Friday, December 28, 2007


Christmas is over and it should just be me and Bob and whatever we want to do, right?

Nope. Bob starts in on 'when you going to get up tomorrow?'

Now, when we are on holidays I will get up earlier if we are going to a movie or shopping or something but it's common knowledge that I'm going to need a nap later in the day.

Bob suggests we go visit our friends who live an hour away! Just pick up and drop in!

First, cranky Cindy will be around because there is no such thing as a drop in and really Bob just wants to put in an appearance so that we don't get flack but c'mon, it's not about just him!! We'd end up there for hours and I would get bitchy in the car on the way back and well, it is not something I want dropped on me without notice. Especially after the past few days.

Second, (and you thought it was only about me) he wasn't going to call or anything. Just drop in. Now. Bob and I love the drop in, feel free to drop in. Other people, (said friends) hate the drop in and have told Bob this but somehow he got it in his head that because his buddy said *he* likes drop ins that it's A-okay. Just so you know, it's not okay with his wife.

Third - and this is really where my mind starts to whirl, they might not be home!!! I figure best bud will probably be working and possibly even the wife but since the wife works from home Bob figures it's no problem.

What an extreme social misfit I married!!

I do know that secretly Bob just wants to be able to say, 'hey we were there, we tried but hey, why don't you come out our way.'

Yep, a nutbar married to a nutbar.

Hey, just call them and let them know we aren't up to any traveling right now. Be honest.

I tell ya, Bob is going to retire one day and wonder where all his friends went. (And it gets just a bit exhausting mentally and obviously emotionally (because of my anxiety) when I am constantly after Bob to call someone or to plan a visit)

You all know I love Bob but he doesn't want to visit anyone unless he can go in the morning and be back by dinner. I, on the other hand, would prefer to have a good nights sleep, get up and go in the afternoon and not worry when we get home. Going to his family's home is stressful for me because Bob wants to leave here by 10am which means there are days where I get less than 5 hours sleep only to have him land on their couch and fall asleep!

Relationships are all about compromise (and yeah, there is a bit more of that on Bob's side at times) but Bob can go visit people any hour of the day. Any hour! So I do resent him when he makes me get up because he wants to leave early so he can get back and re-wire something or whatever. Forget about trying to shop after only 5 hours of sleep. I told him the other day I was going to wake him at 2 in the morning and get him out and about and see how his system liked it.

So far only the grocery store is open at that time.

End rant.


Dev said...

I'm not a fan of the drop-in. In fact, except for a few people, if you come to my house unannounced I may not open the door unless my house is presentable.

Bookwormom said...

Yeah, not liking drop ins here either, in fact I could be accused of being totally anti social as I really really dislike company of all kinds unless they're closely related to me. Men often just don't get it though.

Kristie (J) said...

A third vote against the drop-in. I'm OK if you give me 15 minutes notice - like if you and Bob were to drop by and called me from day Woodstock to tell me you were on your way - I'd love such a thing. But me, being me, I need that time to throw everything in rooms and closets and stuff *g*. And of course to finish off that last chapter or read that final blog

LinnieGayl said...

Hate drop-ins! If I have about an hour's notice, I'm fine, but anything less than that, and no way! However, I've known a number of men who think it's perfectly fine. What's up with that?