Saturday, January 19, 2008

Good Intentions and All That

Tomorrow we are with my mom for the evening and then I have the week to myself.

Okay, I already know I will want to visit my best friend and then there is the WW meeting and stuff. My brain is really working weird lately but I'm working on not being overwhelmed by the small stuff. I'm not really sure how to go about that but I'm really trying.

My intentions for the week are to read everything I need to know about my ebook reader and see what's out there for purchase. Did I mention Bob now wants one?

Bob: You know, that reader is awesome. I want one. What else can you do on it?

Me: It's a reader so you need to be a reader - hence, you need to be like me.


Bob: Could I get something like Popular Mechanics on it?

So I don't think Bob will become an avid reader like me but I'm wondering what kind of mischief he'll get into once I find a permanent home (I want a place where it will stay for charging and downloading) for it. The good news is if a website asks for credit card information he backs right out.

Sometimes having a hubby who is a conspiracy theorist works out for me.

My next intention is to work out a 'tag' rule for my posts and possibly go back and re-tag things. I'm worried this might bugger up some of you who have google reader or something that alerts you to new posts. I figure you'll get a sign that says I have 500 new posts. Let me know if that would be a problem or if there is a way that you can click 'already read' so they disappear.

Finally, I started reading Lara Adrian's Kiss of Midnight. I have been carrying the book around with me for a month and a half. Today I took my friend downtown for a doc's appointment and read for an hour and I may be hooked. It's still early and those damn doc's chairs are not conducive to reading. I got up to stretch and move and the lady a few chairs over decided this meant I was ready to stop reading and have a conversation with her. Being the chatty Cathy I am I indulged her.

I know, I'm a sweetie.

Since it's only the opening of the book I think I understand why a certain action was allowed to happen - you need it to basically get the H/H to meet each other. BUT, the hero knows there are Rogue vampires and he allows them to feed (kill and mutilate a man) so they will be easier to kill. At this point I'm wondering exactly who this guy is and why he doesn't even attempt to save the human. Actually, the more I think about it, it's not about humans, it's about keeping his people safe and hidden.

So we'll see how it all plays out but at least I have cracked a book open. If I keep this up I may actually read a book this month.

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Dev said...

Woo-hoo ~ this is a good sign! I hope this book keeps your interest. Reading slumps are terrible things.