Monday, February 25, 2008

Thanks to Everyone

Okay, here is a screen shot of my librarian - I even had to google how to do that!

So you can see that I got the books into the librarian and they even say .imp after them but the top and bottom one won't show up on the online bookshelf.

Wait I'm having an AHA moment - why aren't the other two books still showing up in the online bookshelf? Is it cause I've already downloaded them? Off to see what kind of damage I can do now.

Huge shot out to Angela James for offering me the books for free. I may have to take you up on it but I do have e-mails out to both ebookwise and fictionwise. I'm hoping Fictionwise will take pity on my stupidity but I doubt it. Hard to police this kind of stuff. Yikes.

I'll be honest, I'm now a bit gunshy but I need to figure this out!

Stay tuned. I'll post after I do a few more tweaks. After that, I'm going to throw myself on Angela's mercy.

Edited: Okay, my head just exploded. Those other two books I have on the ereader? I decided to click on them and then find a way to remove them from the reader and see if I could download them again.

Guess what?

I clicked on the titles and there are no pages. None. Okay, one page. And it's blank! That's it. I'm having very evil thoughts right now but maybe I just can't do this from my laptop with it's stupid Vista Windows. As soon as I can look at a computer screen without wanting to smash it into itty bits, I'll try doing all this on the PC.

Edited: I'm guessing I'm an idiot. I can't download anything onto the e-reader. I was thinking of buying another ebook from ebookwise but now I'm just... terrified? Furious? Completely befuddled? Frustrated?

For the life of me I can't convert any of the files. The files that do convert come up with a 'y' which is probably (and I'm only guessing) a thing that keeps people from copying the books. Can't blame them but I didn't copy!! I paid for these!!

So I'm walking away right now. I hate not being able to figure things out. I probably won't sleep now because I'll be all 'okay, you tried this and this and this but what about this?' and I've decided it can't be that hard. It just can't be.

And the crankiness is really about the fact that I want to eat everything in the house and I know I can't because I'm not going back up on the scale.

I could use a good cry and I never really say that.

As to something completely different Bob has thrown his back out. His back hasn't been this bad for about 10 years. He pulled the cane out today. The last time I saw that was just after our honeymoon.


Thank you and goodnight!


Angela James said...

Okay, let's see if I can troubleshoot this with you.

First, where on your computer is Librarian installed? Your computer defaults to put it in C:\Program Files, but Ebookwise recommends you don't do that.

Go to Computer --> C:\ drive and create a new folder directly under C:\ called eBookwise Librarian

To install, right click, choose Run as Administrator, and then Browse to this folder under C:\ and install it there (set for "all users")

Once installed, go to C:\eBookwise Librarian and right click on the exe file, create shortcut, then drag and drop that shortcut to your desktop

Now, go to that shortcut on your desktop, right click and choose Run as Administrator (you have to do this every time you open Librarian on Vista, Run as Administrator. You can thank Microsoft for that bit of asshatedness).

Go to Settings on the right in Librarian, click on that. Where it says, at the top, Ebook Directory, browse to C:\eBookwise Librarian and choose that. That will be your default bookshelf

Now try creating a new file or dragging a new file in. You can add IMP files directly by dragging and dropping (to drag and drop, don't drag it into the librarian, but open the folder, your bookshelf C:\eBookwise Librarian and drag and drop directly to there. Once you've done that, THEN open your Librarian and it should appear), or add html/rtf etc by creating new.

I hope something in those steps fixes it for you! If you're confused about anything, let me know and I'll create a tutorial using screenshots.

LinnieGayl said...

Cindy, no help with your ebook reader (still wish I had one), but I feel your pain. I'm so sorry about Bob's back, it sounds absolutely awful. Hope you get a bit of sleep.

Rosie said...

Cindy if anyone can help you Angie can. Give her troubleshooting a go.
I have my fingers crossed for you.