Thursday, October 15, 2009

Books? Yay Baby!!

Drama is finding me something awful but screw it, I bought books tonight and want to share.

Oops, just remembered what one of them was and I'm thinking a huge 'BOOOOO' from the crowd might happen.

Also, is the new Kleypas sexy? I need something dreamy and lovely and sexy and I'm going to go with Tempt Me At Twilight. At least, I'm going to try but I'm hoping it has some heat. Course, she normally brings it so why am I worrying?


I remember who it was exactly who finally got me to put this book on my TBB list.


She loved the way the series was going and I do love a great series so I decided to buy the first book. I'm excited and antsy as I'm not overly knowledgeable about succubus creatures but hey, I'm IN!

The next book also has a person attached to it.

My Book Twin ReneeW!

Even while trudging through homework (ugh, how you guys do it is beyond me) she was able to hop online and recommend a book she really enjoyed. Since it's rare we disagree, this book was put on the TBB list because I knew there would be no way I would actually remember the title or author's name on my own.

And I'm not normally one of those women who gets all gooey about men on covers but I really enjoy this one. It looks like an action shot but the more I look I see tiger stripes. Still, I'm ready, willing and wanting!

We got a THREE-FER!!

For those of you wondering about blogger word of mouth, it's alive and well and if you haven't heard of this book then you haven't met Kristie(J)!

I haven't read the first book yet but I own it and know I'll get to it and then flog myself for waiting so long to pick it up.

But I'm wondering if I should run a bit of a test. Read this before I read the first one. What do you think? Will I then prefer the second book to the first? You know how we as readers never know if it's the 'first book read love' that holds us to a single hero or title of a new author or if the book really is just 'the one'?

Kristie(J) loved Highland Rebel almost as much as Broken Wing and we do so love similar books. Course, she knows it's all about Sebastian for me and her love is all about Derek. (Kleypas heroes) Another little rivalry perhaps?

Huh, this book was also recommended to me and I wouldn't have picked it up without the nod. Laurie Gold recommended this book on her Facebook account referring to MaryJanice Davidson and a few other authors I enjoy. So Soulless was put on the TBB list.

Since the cover creeps me out I wouldn't have been drawn to this book. Also, I'm not sure what genre it's from so that would definitely work against it also.

So there's another book bought because of word of mouth.

What else?

Okay, from here on out, these are books I would have bought if I was in the bookstore and saw them.

I had no clue that Ward was working on another series. Not one whiff of an idea.

I know now because AAR reviewed this book and I was all 'What? Another Brother book I didn't know of?'. Clicked on the review and nope, this isn't a Brother book. Although it probably could be.

That said, I'm hoping to find some magic here so I got weaseled in and hey, it's a paperback at a paperback price. I'll buy!

Stop boo-ing. It happened, I'm not proud, but I'm a book ho!

And yet another book I didn't know was coming out! Or my memory is dancing around playing games again but seriously, I don't remember knowing about this book.

I'm a little bummed that it's - well, would this be a novella? Maybe it is a full length story. I'll just have to wait and see but I am excited to try Gena Showalter. I think I have a book by her in my TBR stack but I'm also convinced I don't have a book by her.

See how my mind messes with me?

Anyways, a shout out to for 'recommending' books to me. I would have also bought the Elizabeth Hoyt book it recommended except it's not out until November and I want my books now and shipped free. So I'll have to wait till later for that one.

Wait, did I mention the cover on the Cole/Showalter? I really, really like it. Wonder if that means I'm ready for the snow.


So for those of you fuddling or muddling through your book reviews thinking no one really cares, well, guess what, they do. I do! And I'm not as abnormal as people think. At least, not as a reader. As a person, yeah, way off normal but as a reader, I'm thinking I run with the pack.

Okay, maybe I run on the outer edges but I'm part of the pack. And us readers do love to visit and pick your brain on your latest 'best eva' book and your 'OMG, a tree died for THIS!?' book.

We love them all so keep 'em coming!


nath said...

LOL Cindy, you sounds all happy and excited LOL :)

I think you're going to enjoy the new Kleypas. It's cute.

I have the Succubus book, but it's still in my TBR pile... ^_^;

I've been reading reviews and I want Soulless!!! unfortunately, I'll have to order it online, booo :( I'm kicking myself for not picking it up in the States.

I haven't heard much good comments about the new Ward. I mean, from what Tracy told me, there are some good parts, but some not so good parts as well... and the ending is disappointing ^_^;

As for the Cole/Showalter book, it's on my TBB list and I skimmed through it yesterday (forgot my coupons at home, ugh). It's hardcover, but a bit smaller than usual (not as wide or high). I can't remember the number of pages, but the Cole story is 2/3 of the books, over 250 pages if I remember correctly, so it's not bad for a novella :D

CindyS said...

I haven't been able to buy a load of books for a while so I'm definitely excited and I love when they get dropped off at my front door!

Disappointing ending? Dang, I think I remember the review saying something like that - bad memory!

250 is a great size for novella so definitely pumped up!

Oh, and my dad was all better after 24 hours. It was a horrid tummy bug. Poor guy. He looked good when we saw him. Last trip hopefully!! He'll be back in December for good!


~ames~ said...

YAY!! I'm so glad you finally caved and bought the first Georgie book. Really, Georgie makes this series and I love it and can't wait for the next book out in the spring. Whew! One down...couple more peeps to go. LOL

Nath talked me out of buying Soulless the other night. LOL Now I want it more than ever. I might have to give in...and same with the Granger one.

I too bought Covet. Knowing it was not a BDB book and not caring. As long as its not hardcover, I don't mind trying new things. haha

nath said...

Cindy, I agree. 200+ pages is a good size novella, worth getting it :D

Ames, that's the last time I'm stopping you from buying a book LOL :)