Friday, January 04, 2008

Can I Just Say?

I can't wait for life to go back to what I call normal. I get stressed when Bob is on holidays because there is an expectation of doing day trips and stuff.

Day Trips.

Uh, hi. Nocturnal.

Gah. I can hear Bob getting up now - it's only quarter to 7 in the morning so I guess I'm about to get crackin'.

I think I'll be up until at least 2pm today because my body clock has been wanting to do a flip since last week. I fight it because Bob and I have a routine and messing with it can cause me anxiety. I don't care when no one is home and I'm not expected anywhere. The body clock can have it's due but when I need to be up at certain times it can be a pain in the arse. Last night I took my sleeping pill and anxiety pill (also used for sleeping but not what it's prescribed for for me) to hit the system with a double dose.

The system replied with a 'fuck you' and did as it pleased.

In my mature way I flipped the bird back and took a nap last night.

Yeah 'system'! Whadaya think about that!

So far the battle front is quiet. Eerily so. Me thinks something is afoot.

And now for something completely different:

I would like to congratulate my pollster pall LinnieGayl as she is now the newest reviewer over at AAR! I can't wait to read her reviews and for those who love THE Nora Roberts, LinnieGayl is huge fan. Huge. I mean, I saw her Top 100 ballot people. Let's see if I can link to her 'page' so you can see what other authors she likes. Ah, here it is!

Also huge congrats to Ames as she and three others (Rowena, Isabel and Grace) have created The Boob Tube blog. Since I'm also addicted to the tube I'll be visiting regularly and I may even try submitting something. I wonder if they like rants? I'm very good at ranting. Ask me about the writer's strike. I dare ya.

What else, what else...OH!

I would run around and take pictures of the rooms (note I said ROOMS) in our house and post them but I think I've pushed my luck as it is with Bob. If I start taking pictures he'll know what I'm about. Let's just say there is a washing machine next to my new big screen TV (bought before Christmas), the mainfloor closet is empty and it's contents are all over the livingroom, my dining room table is the new drop spot, Bob will never, never, never NOT eat in front of the computer so crumbs will always be a part of my computer experience (I hate crumbs, they're scratchy when I'm in my jamma shorts and yes, I'll show you mercy and not post a pic of me in them), paper is the enemy and YIKES!!

Bob's up, gotta go!

'Hey, honey! Hmmmm? Oh, just surfing.'


Dev said...

So, when does Bob go back to work?? It'll nice to get back to your regular schedule :-)

I've visited the girls over at The Boob Tube since I watch way too much TV. Lots of shows to discuss :-)

ames said...

Yes! You're welcome to rant on our blog about the writers strike. :P

C2 said...

Having "company" around underfoot is exhausting, isn't it? Even when you love them. :o)

I agree with the writers, in theory, but I'm so ready for them to get back to work, in reality. Yikes.

LinnieGayl said...

Thanks, Cindy! I think being such a huge Nora fan ( weren't supposed to remind people of my ballot) eliminates me from the ability to EVER review one of her books....and that's really only fair....sigh!

Jenster said...

I want "normal" (such a relative term) back, too.

Stubborn system!

I can't wait to check out the TV blog. I miss Rowena.

There was absolutely no painting or anything of a redecorating/remodeling nature in 2007. I hope to make it up this year. Think I'll start with my sitting room.

Holly said... WON OUR CONTEST! :)

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