Friday, February 01, 2008

Bits and Bites

Have you filled out your AAR Reader's Ballot yet? You have another 17 days but I figured I'd give you some fair warning. I filled mine out last weekend when I realized this slump from Beelzebub wasn't going to go away.

It's 5:30am and I'm heading into daywalker territory. No clue. Just weird sleep which I figured would mess with my WW (weight watchers).

I'm going to a weigh in and meeting this morning - they have one at 8am! So I can get that out of the way and go eat some fries with gravy all ready!!

I have pictures on my new camera of the fancy new french doors that my hubby put up last night while I was sleeping. They look awesome except for the fact that everything else needs to be done. Then I guess we'll decide on whether to stain them or paint them. I'm definitely a white trim kind of gal but I have seen dark stained doors with white trim a few times and I'm thinking it looks good. So I have to load in my camera and I'll post some pics.

LOST was finally on. Finally! And I'm more confused than ever but I do so love that. It was great to see them all again and to remember what they have been through. Eight episodes this year. I guess they better get their work on when they writers get back.

On that note, I really, really hate TV shows without a 24 episode season. All those HBO shows would be so much better if they just did more work! I mean really. And if these shows think I'm just going to go and buy their DVDs with their puny 8 episode season they are wrong. I might buy it when every stops caring and the price is a dollar but I'm thinking by then I won't care either.

(I know that LOST only has eight because of the strike but it just triggered that rant)

Eli Stone - what a great opening show. I love the humour of this one and can only hope people will see the charm of it.


Last night I watched 3:10 to Yuma.

What a friggin' awesome movie.

I'll qualify that with a background. I grew up with westerns because of my dad and I think I will always love them and since this one was so well done I just can't give it enough high praise. I'll have to ask my dad about the ending - I'm sure he'll have the insight.

Hmmm, my brain just stopped. I think there was more but it's gone.

Not surprised, are ya?


Rosie said...

GG and the boys went to see 3:10 in the movie theater. Since I'm squeamish about violence I didn't go. It was a real hardship being home alone and reading. Anyway, they really loved the movie and when it came out on DVD GG had to have it. I just watched it too and really liked it. Western fans have to see this one.

Katie(babs) said...

As always Lost confused the crap out of me. But I adore Hurley. Not enough Sawyer though :(
I have had 3:10 to Yuma in my Netflix cue for a month!!!! I want to see this. I need to see the gorgeous Christian and Russell together finally in the same movie!
Don't even get me started on the AAR poll. I was sweating and nervous because trying to pick the best of the best of 2007 is so hard! LOL

Dev said...

Damn ~ was Eli Stone on last night??? I wanted to watch it. I'll have to check the website to see if it's posted there.

I've heard 3:10 is probably the best western since Unforgiven. I love westerns, so I'll be picking this one up.

ames said...

Love this "slump from Beelzebub." LOL It'll go away soon. :P

I watched 3:10 to Yuma and enjoyed it too.

Don't watch Lost.

Bookwormom said...

I saw a tv interview with the Eli Stone star & he seems like the neatest guy. I didn't know he's British though & his accent surprised me. His voice coach must be great. So I made sure to watch the show just to listen & hear if he "slips up" any. Shrewish of me, I'm sure. Watching Lost always makes me feel dizzy. Love the little captions on the preview episodes though.

Zeek said...

I have 3:10 to waiting for me to watch at home! Glad to see you liked it!

"On that note, I really, really hate TV shows without a 24 episode season."

I hate that too. We're always lamenting about that here at work when we talk our favorite shows.