I know there is a word for it) teleport to another area on the planet. Yet another has visions of the future and the future is very far from bright. There is another character that seems to have a split personality - the split does what needs to be done in any situation and can kill with her bare hands. I have no clue if this one is good or evil because I don't really know my 'superheroes' the way some *cough* Meljean *cough* people would.

So you're thinking, blah, blah, blah, bunch of superheroes, sounds like a comic.

Here's some of the clinchers that I like.

The man who sees the future is an artist and he only seems to have his ability when he shoots up with heroine. This man writes comics that tell the stories of the people and places he sees. The Japanese young man (Hiro) is the one who can warp time and space and he has a sidekick that has no powers (that's actually explained). Hiro traveled through time without knowing it, saw a comic book that depicted himself on the cover and went to track the artist down. He walks in and discovers the artist dead in his apartment. He is then caught by the police and he tells them he has teleported and to call his friend to prove it. Turns out he actually traveled 5 weeks into the future, as he realizes this he turns and sees a fireball about to cremate New York - he just manages to leave and the comic came with him. He wants to do everything the comic book says so he takes his friend who is in the book with him and flies to Las Vegas.

Then you have the politician who is denying he is anyone and destroying his family in the process. The brother is a mess and goes to see the artist (can't remember why) but after that he drew a picture of the future and saw that he could fly. (This past episode makes me think that he can pick up the powers of the others when he gets near them. I have no clue how).

There is a geneticist who talked about the evolution of mankind and that people with special powers would eventually emerge but he is killed before the shows even started so instead we are trying to follow the man's research through the work of the son who is trying to figure out why his father died. But, why are all these people suddenly starting to have things happen now?

Basically I wanted to say that with the last episode they played I am officially hooked.

The season opener was quite boring because you were meeting all the characters. Some in denial, some on the cusp of discovery and other knowing that they are different. Just so you know, most of these characters haven't interacted with each other because they don't know the other exists.

In the last episode the brother who can absorb other people's power was on the subway when every thing around him stopped. It was like when Hiro stops time. He's walking back and forth on this train when we see someone behind him. It's Hiro only he looks older, battle weary and he speaks English!!! (I'm saying that he looks completely different from the Japanese speaking fun loving man we know now). He looks at the other and says something about almost not recognizing him without the scar and then he tells him he has a message from the future.

End Scene.

Yep. I'm left squealing like a little girl and I can't wait for the next episode! I like that none of the people with heroic powers have led this perfect life. There is a darkness and edginess that I thought might turn out cheesy but is starting to really take foot.

There you have it, my take on the show Heroes. I would say that the first few episodes are ho-hum but they were needed for the backstory of all these people. Apparently now that we are all up to speed, the shit is about to come down!!

Bring it!

Edited: Looks like if you go to their website you can catch up on what you have missed and it looks like they will run 3 episodes back to back on Sunday night. Super cool. Course, I've seen them so I'll be watching the Amazing Race ;)

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Hark Upon Yonder!

All right ladies and germs *starts laughing* - damn, I've always wanted to say that.

*still laughin* No I'm okay, just give me a minute.

Shit, now I have the giggles. You know what that means? I've been up too long. When I get beyond tired I start laughing so hard that I cry and my stomach hurts and Bob finally has enough and yells my name like he's really mad. Nowadays I'm onto that so now the laughing will stop for a few seconds and then I start all over again. Yeah, Bob loves when I get like this.

Wait. Why did I gather you all here?


Go to Megan's!! (poor Megan - I've used germs and shit in this post already, I'm not worthy)

Megan has A&E's Pride and Prejudice DVD set up as a contest prize.

Hey, hey, slow down, there are some rules.

You have to make comments that are PERTINENT to the post. Now, I went and looked the word up just in case it didn't mean what I thought it meant.

It means, "pertaining or relating directly AND significantly (this is probably where I failed like the miserable monkey I am) to the matter at hand." That's from Dictionary.com and I would like to protest the use of the word 'pertaining' in the definition of the word pertinent. I'm pretty sure there is a grammatical law of some sort that does not allow this. *thumps desk* *Picks up phone to call the grammar police*

I'm not drunk. Honest. I would so tell you if I was drunk because I really have no shame.

There is at least one other rule I can't remember but - oh!! only one comment on a post counts. Unless you ask what the definition of pertinent is and then you're taken out of the running.

So, go see Megan here.

Like how I left the link to the very bottom? See how wily and crafty I am?


You're not here anymore are you?

Book Buying!

Aw, what the hell. I'm not reading but I can still buy, right!?

So today Bob and I went to London and met Kristie on her home turf and yes, we managed to drag Bob to the bookstore. I thought it was funny when he scanned by at one point, pointed at Kristie's books in her arms and said 'she has more than you, quick buy more books!'. Uh, OKAY!!! I'm going to go book shopping more often with people because that phrase has never come out of his mouth.

I do want to take a bit of a side track and tell you that Kristie's library is *breathtaking*!! Bob was there talking to Kristie about the shelving and where she bought the wood from and I'm staring like a deer in headlights at all these books. I'm talking lots and lots of books. I was trying not to be rude by just sitting my ass down and going through the books one by one. I think I managed a few 'uh huhs' at the right times. Kristie has authors in her library that I have never even heard of and it was all I could do not to grab a few off the shelves and browse through them. I figure on the next visit we can sit but Bob noted she only has one chair in the library room. Clearly, Kristie ain't sharing ;)

Oh and Kristie found out just how weird it is to go through a drive-thru with me. Hey, I'm nothing if not succinct in my food needs. It's precision people!! You want your food cooked right, tell them the way it's to be done.

Yeah, I figure I have had spit in my food but I try not to dwell on that.

Bob knows we're in trouble when the drive thru people take one look at me and say 'hey, you want 6 vinegar, 6 salt and a fork, right? We've talked about you!' I stopped going there for a month but that didn't seem to phase them and quite frankly, who am I kidding, I need choices in my fast food!!

Okay, books.

I was getting there!

I finally caved and bought the tradesize book by Emma Holly called All U Can Eat - the title makes me squirm and yes, I turned twelve today send cake pronto - chocolate only please. Apparently PMS stalks the young also. Anyways, I thought this was supposed to be in paperback size now but I have yet to see it. I figure I'll hit a drugstore tomorrow and see it at a shiny new 'low price'. Whatever.

Next I picked up Dead End Dating by Kimberly Raye and yes, I have heard some 'meh' reviews on this one. I don't know, I picked it up, scanned the excerpt and thought, 'shit, she sounds like me only dumber' . Quiet!! Looks cute and Bob said I had to buy more books so there.

The Grail King by Joy Nash - The cover and title definitely drew me to this and Kristie thinks she has read another book by her. In my quest to try new authors I figured what the hell. The little 'special value' button on the book helped with the sale also. Ohhhh, a book that's cheap - I'm in!

If You Could Read My Mind by Pamela Labud - I have seen this book somewhere but I can't remember where. Again, quiet down. My memory is not getting worse with age! It's always been this bad. Where was I? Right! New author to me, cheap book. We've seen the results before.

Even Vampires Get The Blues by Katie MacAlister - HEY! Throwing things is uncool! I don't know what came over me, I was there, the book was facing forward on the shelf and 'vampire' was in the title. I fought it, I really did but then I just walked one too many times past the shelf and whoops!, it fell into my book stack.

I know. I'm weak. I'll try harder but really, has there been anything published this month and by this month I mean friggin' now and not the 30th that looks remotely interesting? Hmmm?

I rest my case.

Monday, October 16, 2006

New Shows - Edited Uh, Just One Today

Valeen has a roster up of some of her new favourite shows and I thought I would do a quick run through here.

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip - I shouldn't be watching this show because I already know what is going to happen. No, I'm not the writer, I just *know* the writer.

Okay, not really but - hey! I'm explaining here!! Ahem. The executive producers (or writer and director, whatever) are Aaron Sorkin and Thomas (I call him Tommy. Yeah, we're tight.)Schlamme.

Let's take a little trip down memory lane now shall we?

There was a show called Sports Night and it rocked our socks! Bob and I adored that show like nothing else. If you ever see this show you will see the beginning of Sorkin's bantering techniques and Schlamme's uh, producing (okay I thought this guy was a director). Anyways, the show suddenly ended and by suddenly I mean every story was wrapped up so fast the thirty minute time slot felt like a race track. I was bitter but I figured it was the ratings. (they say it was - kay) Anyways, every time I see one of these original actors turn up on a show I am thrilled for them. Don't always watch the show, but happy for them.

We'll call that a slight burn but at least the story was wrapped.

Their next gig was The West Wing and the fangirl in me just couldn't wait for the show to start. It was friggin' brilliant. A smart show that didn't talk down to the audience and helped to enlighten those of us with little love of politics some insight into what makes these parties tick.

All the same, it was the relationship of all the characters to each other that was brilliant. Only one person ever took the President to task and no one else. Everyone was eager to be there and to be making changes. For the first four years it was like watching the greatest story ever told. Then during the break I heard disturbing news. Aaron Sorkin wasn't coming back. WTF!? From Wiki - "Soon after, Sorkin and his fellow executive producer Thomas Schlamme left the show in a dispute with the network." The 'soon after' means just after Sorkin was found with drugs.

I watched the next four episodes of The West Wing and was so hate filled towards it it was awful. CJ was standing over the president and yelling at him to get his crap together. For the first part of the fifth season I did not see any of the characters who had been created by Sorkin. They had all been sucked of their charisma and charm and VOMIT!!!!

I have never been so angry about something like this. I refused to watch any more episodes although my Dad convinced me that the show was still really good. I sighed and tried again only to see the President tell his best friend that they should part ways and then he wanders into the trees and has a heart attack. I believed he was dead and didn't care to see anymore. The show was no longer what it was and I didn't care. I left it at that although my father said he didn't die. The real life heart break is that the man who played this character, John Spencer really did die of a heart attack a year after that episode. I really loved John Spencer as an actor and he is sorely missed.

Let's call this one a 'burn'

So then I hear about this show coming called Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip and I see, Bradley Whitford(whom I love) and Mathew Perry (who I super love) and then Amanda Peet!! Well, I'm thinking it looks great but there is something very familiar from the previews I am watching.

Then it clicked.


Aaron Sorkin and Tommy Schlamme.

Any one want to lay odds that this is going to end badly for me? This time, it's my own fault. I went in knowing who these guys are and I'm praying that they don't get 'burnt out' or 'drugged out' or whatever. Let's just hope that this one sticks. Even so, it's no West Wing.

Oh, were you hoping for a summary of what this show is about? Basically these two guys (who are very familiar because they are loosely based on Aaron and Tommy) get hired to re-vamp a show for a network that is not being creative enough. They have to take the gig even though the network had gotten rid of them before but now that they are big stars they want them back. Problem is the studio's new uh, person knows that one of the men tested positive for cocaine and thus would not be able to direct any movies for two years because of insurance. He could however, direct this show. The writer guy refuses to bail on him. So they are basically re-vamping a Saturday Night Live kind of show. I enjoy the comedy aspects of the show. Dammit.

I'm going to get pulverize by this show. I just know it!

Okay, since I have to go to bed real soon that's all you get for now ;) I'll do a few more next post because lucky for you, there is no background to cover.

You gotta admit though, I can hold one hell of a grudge. Does me no good but I can hold a grudge!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

MeMe Cause I Can

I stole this from Holly. I'm not going to tag anyone else, but if you do decide to do this, let me know, yeah?

1. Dated outside your race?
NOT GUILTY - If I was hot I could have dated anyone but I'm not hot so getting one guy to ask me out was a feat. One of my early crushes was on a young boy who was second generation from India. He was such a great kid.

2. Singing in the shower?
NOT GUILTY - shit I can barely keep myself upright in the shower since I have usually just crawled out of bed.

3. Spit in someone's drink?
NOT GUILTY - the thought that people do this makes me want to gag. Also makes me want to eat at home. *thinks for a second* Nope, still going to be a fast food junkie.

4. Played with Barbies?
NOT GUILTY - apparently my hatred of all dolls happened when my mother cuddled a doll of mine and told me she was so sweet. The minute she put the doll back in the stroller I had I immediately grabbed it, threw it on the ground and grabbed a stuffed animal. I've hated all things doll ever since and have loved stuffed animals.

5. Made someone cry?
GUILTY - and yeah, a few times I have done it on purpose but I was a super bitch in my 20s

6. Opened your Christmas presents early?
GUILTY - you know when we were kids this was very taboo. It was only when Bob and I got married that he would say something about opening a gift on Christmas Eve. I was all shocked until I thought, 'why not?' and have done our stockings since then. Last year we did our Secret Santa on Christmas Eve - hey sometimes not having young kids around is fun too ;)

7. Lied to a friend?
GUILTY - I have done this to keep the peace. Hey, those of us without kids know you don't mess with the parenting skills of those with kids. Unless they are abusive then they better watch the fuck out!! Just moronic? Apparently I don't have a leg to stand on.

8. Watched and cried while watching a soap opera?
GUILTY - shut up - I'm pretty sure I was PMS-ing at the time.

9. Played a computer game for more than 5 hours?
GUILTY - I used to do this during exams. Nothing like knowing you have a exam the next day and that you need to study, but no! Just one more Tetris game. C'mon. You've all lost at least a day with that one!

10. Ran through the sprinklers naked?
NOT GUILTY - at least not that I can remember

11. Ate food that fell on the floor?
GUILTY (only dry goods and if it's my floor - like if a cookie tries to escape, fo-gedi-boudit - Bob and I call them escapies - especially the fries in the bottom of the fast food bag.)

12. Went outside naked?
Can I plead the fifth?? (does this include skinny dipping? Hey! It's not like I asked you to join me! Sheesh.)

13. Been on stage?
GUILTY - but I was usually in the chorus and stood at the farthest away point.

14. Been on stage naked or close to it?

15. Been in a parade?
NOT GUILTY - at least I hope not!

16. Been in a school play?
GUILTY - but again, chorus girl.

17. Drank beer?
NOT GUILTY (I can't get past the smell and then the few times I have tried it I've decided that 'aquiring a taste for something' means dull your tastebuds and deal).

18. Gotten detention?
GUILTY (I had a panic attack during a lunch break, called my mom and went home. Apparently not telling the teacher wasn't a good thing. Detention.)

19. Been on a plane?
HELL NO!!!! Oh shit, I was on a plane when I was teeny tiny but the only thing I remember are the peanuts and even then, I don't know if it is a real memory.

20. Been on a cruise?
NOT GUILTY (been on an over night ferry to get to Newfoundland and I was scared shitless - I know, what a freakin' surprise. I think I had seen the original Titanic just before this excursion - sweet)

21. Broken into a house?
GUILTY (Only our own there when we were kids and the parents needed us to crawl through a window).

22. Gotten a tattoo?
NOT GUILTY (I don't like things long enough to have them tatooed on my body. I'm always changing - I remember saying how I loved wolves and I must have 15 pictures of them. I like monkeys - I suddenly have every stuffed monkey ever made. And then there is the wimp factor)

23. Gotten piercings?
GUILTY (twice when I was a kid - the first time they were horribly infected and grew over and the second time I learned that I could only wear gold and once I hit university I lost the only gold set I had and they grew over again. I still have little bumps where the holes used to be and now I just can't be bothered)

24. Gotten into a fist fight?
NOT GUILTY - I like to use my words ;)

25. Gotten into a shouting match?
HELL YEAH!! I even get into mock shouting matches. Bob and I rarely ever raise our voices but I do tend to be loud anyways.

26. Swallowed sea/pool water?
GUILTY (can't be avoided).

27. Spun yourself in circles to get dizzy on purpose?
GUILTY - I think I may have done this once and realized that being nauseated is not a state I ever want to be in.

28. Laughed so hard it hurt?
GUILTY (all the time!).

29. Tripped on your own feet?
GUILTY (on my own feet, on other people's feet, over a stair, up the stairs, you name it, I've tripped over it. Except a banana peel).

30. Cried yourself to sleep?
NOT GUILTY (I can cry before I fall asleep but fall asleep while crying? Maybe when I was a baby but it takes all my concentration to fall aslep).

31. Cried in public?
GUILTY (Yep and I hate it).

32. Thrown up in public?
GUILTY (I got sun stroke in Florida and went to a mall with a girl and her mother that I had met that day. I puked all over a store. Vera, vera bad).

33. Lied to your parents?
GUILTY (Are you telling me that there are people who tell their parents the truth? Shit, I won't even tell my mother my jeans size).

34. Skipped class?
GUILTY (Uh, yeah. In university I skipped an entire semester of one class but I got a D in it. Still have nightmares of having my diploma revoked).

35. Cried so hard you threw up?
Good God No!! I can only do one thing at a time. I usually end up crying when I throw up because I hate throwing up. Therefore, if I was crying so hard I was about to throw up, I would hunt down a tranq and bloody well drug myself to keep from heaving. But that might just be me ;)

Saturday, October 14, 2006


I went and posted over at The Romantic Times Message Board. It's the first time I have ever written to Anne Stuart and I'm a wee bit nervous. All the same, I think I kept my cool. As Monica would say in Friends, 'I'm breezy!'.

Dang, I should have asked if she had plans to come to Canada. Okay, more specifically my house but I'm pretty sure if she hit the Ontario (I live in the dot near Hamilton) area I could find a way to get there.

I'm not a stalker!

I need to hit the bed in the next hour as one of my best buds is coming tomorrow for 3pm. During the last week I believe I have been in a REM state at that time in the afternoon so yeah, maybe a little medicinal help to get me on the right track.

So I need to unwind and what better way than to go visit all my buds on the sidebar!

Friday, October 13, 2006

TBR Pile Redux

So I've noticed people posting pictures of their TBR piles and well, there are some very shocked people running around. In all honesty, I didn't want to bring up the number of TBRs I have because I realized that maybe I have the most. (I have heard that Ames has a huge TBR pile and Kristie braved posting pictures of her pile). Now, there are readers over at AAR who claim to have close to a thousand books TBR. Let's just say, if I don't start reading soon I will be up there with them ;)

My second blog post ever was about my bookcases and since all my books are packed away I am going to reshow them here. (Seeing my old bookcases all crammed with books makes me a little teary eyed!)

If you would like to take a gander click over to here.

Other news?

In my ennui (depression) I went over the Chapters.ca and dropped some coin. That always seems to lift my spirits.

I first pre-ordered some books. I've never really done this before but the few times I have, I have found that the books show up either weeks before the street date or the day of. I'm thinking that should be good enough.

No Rest For the Wicked by Kresley Cole - I'm waiting for the video review from Dear Author. I won't care if others hate it or nothing but I love their video reviews so I'm eager to see what they are going to do.

Cold As Ice by Anne Stuart - fangirl! Would sooo stalk her if she lived near me and would probably be the only person that I would meet and immediately be struck mute. I have seen people get all weepy for a celebrity but I always think they are just like me only famous so I wouldn't make such a fool of myself. However, if I ever meet Anne Stuart I will immediately become a nightmare to be around because I will fawn and stare adoringly like a love sick puppy. I figure nobody is ready for that Cindy to show up so it's best she live somewhere I've never heard of.

Thief in a Kilt by Sandy Blair - liked her first book, *loved* her second and have high hopes for this one. What is scary is that it's been probably close to two years since her last publication and I don't see any mention of what comes next on her website. This author reminds me of the old Julie Garwood.

London's Perfect Scoundrel by Suzanne Enoch - I've only ever tried to read her contemporary and I'm pretty sure I never finished it. I usually write authors off after one bad experience but will the polls I have been doing for AAR this book seems to come up a lot. I'm hoping where there's smoke there's fire.

Megan's Mark by Lora Leigh - I'm thinking it was Ames who reviewed this and put a excerpt up. The review and the excerpt sold me. I'm thinking it's a hot paranormal and that seems to be right up my alley lately. Also, in my quest to read more 'new to me' authors this one fits the bill.

Ill Wind by Rachel Caine - I have seen this book reviewed a few times favourably so it went on the TBB list. I don't think it's a romance book because there was a mention how it was such a great book and it even had a little bit of romance. I also seem to recall that it's funny and I like funny.

The Panther and the Pyramid by Bonnie Vanak - Kristie reviewed it and said it was hot. I'm in. Also 'new to me' author.

Finally, (yes, I'm wrapping up) I am having one of those days where I am forever hungry. I only have them about once every few months but they always scare me. I'm afraid the hunger will never leave and I'm also afraid of making myself sick. I eat till I'm full and think, 'great, done' only to have my brain trigger the 'need more food' button. I mean, I don't need more food, right? It's just my brain or hormones are all whacked. Ugh.

Wow, I'm being such a whiner lately!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Am I Blue?

I have never liked the word 'ennui' but I can now say I am completely feeling it.

Sure I am getting stuff done and I am doing stuff that should normally make me happy but I am just, I don't know, taking up space.

The weather in my neck of the woods has rain in the forcast for about the next two weeks and I'm considering building an arc but the thought of the animal poop makes me want to cry. I should build a huge tower, with an elevator, of course, cause I'm not taking the stairs, that would breech the cloud cover and create my beautiful sunny day. Always.


Ennui blows.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

My To Do List In Pictures!

Again with the no reading thing going on because I know Bob is going to be off next week which means, A) get the sleep in order, B) get certain projects in order, C) uh, okay, get my brain to stop with the hassling already!!

So instead I bring you before and 'you did WHAT!!??' pictures and also, my to do list pictures.

I know, you're beside yourself with excitement.

Take a breath.


*meh, now I want to sit and veg in front of the TV so I'm off to do that for a bit. Just, you know, hang on for a bit will ya? Mmmm, the food timer just went off, dinner and TV. Mmmmm.*

TIME!! Didn't it just seem like a split second! I think I'm like that hero on uh Heroes who can time shift. Yeah. That's what happened.

The Blue Room


Before on the left which now looks really good dammit!! Course, Bob pulled those bookcases down on the day we moved in and they didn't paint behind them so, ugh. Still, the trim and floors look really good in this picture!


There is a look I am going for so we'll have to see if it pans out. I have been sitting in the room and wondering if it is too blue for what I wanted to do.

Remember Sarah Richardson. Trying to do that whole very chic classic hip look.

Maybe I'm trying too hard.

Just finished watching a new episode of Design Inc. and figure I need lots of silver accessories!

Basement Stairs


Enter into the dark cavern of doooooom. No, no, don't be afraid! I meant, Enter into the uh, fun filled lower level of our home!

Oh, c'mon!

Don't be a baby.

I'm sure there can only be one monster down there. Just make sure to pick the right door. Number 1, 2 or 3!

Okay! There may be more than one.



Now I wish there had been a monster!

That black ugh at the bottom of the stairs? Why that would be the glue residue from the cheap ass carpet that was put down. I mean, I can't blame them for the cheap ass carpet because when it rains a pretty *please* little river of water courses through the basement to the only floor drain which was behind, TADA, door number 2!

Further Basement Shots


Ah, yes. The 1970's wall panelling that will never end.

Why, oh why, do men think that any wood is better than no wood. *ba-dum-tish*

Sorry, that just happened but I think I may have answered my own question.

*holds hand to heart* 'I promise to never underestimate the power of wood, any wood, to a man again.'

And all this time I just thought guys had really bad taste! I guess they take any wood they can get even if they can't afford the good stuff. For newbies, that would be oak.

Damn, I'm slaying myself!

The furniture was left behind by the other owners because they built the basement around the furniture and couldn't get the set out.

(or you know, in the middle of the project pictures)

Turns out they just glued the panelling to the concrete basement walls. They then broke holes into the bricks to put in electrical.

Can we say '911, what is your emergency'? Uh, yeah, I went to plug in my TV and electocuted the crap out of myself. Literally.

See the dampness on the back wall there? That's because the weepers are full. So we're trying to let the basement dry out.

Could happen.

Hubby even took down the scary ass ceiling! Leaves the crud I have in my den up but thinks nothing of tearing out the stuff in the basement. Course, we're not living down there so I can see the point.

Touch bitter about it though.

We'll (Bob) will put down Dricore, then put up stud walls and shazam! Pretty basement. Oh, alright, a basement.

Shit I Have To Get Done

Now you have solid proof of the fact that the bathroom reno has come to a screeching halt.

See that Pepto Bismol pink on the walls? Need to prime it and pick a friggin' colour already (it takes me a long time to pick colours because I only like to paint once) so that by next week - that's right, 7 days, Bob can do whatever he needs to do and can't blame me.

Hey, sometimes it's all about being right.

Shut up.

Married 11 years, trust me, being right can be crucial!

Okay, there's the scary ass ceiling I was mentioning but I can't do anything about it right now because we have a few too many projects to get ready before Christmas guests descend on the house.

Okay, see that wall with the pics? Well, we bought a nice new sofa that will go on that wall (no not ON the wall but, you know) and it will arrive on Oct. 28th.

Seriously, the wood is freaking me out so I have decided to surprise Bob by picking a nice colour (again with the picking of a colour) and paint out that back wall. You know, like an accent wall. And since you see this wall when walking down the hall, it'll make the room look purty. Well. It might fool a few people into thinking the room looks pretty. Until they get into the room. Shut up.

Last but surely NOT least the third and final bedroom.

Holy green plaid attack!!

I'm telling ya, there are a bunch of Scottish men missing their kilts (if that don't get Maili out of the woodwork I don't know what will!) cause they are on my FRICKIN' WALLS!!


I didn't take a picture of the floor because everything has been dumped there as a 'back-up' plan. I even discovered that my husband, who brilliantly changed out the toilet that didn't flush out of our ensuite, didn't actually carry the old one out of the house. HELL NO!! He put the bacteria ridden thing in the middle of this poor room! Wasn't the plaid attack enough? Did he have to completely humiliate this room with an old toilet?

Anyways, I'll be stripping wall paper (oh joy!!) and repainting trim to it's rightful colour of white. Trim is either stained or white, people. Other than that, you're just creating a nightmare of work for the poor SOB who has to come after you and resurrect a dying room from the brink of design death. *makes sign of cross* May it rest in peace.


I know, you can't wait for me to get back to reading again.

You and me both sister!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Trying To Wind Down

Well, I've been to bed once and realized my brain was moving at break neck speed so I knew it was a waste to lay there.

On Sunday night the AAR mini-poll closed but it was a holiday here for us so I didn't get to the final ballots until early Monday morning. Then I decided tonight that I needed to recheck the tallies which meant going back through the ballots and double checking my math.

So, two weeks of work were just done again (only in a smaller scale because I was only looking at the top 15 heroes) over the last few hours. Needless to say, my brain is still working out the logistical problems. Stupid brain.

I also finished the last coat on the 'new blue' room a couple of hours ago. It used to be 'in your face' blue but now it's a muted blue that would look nice with silverish accents. Course, it's a bedroom and maybe I haven't made the colour cozy enough. Then I have noticed that the trim colour of white (by not a pure white or a cozy white) is bothering me and maybe I'm going to have to figure out a white to paint the trim and bookcases.

Yep, that's going through the old noggin. Stupid brain.

Oh. And then there is the bathroom design which has been at a complete stand still for way too long. I'm at a loss on how to proceed but Bob's taking next week off so hopefully we'll make some headway.

Also, he has gutted the basement. I will post the only before pics I have and then the 'holy mother of God!' pics. Meh, I knew it was only a matter of time before Bob went to town, it's just that this basement seems to have moisture in it (weepers are full) so things are smelling oh so summery fresh. *snort* Also, the door to the basement was taken off the day we moved in (Bob had some reason and I friggin' caved) but it used to look down into a little square vestibule with three doors. One on the right, one in front and one on the left. Now there are no doors and I can see the concrete basement floor. Perfect.

I mentioned the smell right?

Oh and here is something that floats around in my brain more often then it should.

Wow, now that I have gone looking for the dog of Pompeii I have discovered how our memories can become distorted over time. If you click the link you will find the dog of Pompeii but for some reason I remember the dog being in more of this position.

I remember our grade school teacher pointing out that the dog still had his leash attached to him and I swear the picture looked just like Cody does in this picture. In fact, whenever I see a dog lying like this I call it 'the Pompeii Dog'.

Now I want to see if there were other dogs that were there and kept because I do remember the dog being on his side. I don't remember ever seeing the one from the link above. Seeing as how I was a child that could become easily upset, that link of the dog would have greatly upset me as a child because it looks like the dog suffered. From my memory I remember thinking how the dog was just sleeping when the eruption happened and he died instantly and didn't suffer. Seriously, I'm so messed up from that 'Pompeii dog' that I didn't want to put the picture up on my blog!!

Stupid brain. Sorry, that's the kind of night it's been for me.

I'm off to do some drive by blog hopping to see if others had a nice weekend.

Then I'm going to try and go to bed again *cocks head* stupid brain is still wheeling and dealing. May be another hour yet!

Oh and I promise I will get to some reading soon and tell you all about my books. Again, life took over and Lazy Cindy had to go on vacation, the bitch, and she didn't leave a forwarding address!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Biting Off More Than I Can Chew

I just finished putting on the second coat of primer on the 'blue' room and I'm telling ya, I think there is more work there than it looks.

Some of the paint is being repelled! It's friggin' primer! It's supposed to deal with that stuff. Not only that, but I think the ceiling will need to be painted so painting a finish coat tonight after Turkey day will not be the right order of things. I'm just not sure I want to paint the stupid ceiling. Crap.

Dinner tonight turned out just like I thought. I only had turkey, dressing and a bun and I paid the price. I just don't get it. Maybe it's the gravy they use.

Today is Thanksgiving with my family and it sounds like there will be a table full. Which is good especially if what I really have a is stomach bug. No one will notice if I eat very little! I'm eating crackers now to see if they can settle the tummy down.

I bought two books on Friday. It's slim pickin's around here right now. Can't wait for the end of the month for Anne Stuart and Kresley Cole!

Witchling by Yasmine Galenorm

I really like this cover. Okay, how about some back blurb - which I never read. It said witch and I thought, what the hell.

From Publishers Weekly

The first in an engrossing new series about conflict in the magic modern world—as told by the half-human, half-Faerie D'Artigo sisters—the latest from Galenorn (One Hex of a Wedding) is a whimsical reminder of fantasy's importance in everyday life. Narrator Camille is a good witch with unpredictable powers who runs a Seattle bookstore while working as an Otherworld Intelligence operative, sent Earthside to keep an eye on things. When an operative from the Wayfaerer, a human/Faerie hangout, is killed, Camille springs into action with her sisters Delilah, a werecat, and Menolly, a freshly minted vampire.


The first in a new series.

That'll learn me.

Pamela Clare's Hard Evidence.

Since Ride the Fire was so very yummy I'm hoping that her romance translates well to contemporaries.

Book Description

Investigative reporter Tessa Novak witnesses the murder of a teenage girl-and believes Julian Darcangelo committed the crime. But Julian is actually an undercover FBI agent on the trail of a human trafficker and killer. And now Tessa's report has brought them closer than either one of them could have imagined-and put both of their lives in danger.

Okay, that book description leaves a lot to be desired. In fact, a more boring description of a book I have yet to read.

Man, I hope I picked up some good books or my penchant for not reading blurbs is going to have to become a thing of the past!