Wednesday, October 14, 2009

From Now Till -

We had Thanksgiving Weekend this past weekend so yes, Turkey was consumed and it was yummy. The rest of the time things were tense for me.

Anxiety? Nope. Not even a flinch. Guess I had too many other things on my brain and I was kind of exhausted.

My dad was home from Malaysia so from Wednesday night to Monday night Bob and I were go, go, go and all my time spent with just my Mom and Dad was great. The small amount of time I got to spend with just Bob, the best. The rest? Ow.

So you know about my gorgeous cousin and her cheating boyfriend. If not, you can catch up below but short version is on Thursday night Bob and I picked up my GC and broke the news to her that her long time boyfriend was a cheating piece of dog meat. My GC decided to not deal with it right away because of my Dad being home and it was, after all, Thanksgiving.

Now, I don't know how my GC could look him in the eye and not want to do many evil things to him. Hell, I don't know how she didn't burst into tears the minute she laid eyes on him. That said, Bob and I had to lay eyes on him on Sunday night and I have to say I just didn't want to deal with him at all. I didn't want to talk to him, see him, anything but I did it for my cousin. Once again though, I think my GC might need some tough love and Bob and I will have to talk to her about losing this guy already. Ugh, yuck, drama!

To heap on that - I got a call Saturday night before heading to my parents for a family visit with my brother and his crew. His crew being his long time live with girlfriend (seriously, after 8 years is that the term?) and her two kids. LTG will be the short form for the rest of the story.

Guess who is on the phone? LTG.

LTG lives over an hour away and should already be at my parent's house.

LTG is sobbing on the phone.

LTG tells me about my brother and how he's a ginormous asshole.

I'm talking out of the ballpark with assholery.

Whenever I would go to say something the response was 'He's YOUR brother'. Uh, yeah, I know who we are talking about but it's not my fault. Like she said, he's my brother and I learned eons ago that beating my head against a wall till I blacked out all bloody and raw was easier and less painful than actually having a conversation with him.

I love my brother and want him to have a great life but I'm not so sure that's happening. LTG told me how he's paying for nothing (brother lost his job a year ago and is now in school for the next year) and is a huge mean ass. She thinks he will leave her in a year. So me, being me replied 'then kick his ass out. If you really think he'll leave you in a year then what have you got to lose now?'

I mean really, what did she want me to say? She tells me I can't tell my brother she has called and I'm sooo not getting into a conversation with my brother about his relationship right now. I would imagine things are tough and maybe she just needed to vent and tell me how my brother told her he didn't want her and the kids to come to my parents. But OMG!!! Don't hand me a grenade and then tell me I can't throw it!

I was on the phone for an hour trying to get LTG to calm down and stop sobbing. Then I can't even do anything about it.

Yes, I left it alone and didn't bring it up to my brother or my parents - maybe she wanted me to say something but when someone says I can't then I can't!

Sunday night was dinner and I lasted maybe 3 hours. I was exhausted and I felt horrible that I had to finally just get away from everyone and get in my jammas with my hubby and be alone with him. Bob totally understood but I'm sure my Dad wondered why we left so soon after dinner. We're usually there until midnight - I was gone by 8:30pm.

We made it up to my Dad by going the following day for an afternoon visit and a few games.

Well, the weekend is over and I'm recovering bit by bit. My brain is still trying to flay me alive and my tummy is still sending warning shots but it's much better. The tummy meltdown Saturday night was killer but it's settling down.

And this year Bob and I are hosting Christmas.

Do you think that means someone else will get the phone calls and the bad news?

I'm evil enough to say 'God, I hope so!!'

Drama Free Christmas.

That's the plan.


Anonymous said...

From your lips to the Powers That Be upstairs! I am desperate for a drama free Christmas (And Thanksgiving in America but I am probably pushing it!).

Hope your cousin gets rid of that loser!!

nath said...

I think you handled it great, Cindy :D

When is your dad going back to Malaysia?

CindyS said...

Lesleen - we can beg the Powers That Be together! Maybe we'll get a few miracles ;)

Nath - my dad flew back Tuesday morning so I've been sacked out for a few days. And thanks, I was just too tired and tired Cindy can easily become Bitchy Cindy and who needed that! ;)

nath said...

Everyone need a C-rex :D

Did your father get better before he went back?

~ames~ said...

Family drama - what would our lives be without it? I think that's why I tend to stay home during the holidays. LOL

As for GC, I hope she kicks this guy to the curb.

sybil said...

Holy Hell Cindy, next time hang up the phone. So not your deal. Good lord, I mean seriously are you good friends with LTG?

If not uh that is your brother. And yes he is an ass but sooooo not your deal.

Hope your head is better. Are you telling everyone they are not allowed to bring drama to xmas *g*.