Friday, February 22, 2008


Bob surprised me last night by telling me he has taken today off. (Friday) He said he needed a Cindy day ;)

Only problem is I have been sleeping during the days and I have my best bud coming on Saturday at 1pm. I'm thinking I'll be one hell of a bear by Sunday!

So the plan is for me to stay up as long as I can today. I've been up since 2am and it's now 6am. I'm starving which may be a mental thing because I have 'Bobby's on Holiday' brain which usually means we eat. Lots.

In the interest of putting up a blog that I can get done before Bob gets up I'll share pictures.

Oh, before shot of the dining room doors. Keep in mind I will be changing the colour but Bob wanted a clean look so he colour matched a quart and painted the walls.

This is the view from the kitchen side of the doors. I haven't decided whether we'll stain the doors or paint them. Until then they stay the way they are. Let's see if I can find a picture of it from the dining room side.

From the dining room side. The track is already hidden but I don't have a picture of that yet. I had to take a side shot because the chandelier which is HUGE is wrong and needs to be changed out.

Man I hate burgandy. Ah well. I have way too much to do right now to worry about that.

Awwwww, how did he get in here?

He's not afraid of the new camera which I'm so happy about. I think it's because I can turn the flash off and it seems not to bother him anymore. So I got a great picture of him when he was asleep. He must have sensed something because her rolled his head and I got this shot. I love it!

You probably can't see it but over his right eye (look to left) he has a lump between his eyes. We call him a Klingon puppy now. Bob and I are used to it but my cousin came the other day and about burst into tears when she saw his face. Ooops. We are giving him aspirin now for any pain. We know he is in pain if he starts blinking and flinching his head. (poor monkey) So now we stand over him to make sure he takes his pills.

Okay, what else have I got on this computer...

Ah yes, the loft project we've been working on forever. The big screen there on the right keeps me from wanting to blow my brains out when things look this messed up.

The colour on the walls is forest green. Another colour I can't deal with. I've finished painting the upstairs (first coat) and we have a new couch we bought for a steal. The problem is I've now found there is a matching ottoman so I have that on order. As soon as I have that all done up I'll take an after picture.

I'm not sure you'll see a difference in colour but trust me, it ain't green!

I have other pictures but I'm on the laptop and the photos are sideways. I'm not sure how to turn them so you'll have to wait for the hallway (I just put the first coat on tonight thank God, the downstairs hall walls were stained and ugly looking - like someone had smoked in the house for years!) pictures. And the downstairs den pictures.

Yes. We have too many projects on the go!

Woohoo, Bob's getting up! Breakfast here we come!


nath said...

The doors are soo nice. I wouldn't stain them though... and poor Cody :( but at least, he gets pain medication.

Well enjoy your Bob day :) and you know what? He can help you cleaning up the mess so your house will be all pretty when your friend gets there tomorrow!

LinnieGayl said...

I like the doors Cindy. And how sweet that Bob wanted "Cindy time!"

Rosie said...

Me too with really liking those doors. They look great. I can't wait to see pics when it's all done.

Cody looks as sweet as sweet can be.

Have a great day with Bob!

Jenster said...

Those doors are great! They're sliding doors? Very pretty.

Geesh! Every time I read about your projects it makes me itch to get started on my own. I guess I need to really decide what I'm going to do next because there's a ton of things to choose from!

C2 said...

Awww...Bob's a sweetie! And poor puppy - calling him a Klingon. ((Cody))

I hope you and Bob enjoy your day. :o)

ames said...

What a cute picture of Cody!!