Wednesday, October 18, 2006

More TV - Sorry Mailyn

It's 5am but I'm still awake even though I took the sleeping pill. Stupid pill.

So this might get loopy but more in a slovenly drunk way instead of in a spastic way, you know, like last post.

Heroes is on NBC and in a nutshell is about a bunch of people slowly becoming aware that there is something different about themselves. How are they different? A man running for election to something because I don't do politics I didn't pay attention but he can fly. He denies it to his brother who for some reason can only fly in his presence.

Then there is the teenage cheerleader who has discovered that she basically can't die. (they call it regeneration) Another one just started to be able to hear other people's thoughts while one of my favourite characters is playing around with his ability to stop time and (I know there is a word for it) teleport to another area on the planet. Yet another has visions of the future and the future is very far from bright. There is another character that seems to have a split personality - the split does what needs to be done in any situation and can kill with her bare hands. I have no clue if this one is good or evil because I don't really know my 'superheroes' the way some *cough* Meljean *cough* people would.

So you're thinking, blah, blah, blah, bunch of superheroes, sounds like a comic.

Here's some of the clinchers that I like.

The man who sees the future is an artist and he only seems to have his ability when he shoots up with heroine. This man writes comics that tell the stories of the people and places he sees. The Japanese young man (Hiro) is the one who can warp time and space and he has a sidekick that has no powers (that's actually explained). Hiro traveled through time without knowing it, saw a comic book that depicted himself on the cover and went to track the artist down. He walks in and discovers the artist dead in his apartment. He is then caught by the police and he tells them he has teleported and to call his friend to prove it. Turns out he actually traveled 5 weeks into the future, as he realizes this he turns and sees a fireball about to cremate New York - he just manages to leave and the comic came with him. He wants to do everything the comic book says so he takes his friend who is in the book with him and flies to Las Vegas.

Then you have the politician who is denying he is anyone and destroying his family in the process. The brother is a mess and goes to see the artist (can't remember why) but after that he drew a picture of the future and saw that he could fly. (This past episode makes me think that he can pick up the powers of the others when he gets near them. I have no clue how).

There is a geneticist who talked about the evolution of mankind and that people with special powers would eventually emerge but he is killed before the shows even started so instead we are trying to follow the man's research through the work of the son who is trying to figure out why his father died. But, why are all these people suddenly starting to have things happen now?

Basically I wanted to say that with the last episode they played I am officially hooked.

The season opener was quite boring because you were meeting all the characters. Some in denial, some on the cusp of discovery and other knowing that they are different. Just so you know, most of these characters haven't interacted with each other because they don't know the other exists.

In the last episode the brother who can absorb other people's power was on the subway when every thing around him stopped. It was like when Hiro stops time. He's walking back and forth on this train when we see someone behind him. It's Hiro only he looks older, battle weary and he speaks English!!! (I'm saying that he looks completely different from the Japanese speaking fun loving man we know now). He looks at the other and says something about almost not recognizing him without the scar and then he tells him he has a message from the future.

End Scene.

Yep. I'm left squealing like a little girl and I can't wait for the next episode! I like that none of the people with heroic powers have led this perfect life. There is a darkness and edginess that I thought might turn out cheesy but is starting to really take foot.

There you have it, my take on the show Heroes. I would say that the first few episodes are ho-hum but they were needed for the backstory of all these people. Apparently now that we are all up to speed, the shit is about to come down!!

Bring it!

Edited: Looks like if you go to their website you can catch up on what you have missed and it looks like they will run 3 episodes back to back on Sunday night. Super cool. Course, I've seen them so I'll be watching the Amazing Race ;)


Anonymous said...

I am so diggin this show too! (i blogged a bit about it yesterday too!)

I gasped out loud at monda night's ending as well, saying "oh, that's goooood!".

Two things, do you thing Nikki's (split personality girl) altar ego is Sylar?

And it looks like Peter's power (the brother of the jack-off congressman wannabe) is sorta like Rogue's of the X-men ... he can absorb others.

Mailyn said...

This sounds like the kind of show I would love. Sadly I have YET to pass the cable to my computer room. Used to have satellite there but meh, 1000 channels and nothing to watch so I took that down. I REALLY need to get that cable hooked up! It's only in my mom's room now.

BTW, did you watch the sexless bunny yet? LOL.

Rosie said...

Sorry about the no sleep Cindy. I've been there, done that and it pretty much sucks!

As for family loves it. In fact I can't remember the last time all four of us liked the same program. We've been watching it together which is pretty cool. Thanks for the heads up on the 3 episodes back to back. Maybe when we watch it again we can pick up some more clues.

Zeek, one of my sons noticed the same thing about Peter and I think that's right on.

Anonymous said...

I haven't had a chance to see this yet! *grumble* I want to. I'm going to have to download the episodes, I think.

Mailyn said...

I just realized my name is on the post title!!! I feel special!!! LOL. :-P

C2 said...

I'm so glad the first episode was boring because I missed it! :-D I'm loving what I have seen, though...very cool!!

Anonymous said...

Okay cindy, I totally forgot everything you wrote about the show Heroes, when I saw you were going to watch The Amazing Race!!!! I love that show. And I'm so furious that the time keeps getting changed because of the NFL. I've now set my recorder so that it records for up to two hours after the show ends, because I missed the last episode!