Sunday, January 13, 2008

Diet Day Two

In case you need a break from the drama I'll let you know that I no longer think this diet thing is easy.

I woke up famished. I spent most of the day thinking of food and now I have an upset tummy (probably more PMS related but hey, I'm not a happy camper).

I'm going to try real oatmeal for breakfast tomorrow morning. I had a slice of toast with a tablespoon of peanut butter for breakfast today and had to eat an hour afterwards. Not conducive to weight loss. Still, I haven't blown the points budget and now that today is over, I'm hoping the next few days won't be so bad.


Yeah, I wanna talk about books.

I need to know which books you guys are looking forward to and maybe why (is it part of an on-going series that I need to start before getting said book, etc.). I'll share a few of mine but I have a few question marks on my current TBB list because I haven't really heard anything about the authors.


Joanna Bourne The Spymaster's Lady - keeper review at AAR and I think two bloggers are currently reading and enjoying it. Since I need new authors I'm going to pick this one up.

Sylvia Day Heat of the Night - I have two of her books and should probably read those before buying this. Bad Cindy.

Erin McCarthy Sucker Bet - I've been meaning to give this author another shot and maybe now is a good time. Maybe I should try her 'darker side'? Any thoughts?


Nalini Singh - CAN'T WAIT!!!


MJD Dead Over Heals - don't know what it's about and will need to do some checking but it's on the list.


Gaelen Foley - Her Every Pleasure - I have wanted to try another Foley and this may be the one.
J.R. Ward - Uh, guys, did you know there is a Wikipedia page for Black Dagger Brotherhood? Just wondering. Lover Enshrined - not sure I'm all that fired up about this one. I may actually decide to go on a break and wait for a character I care about and a story line that won't have me screaming 'WHY!!' (I don't get the whole sleep with a ton of women so they can have your kids plot - ugh)


Kresley Cole Dark Desires After Dusk & Dark Needs At Night's Edge - have no clue why they have two listed but I'm hoping they are good!

Anne Stuart - Fire and Ice - yeah baby.

That's as far as I've looked and I just skimmed the authors section of the 'coming soon' books. I should find the time to read the blurbs but they tend to sound the same.

Authors I'm curious about:

Cheyenne McCray - the covers of her books look awesome but for some reason I have never bought one. Thoughts?

Gina Showalter - again, another author I have yet to buy or try.

Jill Shalvis - I may have a book by this author somewhere but I can't recall.

So what books are you looking forward to? Any newbie authors coming up through the ranks that you think others should try?

As to reading I'm catching time in between running around this weekend but I'm hoping on Monday I can get some quality time with the book cause, DUDE, I so want to read!


Kristie (J) said...

I just finished The Spymaster's Lady and it was worth every bit of the A it got at AAR. I'd give it an A+. I'm just waiting for Katie to finish it so we can do another Duo Review. I'm going to wait to read one of the other 3 or 4 Sylvia Day books I have before I get this next one. I keep buying her but haven't read her yet *sigh* Nalini Singh - already ordered just waiting to have it delivered. As for Anne Stuart - I'm behind a couple on her series. The other ones you mentioned - meh for me. But I am looking forward to Blue Eyed Devil by Lisa Kleypas!!

Rosie said...

I've read Cheyenne McCray. She's hit or miss for me. Her current contemp was mostly a miss for me.

I haven't cruised by Anne Stuart's site lately. Any dish on her new book?

LinnieGayl said...

Good luck with the diet, Cindy! It is hard.

Book recommendation: read Born in Fire of Sea Swept (first in their series) (you know the author).

nath said...

I think that the diet will be hard at first, but then you'll get used to it and think less about food.

As for books, I'm really looking forward for the new Nalini Singh, Meljean Brook and J.D. Robb in February. Still in February, there's the new Susan Wiggs, part of her Willow Lake series, but I'm not sure about the heroine of this one... new Marjorie Liu as well... In March, Fire Study!!!! and there's a reprint of Kay Hooper... plus new Anne Bishop that is going to be part of her Black Jewels series. In April... new Judith McNaught (hopefully), Elizabeth Vaughan, Kate Angell and Kelley Armstrong... and LOL, I'm going to stop here :P

C2 said...

I agree with Rosie on Cheyenne McCray, she's hit or miss for me, too (mostly miss). I love Gena Showalter's stuff - hot and funny! I like Jill Shalvis, too, although I can't remember anything I've read of hers right at this moment.

Stuff I'm looking forward to - Nalini's new book, of course, and Celeste Bradley's new trilogy and Jo Beverley's next book.

Anonymous said...

I love Jill Shalvis's books and her daily blog is a first stop for me. Try GET A CLUE, out now in mass market reprint. It's hysterically funny. That first scene a heroine uses a pink vibrator as a flashlight. Priceless.