Wednesday, February 27, 2008

One Is The Loneliest Number

I remember this from the movie X-Files and really not getting the point. I think I do now but that's not what this post is about.

I think the loneliest number right now is zero.

On my sidebar I have listed the number of books I've read so far this year.


I want to change it to 3/4 cause I'm that much through Singh's book. Then again, I have no clue when I'll get around to finishing it.

So the slump continues.

And now I'm in a funk.


LinnieGayl said...

Oh cindy, I feel your pain. I hope you break out of your reading slump eventually...hey, try some Nora Roberts!

Rosie said...

Don't despair there's always tomorrow. ;-) You never know when that reading bug will bite.

C2 said...

Dude! You haven't finished Nalini's book?? What happened that caused you to get stuck?

I'm reading Katie MacAlister's new book (written under another name that escapes me)...Ghost of a Chance. It's pretty good, if you like her style. First person, though.

Maybe re-read an old fave? Dig through the Anne Stuart shelf? ;-) That might dump the slump.

ames said...

Holy smackeroos!! This is horrible news!

I think you need to watch Sarah Silverman f**king Matt Damon and then some Jimmy Kimmel f**king Ben Affleck. LOL

At least you're still blogging, that's my silver lining in all of this. You're STILL BLOGGING. WOOT!!1

nath said...

LOl, I second Ames, you're still blogging which is great ;) Actually, if you put 3/4 then it looks like you've read 3 books going onto 4 :P you should put it up... and I hope you finish the Nalini Singh book!

ReneeW said...

I'm guessing you're spending too much time with other stuff (like painting and such). So think of reading as a reward. You deserve to sit down and put your feet up and read. And if you don't, just keep blogging cuz I love to read your funny stuff and look at pictures. Hope you get the urge soon to read.

Kristie (J) said...

What Renee said!

And Dude - that's tough!

Perhaps you and Bob need a road trip - to see maybe a certain KITCHEN. heh heh heh