Tuesday, January 29, 2008

7 Things Meme

I was tagged some time ago and haven't been blogging so yeah, now is as good a time as any. I'm pretty sure it's 7 things you don't know about me. Or are weird about me (shooting fish in a barrel), so we'll start and see where I land.

Edited: Damn long winded is where we landed! Enter at own risk.

1. Over the last few years I have become a tad bit obsessive about cleanliness. I carry small hand sanitizer (has to be Purell) bottles in my coat pockets so if I eat while I'm out I can wash up my hands. Also, if I use a computer at a store like, oh Chapters, I can clean up fast. I swear that the year I had pneumonia and then a sinus infection and was sick for 3 months that I got the infection from the keyboard at Chapters.

Okay, here's where maybe I go beyond 'tad' and hit obsessive. My best friend, although a clean woman, uses the same sponge to wash her floors, tables, counter tops etc. So whenever I go there and wash my hands I'm afraid to use her dish towel to dry them because Lord Tunder'n Geez B'y I have no clue where it's been!

My other friend holds her hands up in the sign of the cross whenever I bring out the hand sanitizer.

2. I hate the smell of bananas, and I wouldn't eat one to save my life. I love banana bread though.

3. I don't like the smell of any kind of cleaners. Wait, I did find one I liked years ago but it's gone now. Anyway, pine sol makes me think of veterinarian offices or hospitals, bleach actually smells like dirt to me, and anything else smells too fake. So for the most part I clean with bleach (but I have to have the windows open) because I know it kills germs and then I leave the windows open until I can't smell it anymore.

Last week I was sick of our shower and the soap scum problem so I bought some acidic cleaner. It worked like gangbusters but OMG, the smell was atrocious. Not only that, I couldn't get a breeze through the bathroom to get the odour out. So for a week I kept the door closed to our master bath (chemical smells with cause mucous build up for me - yeah, now we're sharing) with the window open thinking the smell would eventually have to leave. Nope. I finally opened all the windows on the top floor and let the whole house air out for a couple hours.

4. Seriously, do I get much crazier?


Okay, not crazy but probably a head scratcher for some. I carry a drink every where I go. Every where. I will bring my plastic red cup (right now we can only find the clear ones) to the fanciest of dinner parties cause I got my ice and my water or coke. I figure if I'm going to blow points (Weight Watcher talk) on a pop, I'll bloody well get the kind I want. Coke from a can with tons of ice. Also, because I can taste the difference in water I can also taste differences in ice. So I take my own ice also.

5. If I say that I like something - say a couch or lamp, and Bob says 'Me too! Let's get it.' I automatically start liking it less. Part of this is because I know Bob has the 'tacky' gene and part of it is if I only 'like' something then I'm not sold. Bob is easily sold.

Bob and I found a couch about 3 weeks ago that Bob was ready to buy. Me, I was getting tired of hearing 'what's wrong with this one' and was starting to bend. Then we found a steal of a deal at an upscale store (where we only ever window shop) on a sofa that I thought I really liked. Bob liked it also and was all 'well, let's buy it'. We actually went back to the store a few days later and were going to buy it but the lady that told us the deal price wasn't in so we told them to put a sold sign on it. That night I couldn't get the damn thing out of my head and in the morning I told Bob that although the quality was great I didn't think the love seat was for us.

So, last night we're out at one of our favourite haunts (Homesense) and there is a love seat that blows my mind. It's burgundy but I can live with that because the lines are classic and it was a Bernhardt (apparently a name to know - I'm clueless). I didn't want to push Bob into anything so I tell him I really like the couch - we sit and hmm and haw but I'm loving it. There are people hovering all around because this couch is HOT and I know if Bob and I don't get the couch it'll be gone before the store closes in half an hour. Finally Bob says to me, 'you have to be sure' and I finally say, I love this couch!! and so we buy it. 449 bucks. A love seat made on this continent for 450 bucks. I'll take a picture when we pick it up. Turns out about two couples were waiting to see if we would get our asses off it. Too slow Joe! (Woohoo, a picture of the love seat in a different fabric - apparently we can get an ottoman to match!!)

6. This is getting long! I don't eat fruit as a rule because I hate getting the juice on my hands. Oranges make me cringe. I can eat an apple but I have to be able to wash my hands and face immediately afterwards.

Oh and Bob has ruined grapes for me by reminding me that spiders live in them and you can't wash them off.

7. I will not eat near a bathroom (or even an area that is near a bathroom in a restaurant) because I now there are by laws about them and still, restaurants screw it up. I just watched a Mike Holmes episode where he moved a wall back to make a kitchen bigger. So there is the wall pantry and the gorgeous fridge and right beside it is the door to the bathroom. No. Uh, uh. Bad Mike.

I'm the same with garbage receptacles. I won't eat near them and I don't have one in our house. I bag up our garbage as I go and then put it on the door handle to the garage because I won't touch the garbage pail outside.

I've made peace with my crazy.

Any one of these things might be what Bob kills me for in 30 years but I'm okay with it.


nath said...

LOL, interesting facts about you Cindy! I love fruits, but I think you ruined grapes for me too. Too bad you can't stand the smell of bananas, because those are not juicy.

Dev said...

Your banana story reminds me of me and my sister. I love fresh peaches, but hate them cooked; my sister is the same with apples. Go figure.

I have hand sanitizer with me everywhere also, except mine is the Germ X brand.

Katie(babs) said...

I like fruits very much. Strawberries and blueberries are my favorites.

ames said...

You are not crazy. :P You're interesting.

I don't like the smell of cleaners either. blech

C2 said...

Don't they have a spray for grapes and things that would otherwise be hard to wash? I think they do...supposedly developed for restaurants, etc.

I am so with you on ice/water that tastes funny (or smells weird). My family looks at me like I'm nuts when I say their ice smells weird - and tastes that way too. Blah.