Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Ahhhhh, The Train!!

Bob's picture taking skills are horrid but we laughed ourselves silly over this one.

Ahhhhh, The Train!!

I look terrified.

The best picture turned out to be one of Bob and my mom but we're protecting the innocent.

My mom.

Bob gleefully got up on the step of the engine waving frantically. Great shot. I guess those around us thought that was great and suddenly those steps were covered so I couldn't get my picture taken there.

This is us hot footing it to the front of the train. (That's Bob facing the camera and my mother's back) It says Canadian Pacific Holiday and then another car says Train but let's face it, it was the engine we were driving for.

Remember I said something about it being lame. It was but in a fun sort of 'we've never done this before' kind of way and the crowd was really nothing.

We brought two bags of canned food for the food drive and dropped them off and then Bob bought two tiny things of hot chocolate for him and my mom and gave them 4 bucks. So we ended up helping people and getting to see a really old train. I would have liked to go in the train but the line-up was huge and as you can tell it was chilly. Brrrr.

Still it was fun to get out of the house, get some exercise and when I'm dressed properly I do well. The only problem I had (and I'm used to it) is that my thighs tend to freeze. I'm pretty sure they get close to frost bitten at times but last night they only burned for about a 1/2 hour afterwards so it was fine.

So if the train is heading through your town or city you should give it a go just for fun.

Tonight is D-night. I'm thinking I should crack a coke later today for one last hoorah. I cooked prime rib and made mashed potatoes during the night so that I had dinner at about 5am. Yum. I've also eaten about all the chocolate I can stomach for a bit so I guess I'm as good as ready.

On another note, Bob is taking the rest of the week off. YAY!!! We're both excited to actually spend some time together and to go fun shopping. He's only had a week off this year and the other week was a bereavement week when his father passed. So we're looking forward to hitting a few of our favourite places but then, some of those places have food.


I guess I'll be counting those points! I'm hoping you can still save points up for the weekends. And I better check to see that I have enough popcorn in the house. Not to mention some snacky vegetables.

I haven't read anything BUT, I did up our Christmas cards. I was lazy this year and decided if 12 people live in one house then they only get one card. Also, the nieces and nephews are old enough that getting mail isn't a big deal anymore. So the task was relatively painless. Except for those odd ones where you don't have the address and 411 is completely clueless. I have three cards that I need to track addresses down for. Hopefully I can finish them tonight and get it done.

First Christmas duty - Check!!


Dev said...

Yum ~ prime rib! We're having that for Christmas.

Sounds like the train was fun ~ too bad you didn't get to see the inside.

Kat O+ said...

Gosh, that looks like fun. Something that would drive the toddler completely out of his mind (in a good way). And the hubby, too.

Apropos of nothing, I went to a dance class on the weekend, and one of the ladies in the class reminded me of you. As in, she looked so much like you (well, what I know of you in pictures) that if I didn't know you lived in another country, I would have asked her if she kept a blog and had a husband named Bob.

nath said...

well it does look like you had fun :D although in the first pic, it looks like you really don't want to be there LOL :) and you did good, combining fun and good actions!

ames said...

Glad you had fun! And my thighs freeze too. It was -39 C yesterday. Woot.

Sorry I haven't been by in a while.

LinnieGayl said...

Cindy: sounds like fun...although really cold. My thighs freeze too, which is why I always have coats that go at least to my knees.