Friday, January 11, 2008

I Signed Up For This!?

Day One of Diet:

Not horribly bad.

My best friend and my husband look like saboteurs - one gave me a Reese's Peanut Butter cup (being the adult I am I didn't turn it down and ate it with pleasure), the other popped my light popcorn and then put melted butter on it. I mean really.

Is paranoia the first signs of hunger? I don't really know because I'm pretty sure the last time I experienced hunger was in 1988. *ba-dum-tish* And Goodnight!

Nope, first signs of hunger must be lame humour. Bad Cindy.

The good news is that I have talked about being committed to this so I am pleased with myself that I'm not trying to pull any bullshit with it. I'm not sure if I've mentioned before but Weight Watchers is not hard. Sure, the first week can hurt but I've done it before so I already know which foods I need to buy to help with snack times.

Now we just have to see if the weight comes off. *pleasepleasepleaseplease*

As for really exciting news - my e-book reader is now in Mississauga!! That's about 45 minutes from where I live. In case you are wondering it was in San Diego, CA on the 7th, Bloomimgton, CA on the 8th, and then in Grove City, OH and Toledo, OH on the 10th.

I love tracking mail. Especially when there are more than two cities listed.

On that note I'll sign off and hope you all have a great weekend!

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