Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Round Up

Good news is I decided to blog before taking the sleeping pills tonight.

That last post was a killer on re-read.

This post is just the usual clutter.

I rented something like 7 movies today. I watched two tonight 'The Invasion' and 'The Brave One' so I can return them before midnight tomorrow and get a dollar credit on each. I had to do something after getting nailed with an 8 dollar late fee at Blockbuster. Yeah. That place that no longer has late fees? The sad part was I didn't get around to watching the Prison Break series so I had 4 disks at 2 bucks a pop for late fees.

I'm tellin' ya, they are making a mint off me.

THEN, I had a docs appointment today and all's good in the hood. The lump on my inner thigh is not a tumor like my brain started thinking and is some really deep zit. I was all, can we just drain this thing and she was all 'nah, it'll deflate or it'll blow up and then you might need antibiotics'.

Sounds delightful.

Then I asked to go to a dermatologists cause of the breakouts on my face and instead the doc looked at my face and prescribed a cream. She said family doctors are very good with acne. Yeah? What about anti-aging stuff? You know about that? Cause I got some questions.

She thought that was funny.

Bob came home and wondered about my black eye.

I don't have one but my one eye gets darker when I get sick (I had a black eye as a kid and there is a blue blood vessel that will pop up when I get really sick so it looks like a black eye). I've never 'seen' sick on my face. The only person who seems to notice is my mom but I guess you get to know your kids' face.

This past week is the first time I have seen 'sick' on my face - I was paste white and my eyes were crazy glassy and slightly red. I was looking for little puncture marks on my neck cause I was sure I had finally turned vampire. Would explain the ugly and the body rejecting absolutely everything I've put in it. Hell, I didn't look this bad when I had pneumonia!

And finally - and this is where I am just excited - I started Mine to Possess by Nalini Singh!!

I'm hoping tomorrow will be a sit on my butt day where I finally feel well enough to visit other people.

At least in books.


Kat O+ said...

Vampire. Hehehe.

Rosie said...

Crikeys Cindy I hope you feel better soon. It sounds like whatever you have really sucks! We've had so many people sick at work it isn't even funny. I've still yet to get anything and hope to God I don't. It sounds awful.

BTW, there was a story on our news the last couple days saying that the flu shot isn't working on this year's flu. No kidding!!

Zeek said...

awww! hope you feel better soon! You need a round of good health to come your way! (I finished Mine to Possess last night, good, but not as good as the other three imo.)

LinnieGayl said...

Cindy, I'm so sorry you're still sick. This sounds miserable. Take care of yourself! I hope you're soon feeling better.

nath said...

Go Cindy! I'm sure you'll come out as a winner ;) I hope you enjoy Mine to Possess :)

ReneeW said...

I was looking for little puncture marks on my neck cause I was sure I had finally turned vampire.

You're cracking me up. :) At least you don't lose your sense of humor when you're sick. I hope you're feeling better soon. I hate being sick but then when you feel normal it's wonderful. I hope Mine to Possess is good. I loved Caressed by Ice muchly. Take care of yourself.

ames said...

LOL at the puncture marks. :P

I'm sick too. And its made worse by the fact that I have to come into work as all the other admins called in sick as well.

Hope you feel better soon!!

C2 said...

Yikes! You're still feeling icky? Oh noes! (((Cindy)))

Let's not talk about having movies too long...I don't want to mention how long I've had a movie out from Netflix (no late fees, sure, but a monthly fee all thesame - let's just say I could have bought it a few times over). Duh.