Thursday, January 10, 2008

Coming Around

We're on day three of recuperation and I think I may have found my stride again. Getting up at odd hours and crashing at all different times for the last 5 days may have finally got me all caught up on whatever shortages happened over the holidays.

Looks like I'm back to nights for the time being. I enjoyed the daylight, especially today but my sleep cycle konked back out tonight. Meh.

Cody had a complete work up today. Basically he's a medical miracle cause he just keeps chugging along. His face is now slightly deformed as the tumour has come up over his eye (inside so you can't see it). I tried to take a picture of it but you really can't see it, you can only see it in person. I think he had all the technicians and the vet around his back paw. They gave him so many bickies while we were there I was afraid to give him his dinner tonight.

Basically, he's got that tumour thing, the liver looks odd and he has swallowed a sewing needle. Since I can't remember the last time I sewed anything I'm banking it's been there for a while. The vet said I could try giving him more fiber (at which point I looked down at my pup and thought 'what? I'm to give him salad?' and figured he was beyond that) as needles are very dangerous. Yeah. 'kay. Then she admits Cody isn't a candidate for surgery since he can't breath out his nose. I figured.

Oh, we could see that his (dangit, I know the name but can't remember right now) breathing tube or airway is slightly constricted as it comes out of his lungs. May explain why he has always been a heavy breather. People can't help but ask what the hell is happening in the background when I'm on the phone. I'm not sure they believe me when I say it's the dog snoring. The other day I reminded my friend that the excessive noise was Cody and she laughed and said she thought Bob had a saw running.

I think Cody will be much like Rocky. He'll just have a bad day. At least I hope that's how it will be because other than that, as long as he's eating and his tail is wagging I can't see making any huge decisions. The vet did say that the cancer hasn't spread anywhere else either and for as pleased as she looked I was exponentially pleased. Cute puppy.

He might look a bit Frankenstein-ish but his mama still loves him. Bob's a given ;)

As for other things Christmas is almost all boxed up. There are a few things out that need to be put away yet. I'm thinking this weekend we can get a smack down on it.

I realized today that my Dad leaves again for Malaysia on Monday. Holy cow! That came up real fast so I'm scrambling to find out if we're all getting together or if I should have everyone over here for dinner and games. Crazy! Just when you think things are back to normal you get side swiped. My Mom's b-day is the following weekend so it looks like it's family 24/7 again.

Didn't we just do this?

I've grabbed a book and started on it. I'm not going to say anything yet including which book cause if it fails it could just all be me.

Crap. I have to book a doc appointment also.


Tomorrow is WW day.

Weight Watchers starts officially on Friday as I weigh in and get all that stuff tomorrow night. A few of my friends have decided to try it also. I've never gone with other people before so I'm kind of happy about not being alone at the meeting. We'll see how long everyone else lasts, I know I'm going to be committed to it. I've eaten all my favourite foods for the past few weeks so it's all about to change but by this time next year I'm hoping to be at a healthy weight and not feel like I'm missing huge chunks of food.

Completely do-able.


nath said...

Hi Cindy! it's been a while!

LOL, happy you're back on schedule - kind of :P Poor Cody. I think the only think you can do right now is wait. Wait to see how it's going, wait to see what's going to happen. at least, he doesn't seem to be suffering which is a blessing.

did you make Bob box up all the x-mas things or did you do it yourself? LOL, if you did it yourself, you're soooo good! that's one the thing I'm grateful for that my family don't celebrate x-mas too much. Not much to clean if you don't decorate :P

And so, your dad was back? LOL :) When did he come back? Is the part where he is going again okay? Cos I heard that some regions had flooding.

LOL and I hope you have fun at WW. It's great when you have friends along. Not only it's more fun, but it's also support and you're not the only one who has to watch your weight. Cool... I wonder if any of my friends would be interested...

jmc said...

Good luck on the WW! One of my friends is doing in (since American Thanksgiving) and has gone down two sizes. And she doesn't feel deprived in terms of food and choices :)

Rachel said...

Oh, poor Cody. I hope you and he make the best of your remaining time together. It's hard to know what and when to do things to minimize suffering. Cody sounds like he's doing great, though, for a cancer sufferer. Give him a hug for me.

AAR Rachel

ames said...

OMG I didn't know that Cody had cancer! Poor baby. So what's going to happen with the needle? How strange is that?

My aunt's dog once swallowed a staple. Crazy animals, sticking anything in their mouths.

{{{Cody & Cindy}}}

CindyS said...

Nath - as long as he isn't suffering he can stay around - we have blood on our carpets because his nose will start bleeding but I don't care. I bleach it out every once in a while only to have him sneeze again. Poor mug.

My dad came back on the 20th of December so he was happy to be home over the holidays. We haven't heard anything different from day yet but we're going tonight to see what's up.

And I moved the decorations to the top of the stairs as the basement needs lots of attention. Bob carried it from there ;)

I need to watch my weight disappear ;)

jmc - I'm looking forward to not being a chunky monkey - I told Bob a chunky monkey might be kinda cute but a Husky monkey would be scary. Time to see what I can do about it!

Rachel - he was given a year to live a year and a half ago so he's making them proud. It's just hard if he gets mopey for a few days - you start to wonder if this is it and thankfully it's not! Hugs have been profuse around here ;) Also, he'd gained 12 pounds since his last visit - uh, yeah, he's dying so he gets many biscuits a day and even though they are 'light' I guess we've been spoiling him. Vet smiles and said let it have it. How's Rosie doing? I was telling my friend about her because he dog has bad back legs. Scary but Rosie still looks gorgeous!

Ames - oh I'm sorry!! Just after Rocky died we were told Cody has cancer in his nostril. There is nothing they can do for it - they could have done chemo but he would have had to be a the clinic for 5 days and then home for 2 for months. That didn't seem like a quality of life thing for Cody and he was still given a year to live. So he's 4 months past and he made it into 2008 which we didn't think he would. He's tired from the excitement of yesterday but the boy is holding his own. I love him so much it's hard to know if you are keeping him longer than you should. It was great to hear the vet say that he was strong and she didn't see anything to tell her he was in pain. Excellent exam as far as I'm concerned!


LinnieGayl said...

Cindy, I'm glad you're getting more back to your usual routine. As for Cody, it sounds as if he has lived a wonderful life, and he clearly has WONDERFUL parents!

Oh, and for the book you're reading, I'm absolutely positive you're reading one of the books in my top 100, so I really don't have to guess....after all, you do owe me for convincing me to read JR Ward...

LinnieGayl said...

Oops, make that my top 10, not top 100...and you know very well what those top 10 were!

Rosie said...

Yikes Cindy I didn't know about Cody either. Poor baby. He's lucky to have such a loving home.

Isn't it such a relief to get Christmas put away? I love putting the decorations much more than taking them down. :)

Glad you are pretty much back to normal.