Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Seeing Santa

I went to the baking party and it was fun however, I feel a little sorry for the firemen getting some of the baked goods. I sampled some of the ones I brought home and they aren't worth the calories. I remember when baking was an art. Now the ladies who came just don't have the time and rush the recipes and some were silly. How about a ball of peanut butter with a few rice crispies. WTF!?

This will sound horribly conceited but the squares I did were the nicest - my best friend did squares and they weren't even a centimeter square!! I'm totally going to razz her on that one. My second batch cooked a touch too long but I didn't use as many of those.

We're off to see the Christmas train tonight. I told Bob that I had very low expectations and that I figured the whole thing would be lame. I personally think this is a good way to go into something. Things can only go up - right?

Sorry, I'm rushing because I was going to post earlier but my stupid laptop won't find the wireless signal which makes C-Rex stomp her feet and get growly. I'm on the PC but the chair isn't working wonders for my back.

After much icing then heating and tonight I bought some back pain medicine that's behind the pharmacist's desk, I'm starting to feel normal. I know better than to lift anything but at least the constant pain part may have passed. Squuuueeeeee!!

It would be better if I didn't have to sit at my PC since I have a fancy-schmancy laptop - right, I mentioned that.

So I'm soon off to bed without a book being read. (I'm channeling Dr. Suess but that's all I got)

Tomorrow night is D-night and I'm scared. I plan on gorging tonight. Mmmm, food.

And finally, for those of you interested there is an ATBF column where we divulge the secrets of the cadbur - wait! no, no, we divulge the extended list of romances from the Top 100. You can go here to read it and here to comment.

AND Goodnight!


LinnieGayl said...

Cindy, I'm sorry your back is still hurting; hope the meds help. I've had that happen with my laptop a few times. Sometimes if I shut down my laptop, then turn off the wireless modem, turn the wireless modem back on, and then turn my computer back on, it works.

nath said...

hey there :D hope that the meds will kick in fast for you :D hmmm, I agree with your comment about baking... it's actually sad how I don't know how to cook or bake and ppl just don't take the time anymore.

hope that you have fun at the x-mas train and yeah, things can only get better if you have low expectations, but isn't that a sad way to live your life?

CindyS said...

LinnieGayl - if I wasn't trying to wind down I would do that. I'll try that the next time I can't get on.

Nath - baking makes such a mess but if you can do one recipe well then you are good. So far I only have a low expectation of what an hour of my life will be like tonight ;) I'm hoping in the end there are food and beverage booths and maybe even some crafts.

Dangit, now I'm building it up in my mind!!

Cindy (no really, I'm off to bed soon)

Dev said...

I really hope the meds start working soon. Back pain is the worst!

Hope you have a great time at the Christmas Train.

Rosie said...

Hope you are having (had) fun at the Christmas Train. Sounds like things are looking up with your back. Hip-hip-hooray!

Good luck with the commencement of D-day!

Holly said...

Hope you're having (had??) fun!

Is your back feeling better now?

I'm heading to bed soon..I'm way tired. But I was thinking about you. :)