Monday, February 11, 2008

TBR Challenge for FUN

First, still sick. Yucky sick. Made the mistake of saying to hubby when I got up today that I would swear I had pneumonia. Since his father passed from that over the summer, I got him all riled up.

So I did something I next to never do. I called the doctor on call and went to see her.

She explained to me the progress of a cold.

Cause I'm stupid.

I mean, really, no kidding I have a cold and yeah, maybe you don't think I've been sick long enough to take me seriously but, DUDE!

The last time I had pneumonia I think my doctor was humouring me by sending me for X-rays because she couldn't hear anything with the stethascope. Ding, ding. Pneumonia.

So I'm listening to this doctor and thinking 'lady, I wouldn't be here if I just had a cold cause I've had enough of them in my lifetime.' Ah, well. Maybe tomorrow I'll wakeup and be all fine. Until then you'll have to put up with Whiney Cindy.

But let's talk about books. That I can only hope I'll read. Cause I'm in deep.

Keishon over at Avid Reader has resurrected the TBR Challenge cause Lord knows many of us are buying books and not exactly reading them.

Okay. I know it's not just me so quit frontin'.

My problem is I can't get onto Keishon's blog so I can't put all the details on here. I mean, I could try working from memory but that usually get's me in trouble.

Basically, it's for fun, there's no punishment for not doing it and I *think* it will be something that participants will blog about on the 3rd Wednesday of each month. So if you read a book or four from the TBR pile published before 2006 then you blog about it on the 3rd Wednesday of the month and maybe link on through to everyone.

So LinnieGayl, I have a feeling I may finally read those Nora Robert's books you've been recommending. They've been in the pile for a while.

Then there is that Tami Hoag book Lucky's Lady that's been taking up space.

Heck, that's four books right there.

So there is a link on my sideboard to Keishon's that normally works but for some reason I keep getting an error. So you can try it and see if you can get through. If not I'm sure we'll find her again and get it all set out.

Okay, I'm off to feel sorry for my sick self.


Marg said...

It's horrid when you feel ill! Hope you feel better soon! BTW, I have given you a blog award at my blog!

nath said...

Awww, Cindy! I hope you do feel better very soon!! It's like going around, you, Kristie, Joey...

Katie(babs) said...

Hope you feel better! As for myself, I went out on Saturday night and had too much to drink. Yesterday I could only stare at the walls and moan.

LinnieGayl said...

Cindy, I'm so sorry you're so sick. Take care of yourself and feel better soon....and about the TBR challenge?? HOORAY!

avidbookreader said...

Hey Cindy,

Sorry you couldn't get the info off my blog - it's down for good. But please carry on for TBR day, I hope to find a blog to post on and remember this is a group thing! Encourage each other. I do plan to get my site back up but it's going to take sometime. Thanks.