Friday, December 21, 2007

Hark Upon Yonder!

I read a review of *bloody hell, which book was it* Halfway to the Grave over at Kristie's and Katiebabs Ramblings on Romance and well, I went out and bought the book tonight!

Okay, I know, but the fact that I even showed any interest in buying a book means I might be coming back.

Merry Christmas to ME!

Also, I think buying my last gift (Bob is going to have to take up some of the slack - he's so it!) tonight took a huge weight off my shoulders. I don't know about you guys but after a while I just can't think straight and I'm completely off my game. We have something like 40 major gifts we have to buy and then there are all the little odds and sods - Bob likes to do stockings and we introduced that to my family last year which means even more little stuff for people! Not only do I get anxious about what gift to buy, I then get anxious about the 'Secret Santa' gift exchange we do where you try and steal gifts from each other (it's supposed to be fun but I stress over it!). For my family it's like a challenge to see who can buy the most sought after gift. Or maybe it's me. So I never really buy myself something I want (like you are supposed to), I end up searching hi and lo for something everyone would want.

Anyways, I found something and I'm over it. I'm just glad I found something a little different and if I end up with it then I'm a happy camper also.

So we're heading into Friday the 21st and today is more like a free day. I have cleaning and wrapping to do but I don't need to get out there and tussle so it's all good.

On Saturday we're having my best friend's family (Godkids and all) over for a 'friends' Christmas with turkey dinner. Yum. Sunday we go back to Bob's mom's house, Sunday afternoon my best bud comes up and then on Christmas Eve we do nothing until we have to go to my parents for dinner. Sah-wheat!!

Don't tell anyone about Christmas Eve.

I just know if someone finds out we're not hiking all over Kingdom Come we'll get called upon.

AND, this year, we're doing New Year's Eve all by ourselves!!

I'm such an anti-social twit but a nice dinner planned and Bob and I can stay in our jammies for two whole days!?



Kristie (J) said...

Ryan came up with an interesting *g* idea for Christmas next year. We buy our own gifts for ourselves, then give to the other person to wrap and give them back on Christmas. It's odd that's for sure - but it sure would save the stress of finding the right gift for someone else.

ReneeW said...

My family is doing the 'secret santa' gift exchange this year for the first time. Everybody buys a generic gift and if you can't think of anything just buy something you like yourself, then steal it from someone. I hope it will be fun. You have much more going on with your holiday plans but you sound much calmer than me. But then you have your shopping done - I'm so jealous. I'm a mess this year. But I feel better this evening knowing I don't have to work tomorrow. And I have the next 6 days off. Merry Christmas, Cindy.

nath said...

My family is taking it easy this year... we'll probably go shopping after christmas and point out what we want... nobody's really in the mood this year :(

and yay for you, having a relaxing day on the 24th!! my mom is having friends over :(

anyway, sounds like it's going to be very busy for you :) I hope you enjoy, even if it's been stressing :)

Dev said...

Hope you find time to enjoy the season between all of the busy-ness. Our family does stockings also ~ but just for the kids. Sometimes the adults have a bag of their favorite candy bars or something under the tree.

sybil said...

Bev recently reviewed that book cuz I keep giving her crap about it not ending in a HEA for six books or something so it isn't a romance :).

Which I knew and it isn't the authors fault but really Avon shouldn't label it a romance. Sez I.

And really, you say anti-social like it is a bad thing. My mom is all stressed and crap and honestly I just can't find it in me to give a flip. It is christmas. Gifts should be giving stress free. But nope she has been running all around and getting no where and is all frustrated. I am gonna try and hide out at my apt for as long as possible ;).

CindyS said...

Kristie - I have thought of that but Bob would lose his mind. He enjoys looking for gifts for people - the problem is he thinks 10 bucks for a gift is plenty for family. Uh, no. At least, not my parents because they spoil us. Dad was in Malaysia until last night so he doesn't know that Mom bought some stuff I picked up for myself to wrap under the tree. I don't mind doing that for my mom but I know my Dad also enjoys looking for gifts.

Renee - I hope you guys have a hoot with that Secret Santa! It is fun but we only have 7 people so the stealing stays low ;) We do normal gifts on top of Secret Santa - it's a 35 dollar limit. I was stretching as it was not finding anything so when I found something close enough I didn't blink at the 50. Whatever. I just wanted it done!

You so deserve your time off! I was telling you about kicking your Bob and tonight I realized I do the same thing with my Bob - 'oh, he works so hard, I'll do the wrapping and cleaning and ....' I do love my man ;)

Merry Christmas Renee - I'll be popping over the next few days!

Nath - you lucky woman! Again, my father, Bob, Aunt etc would pout buckets! It's just too ingrained with us - I just wish we had young ones. Ah, well. Maybe in a few years my cousin will be ready and there will be a new baby in the family to gush over!

Dev - I'm starting to get into the swing of things now. I finally vacuumed and it was driving me crazy watching the cat fur and dog fur tumble through the house! Bob's *thing* other than renoing and every thing else is Christmas. We not only have family ones but now Bob and I have our own. What's funny is it's just bath stuff but Bob insists on it! *shrug*

Sybil - I read Katiebabs first and then while scrolling through the 12 Days I found Bev's review but I just checked the grade.

I knew it was part of a series but I was hoping they would have different H/H for each book. Ooops. Oh well, I haven't had time to read so no big deal right now. And I found the book in the romance section at a small bookstore so I would guess the stores have them 'sectioned' and people will get miffed. Thanks for letting me know!


ames said...

I would go absolutely bonkers if I had to buy 40 gifts! Thank the dogs I only buy for my immediate family. :P With over 40 cousins and their kids, there is no way they'd expect something from me. LOL But I wonder if She-Ra will get anything? hehe

So how did the dinner go on Saturday night?

Did you read the book you bought? :P That's the important thing. I'm still picking books up and putting them down. It's sad.