Friday, January 18, 2008

My Love My Hero

Sounds like a romance novel but it's not.

I ranted yesterday about my Bob and tonight that man straightened and cleaned like a pro. I got the ball rolling last night but he tonight he took his tools out of the kitchen and cleaned up the counters so that I can actually cook tomorrow night.

I'm so lucky. Which is why no pics this time. I'll do them soon though because I'm sure I can get a few laughs for ya.

I think I found all the blood (which wasn't nearly as much as I imagined but when does blood look good in a home?) and I dusted surfaces, got the vacuum out and did my best. No matter what, you can vacuum for hours and the minute you put the vacuum away you will see that damn fur-tumble-weed. I hate that. I have actually left the vacuum out for two nights, vacuuming more than once to only have a guest in my home look over and see a dust bunny the size of my dog. I think people probably go home saying 'sure, she vacuumed just before we came'. The sad part is that I usually do because people are allergic.

Ah, well.

My best friend offered to come and help me clean tomorrow afternoon but my clock is all out of wack and I'm sleeping during the day again. Whatever.

So tomorrow night we have guests and then one of my best buds comes down and I take her to her dentist appointment in the downtown core. Apparently she doesn't like driving down there. For a woman with panic attacks you would think I would find our down town daunting and yet, I just don't. Drove it way too much when I was younger to be afraid of them now.

And my mom's birthday is this weekend and my Dad has gone back to Malaysia. He goes into China on Sunday for a week. But this is about my mom so I need to go and get her movie tickets. I bought her some silly stuff but the woman is serious when she tells you she wants movie tickets.

See? I get people the gift certificates they want! Why do they sigh when I ask for my book certificates?

Off to make my to-do list for tomorrow afternoon so that I can be ready to serve a mean beef tenderloin with some sort of potato (maybe baked, maybe mashed - I know, you're all agog) and then veggies.

I also have to bring a dessert into the house which doesn't bode well for my WWs.


nath said...

I'm glad that Bob has cleaned up :) You must be so happy :)I hope your father enjoys China! and LOL, it did surprise me that you would drive your friend to her dentist appointment. LOL ;) but you're right, when you're used to something, you're not afraid of it easily.

Happy b-day to your mom!

Dev said...

Yay for Bob on cleaning! Can he come do my house next??? :-)

I hope your mom has a wonderful birthday and that your dad's trip to Malaysia is less eventful than his last trip :-)

ames said...

Happy Birthday to your mom!

And can you just have a little piece of the desert? I mean, all that cleaning you did burned calories. :P

LinnieGayl said...

Cindy, you have a real prince in Bob! Ugh, to how much you have to do this weekend. I'm curious about the beef do you cook it??

CindyS said...

Nath - yep, super happy and the house now only looks like a demo team has gone through it ;)

Dev - I think he resents he had to do it here ;) We can only hope Dad's traveling won't give us all heartburn.

Ames - I had my WW cake and then I blew it was some chips and dip. Ooops.

LinnieGayl - Yes, I love my Bob! I have an indoor grill on my stove top so I grill it like you would on a BBQ - I use Montreal steak spice on them and then cook 'em up. Not fancy but I haven't had any complaints ;) I forgot to buy hollandais sauce, Bob likes that. Ooops. Ah well, it's over.