Sunday, February 24, 2008

Crap on a Cracker!!

Okay, I'm a friggin' idiot. My learning curve is UGLY!!

I've been working with my e-book reader for the last 2 hours and my head is now pounding.

First, it took me forever to get the Librarian to download onto Vista. Really, that took an hour and a half to figure that all out. I downloaded it right but a shortcut was never created. I think after searching the computer for the 15th time I see a red icon and click on it. TADA! The librarian.

For some reason I can't create a shortcut for the thingie. Yeah, I've done the right click thing and everything. Meh.

THEN, I can't get the reader to figure out how to talk to the bookstores. So I finally decide, 'screw it, I'll work with the librarian'.

Thankfully, Chantal sent me a few e-book gifts and I was able to figure out how to load them onto the reader fairly easily. Phew!

Now, wanting to impress you all (that would be the Book Binge Ladies) I went and looked for a few e-books I wanted to buy. So I end up at Fictionwise and I go to download a few e-books (Ashleigh Raine's two that Katiebabs reviewed) only I get some sort of techno-geek language.

In other words, what file type would you like to download.


I read them and well, none of them say 'e-book reader' so I'm looking through and it seems that something called secure mobi-pocket gives me about 12 types of files to choose from. Sweet! I can figure it out from the librarian after I order.

Uh, yeah. Apparently mobi-pocket is a program and for the last hour I've been trying to figure out how to convert a .prc file into something my reader can read.

*off stage scream*

Yeah, so I'm completely bagged and have no clue why I can't find a conversion program. Okay, I downloaded one but it just disappeared into thin air. It's on my computer somewhere and now I just wish I knew where so I could at least delete the damn thing.

Anyways. Anyone have any helpful hints? Anyone know how to convert the file. If not, anyone have a mobi-pocket thingie cause I have a few books for ya.

My head is pounding so hard I feel like I need a really good cry.

Or a bagful of Tylenol.

Not wanting to be a cry baby I'm heading down to get some headache relief!

Edited: Headache has calmed down cause of Tylenol.

I have converted the files from .prc to .html and then it went to the librarian and it shows as a .imp but I can't get it on the reader. HELP!!


Angela James said...

Make sure librarian is up and running on your computer (so you can see the bookshelf). Plug your reader into the computer using the USB cord, then select the "online bookshelf" tab. This will pull up a list of every book in your librarian. Tap on the book you want and it will "transfer".

For future reference, Samhain provides Ebookwise friendly files, so, for instance, those Ashleigh Raine titles could be purchased directly from us in IMP format. Or, if you wanted, HTML. Most epublishers provide an HTML format, so it's usually better/easier to purchase direct from an ebook publisher than going through Fictionwise, who sometimes doesn't always have all of the available formats.

Let me know if you have any questions, and if your formatting gives you problems on the reader, email me and I'll send you the Samhain IMP files for those Ashleigh Raine books, no charge :)

Holly said...

Aww, that's really nice of Angie! :)

She gave you the right of it. If you need more help than that, feel free to email me. ;)

Here's something I've never understood...Ebookwise is an off shoot of Fictionwise, but Fictionwise doesn't offer books in Ebookwise format. I will ALWAYS scratch my head over that. You'd think, since Fictionwise offers more titles than Ebookwise does, they'd want to offer us loyal readers (the ones who shelled out $150+ for a Reader) more buying choices. Hello, better sales for them. Bastards.

Anyway, I haven't figured out how to transfer Mobi books yet, so you're doing better than me. :)

Jenster said...

I just open a book and Bob's Yer Uncle. Or your husband. Whatever.

Kwana said...

Cindy, I just blogged about this It sounds so complicated. there is no way I could get my head around it. Good luck.