Monday, February 18, 2008

I'm Reading!!

Great news is that I finally sat my butt down and started to read.

Yes, I'm reading Mine To Possess and so far I'm really loving it and I'm such a slow reader!

Today in Ontario, Canada it's Family Day, a new holiday that someone cocked up. The legal wiz kids at most businesses took weeks to figure out if they had to give their employees the day off and it turns out that my Bobby didn't make the cut. So no Family Day for us.

I should say that I really love the idea and wish it was a mandatory holiday for all workers (I know docs/police never get the holidays but I'd like to see it more like a real holiday for next year). Even still, I do think Bob gets all holidays anyways, he just gets three floater days. So if he had had to take today off he would have lost a floater day or some such.

Let's just say a lot of math.

I basically slept through today knowing I couldn't get anything done out and about and took Cody boy for a walk. Yep. He's still kicking and you should see him when he gallops through the snow. I swear one day he'll be in mid gallop and just keel over from heart attack. Silly dog. He's like 98 years old in human years (actually I saw a chart that would suggest he's only in his 80's - still, I'm not sure I'll be galloping through snow banks when I get up there!)

I have pics on the laptop that I'm going to publish maybe sometime tonight.

I'm also helping to get the painting done around the house. There is just so much drywall patching going on that it's hard to do all the stopping and starting. I like to paint everything all at once in a couple of days but in one area we found more ceiling cracks so we aren't down in the lower hallway yet. I must say that I love the colour I finally chose. Takes me a while but I usually choose right. I let Bob choose the colour for the den - he was moving towards green so I picked out a few I liked and let him chose. I'm adorable that way.

OH!! Help needed!!

Bob's 50th is March 22 and I'm throwing a 'Retro 50's Party' and I'm trying to figure out where I could rent diner related memorabilia. I really want to rent a Whurlitzer juke box, some dinner tables and chairs, a long bar where I can set up his milkshake machine and some of his other retro stuff. Then I was thinking of playing a game and for some reason The Family Feud keeps running through my brain.

So I figure people can dress up, I'll have old records and posters on the walls and we'll play a few silly games then just chillax.

Bob knows about the party because I'm cheap and renting a place would have made me grumpy and I couldn't figure out how to do a surprise party in our home. Cause seriously, most of the furniture will need to be moved.

Maybe my ambitions are too high. I'm trying to think about aiming for the moon but landing in the stars. Hey, it's a party so it has to fun, right?


Jennie said...

Oh, a 50s party is a great idea! That'll be fun. You definitely need a poodle skirt. And roller skates. ;)

ReneeW said...

Yay! You're reading! Very good girl. I haven't bought MtP yet but I plan to. The 50s party sounds wonderful. Reminds me I should start planning Bob's party. His Bday is Mar 18th and it's a big one. I have no clue what to do. But I like your idea.

nath said...

That's such a good idea for his b-day :) I hope you'll have fun :) and yay! you're reading!! I hope you enjoy MtP :)

as for Family Day... it doesn't exist yet here in Quebec... so kids were at school and everyone, at work... grrrr.

Katie(babs) said...

Clay... growl!