Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Books Bought While Kristie Was Down

Okay, let's get that crazy post to move farther down!

First book was definitely an impulse buy because of a video I saw over at Zeek's which I thought was great fun for both the authors and the viewers. Seriously, go see if you haven't already. How can I not buy a book that has me in the book aisle saying 'Savour Me Slooooooooooowly'. Great fun.

And the premise of the story sounds bitchin if you don't mind me saying and the cover? That's my dream body - What? Couple years on Weight Watchers followed by drastic plastic surgery and I'm there!

Joanna Bourne's The Spymaster's Lady. No brainer. I haven't seen a bad review of this book and I have been wanting to buy it but knew I had gift certificates so I didn't buy it at any of the thousands of other stores I saw it at. Oooooo. Willpower. Sweet!

Okay this one is one of those books I'm not sure about. Anna Campbell's Untouched has been fairly well received from those who have read it. I didn't care for the characters in her first book and their motivations were crazy. So I'm giving this author another shot.

Renee and Kristie (J) as well a few others I may have forgotten gave this book great reviews. Luckily Kristie was there to remind me of the author's name - Even Kenin's book Driven. I really look forward to this story.

Erin McCarthy's High Stakes was on the shelves and I'll admit, it looks like it may be a funny or at least light kind of story. I've only ever read McCarthy once and I had problems but not enough to have me run screaming in the opposite direction.

And this one was pure Kristie. She told me Hot by Julia Harper (who has another AKA I can't remember) was a great funny contemporary. Those things are so rare I would buy it in a flash!

Okay, I'm getting ready to go to bed so I'm wrapping up fast. I haven't had my e-book day yet as I'm trying to figure out programs I would need - which I know is a Librarian - so I'm getting ready and will scream for help if stuff doesn't work.


nath said...

Great haul Cindy :) I have Savour Me Slowly in my TBR pile and I just love the cover, it's soooo nice :P I'm skipping on the Spymaster's Lady. I know it had good review, but I want to minimize my historical book buying.
Driven by Eve Kenin was okay... I didn't enjoy it as much as Kristie and Renee :( and Hot was good.

Kristie (J) said...

I just sent in my ballot for the AAR poll and lets just say that both Driven and Untouched had multiple votes cast. And I know next year, The Spymaster's Lady will have a number too. And chances are Hot might get a couple. So I know they are all good *g* I haven't read either the Erin McCarthy or the Gena Showalter though

Kristie (J) said...

Oh - and Julia Harper also writes Historicals as Elizabeth Hoyt. I loved all her Prince books!

Holly said...

Sweetie, just shoot me an email if you need help with the reader. It's really simple, honest. LOL

Great hall. I've heard AM AZ ING things about Spymaster's Lady and I added it to my wish list, but I'm not allowed to buy books until after the wedding, so I guess I won't get to read it for awhile.

Jenster said...

Looks like a bunch of great books!! What fun to go book shopping with a fellow bookaholic. *sigh*

Marg said...

I've just bought The Spymasters Lady myself!

Have to agree about the video! Every time I see the book title of Savour Me Slowly, I catch myself saying it S-l-o-w-l-y

Marg said...

Oh, and I want to read Hot as well. I am trying not to buy books this month - somehow I have managed to get 12 already...not all of them bought by me, but quite a few of them were!

Katie(babs) said...

Savor Me Slowly blew me away. Gena rocks!!
And wait till you read about Matthew in Untouched. Sigh.
Driven is Mad Max done female style. Girl power!

Zeek said...

"Julia Harper also writes Historicals as Elizabeth Hoyt"

hey! I didn't know that! Gonna have to hunt some of those down as I loved her books under Hoyt as well!

uuuum, I started the Spymaster's Lady and couldn't get into it. (The heroine bugged me). I set it aside for later, perhaps I wasn't in the right mood??

Anxious to hear what you think as I seem to be the only one not falling under it's spell!