Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy 2008!

Can I just say that time really does fly? I mean, it still feels like the whole Y2K thing was just yesterday! Getting older blows.

On that cheery note, I can admit that I'm addicted to watching back to back episodes of Rescue Me. I bought all three seasons and every night I watch 3 to 4 episodes. I think I have maybe 3 more before I'm all caught up and then the fun is over.

I'm antsy about the New Year and the writer's strike stuff. Up here it's bloody cold and going out means expending energy that I normally save for napping. So other than computer time and reading, I'm going to be SOL.

Which brings us to resolutions. See, I'm crafty that way.

Holy Catnip on a Cracker!!

I just read last year's so called resolutions and my book wrap up.

I suck.

Looks like I only read 21 books last year. This year I read 24 (oohhhh, ahhhhh, what an achievement) with 3 DNF so 27 and a re-read so 28. Since I don't remember reading anything after Anne Stuart's last book I'm guessing I've hit the three month mark with no reading.

Slumpville. Population 1.

I hate Slumpville.

It mediocre and boring and has no passion or brilliance about it. Drab buildings that all blend into grey with grit and debris in the streets. No light or colour. It's bleak and creepy in it's silence and constant drudgery.

If that was all it was I could cope but Slumpville loves all things dark and crazy. Dreams are no longer whispers but blaring visions of discontent and failure. Yeah. I'm not loving the dreams. Without reading there is no spark of inspiration for a fairytale dream or a flying dream.

And reality hits too close.

So I'm getting out of Slumpville. Bob has another week off so I won't find time to read but starting next week I'll be working my ass off to get out of this damn pit.

Getting out of Slumpville is work. When you don't feel like reading it becomes a job but I need that job.

Believe it or not, it keeps me sane.


Dev said...

How about slumpville, population 2. I read 31 books in 2007; 2006 I read 86. Yikes.

C2 said...

Very cool new template! Brrrr. LOL

I was headed toward Slumpsville but I took the Lord of the Fading Lands off-ramp so I managed to detour for a bit.

I'm doing my year-end reading summary tonight. I have no idea how it will turn out. Yikes.

ames said...

Happy New Year!! You will get out of slumpville because I did. So there's hope. :P Mind you, it's a slow crawl, but it happens.

Like the new template by the way. :P

Jenster said...

I'm planning on reading 52 books this year. One book a week. But I refuse to make it a resolution because then I won't do it for sure!

nath said...

hey Cindy :D

happy new Year!!

where there's a will, there's a way :P I'm sure you're going to get out of Slumpville... (which by the way, is such a cute name!)

and I like your new template :P

Rosie said...

Wendy did a great post about having reading goals and then not worrying about them and just enjoy the books. Don't worry about the slump...your writing is so darn entertaining.

I'm still catching up with posts from before Christmas. Hope all is right in your world again and your are back in your good sleep cycle. What's with men and the 'drop in'? I wish they'd all get a clue.