Sunday, December 16, 2007


Hmm, I've fallen into a rut of not blogging. Who knew I could be susceptible?

In all honesty, my back has been giving me some problems and sitting in front of the computer is agonizing. I'm trying to sit properly in the computer chair (usually sit with my legs up on the desk) and since I'm not in bad shape right now I thought I would do a quick post.

So my back was fine and then I went for a massage. The pain crept back until I was in killer pain again on Wednesday night. Back to the heat pad and muscle relaxers. I was supposed to go to the docs on Friday morning but I was sick to my stomach all night Thursday so I didn't want to leave the house. Now I have more anxiety (which is not fun) but my mood is definitely better without adding anything. So I'm thinking of just upping the dose over the holidays and then weaning back down after the New Year. Then I will make a follow up with my doc.

I'm not sure why the anxiety came up (other than the drop in meds) as I have the tree up and decorated in what I consider a tacky navy blue - then again, everyone else loves it. What do I know? There are a few ornaments that Bob put up that are purple and green but he thinks they are blue and I didn't bother changing them. I went with navy because Bob wanted the tree to be blue and it's the one colour he likes at it's darkest.

You can see Emma under the tree. That is her new spot and she will even hold her ground against Cody. They usually wouldn't be seen in the same room but she has made an exception for the tree.

The dining room and the rest of the room in that picture is taken in look like a tornado hit so that's eating up brain space. I need to get some of the clutter out but getting the tree done and some of the other stuff up was enough moving around for one day.

The dining room table is covered in gifts needing to be wrapped but hopefully I'll put a huge dent in that tomorrow. Then again, you remember how Rocky and Cody used to eat my books? Well, Cody has moved on to eating anything in his path. He found a wrapped gift and tore it up while I was out. OUCH! So I will have to keep the gifts up from the mutt. Silly puppy.

On that note, the pup went for a spa day so he is squeaky clean and doesn't smell like butt anymore.

It's the little things in life, you know? Dog not smelling like ass? Priceless.

I have been toting around Wicked Deeds on a Winter's Night by Kresley Cole but finding the hero speaking in deep brogue is enough to have me wondering if this is the book to crack the slump. Since this ain't no ordinary slump, I'm not sure it is.

And finally, we're bracing for a winter storm. I love snow storms and the weather people are all in a tizzy about this one breaking records. Yeah. Heard that before. Bob and I are ready to bundle up and watch movies tomorrow and I have a nice roast I can put in the oven.

Sounds like a perfect kind of day.

Edited: Weight Watchers is now on hold until after the holidays. I have the system and will scout out and buy the stuff I need but right now, I can't see going to meetings about maintaining weight over the holidays. So, pfffffft.


C2 said...

I think the tree is pretty! Especially the bow on top. And you know how to put tinsel on properly - a skill I have never mastered...therefore, no tinsel on my tree. :o)

My dad agrees with Bob on the blue decorations. He always wants to do the outside lights in blue. Plus, this year there are bunches of people in my neighborhood with a blue outside theme. Hmmm. Maybe Bob is on the cutting edge of a new trend?

LinnieGayl said...

Cindy, I'm so sorry your back is hurting again. I hope the pain goes away soon, once and for all.

Kristie (J) said...

I love the blue tree!! We are having a 'Decorate you Desk' thing going on at work and I did mine in blue.
Sorry the back is out again.
Stress at Christmas - gotta hate it!

Bookwormom said...

Cindy- I hope your back is better. My hubby has back problems too so I sympathize! You're much farther along in the gift buying-wrapping-giving cycle. I've barely done anything. It's awful. Ditto Chiristmas cards.

CindyS said...

C2 - thanks! I meant to mention that Bob is colour blind so in order for him to see blue it has to be dark - thus navy blue. Usually I put ribbon in the tree. The trick to ribbon or tinsel is to have lots - I bought 8 packs of blue tinsel. In other words I bought the entire stock at Zellers and I used every one of them!

LinnieGayl - Me Too!!

Kristie - I'm partial to icy blue and silver but Bob really can't tell it's blue - it looks white to him. Are you loving your job?

Bookwormom - I think up here it's officially too late to send out Christmas cards (Canadian postal system is crazy!). I think I want to wrap as many of the gifts that I have so I *know* if I really need to buy more or if I have plenty already.