Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Even doing my level best to keep track of my reading, I'm still a moron.

I'm trying to fill out the AAR ballot and whooooo, doggy, I'm in trouble. There's even a little spot on my blog that says I read 13 books published in 2007. I can maybe recommend four of them.

I'm figuring my ballot will look invalid.

Spotted another problem with me and organization. Those fun (and that's where the problem begins, I call them fun when maybe they should be called a tool) little tag things are mocking me. I have no system and realized it would be easier to find my posts on books published in the year if I actually tagged them with the year.


Then, I bought a whole face care system (pro-active) and managed to burn my face.

Dude, I already have acne, I'm trying to get away from emphasizing it! I don't know whether to keep going or just give up with this stuff.

Huh, just went and looked up anything with 'burns' and it looks like I'm not the only one. Not only that, a few people mentioned bumps under the skin and that is the problem I am having now. It's like they aren't really zits but those under the skin ones where you know they will come to the surface. I don't know what this stuff is doing but it's like it's keeping it under the surface instead of getting rid of it.

Let's just say, that was an expensive mistake. My mother bought me the body wash for Christmas which I wanted because I have little bumps on my skin (I figure they are small pimples - nothing anyone would notice but something I do). I'm afraid to try it now and since it wasn't cheap I want to take it back. I wonder if the lady will take it all back without receipts. Crap.

And finally, my diet is going well in that I haven't killed anyone.

I realize now that I must be addicted to food because it seems like every waking moment I'm thinking about it. My best friend and I talked about what being addicted to smoking is like for her and she admitted that everything she does in a day revolves around smoking. She wakes up and her first thought is about smoking and then later in the day she's wondering if she can squeeze a smoke in between something or another.

I'm hoping that all my thoughts on food are just part of the change in diet. I can't imagine living my life always thinking 'well, I can't have that' or 'ignore the chips and dip, they aren't there' or my personal favourite (and by this I mean it's all I can do to keep from ramming my fist in people's faces when they say it) 'a moment on the lips, forever on the hips'.

Bite me.

And since this post has turned into a 'woe is me' I'll let you in on a little secret.

My house is killing me.

Okay, in reality I'm pretty sure Bob is behind it but to say Bob is trying to kill me is putting too much into his motivation. I'm sure he hasn't even really thought about what his 'entertainment' is actually doing to me.

I mean, I am a slob after all. I'm just not this much of one!

I need to do a post of pictures so you can see what I mean but I plan on hiding most of the crap tonight because my hubby has invited a couple for dinner on Friday night. I'm thinking 'the wife' will never set foot in our house again unless I get things put back right. I asked Bob if maybe we could push it until February and he asked me why.

Weeeeeeell, have you taken a look around this place!? Cody, God bless him, had a terrible nose bleed a few days ago and the upstairs carpets are covered in blood (I had taken the bissell and cleaned it all the night before!). Bob says, well, they don't have to come upstairs, we just have to make sure the floors downstairs are clean.

By 'we' he means 'me'.

I don't mean to 'ick' you out but Cody will also have sneezing attacks that have blood flying everywhere. Now most of the time I find it and can clean it from the walls or doors or whatever but sometimes I miss it. When you live with it all the time, it becomes something you might miss.

I'm thinking I may have to pick up the best friend and have her do a run through for me on Friday. She'll be able to spot what I miss.

Oh, and baseboards. Half my house has them and the other half doesn't. Two rooms are in the 'tape and fill' phase, none of my floors are actually finished because Bob would tear stuff up just to see what he will have to deal with - AT SOME FRIGGIN' TIME IN THE FUTURE!!!

Dude, quit tearing stuff apart!! (The next post will be pics. I've decided to share the pain)

Did I mention he wanted to tear out the wall in our bedroom so he could put up the wall for where the new bathroom and closets will be?

He doesn't want to do the bathroom YET, no, no, just tear out walls and make a mess. You know, it may be 5 years before the bathroom can be done to my standards.

I think Bob has a master plan where if he just makes a complete mess I will cave and let him put in cheap (or affordable) stuff instead of what I want which is still affordable but maybe more of an effort for him to do properly.

Yeah, I'm on to him.


Welcome to our HUMBLE abode.

No, really.


Dev said...

A minority of the books I read last year were published in 2007. Maybe a handful, if even that.

My niece tried Pro-Active and it burned the h-e-l-l out of her face. She's now under a doctor's care and takes meds for her acne. Her skin looks beautiful.

Casee said...

Hey CindyS! I just put your blog on my Google Reader. I don't know why I never visited before. *g*

I used some sort of acne body wash and OMG, it dried my skin out so bad. You have to be really careful on how much of that stuff you use.

I'm with you on the food thing. Dieting sucks.

Holly said...

I use Proactive..I'll tell you a couple things I learned.

First, did the cleanser itself burn your skin, or was it the mask? The mask burns mine. But anyway, I've learned to just use the face wash and the lotion, not the toner. The toner jacks me up. You might have to play with it (like, use the wash and lotion, or wash and toner, or toner and lotions, whatev) to see what works best for your skin.

The little bumps? They're actually -like you thought - pimples that haven't come to the surface. Now for something gross, and probably TMI: You have to pop them. It sucks, because you kind of have to dig at them, but once you do they'll be gone w/in a day. Seriously.

It's a PITA (pain in the ass) but it works. Eventually.

Jenster said...

When I was in high school I tried putting acne medicine on my entire face instead of the few pimples I had. I thought if it worked for pimples, maybe it would work for black heads and little bumps. Burned my entire face and I swelled up like a balloon. After the burn healed, though, I had the best skin I've ever had. It was a chemical peal!

CindyS said...

Dev - yep, going to see about a dematologist - it's time.

Casee - Thanks! I think that's where I over did it the other night, I know Benzo - something burns my skin but I thought maybe Proactive was a different kind. Ooops.

Holly - I think the cleanser is fine and possibly even the toner but the benz-peroxide is what burns my skin. I think I put on too much. And the ones under my skin don't exactly pop (TMI - normal zits you get that white plug but these ones just ooze clear fluid and don't ever really come up to the surface - ugh).

I'm waiting for the surface of my skin to dry up naturally and then I'll go see a dermatologist - hey, I'm 37, I've earned it!

Jenster - OMG that must have been painful! I once took the hottest water I could stand on a face cloth and kept placing it on my nose to get those little blackheads to come out. I looked like Rudolf for days and I learned not to do that again!!