Saturday, January 26, 2008

Uh, HELP!!!

Chantal, bless her heart, e-mailed me and was all 'Dude, what are you doing with that e-book reader? Are you buying books!?'

And I was all 'Dude, I have a shortage of phone jacks and we're trying to find a place the pooch won't find the reader and destroy it.'

Chantal was way too sweet to say what I'm paraphrasing here:

'Yo, dumbass. You don't need to hook it up by the phone line, use the USB port.'

Holy Light Shines in the Brain!!

After getting over my own stupidity I ran to get the ebook and hooked it up to my laptop.


Okay, stupid Cindy showed up again and the ebook reader froze after I hooked it up to my computer. I panicked and was all, WTF? I figure out I have to download a driver and off I go on a mission. I find the drivers but I don't find anything for Vista so I download the next one down.

Stupid computer can't figure out WTF is connected to it. Grrrrrr.

It's early morning and I have special company coming today (squeeeee!!) so I need to start winding down. That said, I ran downstairs and loaded the driver on my PC and will connect the reader later tonight and pray that it works.

So I sent a letter to ebookwise to see if they have a driver compatible with Vista.

Update: I found the driver for Vista and have now registered. Now I need to read about how to transfer books and such. But sleepy time is coming up! I'm so friggin excited! I love the screen and the little tappy pen to set up stuff. Way too fun!

If any of you know for sure I would love to know. All I know is Sunday will be ebook day!!

That is, unless my special company wants to see what a reader is all about and I'm thinking she just might!

Woohoo! I'm getting there folks!

Not only that, I finally got my new camera out (from Christmas) and will try and load it on my laptop Sunday also. Unless I get lost shopping for ebooks. I'm thinking that could very well happen!


Angela James said...

I use my ebookwise on Vista so yell if you need help.

Kristie (J) said...

Special company eh? I wonder who that might be and what you and your company are planning on doing?

heh heh

Glad you go it working!

Dev said...

I don't have an ereader (yet), otherwise I'd offer to help.

I bet your special company will definitely want to see that ereader.

LinnieGayl said...

Have fun with your company! Oh, and the ereader??? Still really jealous. Someday I'm going to get one of those.

nath said...

LOL, Chantal is spreading the love for e-bookwise reader :D Can't wait to see how your day of e-reading goes tomorrow!

Bev(BB) said...

Have you visited the site yet and wallowed in all the books there? :D

Email me if you need help.